7 Best Credit Repair Software Options (Features & Benefits)

7 Best Credit Repair Software Options (Features & Benefits)

Building business credit can be a long and arduous yet necessary process.

When you apply for a business loan, lenders often look at your FICO score to determine your qualifications.

Credit repair software makes it easy to monitor and improve your credit score.

In this article, I rank and review the best credit repair software options available, helping you find the right one.

What Is The Best Credit Repair Software?

Here are the best credit repair software to consider.

1. DisputeBee.

Best Overall For Credit Repair Software.

disputebee homepage

By leveraging DisputeBee to quickly and conveniently create dispute letters, clients can effectively communicate with credit bureaus, debt collection agencies, banks, lenders, and additional furnishers.

Importing a credit report before starting the credit repair process is incredibly easy—all it takes is a few clicks of your mouse.

Once the report is in DisputeBee, you can see what information to dispute.

Then, you can generate dispute letters, as all the information needed for the notes is provided within the platform.

Removing these erroneous items from your credit report will increase your credit score and help you qualify for mortgages, loans, and credit at better interest rates.

Key Features:

disputebee features
  • I like that their educational material enables you to understand the credit repair process.
  • You can use the dispute letter templates to quickly create dispute letters for any item on a credit report.
  • Stay organized with an interactive dashboard that moves things through your workflow and tracks progress.
  • You can also send mail via integrated API, so you don’t have to worry about manually sending documents.
  • Dispute credit inquiries in bulk so you can quickly remove erroneous searches from the credit reports.

User Experience:

DisputeBee ux

A quick access panel shows your credit scores from the three major bureaus, so you can always track your progress.


disputebee   pricing

DisputeBee offers these pricing plans:

  • Individual: $39 / per month
  • Business: $99 / per month

What I Like/Dislike About DisputeBee


  • Great for personal & business use, educational materials, and quick access panels.
  • You can easily send dispute letters when you need to.


  • You need to stay on top of the credit repair process for the software to be effective.

2. Credit Repair Cloud.

Best For Educational Purposes.

creditrepaircloud homepage

Credit Repair Cloud is a powerful software and training system that makes it easy for credit repair businesses to run and grow or add an entirely new revenue stream to an existing business.

It has helped thousands of people, many of whom still needed to gain experience in credit repair and set up successful businesses.

The system helps users quickly increase their clients’ credit scores for home, auto, or personal loan approvals.

Credit Repair Cloud also offers a comprehensive suite of tools that make it easy to start a credit repair business from scratch or add one as an additional service line.

In addition to providing training on how to run a successful credit repair business, the platform offers legally compliant services like dispute automation and client management tools.

These automated tools help simplify everyday tasks like creating letters, filing disputes with different bureaus, tracking progress for each client, generating reports, and more.

The platform also has integrations that allow users to take advantage of other popular services, including QuickBooks Online, Google Calendar Sync, and Stripe payment integration.

Key Features:

creditrepaircloud  features
  • You need to import online credit reports to begin working on a client’s credit report instantly.
  • Credit dispute automation to quickly and accurately submit disputes to the three major bureaus.
  • 1-Click credit audit gives an overall view of your client’s credit reports in seconds.
  • CRM features for managing all aspects of your business from one centralized platform.
  • Affiliate tools for creating a referral network that will generate more leads for your business.
  • Complete dispute library with pre-written letters helps you prepare the proper documents each time you dispute an item.
  • The client onboarding process ensures new clients are welcomed and set up quickly and easily.

User Experience:

creditrepaircloud ux

Whether you want to access clients, schedules, invoices, or other types of information, the categories are easy to go through, so you can quickly get up and running in no time.


creditrepaircloud pricing

Credit Repair Cloud offers its starter plan at $179 / month.

What I Like/Dislike About Credit Repair Cloud


  • They offer a credit repair challenge to help users learn the ropes.
  • The platform is easy to use and offers multiple integrations.


  • They can be demanding when selling their plans, which can be overwhelming.

3. ScoreCEO.

Best For User-Friendliness.

scoreceo homepage

One of the main reasons ScoreCEO is so popular is its user-friendly interface which makes it easy for beginners to understand how to use the program.

You don’t need special training or skill sets to use ScoreCEO effectively.

