Search Intent: Transactional and Informational Searches [Video]

Monday, December 21, 2020

In this video, I cover search intent, how Google works, how blogs make money, the meaning behind searches, and how to start brainstorming informational and transactional topics to write about.

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  1. Hi Adam,

    I am big fan of you. I like your working style. Thanks for sharing this video.
    I am waiting for your new course.

    Mudassar Ali

  2. Hi Adam
    Great content squire! The two differences you point out in the beginning in terms of blog content is crucial! Brilliant!
    I’m one who found you via your post about leadership qualities and was pleasantly surprised to land on your blog! It was via a Google search.
    The reason? I am an employee at present. My ‘line manager’ is devoid of leadership skills and I was researching what makes a good leader so that I could lead myself out of my present quagmire!

  3. Fantastic information!. I previously belonged to another internet school.

    My experience to date is that I started a website, created content, several thousand words over several months.

    Then I got lost in the whole process. I became discouraged and quit. Then I found you. I am encouraged again and I believe in you.

    Also, my age is 64 and I am officially retired. I am also a michigander ( Flint, Mi ). I am currently busy moving to upnorth michigan.

    I now have the time to start with blogging and start a structure that you are providing for us.
    I feel that you are providing the correct structure for us newbies so we don’t get lost.

    1. Thanks, Mark! Yeah, a lot of advice out there can get confusing and there are so many different little strategies. I try to teach the fundamentals that have not changed in the last 15 years. Good luck with your move up north (and with your blog).

  4. Hey Adam, Amazing thoughts shared by you, how to know the articles which is related to. I am from India 🇮🇳, I always follow you, you are my one and Lovely “Mentor”

  5. The content in this video and on your web site is amazing Adam. I’m as new as they get to blogging and am so looking forward to your content going forward. Keep up the amazing work.

  6. Hi,

    Am currently working on a blog. Am a complete beginner. Consider me as your ultimate challenge, if I succeed. Consider your job done.

    Thanks for helping.

  7. Awesome video, Adam. I like how you lay out the whole blogging ecosystem in such a logical way. It makes perfect sense now.

  8. Thanks, Adam. I’ve been doing blogging and SEO for almost 20 years, and I still found this video useful.

    Here’s something I’d be interested in hearing more about with regard to your process for optimizing revenue.

    Following on the topic you discussed of getting the most out of each site visit, each pageview on your site, do you have any kind of process you use to A/B test various affiliate offers?

    I have a lot of pages that get significant search traffic, but I feel like they are underperforming in terms of matching up the traffic they receive with the highest value (i.e. biggest payouts and highest converting) offers.

    1. Hey Richard, great question.

      I also have some pages with traffic that are somewhat optimized for affiliate but I’m not sure which company to promote in the #1 spot. Overall, the main metric to look at is EPC (earnings per click). Earnings per click is the amount of money you make for each click to an individual company’s website. This number is directly correlated with your commission rate and their conversion rate.

      The only way to test it is to put an offer there for 1-2 months and assess the EPC (revenue / clicks). Then try another and test that EPC. Compare the two to see which one was better – it should be obvious most of the time.

      The key is that the affiliate offer matches the search intent. For example, I recommend Bluehost with affiliate links in my post on the best web hosting and also my post on the best affiliate programs. “Best web hosting” has much higher search intent related to signing up with Bluehost, so the conversion rates and EPCs are much higher than from my post on affiliate programs.

  9. Hey Adam,

    This was really an interesting video to watch.

    It definitely opened my eyes to the 2 main types of search intent that actually work for blogging.

  10. Hey Adam, great video! It’s helpful to hear the break down on specific posts and how they relate to search intent.

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