7 Best Employee Training Software of 2023 (Ranked and Reviewed)

Choosing the right employee training software is vitally important to your business. From reducing onboarding time to improving job performance, the best employee training software can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best employee training software, so that you can pick the best one for you.

Absorb LMS

Absorb LMS is designed with businesses in mind and has a user-friendly platform that is capable of scaling to support businesses of all sizes.


If you want to create a training program that’s easy to manage and can grow with your business, Thinkific is a great choice as it can host, deliver, and track employee programs.

iSpring Learn

iSpring Learn offers a range of training scenarios that can be tailored to your specific needs. It boasts numerous features that enhance the efficiency of online employee training.

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Want to jump straight to the best employee training software right now? My top picks are Thinkific and AbsorbLMS.

One thing that employers seem to dislike about employee training is that it can be very costly.

In fact, the cost of employee training can be a barrier to giving the training they need.

While various HR software tools and learning management systems can help to reduce the cost of such training, there are multiple factors that employers must consider when looking for the best way to train their employees.

As a result of this issue, the focus on employee training and development has shifted from classroom-style learning to online training tools and methods in a virtual classroom.

The introduction of digital adoption platforms has also changed the landscape of employee training, with these tools providing a more cost-effective and efficient way to train employees.

Employee training software seeks to make the process more affordable while allowing employers to track employee progress in crucial situations, including compliance training.

In this article, I will review the best employee training software right now.

This review will help you choose the right software and reduce the cost of employee training while also tracking progress to ensure that your business is moving in the right direction.

With that said, let’s get right into it.

What Are The Best Employee Training Software?

The following are the top Employee Training Software to consider at this moment.

1. Absorb LMS.

Best Overall For Employee Training.

absorblms homepage

Absorb LMS provides an employee training and learning platform created with the needs of businesses in mind.

The software is user-friendly and helps businesses train their employees quickly and easily.

With technology that can scale to support businesses of all sizes, Absorb LMS is definitely one tool to consider.

You can take advantage of in-depth analytics to see how your employees perform from the first day and use this information to track their long-term progress.

Also, this tool provides you with observation checklists that can allow you to see if employees are completing their training tasks and can be very helpful in compliance situations.

Key Features:

  • Intelligent administration means that Absorb LMS will automate the tracking of who is assigned to which courses and send reminders to employees who have not started their training sessions.
  • Learner engagement features gamification elements such as leaderboards and badges to help motivate employees to complete their training.
  • Reporting & analytics provide businesses with detailed reports on employee training progress and performance.
  • Absorb LMS’s focus on making the elearning process enjoyable for employees enhances the whole learner experience.
  • Their mobile app allows businesses to train employees using various mobile devices while on the go.


absorblms pricing

You’ll have to contact their sales team to get a quote for pricing as this is only available on request.

Get started with Absorb LMS.

2. Thinkific.

Best for Creating Scalable Training.

thinkific homepage

Thinkific is great for those that want to create a repeatable process that’s simple to manage and easy to scale.

This software is built with businesses of all sizes in mind and provides a platform for companies to create, host, deliver, and track employee training programs.

With the ability to use out-of-the-box design templates or create your own, you can have a training program that looks and feels professional from day one.

Use their simple drag-and-drop editing tools to create beautiful (yet functional) training without any design experience.

If you want to control every aspect of your employee training, from start to finish, then Thinkific might be the employee training software of choice.

Key Features:

  • Create customizable employee training touchpoints to fit your brand perfectly.
  • Integrate with other tools your business already uses to make employee training a seamless part of your workflow.
  • Leverage student data analytics to see how your employees are progressing and make changes to your training program accordingly.
  • Live lessons & cohorts allow businesses to offer interactive employee training that can scale to reach as many employees as needed.
  • Assessments & certificates help businesses ensure that their employees meet the necessary standards for completion.
  • Progress tracking allows businesses to see which employees struggle and need additional support.


thinkific pricing

With a free plan that includes most of the features small businesses need to get started, you can test out Thinkific to see if it’s the right fit for you.

After that, their paid plans are as follows:

  • Basic: $39 /mo.
  • Pro: $79 /mo.
  • Premier: $399 /mo.

Check out my complete Thinkific review for more information.

Get started with Thinkific.

3. iSpring Learn.

Best For Personalizing The Training Experience.

ispringsolutions homepage

iSpring Learn covers various training scenarios to find the perfect one for your needs.

It has a wide range of features to make online employee training more efficient.

With both an in-depth and easy-to-use platform, iSpring Learn can take your business’ employee training to the next level.

After creating an account, upload your content, and you’re ready to start training your employees.

No matter what type of content you have – from word documents, various instructions, SCORM courses, PDFs, presentations, audio, or video files – iSpring Learn can handle it.

You can also create and manage certificates, track employee progress, and test employees’ knowledge using the built-in assessment engine.

Training can also be assigned to specific people (or teams) so that you can tailor the employee training experience to each individual.