ScoreCEO also provides time-saving benefits for businesses in the credit repair industry.

By automating many of their processes, businesses can save time and money by worrying less about current customers while providing better service overall.

As a result, they get more free time to focus on innovating and evolving their business model instead of dealing with tedious administrative tasks.

Another significant benefit offered by ScoreCEO is its data security features.

With its advanced encryption technology, businesses can ensure that their customer data remains secure while using ScoreCEO’s services.

Key Features:

scoreceo features
  • An automated sales pipeline streamlines the sales process from initial contact to closing the sale.
  • Automated client workflows make managing each client’s credit repair process more accessible than ever.
  • I like their advanced analytics dashboard as it provides powerful insights into customer data and activity trends.
  • The state contract compliance engine allows users to comply with state regulations and laws.
  • Advanced dispute engine lets companies submit disputes in minutes instead of hours.

User Experience:

Visualizing the various stages of your sales and credit repair processes has always been more challenging.

ScoreCEO attempts to simplify this.

The dashboard makes it easy to see which customers are in each process stage and how far they have come.


scoreceo pricing

ScoreCEO offers three different plans with varying levels of features:

  • KickStart: $129/mo
  • Essential: $179/mo
  • Advanced: $299/mo

What I Like/Dislike About ScoreCEO


  • A free trial allows you to test the service before committing to a paid plan.
  • Various types of products and services can be automated using the platform.


  • It can be expensive for small businesses just starting.

4. Dovly.

Best For Credit Score Repair Automation.

dovly homepage

Dovly offers more than just credit monitoring services–it goes beyond that by automating the process of repairing and maintaining your credit score.

With its proprietary dispute algorithm, Dovly proactively scans your report for errors and misreported items to quickly identify discrepancies that could adversely affect your score.

It then sends disputes on your behalf to the three major credit bureaus (Experian, Equifax, and TransUnion) to help correct any inaccuracies or outdated information.

Once the disputes are submitted, Dovly will monitor the progress of each.

It will then provide periodic updates, so you know what’s going on with your report.

Suppose anything changes over time, such as late payments or identity theft issues.

In that case, the system will automatically send out new disputes as needed to ensure that everything stays up-to-date and accurate.

With its automated system and proprietary dispute algorithm, this free service can give you peace of mind knowing that all aspects of your credit report are being taken care of.

Key Features:

dovly features
  • Unlimited disputes: One thing I like about Dovly is that it allows you to submit a total number of arguments on your behalf to the three major credit bureaus.
  • Weekly TransUnion® credit report and Score: Receive weekly updates on your TransUnion® credit report and score so you can track any changes.
  • Enhanced Credit Monitoring: Monitor your credit profile for fraudulent activity, such as identity theft, late payments, or incorrect reporting.
  • ID Theft Alerts: Get instant notifications if there are any suspicious activities about your credit profile.
  • $1M in ID Theft Insurance: Dovly includes a 1 million dollar insurance policy for its customers in case of identity theft or other related issues.

User Experience:

dovly ux

Its mobile app and web-based platform allow users to access their credit reports and dispute activity from anywhere.

The intuitive dashboard makes it easy to view your credit score and all related disputes in one place.


dovly pricing

Dovly offers two plans:

  • Free: $0.00
  • Credit Maximizer: $8.33/mo

What I Like/Dislike About Dolly


  • Cheaper than other services from competitors
  • They are great at removing inaccurate items from your credit reports


  • The free plan is limited in terms of features

5. Experian Boost.

Best For Boosting Your Experian Score.

experian homepage

Experian has developed a way to give you an instant boost in your FICO® Score when you make certain payments.

It considers your past payment histories on utilities, rent, phone bills, and streaming services like Netflix®, Hulu™, Disney+™, and HBO™ to assess your overall creditworthiness.

In addition, you will get points for each boost-eligible payment made within the last two years.

All you need to do is sign up with Experian and add any boost-eligible payment accounts.

Once you add these accounts, they will count towards improving your FICO® Score every month.

