7 Best Conversational Intelligence Software (Ultimate Guide)

7 Best Conversational Intelligence Software (Ultimate Guide)

Artificial intelligence (AI) is constantly redefining how we interact with technology around us.

In recent years, AI has revolutionized the customer service industry by giving rise to various tools and software that enable businesses to offer more personalized and efficient customer support.

Tools like call tracking software help businesses keep track of customer interactions and gather data that one can use to improve the customer experience.

Live chat software enables businesses to offer real-time assistance to customers and answer their queries instantly.

These are just two examples of customer experience software that aim to provide customers with the best possible interaction when dealing with a business.

Conversational intelligence software takes things a step further by giving businesses the ability to generate leads, qualify prospects, and close deals automatically.

In other words, it enables businesses to have more intelligent conversations with their customers over various channels.

In this article, I will look at the best conversational intelligence software that can help businesses engage with their customers more effectively.

Let’s get right into it.

What Are The Best Conversational Intelligence Software?

Here are the best conversational intelligence software that businesses can use right now.

1. CallRail.

Best Overall For Conversational Intelligence.

callrail homepage

CallRail uses conversation intelligence to transcribe phone calls and track which marketing campaign led to a specific call.

If you feel that you are currently missing the details that make all the difference in your business, CallRail is a great solution to consider.

With the power of AI analyzing various interactions, CallRail does the tedious work of manually transcribing phone calls so you can focus on your business.

Then, you can also customize what keywords you’d like to look for when it comes to identifying leads and customers.

This ensures that you can track your most important interactions and optimize your marketing campaigns accordingly.

Doing this consistently over time will give you an edge over your competition as you’ll know exactly what’s working (and what’s not) when it comes to your inbound marketing.

Key Features:

callrail features
  • Call tracking lets you see which marketing campaigns drive phone calls to your business.
  • Call transcripts provide you with a written record of each phone call, so you can review what was said and identify any areas for improvement.
  • Keyword analysis helps you to understand which keywords are being used by customers when they call your business. One can use this information to improve your marketing campaigns.
  • Form tracking allows you to see which forms are being filled out on your website and how each form is being used.
  • A custom form builder then enables you to create custom forms for your website that can be used to collect information from customers or track customer interactions.

User Experience:

callrail ux

The ability to find the highlighted words and see who said them, and at what point in a conversation, is fantastic.

The software can also be adjusted to how you want it to search for such keywords.


callrail pricing

There are various packages and plans available for your specific needs:

  • Call Tracking: $45
  • Conversation Analytics: $95
  • Marketing Analytics: $95
  • Analytics Suite: $145

You’ll then need to factor in usage based on the number of call minutes and text messages that you need to track.

What I Like Dislike About CallRail


  • The dynamic call tracking feature helps you understand which marketing campaigns drive phone calls to your business.
  • The ease of use when reviewing transcripts of phone calls is great.


  • A more robust homepage setup would be beneficial to identify areas that need improvement quickly.

Product Updates:

  • The user type is now visible in the User Details page
  • User promotion now happens in a much more streamlined way

2. Chorus.

Best For Relationship Intelligence.

chorus homepage

If you want to make every interaction with your leads and prospects count, you need a powerful conversation intelligence tool like Chorus.

Chorus is designed to help sales teams close more deals by giving them the ability to understand what’s working (and what’s not) in their customer interactions.

A scalable solution that’s perfect for anyone from small businesses to enterprise-level organizations, Chorus offers several features that make it a powerful conversation intelligence tool.

You can analyze all the meetings within your organization, understand which topics are being discussed, and identify any areas for improvement.

With a focus on relationship intelligence that helps deals move through your sales pipeline faster, Chorus is a great conversation intelligence tool for businesses that want to close more deals.

Key Features:

chorus features
  • Identify revenue risks so you can avoid them
  • Drive team performance and improve sales results
  • Build solid and smart relationships with the people that matter
  • Use permissions that support complex organizations so you can control who has access to what data
  • Enterprise-grade security and compliance to keep your data safe and secure

User Experience:

chorus ux

An easy-to-access menu allows you to find your recordings, deals, coaching, analytics, and playlists to use the software with ease.


chorus pricing

You’ll need to enter a business email to get the pricing for this platform.