Key Features:

  • Training management on autopilot means that you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day operations of your employee training program.
  • Comprehensive reports give you a detailed overview of employee progress and performance to track the effectiveness of your training program over time.
  • Industry-leading authoring tools make it easy for businesses to create engaging employee training materials that get results.
  • Learning portal set up with specific branding allows businesses to create a unique employee training experience that’s just right for their employees.
  • Integration with an IT ecosystem means quickly incorporating employee training into existing systems and processes.
  • Data security guarantee ensures that your employee training data is safe and secure.


ispring learn lms

There are two pricing plans available:

  • Business: $2.29 per user per month
  • Enterprise: $3.14 per user per month

Get started with iSpring Learn.

4. TalentLMS.

Best For Boosting Employee Engagement.

talentlms homepage

TalentLMS allows you to build a business that is centered around employee training.

With an intuitive interface and a focus on employee engagement, this software is built to help businesses create and deliver training that gets results.

Whether you’re looking to build an online course from scratch or convert your existing employee training into an online format, TalentLMS has the tools you need to get the job done.

You can have your training courses go live in just one day, as it’s super easy to get started with the whole training creation.

This means there’s no longer the need to spend months of employee development time (and money) on getting your employee training program off the ground.

At the same time, you can still focus on creating personalized employee learning experiences that are just right for your employees.

In a nutshell, with TalentLMS, you can have the best of both worlds.

Key Features:

  • A content-friendly platform makes it easy to create and deliver engaging employee training.
  • SCORM, cmi5 & xAPI compliance so that you can use existing training content or create your courses from scratch.
  • The assessments engine allows businesses to use quizzes to test their employees’ knowledge and understanding of the material.
  • The Survey engine helps companies to gather feedback from employees about their training experience.
  • Learning paths allow enterprises to customize the employee training experience to individual employees’ needs.
  • Files repository provides a place for companies to store all of their employee training materials.
  • Gamification helps companies engage and motivate employees by using game-based elements in their corporate training.


talentlms pricing

These are the pricing plans on offer by TalentLMS:

  • Free: $0 / month
  • Starter: $59 / month
  • Basic: $129 / month
  • Plus: $249 / month
  • Premium: $429 / month

All of these are billed yearly.

Get started with TalentLMS.

5. Trainual.

Best For Creating Searchable Training.

trainual homepage

If you want to develop a playbook for employee training and onboarding, Trainual is the perfect learning solution.

Trainual makes it easy to create and manage employee training materials with a time-saving drag-and-drop interface.

Whether you want to create an org chart, time-saving SOPs, employee onboarding materials, or various other policies, Trainual can help.

You can take every process in your business and turn it into a training module for your employees.

You can also add multimedia content, such as videos, images, and infographics to make the employee training experience more engaging.

When it comes to scaling your business, Trainual can help.

With the ability to create and share training modules with your team, you can quickly onboard new employees and ensure that everyone is up to speed with company policies and procedures.

The training created will also be searchable, so your employees can find the information they need quickly and easily.

Gone are the days of having training pains that slow down your business growth.

With a mobile learning app, employees can access training modules on the go, and you can even test employee progress to ensure new hires get the proper learning retention.

Key Features:

  • Document training & SOPs are at the core of Trainual, which means you can quickly write and format text, add images, videos, and attachments to create engaging training modules for your employees.
  • Trainual makes it easy to create and manage policies so that everyone in your company is on the same page.
  • Use various company modules to create the perfect orientation in minutes with Trainual.
  • The Trainual mobile app makes it easy for employees to access training modules from their phone or tablet.


trainual pricing

There are three pricing plans on offer by Trainual:

  • Build: $49/mo.
  • Train: $99 /mo.
  • Scale: $199/mo.

6. 360 Learning.

Best For Crowdsourced Learning.

360learning homepage

360 Learning provides a complete solution for businesses that want to create and deliver employee training programs that are both engaging and effective.

The platform allows you to turn your new employees into brand ambassadors by providing them with the training they need to succeed in their roles.

With a library of ready-made courses, you can quickly and easily create employee training.

By rapidly knowing which areas of their training need improvement, businesses can save time, hassle, and money to close skill gaps that would otherwise impact the bottom line.

There is also the ability to use crowdsourced learning, which means that employees can share their knowledge and best practices with each other.

This social learning approach can help speed up the onboarding process, and it also helps to create a sense of community within your team.

If you’re ready to stop the pain of employee turnover and create a training program that engages and retains your employees, then 360 Learning is a great tool to consider.

Key Features:

  • Being known as the LMS for Collaborative Learning, 360 Learning provides a complete solution for businesses that want to create and deliver employee learning programs that create a team environment.
  • Convert your recruits into knowledgeable employees by providing them with the sales training they need to succeed in their roles.
  • Stop wasting time on employee turnover and create a training program that engages and retains your employees.
  • Use crowdsource learning to engage employees and speed up the onboarding process.


360learning pricing

These are the plans and pricing available:

  • Team: $8 per month.
  • Business: great for those looking to scale their employee training,
  • Enterprise: great for those that want to maximize where their business is going.

For more information about the Business and Enterprise plans, you’ll have to contact their sales team.

7. Eduflow.

Best For A Simplistic Training Creation Process.

eduflow homepage

Eduflow is excellent for managing employees at scale, as well as delivering training that is personalized for each individual.