Key Features:

experian features
  • Free credit monitoring allows you to access your Experian credit report and FICO® Score instantly.
  • The bureau reports provide extensive detail about all three major bureaus, so you can understand where your credit stands.
  • Their annual credit report is a detailed look at how your financial history has changed over the past year.
  • Experian CreditLock helps protect your personal information by preventing unauthorized access to your credit file.
  • Understanding credit reports will help you see how lenders view you and why they may deny or approve specific applications.

User Experience:

experian boost ux

Adding various services to the Experian Boost platform makes it easy for users to take advantage of its benefits.

By automatically tracking and assessing your payment history, this free service gives you an effortless way to increase your FICO® Score and improve your financial well-being.


It’s free to sign up for Experian Boost.

What I Like/Dislike About Experian Boost


  • Being a free service makes it an excellent option for those starting to build or improve their credit.
  • The ability to know how to boost your credit scores is beneficial.


  • With this service, you only get a boost to your Experian score.

6. The Personal Credit Builder.

Best For Dispute Templates.

personalcreditrepairsoftware homepage

The Personal Credit Repair Software is a web-based service that extracts all derogatory items with one click and automatically assigns types, dispute letters, and dispute reasons.

This platform automatically removes all negative items from your credit report, assigning various dispute letters and reasons.

The Personal Credit Repair Software also offers several advanced features that make repairing your credit even simpler.

For instance, templates are available for creating custom dispute letters tailored to fit your needs.

Such templates come pre-loaded with state laws and regulations, so you don’t have to research them yourself.

Key Features:

  • Add years of good credit by using The Personal Credit Builder.
  • Stop collection agencies in their tracks without expensive and time-consuming litigation.
  • Learn tricks to boost your credit score, such as using “goodwill letters” and more.
  • Use this powerful program to get a new car or house, even if you have terrible credit.


personalcreditrepairsoftware pricing

The Personal Credit Builder has a one-time payment of $199.95.

7. Credit Versio.

Best AI-Driven System.

creditversio homepage

Credit Versio is a comprehensive credit repair and score increase service that can help you dispute any number of accounts on all three bureaus simultaneously with their Artificial Intelligence-driven system.

Credit Versio’s artificial intelligence system knows which accounts are hurting your credit and creates powerful disputes to remove them from your report without hassle.

Furthermore, Credit Versio’s services also include assistance with identity theft protection and monitoring new inquiries into your credit report.

You can rest assured knowing that no one else can access or change your information without permission.

Their team of experts also provides unlimited support throughout the entire process.

Key Features:

  • Credit Versio’s experts provide professional-grade letters designed to get the desired results.
  • With Credit Versio, you can keep track of all the progress made on your dispute cases with the help of their online platform.
  • Credit Versio makes it easy to start disputing any number of accounts on all three bureaus simultaneously.
  • Credit Versio’s AI-driven system knows which accounts are hurting your credit and creates powerful disputes to remove them from your report without hassle.
  • With their Smart Import feature, you can easily upload documents such as bank statements and pay stubs for faster dispute resolution.


creditversio pricing

Credit Versio offers these pricing plans:

  • smartcredit®BASIC: $19.95/mo
  • smartcredit®PREMIUM: $24.95/mo
  • Identity IQ: $29.99/mo

Other credit repair software not mentioned in this article include Credit Repair Magic and Turnscor.

What Is Credit Repair Software?

Credit repair software is a specialized tool to help individuals and businesses improve their credit scores.

It allows users to easily monitor, analyze, and dispute negative marks on their credit reports.

With credit repair software, users can quickly identify errors and inaccuracies hurting their credit scores, such as incorrect reporting of payments or medical bills.

The software can also compare quotes from different lenders to find the best interest rates and terms for borrowing money.

In addition to helping people boost their credit rating, credit repair software can also assist them by automating mundane tasks like bill payment reminders.

Steps to DIY Credit Repair

Here are the steps to do-it-yourself credit repair.

Request A Free Credit Report

A credit repair business software will generate a copy of your credit report from the three major bureaus.

Various credit repair software solutions can also help you keep track of changes in your report over time and provide helpful tips for improving your score.

With a do-it-yourself approach, you will need to contact each bureau individually to request a free annual report or multiple more minor reports if you are trying to monitor for errors every month.

Make sure to save copies securely and in an easy-access location for future reference.

Check For Errors On Your Credit Report

While credit repair organizations are generally familiar with the dispute process, it is essential to double-check your report for any errors.