What I Like/Dislike About Chorus


  • The analytics are great and very helpful
  • No need to worry about extensive notetaking as the software takes care of that


  • There are sometimes difficulties with getting notifications for new recordings

Product Updates:

  • Seamless team/collaborator engagement helps you get more actionable insights from your data by allowing you to control who has access to what information.
  • Live notetaking allows you to take notes during a meeting and have them automatically transcribed so you can review them later.

3. SalesLoft.

Best For All-In-One Sales Solution.

salesloft homepage

If you’re looking for an all-in-one sales solution, then SalesLoft is an excellent option.

A powerful sales engagement platform, SalesLoft provides users with everything they need to manage their customer interactions and close more deals.

If you want to make your sales call a scientific process that’s repeatable and scalable, then SalesLoft is a tool to consider.

With various buyer engagement features, you’ll be able to customize your approach for each customer and increase your chances of closing the deal.

You can also build custom playlists of conversations that you can use to train new sales reps or brush up on your skills.

Key Features:

salesloft features
  • Cadence + Automation helps you to create a sales process that is repeatable and scalable.
  • Dialer + Messenger provides you with everything you need to manage your customer interactions.
  • Conversations help you understand what’s being said in your customer interactions.
  • Deals allow you to track the progress of your deals through the sales pipeline.
  • Forecast enables you to see your expected sales results.
  • Analytics + Reporting provides you with insights into your sales results.

User Experience:

salesloft ux

It’s great to see the actions that drive results with the SalesLoft platform.

With easy access to the ‘live call studio’ and the ability to schedule actions after a call, the software is designed to help you close more deals.


salesloft pricing

Request a quote to get the pricing for this platform.

What I Like Dislike About SalesLoft


  • The user interface is straightforward to use
  • Being able to track clicks and opens is helpful


  • The capability to pull in a Salesforce widget would be beneficial

Product Updates:

  • The ability to rate your new cadences based on how well they help you achieve your financial targets has been added.

4. ExecVision.

Best For Extracting Critical Data.

execvision homepage

ExecVision gives you the ability to understand every customer interaction and extract the critical data that you need to improve your results.

With ExecVision, you can automatically transcribe your sales calls and then use the powerful search function to find the information you need.

With trend alerts based on phrases or keywords that you specify, you’ll always be up-to-date on the latest developments in your customer interactions.

You’ll get email notifications when a prospect says something specific that you might have missed otherwise.

Whether you’re trying to help your sales reps improve their performance or are looking for ways to optimize your sales process, ExecVision is a powerful conversation intelligence tool that can help.

Key Features:

execvision features
  • A Chrome extension makes it easy to start recording sales calls with ExecVision
  • The mobile app allows you to access your recordings and data from anywhere.
  • Voice ID & Advanced Diarization create accurate and easy to search-through transcripts of your sales conversations.
  • Search, Trend & Pivot make it easy to find the information you need in your recordings.
  • Conversation Cards give you a summary of each sales conversation, so you can quickly review the key points.

User Experience:

execvision ux

The intuitive stats dashboard gives you all the required information to understand your sales process.

The color-coding also makes it easy to see how each sales rep performs.


execvision pricing

You’ll have to request a platform demo to get the pricing.

What I Like Dislike About ExecVision


  • Being able to filter by topic is very useful
  • The Coaching Academy helps you to improve your sales and closing skills


  • There is a lot of functionality involved which can be a little overwhelming

Product Updates:

  • A robust search engine now allows you to find the information you need in your recordings faster and easier.
  • ExecVision matches conversations with CRM data to create robust conversation cards.

5. Jiminny.

Best For Scaling.

jiminny homepage

With a promise of saving your sales reps an hour and a half of their time each week, Jiminny is a powerful conversation intelligence tool that can help you scale your sales operation.

If you’ve been looking for a way to improve your sales process and make it more efficient, then Jiminny is worth considering.

Get complete visibility into your customer interactions with automatic call recording and transcription.

This helps with discovery and understanding to optimize your sales process.

If you’re looking for a solution that helps build team confidence and improve your sales results, then Jiminny is an excellent option.

Key Features:

jiminny features
  • Boost team productivity by giving your sales reps the ability to access recordings of their calls anytime, anywhere.
  • With Jiminny’s intelligent vocal recognition, you can quickly find the moments that matter in your customer interactions.
  • Break down sales performance to understand what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Get complete visibility into deals with Jiminny’s Deal Insights.

