How to Build A Website on GoDaddy In 2023

How to Build A Website on GoDaddy In 2023

Are you ready to make your mark on the online world?

Do you want to create a unique website that stands out?

As one of the top website builders, using means you can have a professional-looking website up and running quickly.

In this article, I’ll guide you through setting up a website with GoDaddy, so you’ll have a fully functioning website in no time.

Building A Website on GoDaddy


Here are the steps to follow.

Step One: Register Your Domain Name

The first step in creating your website is choosing a domain name.

A good domain name should be short, easy to remember, and relevant to the purpose of your site.

Once you’ve selected a domain name, use GoDaddy’s domain checker tool to see if it’s available.

A custom domain name gives your website a professional look and helps potential customers find you.

It’s also helpful for branding, as visitors will see your domain name in their browser’s address bar when visiting your website.

Are you creating a business website?

You can use a domain name with the “.business” extension to help customers find you more easily.

Other extensions you should consider include “.com,” “.org,” and “.net.”

After you have your domain, hosting your website per your digital marketing needs is the next step.

Step Two: Choose Your Hosting Plan

Having the right hosting provider is critical.

When building a website for your small business, the right hosting means you have more control and flexibility over your own website look and feel.

With GoDaddy, hosting comes with plans, as they offer various hosting packages to meet your speed, storage, and support needs.

Additionally, if your current hosting plan no longer meets the website’s needs or goals in the future, it can constantly be upgraded to GoDaddy to meet those needs.

Step Three: Design Your Website


Once you’ve purchased a domain name and hosting plan from GoDaddy, the next stage is designing your website.

Being a crucial aspect of choosing a site builder, GoDaddy makes designing and building a site website easy.

Remember that while everyone wants a shiny new site, having a basic website is sometimes the best option to get started as a business.

Building a website on GoDaddy is simple no matter which option you prefer.

You can choose one of GoDaddy’s eye-catching templates or customize it using plugins & widgets.

Step Four: Set Up An Email Account Associated With The Domain Name

With your hosting plan selected and purchased, it’s time to set up an email account associated with your new domain name.

Doing this ensures you can communicate with customers, track inquiries, and become even more organized with your business needs.

Setting up email on GoDaddy gives website owners more control than they would get with other website builders.

Plus, it’s easy, even with the most basic technical knowledge.

Keeping your business name consistent is essential.

Having the same domain name for email looks more professional than using a free email service.

Step Five: Optimize for Search Engines

Optimizing your website for search engines is integral to web design and development.

Search engine optimization (SEO) helps potential customers find you when looking for a professional website that solves their problems.

With the right SEO tools and techniques, you can ensure your website ranks higher in search engine ranking.

So what can you do to ensure you optimize your GoDaddy site for search engines?

First, create meta tags and descriptions for each page and submit an XML sitemap that helps search engines index each page on your site.

Additionally, it would be best to take advantage of Google Analytics which allows you to track visitor behavior on each page and make improvements accordingly.

Finally, ensure legal compliance within cookie & tracking alert messages – this will help protect you and visitors from potential issues.

Step Six: Publish and Promote

Once everything is ready, it’s time to hit the publish button on your website and promote it!

Publishing your website on GoDaddy is remarkably straightforward.

After publishing, you’ll want to promote your new business site.

The easiest way to do this is through social media.

Create accounts on popular networks like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc., and promote your site through posts & ads.

Having a landing page that can capture potential customers’ information is also a good idea.

And that’s it!

Thanks to GoDaddy, you have a fully functional website up and running.

Understanding Your Goals

When deciding on the type of website that will best serve your needs, it’s essential to consider what tasks are required from your site and how much effort you are willing to put into maintaining it.

An online store requires more maintenance than a regular website.

Product inventory management and payment processing must be considered before making decisions.

Knowing what you’re hoping to achieve from your website will help you plan for success.

Are you looking to generate more sales or increase brand awareness?

You may want to provide basic information about a specific product or promote your services.

Regardless of the purpose, having a clear goal before constructing your website is critical.

Why choose GoDaddy’s Website Builder?

Here are some top reasons why GoDaddy’s website builder is an excellent choice for creating your website.

Flexibility and Customization

The website builder offers flexibility and customization – users can create various unique sections per page.

Each section has various content types, from photo galleries and videos to blogs.

With GoDaddy’s intuitive buttons featuring plus signs hovering over them, quickly adding new sections on the fly is straightforward.

You can add the section that best fits your content, such as a slider to display rotating images or a custom form to capture user data.

Moreover, it’s possible to use plenty of extra features to customize the website, including adding domain names, accessing web hosting options, purchasing an SSL certificate, and buying add-ons.

You can also add contact forms, password protection, and popup messages.

GoDaddy’s website builder is an excellent choice for quickly creating a new website without hassles.

Easy-To-Use Templates


With web design software, templates are a core component.

GoDaddy offers user-friendly, easy-to-use templates that make website design simple.