Doing DIY credit repair means ensuring you understand how different factors affect your score.

Especially with free credit repair software, double-checking the accuracy of every aspect of a report is essential to ensure no mistakes exist.

Dispute Any Incorrect Information On Your Credit Report

Many items can negatively impact your score, from charge-offs to incorrect reporting of payments, if not adequately addressed.

Various functionality generally comes included with credit repair software solutions, including pre-filled dispute letters and automated filing of disputes with the credit bureaus.

Credit repair professionals will have a specific way to dispute an error, but having a step-by-step guide is necessary for DIY credit repair.

The dispute process can be complicated, so it’s essential that you carefully read your report and understand the strategy you are taking before submitting any documents or information.

Set Up Payment Reminders And Automated Payments

Credit repair companies can also ensure you pay on time by creating payment plans and setting up automated payments.

Personal finance software lets you keep track of your bills and create reminders to ensure timely payments.

The best software solutions help you set goals, monitor your progress over time, and offer helpful tips for improving your score.

Consider A Debt Consolidation Loan Or Balance Transfer Card

When choosing a credit repair company, a debt consolidation loan or balance transfer card may be an option to quickly pay off any outstanding debt.

With their credit repair business on the line, many providers are willing to negotiate repayment terms with creditors to lower the monthly payment amount and the interest rate charged for the individual’s debt.

Many providers also offer credit counseling services to help understand debt management and develop a budget-friendly plan to increase financial stability.

Utilize Credit Repair Software To Stay Organized And Monitor Progress

An all-in-one service that provides access to various reports, credit score monitoring, automated dispute filing, and more is critical.

Since inadequate credit repair services can cost more over the long term, finding a provider that offers the correct type of service is vital.

Improve Financial Habits To Establish Good Credit History

Credit repair training emphasizes the importance of developing good financial habits to keep your credit score healthy.

Professional credit repair software will offer a step-by-step guide to building better credit habits, such as budgeting, creating a savings plan, and setting up automated payments.

It is important to consistently maintain these habits over time to improve your score significantly.

Key Factors In A Credit Repair Software

Here are the top key factors when choosing credit repair software.


Getting educational resources that can guide you through every step is essential.

A profitable credit repair business helps people improve their credit scores and teaches them how to do it themselves.

Dispute Resolution

Allowing anyone (from entrepreneurs to various team members) to perform dispute resolution is vital.

Getting suitable resolutions needs to be fast enough so that problems don’t accumulate over time and degrade the customer experience.

While reporting errors occur, good credit repair software should enable users to initiate a dispute process quickly.

Identity Theft Protection

Identity theft is a serious crime, and good credit repair software should include features that help protect users from it.

Whether low-cost or premium software, identity theft protection tools are essential to any credit repair service.

Credit Report Analysis

A credit detailer report provides an in-depth look at your financial history and current status, making it easier to understand how to improve your score over time.

Software platforms should include credit report analysis with any quality credit repair software.

Ongoing Support

From helpful tutorials and customer forums to live customer support teams, ongoing support is vital for any successful business model.

Whether you want to ask technical questions or wish to know more about tax liens and other financial topics, quality customer support should be top of mind when choosing a credit repair service.

Ease Of Use

A user-friendly platform is critical in helping clients understand the process and achieve the desired results.

Quality software should have an intuitive interface that makes it easy for customers to navigate the features.

Automated Dispute Generation

Having your credit repair automatically generate disputes related to incorrect or outdated information can help save time and money.

Avoiding bankruptcies and other long-term financial issues is possible if the software can detect potential errors faster and resubmit corrected reports.


Software that offers the right pricing plan is essential.

With many software offering a trial period or a money-back guarantee, deciding whether it’s worth investing in one platform over another becomes more accessible.

A 60-day money-back guarantee is possible among quality credit repair services, so read the terms and conditions carefully before signing up for anything.

Wrap Up.

Credit repair software options are now plentiful, as the three major credit bureaus have opened their databases to developers.

When choosing credit repair software, look for features that provide:

  • Educational resources.
  • Dispute resolution capabilities.
  • Identity theft protection tools.
  • Automated dispute generation.
  • An intuitive user interface.

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