Noble Gold Reviews: Honest Opinion & Complaints (2023)

Noble Gold Reviews: Honest Opinion & Complaints (2023)

When it comes to investing in gold, many different options are available.

Noble Gold is a gold dealer with a focus on gold IRAs.

They also offer the standard gold and silver coins and bars, as well as IRA-sanctioned palladium.

Noble Gold also offers a huge selection of collectible coins (including rare ones) as well as customized packs that can help your survival in emergencies.

In this article, I’ll discuss Noble Gold and the various facets of its service.

What Is Noble Gold?

noble gold homepage

With various financial experts in their ranks, Noble Gold has decades of experience and insight.

This makes them a reliable supplier from which to buy gold and other precious metals.

When starting the IRA rollover process, Noble Gold is one of the best gold IRA companies to turn to.

Owners Charles Thorngren and Collin Plume boast years of experience in the financial industry.

Tons of customer reviews also show that Noble Gold customers are delighted with their service and the quality of their products.

The company also offers many investment options, including gold and other precious metals coins.

Noble Gold also has a buyback program that ensures customers can liquidate their gold investments for cash if needed.

In addition, they offer a fast and easy IRA setup process, making it easier for customers to purchase and store their gold investments.

They also offer delivery services directly to the holder’s home or a PO box, allowing them to receive their products securely.

Services Provided By Noble Gold

Their retirement account choices include various gold and silver options.

In addition, they also offer metals that include silver, platinum, palladium, and more.

On Noble Gold’s website, one can find detailed information about each type of account they offer.

Precious Metals IRA

gold ira

With gold IRA and precious metals IRA investments at the top of their list, Noble Gold offers a variety of ways to invest in such metals.

Gold and Silver IRA accounts are available for those who want to diversify their portfolio or add more precious metals to their investment plan.

They can connect customers to a personal concierge to help them navigate the IRA rollover process and transfer funds if necessary.

If customers have questions about their investment decisions, Noble Gold’s staff can answer inquiries and provide guidance.

Royal Survival Packs

Gold investing is one of many services offered by Noble Gold.

Their investments include curated investments in physical metals.

As the holder, you could sell or trade such metals to obtain cash during financial uncertainty.

For example, if the dollar collapses, these services can provide holders with financial security.

Noble Gold’s Royal Survival Packs may be the right choice if you’re looking for flexibility in your investments and a way to secure yourself during hard times.

Get started with Noble Gold.

​Benefits Of Noble Gold

Here are the top benefits of investing with Noble Gold.

Hedge against Current Markets

A Noble Gold IRA helps to protect your portfolio’s value from devaluation due to the current market environment.

Gold remains a reliable and stable asset in a stock market that often fluctuates.


Whether it’s gold coins, silver coins, or platinum, Noble Gold offers professional management of your precious metals investments.

When you open an account with them, experienced professionals who understand the nuances of investing in precious metals will manage your investments.

As one of the top precious metals IRA companies, Noble Gold can help you maximize the potential growth of your portfolio.


The company’s BBB rating (Better Business Bureau) comes at an impressive 4.8 out of 5 stars.

With Consumer Alliance giving them an AA score and Consumer Affairs giving them a 4.9 out of 5-star rating, their scores are very high across all categories.

Customers are happy with their experience working with Noble Gold.

Variety Of Coins And Bullion

Platinum coins

Noble Gold also has gold coins and other forms of investments available.

From the American Gold Eagle and the American Silver Eagle to the Australian Gold Kangaroo and the Canadian Gold Maple Leaf, the variety of coins available from Noble Gold is exceptional.

With some rare coins that are not available from other companies, you can quickly diversify your investments.

Palladium coins are also on the menu as another option for investors.

They also offer gold bullion as part of their selection, so you can always find suitable investments.

Whether you’re looking for gold coins for investing or silver coins to grow your portfolio, Noble Gold makes it easy with its wide selection of valuable metals.

Growth of Wealth

Investing with Noble Gold is an investment that can help protect the growth of your wealth over time.

