7 Best NFT Wallets of 2023 (Reviewed and Compared)

Choosing the right NFT wallets is vitally important. From the safety of your virtual assets to the ease of use, the best NFT Wallets can help you meet your goals. In this guide, I ranked and reviewed the 7 best NFT wallets, so that you can pick the best one for you.


Coinbase is known for purchasing and selling crypto while offering an NFT wallet service.

Enjin Wallet

Enjin Wallet allows you to collect, swap, and trade all your NFTs and crypto in one place.


AlphaWallet is best for managing your tokens and is the only self-custodial wallet that’s open-source.

Trust Wallet

Trust Wallet allows you to buy, store, collect, trade, and cash out NFTs through its secure wallet system.


Kukai is a user-friendly, open-source wallet that allows you to store and manage your NFTs easily.

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NFTs, or Non-Fungible Tokens, are tokens that can be distinguished from each other.

Each NFT is unique and has different properties.

The process of owning NFTs does come with a few steps to it. First, ensure that you buy the best NFT tokens at this moment from the NFT marketplace of your choice.

After you decide to buy an NFT, the next step is to find a suitable wallet to store it in.

With Web3 development, the entire process of buying and storing NFTs has become a lot easier, as wallets can also act as a crypto portfolio tracker and ensure that your NFTs remain safe.

Similar to an Ethereum wallet, the right NFT wallet will allow you to easily access your purchases whenever you want to.

This includes selling, buying more, or even just having a look at your possessions.

This will help you decide which one is best for you, based on your specific needs.

Let’s get right into it.

What Are The Best NFT Wallets?

The following list contains the best NFT wallets you can find on the market at this moment.

1. Coinbase.

Best overall NFT wallet to consider.

coinbase logo

Adam’s Take

If you’re looking for the best overall NFT wallet for storing and managing your collection, Coinbase is a great option. The NFT wallet service from Coinbase is simple and easy to use while offering a high degree of security.

out of 10

Best For



No Wallet Fees

Coinbase is one of the most convenient marketplaces for purchasing and selling cryptocurrencies.

With that said, it also offers an NFT-supporting wallet service.

The Coinbase wallet has several characteristics, making it the right starting point for trading NFTs.

With a user-friendly interface that is easy to navigate, compliance in a large number of jurisdictions and an extensive list of supported cryptocurrencies, Coinbase is an excellent choice for those getting started in the world of NFTs.

Coinbase also allows you to buy goods and services with your NFTs, expanding their usability.

In addition, Coinbase supports the majority of cryptocurrencies that are available on the market.

The only downside of Coinbase is that it does not offer as much security as some of the other wallets on this list.

However, there are also frequent updates that add new features and improvements to their system.

Coinbase is also a well-known bitcoin wallet and exchange for offering insurance on all cryptocurrencies.

Coinbase maintains insurance specifically for crypto, and US dollar cash balances are FDIC-insured to the highest amount of $250,000.

coinbase homepage

Key Features:

  • Manage your portfolio by tracking your total balance and value of individual assets.
  • Receive notifications for transactions and price alerts.
  • Buy and sell popular NFTs on Coinbase with different cryptos you might have.
  • Store your cryptos in a secure online wallet with an attractive UI and two-factor authentication (2FA).
  • Coinbase can provide quick access to fiat currencies, making it easy for new NFT users to start trading quickly.
  • Create recurring buys, so you purchase your favorite cryptos at preset intervals.

Get Started With Coinbase.

2. Enjin Wallet.

Best for trading, swapping, and managing NFTs.

enjin logo

Adam’s Take

Enjin Wallet is a great wallet for those who want to keep track of all their NFTs and crypto in one place. The wallet allows you to easily collect, swap, and trade your assets, and even has a built-in exchange for quick and easy transactions.

out of 10

Best For



Free To/From Enjin

Enjin Wallet provides an ideal home for NFTs and crypto, allowing you to collect all your possessions in one place.

Now you can use blockchain technology to manage, trade, and swap Bitcoin, Ethereum, and various other cryptocurrencies, as well as collect all your NFTs.

Make as many accounts as needed for whatever purpose, from day-to-day expenses or have a wallet to keep your savings and another for trading or gaming on the blockchain.

Import your old wallets without having to backup your private keys or install any software.

Not only can you import old wallets, but also you may easily connect your hardware – such as Ledger or Trezor – to the wallet app.

If you wish to store your NFTs on the Enjin Marketplace, you can get a wallet to help you manage them.

enjin homepage

The Enjin Wallet is a mighty cryptocurrency wallet that supports hundreds of different cryptocurrencies from tons of potential trading combinations.