User Experience:

jimminy ux

With a neatly presented interface, Jiminny is easy to use and navigate.

The visual elements make it easy to understand your data and see how your reps are doing.

You can also divide sections of the sales calls to find the moments that matter the most quickly.


jiminny pricing

Plans starting from $85 /user per month, billed annually

There is also an Enterprise plan, but you’ll have to contact Jiminny for details.

There is also a free 14-day trial on offer.

What I Like Dislike About Jiminny


  • It is easy to use and feature-rich.
  • Hubspot integration is convenient.


  • The transcription function sometimes struggles with industry-specific terminology.

Product Updates:

  • See what’s trending to identify which topics are being talked about the most quickly.
  • You can also filter your recordings based on several filters.

6. Allego.

Best For Training Your Sales Reps.

refract homepage

Allego helps with sales training by giving you the ability to listen in on your sales reps’ calls and provides you with detailed insights into their performance.

If coaching your team to improve their sales results is a priority for you, then Allego is a tool that can help you quickly spot the mistakes that your reps are making – and correct them.

This conversation intelligence platform also provides you with the ability to create a library of best practices, so you can train your sales reps on what works.

With the ability to dive deep into what makes your business tick, Allego can help you take your sales operation to the next level.

Allego helps you do more of the successful selling activities and less of the unsuccessful ones.

With unique insights that apply specifically to your business, you can continue to optimize your sales process and get better results.

Key Features:

  • AI-driven analysis can help you identify patterns in your customer interactions and understand what’s working and what isn’t.
  • Data-driven performance coaching allows you to see how your reps are doing and identify areas for improvement.
  • Level-jump performance and results help you see the impact of your sales training program.
  • Search for topics, words, or phrases to quickly find the information you need in your recordings.
  • Filter your recordings to find the calls that are most relevant to you.


refract pricing

You’ll have to request a demo to get a specific quote for your business.

7. Avoma.

Best For Increasing Win Rates.

avoma homepage

Avoma gives you an instant overview of each sales conversation, so you can quickly review the key points and understand what needs to happen next.

With an activity dashboard that gives you the key insights you need, Avoma can help you increase your win rate.

Apply advanced filters to your data to get the precise information you need at just the right moment.

With powerful search functionality, you can easily find the most relevant recordings to you.

Avoma’s machine learning algorithms can also help you surface essential insights about your customer interactions.

You can also see the collective average time spent on each call and understand how your reps use their time.

This ensures that no one is burned out, and at the same time, ensures that people are being utilized to their fullest potential.

Key Features:

  • Activity Statistics are great for keeping track of how much your sales reps are working.
  • Stage-based filters let you see only the most relevant data for each stage of the sales process.
  • Integrate with your favorite tools to get the most out of your data.
  • The competitor dashboard gives you an overview of how your competition is doing.
  • Win-Loss rates help you understand your win rate and adjust your strategy accordingly.
  • Deal progression lets you see how each deal progresses and how likely it will close.


avoma pricing

You can start a free 14-day trial to test out the software or schedule a demo to get a custom quote for your business.

What is Conversational Intelligence Software?

Conversation intelligence software is a relatively new category of AI sales tools designed to help sales teams capture, transcribe, analyze and coach their sales team.

These tools aim to help sales teams improve their overall performance by providing them with insights into their most successful selling strategies.

With a conversation intelligence platform, a sales team is able to review their past sales conversations, identify patterns and trends, and coach their reps on how to improve their performance.

In addition, conversation intelligence tools help customer-facing teams to automate repetitive tasks, such as transcribing calls so that they can focus on more strategic activities.

With customer success being key to any business, it’s no wonder that conversation intelligence software is one of the hottest new categories in sales technology.

Benefits Of Conversation Intelligence Software

While each conversation is unique, and therefore no two conversation intelligence tools are alike, one can glean some valuable benefits from using these types of platforms.

Some of the most important lessons include the following.

Understand What Goes Into A Successful Sale

A conversational intelligence tool can help you understand what goes into a successful sale.

This is valuable information to improve your sales process and close more deals.

For example, your best sales reps tend to ask certain types of questions or use specific language patterns.

You can then coach your other reps to use these same strategies.

