7 Best Meeting Management Software of 2023 (Ranked)

7 Best Meeting Management Software of 2023 (Ranked)

Let’s face facts: the average manager spends 50% of their work time in meetings.

And even if you’re not a part of the upper management, you need to spend a considerable amount of time attending meetings.

Now that remote work is more common, meetings have primarily moved to the virtual space.

And to cater to that market, a large number of meeting management software tools have popped up.

Whether you are running a meeting with your internal team or have an organization that features meetings between a cross functional team, the right meeting management tools will come in handy.

But the real question is: how do you choose the right one?

To help you answer that question, today, I’ve curated a list of the seven best meeting management software.

Once you’ve gone through these, I’m sure you’ll be able to make a suitable pick.

What Is The Best Meeting Management Software?

Here are my top picks for the best meeting management software on the market.

1. Zoom.

Best For Managing Video Meetings

Zoom Homepage

When it comes to an all-in-one video meeting tool, Zoom is the option most professionals turn to. It’s designed to cater to video meetings and provides a host of features that can help you get the desired outcomes from your meetings with ease.

Using Zoom, you can manage your online meetings, sync with Google calendar and take care of meeting scheduling from any location in the world. It also lets you record meetings and automatically generate searchable transcripts for easy information retrieval.

Zoom also provides real-time screen sharing and co-annotation facilities in addition to video conferencing. This helps you to edit and collaborate on shared documents seamlessly. The tool also allows you to create private as well as public groups for segmented team chats.


When it comes to features, Zoom doesn’t hold back any punches. Along with the above features, it lets you create online polls, manage team members, and even host webinars. You can also set it up to integrate with third-party tools such as Slack.

Let’s take a quick look at the list of features that Zoom offers:

  • HD audio and video calls
  • Up to 1000 meeting participants
  • Public as well as private groups and team chats
  • Screen sharing and co-annotating
  • Meeting minutes and auto-generated transcripts
  • Custom background settings
  • Integration with third-party calendar tools
  • Powerful end-to-end encryption and role-based security features
  • Android, as well as iOS mobile apps, are available
  • File sharing functionality
  • Integrations with numerous third-party apps


Zoom Pricing Page

When it comes to pricing plans, Zoom keeps it simple and distributed across four tiers. Each upper tier plan comes with progressively increasing feature sets, so you can select the one that’s best suited for your business’s requirements.

Here’s a quick break up of Zoom’s pricing plans:

  • Free Plan at $0/year
  • Pro Plan at $149.90/year/license
  • Business Plan at $199.90/year/license
  • Enterprise Plan at $240/year/license

Apart from the above base plans, you can also opt for the optional add-on plans for cloud storage, audio conferencing, and large meetings.

If you are not sold on Zoom as your video conferencing software of choice, check out my Zoom alternatives roundup post for more options.

2. Lucid Meetings.

Best For Feature-Rich Meeting Management

Lucid Meetings Homepage

Lucid Meetings is a tool that’s packed with all the essential features for online meeting management. From setting meeting agendas to taking meeting notes, this tool has something for small businesses and large enterprises alike.

Using the tool is simple, as it comes with detailed instructions for setting up audio and video conferencing. You can use the tool to assign action items and follow-ups, keep meetings streamlined, and prevent overlapping conversations using speaker queues.

One of the significant advantages of using Lucid Meetings is that it allows you to define the meeting agenda right down to the smallest details. The meeting host can even set up specific meeting roles for the participants to ensure easy streamlining of the process.


What I like about Lucid Meetings is the fact that it offers several pre-built meeting agenda templates that help to save time when planning meetings. At the same time, the UI is extremely user-friendly, which is undoubtedly a bonus.

Feature-wise, Lucid Meeting offers the following facilities for efficient meeting management:

  • Real-time note taking and sharing
  • Ability to record meetings in multiple formats
  • Searchable records for previous meetings
  • Agenda and meeting templates
  • Built in screen sharing software and meeting timers
  • Built in call recording and audio transcription software
  • Pre and post-meeting preparation tools
  • Attendee management and role assignment
  • Invitation, minutes, and voting management
  • Automating meeting minutes
  • Post-meeting reports
  • Online conferencing and documentation features
  • Easy screen sharing


Lucid Meetings Pricing Page

Lucid Meetings pricing plans are distributed across three tiers, based on the organization’s size that needs catering to. All prices are available monthly and payable annually, based on the number of hosts you need it for.

Here’s a quick breakup of the Lucid Meetings pricing plans:

  • Teams Plan for $12.50/host/month
  • Business Plan for $249/month
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

In case you have more questions, you can schedule a private call with the customer service team.