You only need to select a template that fits your purpose, enter your website title and logo, add relevant content, and be ready to go.

Their wide selection makes it easy for anyone to find something suitable for their brand or aesthetic.

Drag & Drop Feature

Building a website can seem intimidating, but with the drag-and-drop feature, GoDaddy makes creating a website fun and easy.

Instead of coding all pages yourself, drag any element from the toolbar (such as text boxes or images) onto the page where you want it placed.

Thus, you’ll be able to create pages faster.

Users can customize their font sizes and colors and add effects like shadows or gradients for a unique design.

With their intuitive drag & drop editor, you can easily make updates and adjustments for maximum flexibility.

Adding Pages & Titles

GoDaddy allows you to create page titles with an eye-catching and easy-to-understand header, which potential customers will use when navigating your site.

Creating concise headers will help keep your navigation menu organized and neat.

When adding a new page, click the ‘+’ next to Site Navigation and follow the instructions.

You can also delete any unnecessary pages.

For a better user experience, keep things as simple as possible without over-complication.

Structuring Your Site

Once you have created all of the desired pages on your website, it’s time to structure them in an order that makes sense.

It may take some trial and error but think of creating a demand logically flowing from page to page.

It will make life much easier for visitors.

Filling Your Pages With Content

create content

Now that you have built out your site structure, it is time to fill each brand-new page with sections full of content.

This content can include text blocks, images, videos, or anything else you feel best represents your business or product.

Be sure everything looks uniform across all of your pages – this includes spacing between lines of text, font size/style/color, etc.

You could add parallax effects or animation to give extra pizzazz on certain pages.

How GoDaddy Can Maximize Your Performance

GoDaddy offers a complete package of web hosting, design services, and customer support to make your website experience as easy as possible when creating a website.


Their knowledgeable customer support staff is available via online chat or email, and they also offer a complete set of FAQs that answer common questions.

Whether you want to know how to set up an SSL certificate or have general questions about domains and hosting, GoDaddy has the answers you need.

GoDaddy offers several helpful marketing tools to help you maximize your website performance, including the following:

  • Site Profile – With the Site Profile feature on GoDaddy, you can easily add basic contact information such as name, address, phone number, and the website address from the homepage. Potential customers can quickly find out who they are dealing with when they visit your site. It also helps search engine optimization (SEO), as this contact information is picked up by search engines and increases your chances of appearing higher in the search results. Your potential website visitors can find you more easily with Google and other search engines.
  • SEO Wizard – If you want to take advantage of SEO for optimal performance but don’t know where to start, GoDaddy’s SEO Wizard can help guide you through the process. The wizard will ask questions about your industry and keywords related to your business and then suggest optimization strategies based on its findings. It’s easy to customize your website content for better search engine rankings without doing any complicated coding or research yourself.
  • Google Analytics – One of the most powerful features of GoDaddy is the ability to link your site with Google Analytics to get detailed insights into how people interact with it. With Google Analytics, you can track page visits, bounce rates, time spent on pages, and other metrics to see what areas need improvement on your site to maximize its performance. This data can also target specific audiences with tailored marketing campaigns and measure success over time.

GoDaddy Dashboard Integration

GoDaddy dashboard integration is an intuitive tool that makes setting up and managing your website simple.

This feature allows you to build a sleek and professional-looking website with minimal effort quickly.

It lets you easily integrate other tools into your site, such as social media accounts and email marketing campaigns.

The result?

A modern, user-friendly website that looks great on any device

You can build a site in minutes instead of hours or days and easily update the design when needed to keep up with trends or changes in customer preferences.

Additionally, because the setup process is so straightforward, even those new to web development can use this feature without prior experience.

Once ready, you can manage all aspects of your website from one convenient location.

Taking the Final Step: Publishing Your Website

You’ve done it.

After countless hours of researching, designing, coding, and testing, your website is ready for its big debut.

All that’s left to do is press “Publish” and watch as your beautiful creation springs into the world.

But before you hit the big red button, ensuring everything is up to scratch with a final once-over is essential.

Here are some things you should look out for:

  • Design – Is your site visually appealing? Do all the images load correctly? Are all the colors cohesive? Do all of the pages lead into each other logically? Does it work on mobile devices? Look at each page from top to bottom and ask yourself these questions – if something isn’t quite right, fix it before publication!
  • Content – Is your content well-written and free of spelling or grammatical errors? Is all of your content correctly attributed where necessary? Have you included relevant keywords to boost search engine optimization (SEO)? If not, take a few moments to ensure everything is accurate and up-to-date before hitting “Publish.”
  • Functionality – Does every link within your site lead where it should? Are there any broken links or missing images that need addressing before publication? Have you tested each interactive feature (like contact forms or other user input fields) to ensure they work as they should? If not, spend some time making sure everything works as expected. After all, no one likes a broken website!

Final Factors To Take your site to the next level

Here are a few other tips for taking your website to the next level.

