How To Blur Background On Zoom To Preserve Privacy

How To Blur Background On Zoom To Preserve Privacy

Part of using Zoom correctly is understanding how to protect your privacy and ensure that no one else can see what is happening in the background.

While it won’t hide the occasional pet or child who makes a surprise appearance on camera, blurring your background can hide physical items in your workspace, including bookshelves, decorations, or items from showing up during a video call.

It also makes it easier to focus on the conversation and stay engaged.

This guide will walk you through setting up a blurred background for your Zoom meetings and classes.

Version Requirements

A blurred background on Zoom requires a compatible device and version number.

The desktop app on Windows requires version 5.5.0+ (12454.0131), the Mac counterpart needs version 5.5.0 +(12467.0131), and Linux needs 5.7.6 (31792.0820) or higher for the background blur to work correctly.

For mobile devices, there are also various requirements; you must have the version for Android 5.6 6(2076) or iOS 566(423) or later.

In any case, make sure you update Zoom to have all the correct prerequisites installed.

Using the latest version of Zoom will provide you with the latest features, performance improvements, and security updates.

Enabling The Blur Background Option

Enabling the blur background option on your computer can be done in just a few simple steps.

All you need to do is:

  • Open the Zoom desktop client
  • Click on your profile picture in the top-right corner
  • Go to your Zoom settings
  • Choose Backgrounds and Effects in the sidebar
  • And finally, choose Virtual Background setting.
blur background

Once that’s done, you’re ready to go.

Not only are blurred backgrounds an easy way to liven up and customize your meeting screen when video-chatting with friends or family, but they also make for a great background when using Zoom for work purposes.

Blurring Your Background During A Meeting

In three simple steps, you can blur your background in a live meeting.

To start, open Zoom and join the meeting or webinar as a panelist.

Then go to the bottom-left corner of the video window.

Once there, click the up arrow button next to Start Video / Stop Video and select Blur My Background.

Blur My Background

Doing so will quickly obscure your surroundings and make you the focus of the conversation, giving you that professional edge as you appear to your peers and colleagues.

The blur background feature is especially beneficial for those who often need to meet virtually or otherwise don’t have an aesthetically pleasing backdrop.

Virtual Zoom Background

Zoom has enabled you to brighten up any background for your virtual meetings!

Thanks to their Zoom virtual backgrounds feature, you can blur out any distractions and liven up the overall look of your session.

virtual background

As a bonus, enabling this setting is a breeze – go to their website and log into your account, then search for In Meeting (Advanced) near the bottom of the panel on the left side.

Tap virtual background, and you’re all set.

You’ll be able to find the updated changes in both desktop and the Zoom mobile app.

For future meetings, you’ll be able to select from a wide variety of backgrounds and even upload your background image for the perfect setup.

Step Up Your Zoom Game With Style

Zoom’s mobile app makes attending a virtual meeting easy, as each feature’s focus is user experience.

You can make your Zoom meeting even better with the ability to blur your background – all you have to do is join the meeting first and head over to “More”> “Background & Effects”> “Blur” for a professional setting.

Blurring your background in Zoom will ensure all the focus stays on you and whatever message you are delivering and is a great way to communicate effectively with an audience.

Zoom Competitors

Microsoft Teams is one of the top competitors of Zoom, and it allows you to customize your background during a meeting or video call with the blur effect feature.

It also allows you to have different backgrounds on your video calls and add various fun elements.

Opening a new meeting will allow you to choose from the available backgrounds or your custom background.

Additionally, you can select the blur effect if you don’t want any particular backdrop.

How To Blur Background On Zoom – FAQ

Can You Use A Green Screen With Zoom?

Yes, in addition to Zoom blurs and backgrounds, users can also use a green screen.

Always check for updates to ensure your system requirements meet the conditions for using a green screen with Zoom.

Is The Virtual Background Option Free?

Yes, the virtual background option is free to use with the Zoom app.

Users can take advantage of this feature on an iPhone, a MacOS, or a Windows PC without paying any extra.

Can You Add Custom Background & Filters In Zoom?

Yes, custom backgrounds and filters are possible.

You can do this before starting a meeting from the same menu as the one that enables you to choose your blur options.

If you’re ever in a Zoom conference, click “More” on the controls menu.

Choose “Background and Effects,” then upload your image to make an immediate impact.

After all, having the know how to use custom backgrounds and filters as needed can make you stand out in any Zoom video call or meeting.

What Video Conferencing Platforms Provide Blurring Options?

Various video conferencing tools, such as XSplit VCam, ManyCam Chroma Key, and Cisco Webex Meeting, offer many video settings for users to customize their meetings.

Are Zoom Calls Secure?

Zoom offers lots of features to ensure the security of your meetings.

These include end-to-end encryption, password protection, waiting rooms, and single sign-on (SSO) authentication.

Does Zoom offer tutorials to help users customize their meetings?

Zoom offers many helpful tutorials and guides on using its features.

These include instructions on customizing your background, adding virtual environments, and more.

The Zoom Learning Center has all the information one needs.

Wrap Up.

The blur Zoom background feature can enhance your personal and professional calls with the right appearance and setup.

This feature allows you to obscure any distractions and keep the focus on you quickly.

In addition, the virtual background tab allows you to upload and select from various backgrounds as desired.

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