Key Features:

  • You can now deal with any DApp or Defi swap (on Android and iOS devices) without having to leave the protection of your new Enjin wallet, so you know your funds are safe at all times.
  • You can use your biometric signature to access your NFT wallet and quickly approve transactions. This means you no longer need a complex and hard-to-remember passphrase.
  • Manage, import, and trade your tokens all from one place with powerful inbuilt tools to help you make the most of your portfolio.
  • Tokens can be auto-added based on your trades and exchanges, so you can quickly track any tokens you are interested in.
  • You can now use ChangeTip to send Bitcoin and Litecoin from your wallet of choice, as well as convert them into fiat. You can import funds from other popular wallets in simple steps.
  • The Enjin Wallet is a user-friendly, secure solution to manage all of your tokens and assets on the Ethereum blockchain.

3. AlphaWallet.

Best for those looking for a non-custodial, secure NFT wallet.

alphawallet logo

Adam’s Take

If you want to manage your own tokens, then AlphaWallet is the best option for you. What’s more, being a self custodial wallet, you can be sure that your tokens are always safe. Additionally, being open source, the code is available for anyone to check and audit.

out of 10

Best For



With Specific Payments

AlphaWallet is one of the best Web3 Wallets for managing your tokens.

Alpha can upgrade your Ethereum Wallet, allowing you to store tokens and track your portfolio quickly.

In addition, you can import your old wallets without having to backup your private keys or install any software.

AlphaWallet is the first and only self-custodial wallet that’s completely open-source.

It was designed by web3 engineers and is maintained by the community to ensure that your funds are always safe.

With TokenScript enabled tokens, you may use a native experience. You may store and manage feature-rich NFT Tokens such as in-game tokens and ENS, as well as your ETH currencies.

alphawallet  homepage

Key Features:

  • You can access and interact with Dapps (decentralized applications) using the web3 browser or SmartTokens, which allows you to use Dapp’s innovative smart contract features directly with your tokens.
  • Censorship resistance is the main benefit of using AlphaWallet. You may keep your own money without the need for a third-party service provider to approve or censor it.
  • The world’s first Ethereum wallet, AlphaWallet, is one of the NFT applications that uses “Secure Enclave” technology to provide hardware-grade, ‘cold wallet’ level security for your funds and assets.
  • Being non-custodial, AlphaWallet will never ask for KYC information. Unlike other wallets that are defined as custodial, you are not at risk of not being given access to your money.

4. Trust Wallet.

Best for those looking to trade crypto and NFT in a simplified manner.

trustwallet logo

Adam’s Take

With a secure wallet system, Trust Wallet makes it easy for you to buy, store, collect, trade, and cash out your NFTs. Its intuitive interface allows you to manage your collection with ease, and its built-in exchange lets you quickly convert your NFTs into other digital assets.

out of 10

Best For



No Wallet Fees

Trust Wallet allows you to buy, store, collect, trade, and cash out NFTs through its secure wallet system.

Being one of the most trusted and secure wallets to store NFTs, you can import your old wallets without having to backup your private keys or install any additional software.

There are no forms to fill out and no selfies to submit. You can trade cryptocurrencies at any time with simplicity.

You are also in control of your wallet because they don’t collect any personal information.

More than ten million users use Trust Wallet, so you’ll be in good hands when using this wallet.

trustwallet  homepage

Key Features:

  • You can buy Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Smart Chain and Coin (BNB), Litecoin, TRON, XRP, and Bitcoin Cash
  • You can buy these cryptocurrencies with a simple credit card.
  • In just three easy steps, you can get started on your way to securing your NFTs with Trust Wallet.

5. Kukai.

Best for offering an open-source NFT wallet solution to its users

kukai logo

Adam’s Take

I like Kukai because of its open-source design and user-friendly interface. I think it’s a great way to store and manage NFTs easily – so if you’re looking for a good NFT wallet, I recommend you check out this NFT wallet.

out of 10

Best For

Open-Source Wallet


No Hidden Charges

Kukai provides a secure home for your valuable NFTs with no hidden gas fees and third-party control.

Kukai is a user-friendly, open-source wallet that allows you to store and manage your NFTs easily.

You can use Kukai to buy, sell, and trade your tokens with other users in a safe and secure environment.

Organize your digital assets and effortlessly integrate them into the various systems you use in your daily life.