If you want to reduce your employee training design time to minutes (instead of hours or weeks), then Eduflow is for you.

With maximum flexibility, Eduflow is also great for teams that want to create their own courses or those who wish to use existing courses and customize them for their needs.

Use their powerful integrations to connect Eduflow with the tools you already use and love.

Eduflow can also import SCORM packages so that you can use your old courses in the new platform.

With a powerful editor that’s just as simple as a word processor, you can create valuable courses for your employees.

Key Features:

  • Peer review features mean that employees can give and receive feedback on their work, encouraging a learning culture that is both productive and open.
  • Active discussions help keep employees engaged with the training material, and group work allows employees to learn from each other.
  • Group work also allows businesses to assign tasks and projects to specific employees, which can help improve the overall efficiency of your team.
  • Instructor review features allow you to monitor your employees’ progress and see how they are doing with the training material.
  • The three steps “Teach. Measure. Improve.” mantra helps to ensure that businesses are constantly learning and improving their employee training programs.


eduflow pricing

These are the plans available with this platform:

  • Free: $0
  • Lite: $200/yr
  • Pro: $1200/yr
  • Premium: Get a quote based on your specific needs

Other employee training software not covered in this guide include Docebo, LearnUpon, Salesforce, SAP Litmos.

What are Employee Training Software?

Employee Training Software are platforms that businesses use to create and deliver employee training programs.

The software helps businesses reduce the time to design and develop courses and deliver engaging and practical classes.

The software also allows businesses to monitor their employees’ progress and see how they are doing with the training material.

What Are The Benefits Of Employee Training Software?

The benefits of online employee training software include providing the right employee training tools to manage your training at scale and deliver personalized lessons to each individual.

Various tracking and analytical tools can also ensure that everyone is moving in the right direction and that no new hire is being left behind.

The software also helps businesses reduce the time to design and develop courses and deliver engaging and practical classes.

What Are the Key Features Of Employee Training Software?

The key features of employee training software include the following.

Course Content Creation And Delivery

Online courses can be created and delivered quickly and easily with employee training software.

The software also allows businesses to monitor their employees’ progress and see how they are doing with the training material.

Peer Review Features

Employee training software often includes peer review features that allow businesses to get feedback from their employees on their courses.

This feedback can help businesses to improve the quality of their courses over time.

Active Discussions

Active discussions help keep employees engaged with the training material, and group work allows businesses to assign tasks and projects to specific employees.

All this can help to improve the overall efficiency of your team.

Instructor Review Features

Instructor review features allow the right people to monitor the employees’ progress and see how they are doing with the training material.

This can help businesses to improve the quality of their courses.

Personalized Training

Employee training software often allows businesses to personalize employee training for each employee.

This helps ensure that each employee gets the most out of the employee training program, focusing on weaker areas requiring more help and dedicated time.

Engagement Tools

Online training software often provides businesses with engagement tools that help to keep employees engaged with the training material.

This can include active discussions, group work, quizzes, and gamification features.

Assessment And Testing

While tracking employee training through the employee training management software itself is essential, businesses should also be able to assess and test their employees on the material they have learned.

This helps to ensure that the employee training program is effective and that employees can use the information they’re learning as they should in real-work situations.

Integration With Other Software

Various learning software allows businesses to integrate their employee training software with other HR, performance management, and payroll software.

Customer Support

Often, online learning training solutions providers offer enterprise customer support.

This means that you can get help from the software provider if you have any questions or issues with the software.

This can be beneficial for businesses new to online learning or need help setting up their employee training program.

Custom Notifications

An online training program may offer businesses the ability to set up custom notifications for employees.

This can help businesses keep employees on track with their training and receive the most up-to-date information.

In addition, businesses can usually integrate their employee training software with their HR or performance management software through the use of an API.

This allows them to send further notifications to their employees as needed.

What Are The Types Of Employee Training Software?

There are two main types of employee training software:

Self-paced Learning Platforms

These platforms allow businesses to create and deliver courses that employees can access at their own pace.

Creating online training courses for employees can be done quickly and easily with these platforms.

Businesses can also monitor employee progress and see how they are doing with the training material in an automated manner.

Instructor-led Online Training Platforms

These platforms allow businesses to create and deliver courses led by an instructor.

Using this type of software lets instructors directly monitor employee progress and ensure that employees are getting the most out of the training material.

While the self-paced types of employee training platforms are more common, instructor-led training can benefit some businesses that are more technical and require particular attention to detail.

Wrap Up.

Employee training software is an essential tool for businesses of all sizes.

The right software can help improve the quality of employee training and assist businesses in tracking their employees’ progress and assessing their performance.

Businesses should consider the different types of employee training software before deciding which one is best for them.

To recap, the best employee training software right now are:

  • Thinkific: Best For Creating Scalable Training.
  • Absorb LMS: Best Overall For Employee Training.
  • TalentLMS: Best For Boosting Employee Engagement.

Be sure to take your time when choosing the employee training software that is right for your business.

The wrong software can cost your business time and money, so it is essential to choose wisely.

Have you ever used employee training software?

If so, what was your user experience like?

Let me know in the comments below.

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