3. Cisco WebEx.

Best For Larger Enterprises

WebEx Homepage

WebEx is a meeting management software system that’s dedicated to helping larger enterprises host effective meetings. Using the tool, your business can host high-quality video meetings without any caps on the number of participants.

The best aspect of using WebEx is that you’re not going to get video, audio, or connection problems, unlike other meeting management solutions. And even though it is rather heavy in terms of design and UI, it works like one of the most lightweight meeting management tools.

When using WebEx, you can easily schedule meetings and host them in a busy environment. It allows you to send meeting invites via email, and you can also save the contact information for future use.


WebEx lets you schedule meetings with two scheduling options: the Quick Scheduler and the Advanced Scheduler. As the names suggest, the Quick Scheduler is for planning a meeting fast, while the Advanced Scheduler is best suited for recurrent meetings.

Here’s a list of the other essential features that you can avail of when using WebEx:

  • Private communication rooms
  • Video as well as audio recording
  • Playback and screen sharing
  • Send meeting invites via email, SMS, and phone
  • Easy file sharing and editing
  • Ability to switch devices in-meeting
  • Integration with project management tools
  • Easy to use and detailed UI
  • Customizable collaboration tools
  • Global screen sharing
  • Cross-platform usability across PC, Mac, iOS, and Android
  • Desktop integrations with software such as MS Outlook
  • Easily scalable for all sizes of enterprises


WebEx Pricing Page

WebEx offers four pricing plans according to the size of the organization which needs to use the tool. All plans can be billed monthly and annually, although I recommend the annual billing cycle so that you can save 10% on fees.

Here’s a quick breakup of the pricing plans that WebEx offers:

  • Free Plan at $0/host/month
  • Starter Plan at $13.50/host/month
  • Business Plan at $26.95/host/month
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

4. Boardable.

Best For Board Meetings

Boardable Homepage

If you’re a mission-driven business looking for a board meeting platform and task management tool at affordable rates, then Boardable is the solution you need. This is a tool that focuses on improving meeting management and ensuring focused outcomes.

With Boardable, you can choose to hold virtual meetings, assign tasks to the meeting attendees and manage the same, all from a single interface. You can also share all agendas that are relevant to the meeting.

The one essential aspect where Boardable stands apart from other meeting management solutions is that it helps you hold productive meetings and streamlines workflows between them. This is a feature that enables seamless team collaboration.


Feature-wise, Boardable is a relatively simple tool that’s user-friendly yet feature-rich. It’s easy to set up and start using, not to mention highly affordable. The service also comes with a great customer support team ready to help you around the clock.

If you’re interested in the features of Boardable, take a look below:

  • Dedicated agenda builder
  • Automated meeting schedules
  • Boardable Spotlight collaboration feature
  • Document Center for easy and seamless document management
  • Faster e-signatures for legalizing documents
  • Task manager for improved accountability and productivity
  • Advanced reporting features
  • Goal tracking and measurement
  • Virtual polling and votes


Boardable Pricing Page

Boardable has a transparent pricing policy that makes it easy to select the plan you need. Plans are divided across four tiers based on the number of users you need to include. Billing is done monthly as well as yearly, though the latter gives you a 10% discount.

Here’s a quick break up of Boardable’s pricing plans:

  • Grassroots Plan starting at $79/month
  • Essentials Plan starting at $149/month
  • Professional Plan starting at $249/month
  • Enterprise Plan at custom rates

5. Microsoft Teams.

Best For Globally Distributed Teams

Microsoft Teams Homepage

Microsoft Teams is one of the newer entrants on the meeting management tool front but has quickly made a name within just a few years of its release. And because it’s a free tool, there’s no need to think twice about using it.

The advantage of using Teams is that it helps bring and keep all your team members on the same page. With enterprise-level meetings that allow up to 10,000 participants, I’m sure you’ll be able to accommodate all your team members and then some.

The tool lets you conduct meetings through shared workspaces, host video/audio conferences and even set up webinars. You also have the capability to use features such as note-taking, screen sharing, and even forwarding attachments.


The wide range of audio/video conferencing features that Microsoft Teams provides helps make team meetings seamless. It allows all your meeting attendees to participate in the decision-making process, ensuring complete transparency across the meeting room.