Creating a new Kukai wallet takes only a few minutes. In fact, in just five to ten minutes from now, you’ll be ready to buy and sell NFTs from your wallet with just a few taps on the screen.

kukai homepage

Key Features:

  • You can use Kukai to buy and sell NFTs with other users in a safe and secure environment.
  • The Kukai Wallet supports importing from various standard wallet formats or connecting to the Ledger.
  • In fact, you can connect a Nano Ledger S to your computer, select the Ethereum app, and create a new wallet.
  • Whether you’re a security-conscious delegator or running an operation with thousands of clients, the Ledger Nano integration provides a cost-effective cold storage option for all your NFT needs.

6. Math Wallet.

Best for those looking for a secure wallet backed up by big investors.

mathwallet homepage

Math Wallet is defined as the gateway to the world of Blockchain.

With its mobile application, you can manage your cryptocurrencies using advanced cryptography and blockchain technology.

Easily manage and transfer your crypto assets by using its secure multi-cryptocurrency wallet from a single location.

It’s straightforward and secure, making it an ideal starting point for anybody interested in the blockchain industry. Math Wallet enables you to buy, sell, trade, manage, and cash out your NFTs.

Fenbushi Capital, Alameda Research, Binance Labs, FundamentalLabs, Multicoin Capital, NGC Ventures, Amber Group, 6Eagle Capital are some of the investors in the project.

This means that this project is backed up by some of the big names in the industry.

It also means that you can trust the developers to continue working on the wallet and expanding its functionality in the short and long term.

Key Features:

  • The SmartWallet Appchain of MathChain is based on Substrate.
  • MathChain is a decentralized, permissionless para chain that closes the gap between the crypto world and the web 2.0 world.
  • Smart wallets, mass adoption, go-to-market blockchain applications, and a completely decentralized permissionless para chain are priorities for MathChain.
  • More than 86 of the most popular public blockchains are supported on this platform.

7. Metamask.

Best for easy browser access to your NFTs.

metamask homepage

Metamask is a crypto wallet and blockchain app gateway that allows you to interact with the Ethereum network.

You can use Metamask to buy, sell, and trade your cryptocurrencies with other users in a safe and secure environment.

You can also use Metamask to buy NFTs from various online NFT marketplaces.

Metamask is an easy-to-use, secure, and popular option for managing your Ethereum-based tokens.

Trusted by over 21 million users worldwide, Metamask makes it easy to find and use blockchain applications.

MetaMask gives you a key vault, secure login, token wallet, and token exchange- everything you need to handle your digital assets.

You also get a browser extension and a mobile app so you can set up your workflow in a way that suits you.

The MetaMask browser plugin might yet be the most secure yet straightforward way to connect with blockchain-based apps.

Key Features:

  • MetaMask provides beginners and advanced users with an in-depth understanding of the market. These will make one resistant to the temptations of crypto scams.
  • MetaMask offers a web plugin that interacts with the Ethereum blockchain through your browser. This is a helpful service for everyone involved – from blockchain novices, token traders, video gamers, and developers.
  • With over 1 million downloads to date, MetaMask is on an upwards trend moving forward.
  • MetaMask aims to democratize access to the decentralized web and, as a result, help to promote mass adoption of blockchain technology.

What are NFT Wallets?

NFT wallets are the safest way to manage, buy or sell non-fungible tokens.

Since there are various wallets that you can use to store your NFTs, understanding what each one brings to the table is essential.

The right NFT wallet for you will depend on various factors, including the type of tokens that you are storing, your level of experience with blockchain technology, and your security needs.

If you want to store NFTs, you will also need to consider finding a wallet compatible with the NFTs of your choice.

Not all wallets are compatible with every type of token, so it is essential to research before choosing a wallet.

Features To Look For When Choosing A Wallet

The following are some of the features that should be considered when choosing an NFT wallet.


The first thing you need to consider is your level of anonymity, as well as the level of privacy offered by each wallet.

Some wallets make it easy for anybody to see all transactions made with blockchain-based assets. Other wallets are more private but are also less user-friendly because they don’t have integrated exchanges or web links to buy NFTs online.

The best NFT wallet for you will depend on your specific needs and requirements, and anonymity is sometimes just as important as ease of use.

Personal data is highly-sought after in the current market, so you should ensure that your chosen wallet offers the best possible security features to protect your information.

Removal Of Transaction Limits

Some wallets have withdrawal limits that cause problems for big token traders.

Ideally, NFT wallets should have no such limitations, and users can withdraw and deposit any amount they like.

That could also mean no more waiting around for your transactions to be confirmed by the network.

The right wallet providers will give you a lot of freedom regarding how and when you can make or receive transactions.

Users can withdraw and deposit any amount they like. This also means no more waiting around for your transactions to be confirmed by the network.