Gold is a valuable asset; even if market conditions change, it still holds its value.

With Gold IRAs, you can transfer existing retirement funds into this reliable asset for future security.

In addition, with suitable gold IRA rollovers, you can convert all or part of an existing retirement account into physical gold without incurring any taxes or penalties from the IRS.


Precious metals investing offers various incentives you won’t find with other investments.

One can say the same for physical gold.

This asset is known to retain its value over time, making it an ideal choice for long-term investors.

Noble Gold also allows users to take advantage of the IRS’s “tax-free rollover” program, which enables the transfer of funds between qualified retirement accounts without incurring any tax liabilities or penalties.

The company also helps customers claim a taxable income deduction when purchasing gold through an IRA.

Such deduction is another reason Noble Gold is one of the industry’s best precious metals IRA companies.

Noble Gold’s IRA Features


Here are some features that make Noble Gold an outstanding choice for precious metals and IRA investments.

Access To Irs-Approved Vault In Dallas, Texas

Noble Gold is an approved self-directed IRA provider that comes equipped with IRS-approved Texas storage vault.

They also offer storage facilities in Delaware, giving you access to two secure locations to store your assets.

Convenient Innovation

Their home delivery Royal Survival Pack makes investing in precious metals even more convenient.

The Royal Survival Pack comprises various assets, including precious metal coins such as platinum and palladium coins, gold bullion bars, silver bars, and more.

Flat Fee Structure

Noble Gold offers a flat fee structure for its services.

This structure helps customers understand their fees upfront without any hidden or surprise charges.

Minimum Investment Requirement

The minimum investment required to open an account with Noble Gold is $5,000.

This investment amount requirement helps customers start their precious metals investment without going beyond their means.

In-Depth FAQs

Noble Gold offers helpful information on its website.

Getting the answers you need is easy, with help with various topics as needed.

These answers include in-depth FAQs about gold and silver IRAs, making Noble Gold makes investing in precious metals simple and secure.

Setting Up An Account

open an account

With an easy setup that takes minimal time, you can open a Noble Gold account and begin investing in precious metals.

Experienced professionals also guide you to ensure that your gold IRA is part of a diverse retirement plan created with your needs in mind.

Noble Gold offers a simple form on its website to get people started.

Then, they will reach out and guide prospects through the setup process via phone or email.

Noble Gold has a partnership with International Depository Services (IDS), an IRS-approved custodian that provides secure storage for your physical gold investments.

They also have insurance with Lloyd’s of London that provides additional protection for your investments.

As investors, an online account gives you access to 24/7 real-time data on all your assets.

This account allows you to check on your investments anytime, anywhere.

Collectors Coins From Noble Gold

Collectors Coins are a highly viable investment option for investors looking to diversify their portfolios.

These coins offer some of the rarest and most coveted silver and gold collectibles.

Noble Gold offers an extensive selection of coins from all over the world, including ancient, commemorative, fractional, and more.

Noble Gold’s knowledgeable staff can help you find the perfect pieces for your collection or investment needs.


Noble Gold charges $80 as an annual fee for each open account.

There is also a $150 annual fee for storage and insurance of your precious metals investments.

With included insurance in the storage cost, you can rest assured that your investments are protected.

There may also be custodial fees specific to certain investment situations.

In this situation, a Noble Gold representative can assist you with an exact number.

Customer Support

Noble Gold provides excellent customer support, which is available through email or phone calls.

Their knowledgeable staff can answer any questions regarding gold IRA investments and assist with the setup and rollover processes.

Wrap Up

Companies offering Gold IRAs are a dime a dozen, but Noble Gold investments stand out from the rest.

From their flat fee structure and minimum investment requirement to their extensive FAQs and customer support, Noble Gold makes investing in precious metals simple and secure.

Whether you’re looking for coins or gold bullion bars, precious metals IRAs, or anything in between, this Noble Gold review shows a company that offers a wide range of products.

Such products can help you protect your retirement portfolio against inflation.

Be sure to check them out and see what they have to offer.

In addition, if you want to protect your future, you can get your free gold guide today.

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