If you’re thinking about using Microsoft Teams, then take a look at its feature-set:

  • High-quality audio/video features
  • In-meeting screen sharing and note-taking capabilities
  • Team chat feature for seamless communication
  • Ability to forward file attachments and garner feedback
  • Audio-conferencing via phone
  • Dedicated meeting rooms for granular, segmented meetings
  • Live web-conferencing features for a large number of participants
  • Easy integration with third-party apps and extensions
  • Suitable for small as well as large-scale meetings
  • Unlimited messages and searchability
  • Virtually unlimited amount of cloud storage
  • Fast and simple design


Microsoft Teams Pricing Page

The Microsoft Teams software is available for free, basic use. However, if you’re a larger business in need of advanced capabilities involving massive team sizes, you can opt for one of the paid Microsoft 365 Plans, with which Teams come bundled.

Here’s a simple and easy breakup of the Microsoft Teams pricing plans:

  • Microsoft Teams Free Plan (with no commitment)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Basic Plan at $5/user/month (annual commitment)
  • Microsoft 365 Business Standard Plan at $12.50/user/month (annual commitment)

Both the paid plans come with a one-month free trial period.

6. Skype.

Best For Free Meeting Management

Skype Homepage

Up next is Skype, another team meeting management tool from Microsoft. Businesses with a globally distributed workforce still prefer Skype as the best and most affordable tool for remote communication and meeting management.

One of the essential features of this tool is the whiteboard capability to visualize ideas effectively. You can also share screens, create streamlined workflows and ensure real-time collaboration, thereby eliminating information silos.

Skype also comes with a presentation feature with annotation and highlighting built-in. All this allows you to make an impact with your presentation and ensure that stakeholders remain on the same page.


Like Microsoft Teams, Skype can host multiple participants through its broadcast feature. It also supports instant messaging, in-time feedback, and much more.

Here’s a quick overview of the features that Skype can help you with:

  • Screen sharing for better collaboration
  • Whiteboard feature for real-time ideation and editing
  • Auto-cropping and facial tracking for improved visualization
  • Ability to upload PowerPoint presentations and annotate the same
  • Fast meeting invites through personalized URLs
  • Instant messaging and feedback sharing
  • Video conferences with mass attendance
  • Polls, Q/A sessions, and Surveys
  • Integration with Office 365 apps
  • Meeting recording feature
  • Easy syncing with multiple devices
  • Mobile app for Android/iOS


Skype Download Page

Skype is available for free on multiple platforms, such as tablets, mobiles, and desktops.

7. Fuze.

Best For Cloud-based Meeting Management

Fuze Homepage

Fuze is a meeting management tool that’s suitable for any business environment and business size. It’s a fast, light, and simple meeting management software system ideal for any business communication: audio, video, or chats.

You can also use Fuze for hosting webinars, sharing screens, and disseminating content. The tool is extremely customizable, which means you can modify and adapt it according to the needs of your business.

Another significant aspect about Fuze is that the developers are focused on attention to detail. With a neutral color palette and simple design, you’re sure to love working in the environment. At the same time, you also get enterprise-level security.


Since Fuze is entirely cloud-based, you can use it from any device and location you want. This provides your employees with added flexibility for communicating across and within teams.

Here’s a list of the features that Fuze boasts of:

  • Suitable for all sizes and types of businesses
  • Superior security features
  • Clean and user-friendly interface
  • Works with most devices
  • Easily integrable with most popular browsers
  • HD video and audio quality
  • No limits on the size of files that can be shared
  • Available on desktop and mobile both


Fuze Pricing Page

Based on your needs, Fuze has multiple plans that you can combine to get the right mix for any business. Along with the base plans, you can also include several add-ons for enhancing your team-meeting capability.

Take a look at Fuze’s pricing plans and select the one you need:

  • Fuze Meetings at $15/user/month
  • Fuze Calling at $25/user/month
  • Fuze Pro at $35/user/month
  • Fuze International at $45/user/month
  • Fuze Unlimited Global at $65/user/month

Wrap Up.

Without the right meeting management software, working remotely with a global workforce can be challenging. These tools help you get the most out of your meeting time and ensure that all agenda items are taken care of.

If you’re in search of a suitable meeting management software, then take a pick from among my choices below:

  • Zoom: Best For Managing Video Meetings
  • Lucid Meetings: Best For Feature-Rich Meeting Management
  • Cisco WebEx: Best For Larger Enterprises
  • Boardable: Best For Board Meetings
  • Microsoft Teams: Best For Globally Distributed Teams
  • Skype: Best For Free Meeting Management
  • Fuze: Best For Cloud-based Meeting Management

I’m sure you’ll be able to find a suitable choice from among the above options.

If you are looking for other tools to help you with your meetings or managing your team check out these roundup posts:

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