Compatibility with exchanges

The third thing to look into is whether or not the wallet is compatible with different exchanges.

If you are planning on trading tokens in the future, you will need a blockchain wallet compatible with different exchanges.

Otherwise, if your tokens aren’t compatible with other wallets, then trading them might become very difficult.

NFT transactions are not just limited to exchanges; there are a lot of apps that allow users to interact with the different NFTs.

This is important for users who are minting, buying, or selling NFTs. It allows them to use a wallet that is compatible with exchanges to make transactions as well as use their purchases in various apps.

Support for specific token

The last feature to take into consideration is whether or not the wallet supports ERC721, ERC1155 tokens.

ERC721 is a standard for non-fungible tokens, which means that each token has its unique properties within the blockchain.

ERC1155, a multi-token standard, is another aspect to consider. This standard defines a smart contract interface and could represent any fungible and non-fungible token types.

Other wallets also support ERC-20 tokens, which might be another token to consider.

NFT wallet uses these standards to create NFTs from cryptocurrencies such as BTC, ETH, and NEO.


You should always use a safe and secure solution that will offer good protection for your NFTs, irrespective of which type of asset you own.

Companies must keep an eye on the public wallet addresses to prevent hackers from stealing tokens stored on the blockchain.

The best NFT wallets will also offer features like two-factor authentication, which uses an extra layer of security to prevent criminals from accessing your account.

Two-factor authentication adds another step in the login process to make sure you are the owner of an account before you can access it.

The wallet providers should also communicate all possible risks and dangers of investing in cryptocurrencies to their users. This includes not only online scams but other potential problems as well.

The wallets that are right for you will have robust encryption methods to protect your data so malicious third parties can’t access it.

Mobile versions of the app

Crypto collectibles are becoming more and more popular, so you might want to consider using a mobile wallet to store your tokens on the go.

Many people are now using their phones to make transactions instead of using a computer.

Mobile wallets should use secure encryption technology to keep your data private and completely safe at all times.

Encryption scrambles sensitive information into a difficult or impossible code for third parties to crack, so even if your phone is hacked, you will still be safe.

Other mobile wallet solutions that support NFTs (not included in this post) include Coinomi and imToken.

Customer support desk

Buying and selling NFTs – whether you’re going for one of the famous Cryptopunks or something that’s still up and coming – can be complicated, especially if you are new to the blockchain world.

It would help if you looked for a wallet with good customer support so any issues that arise can be quickly and easily resolved.

When deciding on what NFT wallet to use, you might want to ask how long it takes them to respond, whether they have 24/7 email or chat availability, and whether there are phone numbers you can call in case of emergencies.

Conversion fees

If you buy cryptocurrencies with fiat currency, this will likely incur conversion fees when converting one currency into another.

Exchanges take money from the cryptocurrency to sell it for fiat currency.

When looking at wallets, pay attention to what kind of conversion fees you’re looking at, especially when withdrawing or depositing your NFTs.

User experience

The type of user interface offered by the wallet’s website should be a user-friendly and straightforward one to use.

It can be very frustrating when trying to access accounts with complicated interfaces that make it difficult to navigate around.

All of the wallets mentioned in the above list offer a user-friendly experience that makes it easy to use their features without any problems.

Why Are NFTs Popular?

NFTs are popular because so many people are interested in cryptocollectibles, whether it’s to show that they own rare items or just for the sake of having something that can consistently increase in value over time.

They may be some of the more new-age types of investments, but NFTs have various advantages over other types of cryptocurrencies.

One big example of this is the fact that you can trade them with other collectors on exchanges, meaning they hold a lot of potential when it comes to long-term investors.

NFT collectors also enjoy them because the tokens can be stored in their wallets and collected like any other asset.

NFT art has even picked up significantly. For example, a portrait of NBA legend LeBron James was recently made up of NFTs. This shows the potential that these tokens have when it comes to being used in creative ways.

Wrap Up.

While there are many different NFT wallets to choose between, finding the one that suits your needs is crucial.

The right NFT wallet will allow you to browse, collect, spend and save your tokens in a secure environment where they are always safe.

To recap, the best NFT wallets right now are:

  • Coinbase: Best overall NFT wallet to consider.
  • Enjin Wallet: Best for trading, swapping, and managing NFTs.
  • AlphaWallet: Best for being a non-custodial, secure NFT wallet.

If you are interested in buying NFTs, then all of these wallets will offer you excellent services that you can trust to keep your NFTs safe at all times.

Have you ever used any of the above wallets, and would you include any other wallets on this list? Let me know about it in the comment section below.

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