Popup messages


GoDaddy allows you to create popup messages for visitors when they enter your page.

These messages can include important information about your business, such as hours of operation, contact details, or special discounts.

It’s also an excellent opportunity to give potential clients an immediate impression of your business.

Easily Schedule Appointments Online

GoDaddy’s integrated services tab lets you easily set up online bookings for appointments or consultations.

You can also upload images of products and additional pricing information so clients have all the details they need before booking their appointment.

With platforms like WordPress, you’ll often have to find and install plugins that enable appointment scheduling.

The GoDaddy dashboard makes this process much more accessible.

All you have to do is fill out the necessary fields, and they’ll take care of the rest.

Integrate Social Media Accounts

Social media accounts are essential for any business in today’s digital age.

With this site builder, it’s easy to integrate social media buttons onto your website for quick access to your GoDaddy account.

Create An Interactive Storefront

GoDaddy also allows you to create an interactive storefront featuring all the products and services your customers could ever want.

You can easily import items from CSV files or other platforms like Square & eBay.

Plus, payments are accepted in both fiat currencies and cryptocurrencies.

This facility makes it easier than ever for customers to purchase whatever they need immediately.

Whether you’ve just created a free website or opted for a more comprehensive package, investing some time into ensuring that your website is ready for the public should always be a priority.

The Settings Tab

The “Settings” tab lets you easily customize your website to look professional and up-to-date.

Details like business category, address, email information, and links to social media sites are all customizable.

Setting SEO keywords and headlines/descriptions for each page is also essential for search engine optimization (SEO).

Doing this will help potential customers find you more quickly when they search for terms related to your business or industry.

You can also add meta tags such as Open Graph (OG) tags and Pinterest meta tags.

When people share your content across different platforms, it then appears correctly.

The Blog Feature

GoDaddy makes it simple for anyone to share their stories and updates with others through its blog feature.

Visitors can easily comment on posts and manage those comments quickly through the dashboard.

Doing so is an excellent way for businesses to keep their customers up-to-date on new products or for individuals to share their interests and experiences with others.

It’s also a perfect way for companies and individuals to get visitors’ feedback.

Instant Messaging

Having direct access to visitors is a powerful tool many websites utilize today.

With GoDaddy, visitors can reach out directly via instant messaging – allowing them to get in contact like never before.

Plus, messages can be stored within the dashboard for quick reference later.

It’s easier for businesses to answer customer inquiries quickly, while individuals can converse more seamlessly with those who visit their site.


GoDaddy offers free and paid plans that vary depending on the complexity of your website.

For those just getting started and want to try out the features, GoDaddy has a free plan which is a great way to get familiar with the platform.

After that, their paid plans are as follows:

  • Basic: $9.99 per month – for small businesses that want basic features
  • Standard: $10.49 per month – for more significant sites needing more storage and bandwidth
  • Premium: $14.99 per month – for companies requiring the most robust features.
  • Ecommerce: $16.99 per month – for companies selling products online.

With their basic plan, you can access one-time appointments, branded content creation, and more.

With their premium plan, you can send more emails, have welcome and appointment confirmations when people book appointments and set up as many as 20 social posts and responses per month.

With the premium plan, you can have unlimited social posts on endless social platforms. You can also charge payments for appointments, send email and text reminders, and more.

Finally, the ecommerce plan helps you set up shop online, accept payments, and manage inventory. You can also access additional analytics to give insights into your business operations.

How to Build A Website on GoDaddy – FAQ

What Are Some Of GoDaddy’s Competitors?

Squarespace and Wix are other popular website-building tools that offer a range of services to their customers.

Can I Use Google Adsense With GoDaddy?

As a website-building tool, GoDaddy does not offer direct integration with Google Adsense.

However, you can still add Google Adsense to your website by pasting the correct code.

Do Visitors Need To Sign Up For Anything On My Site?

Your visitors do not need to sign up for anything to view your website.

They might only need to sign up if they want to access certain parts of your site, such as a private forum or members-only page.

Can I Start For Free On GoDaddy?

Yes, GoDaddy offers a free website builder so you can start building your site without investing money upfront.

Can Beginners Use GoDaddy?

As one of the best website builders, GoDaddy suits beginners and experienced web users.

From websites + marketing to setting up a photo gallery, GoDaddy makes it simple for beginners to get started quickly.

The GoDaddy website builder offers drag-and-drop tools and templates, making it easy for even novice users to create a website.

Whatever your issue, there is probably a tutorial or video guide which can help you through each step of the process.

You can customize your website with images and colors to try a new look.

Wrap Up.

GoDaddy is an excellent website-building tool that offers users an easy and affordable way to create a website.

It has drag-and-drop tools, mobile-friendly templates, hosting packages, tutorials, and video guides so beginners can quickly get started.

GoDaddy also offers competitively priced services and plans for starting and maintaining their online presence.

With various options to suit everyone’s needs, GoDaddy is excellent for beginners and experienced web admins.

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