Find Out What Works And What Doesn’t

Evaluating customer and prospect conversations can help you see what works and what doesn’t in your sales process.

This information can be used to change your sales strategy to better connect with your target market.

Improve Your Sales Performance

When sales managers analyze conversations, they can identify top performers and pinpoint areas needing improvement.

This allows managers to give targeted feedback that can improve the overall performance of their sales team.

Get More Insight Into Your Customers

One can glean valuable business insights from analyzing customer conversations.

This information can help you understand your customers better and make changes to your products or services accordingly.

Understanding your customer’s needs through conversation intelligence analyses might be the key to a successful business.

For example, a business might learn that their target market uses a specific type of language when talking about the product.

This could be used to change the way the business markets its products.

Build Better Relationships With Your Customers

As a byproduct of getting more insights into your customers, you can also build better relationships with them.

When you understand what they need and want, you can provide them with a better experience overall.

A contact center can also analyze customer sentiment in real-time and route them to the best available agent using artificial intelligence.

This helps create a more personalized experience for your customers and builds trust between you and them.

Increase Deal Win Rates

Increasing customer satisfaction also means increasing deal win rates.

When you provide your customers with a great experience, they are more likely to do business with you.

Conversational intelligence can help you hit specific KPIs, using machine learning to get you there.

Reduce Employee Ramp Time

When it comes to onboarding new employees and ensuring they’re ready to start working, conversational intelligence use cases are seemingly endless.

As its basic function, conversational intelligence can help by reducing the time it takes for new employees to ramp up.

Analyzing past customer interactions can give new employees a better understanding of what to expect and how to handle certain situations.

A call center that uses machine learning can also provide employees with real-time feedback to learn on the job and improve their performance over time.

Get An Overview Of Your Competition

One can also use conversational AI to gain insights into your competition.

By analyzing the conversations they have with their customers, you can understand their sales strategies.

This information can improve your own sales process and give you an edge over your competition.

Improve Your Coaching Abilities

Quality assurance in the sales process is directly tied to coaching abilities.

If you’re not able to provide your team with adequate coaching, they will not be able to improve their performance.

Through conversation analysis, you can identify areas where coaching is needed and work on improving your team’s skills in those areas.

As a result, sales leaders who can streamline the coaching process will directly impact their bottom line.

Conversational Intelligence Software Features

There are several different features that conversation intelligence software tools offer, but some of the most common ones include the following.

The Ability To Capture And Transcribe Sales Conversations

Whether sales calls happen through phone calls, Zoom meetings, video conferencing, or in person, the ability to automatically transcribe these conversations is critical.

You can review what was said, look for patterns, and get more insights into your sales process.

The Ability To Analyze Sales Conversations For Critical Insights

Using natural language processing (NLP), the right conversation intelligence software tool will be able to analyze sales conversations and extract critical insights.

This might include customer sentiment, top objections, and areas where more coaching is needed.

These insights can improve your sales process and help your team close more deals.

The Ability To Provide Coaching Recommendations Based On Data From Sales Conversations

Nothing happens unless there is a follow-up in the sales process.

The best conversation intelligence software tools will be able to provide you with coaching recommendations based on data from sales conversations.

This might include which topics to cover in your next one-on-one meeting or which call scripts must be updated.

Sales enablement is a critical part of any organization, and conversation intelligence software can help you take your enablement efforts to the next level.

In addition, updating the sales playbook based on customer feedback can help you close more deals and improve customer satisfaction.

The Ability To Integrate With Other Sales Tools, Such As CRM Platforms

Various integrations with other revenue intelligence platforms can help you get even more insights into the complete sales process.

The salesforce in a company should be able to use current tools to support the sales process.

For example, if you’re using one of the best CRM tools on the market, chances are that you can integrate it with your conversation intelligence software.

This way, you can see all of your sales data in one place and get a complete picture of your sales process.

Wrap Up.

Conversational intelligence software is a tool that sales teams can use to improve their performance.

By automating transcribing and analyzing sales conversations, you can get insights into your sales process that would otherwise be unavailable.

In addition, conversation intelligence software can help you coach your team and provide recommendations for improvement.

With more conversational intelligence software coming out in the SaaS world, there is no excuse for not using this type of software to improve your sales process.

Have you ever used conversation intelligence software?

If so, which tool did you use, and what was your experience?

Let me know in the comments below.

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