Northwest Registered Agent Review: Is It The Best Choice?

Northwest Registered Agent Review: Is It The Best Choice?

Starting a business can be intimidating and overwhelming, especially if you’re unfamiliar with the legal requirements.

With 10% of startups failing within the first year, the last thing you want to do is set yourself up for failure by neglecting or overlooking essential business requirements.

A registered agent service will provide your business with critical documents, such as legal notices and tax forms.

Northwest Registered Agent is one option that many entrepreneurs turn to for their filing needs.

In this Northwest Registered Agent review, I’ll take an in-depth look at the company’s services, features, and costs to help you decide if they’re the best choice for your business.

What Is Northwest Registered Agent?


Northwest is a business formation and compliance company that helps entrepreneurs and businesses in all 50 states form their LLCs and corporations.

Northwest Registered Agent provides a comprehensive incorporation service.

This service includes access to in-house attorneys for business owners going through the formation process.

The company also offers incorporation service packages that range from forming a limited liability company (LLC) to filing the necessary documents with the state.

Their entity formation services focus on the human side of business and compliance.

Northwest Registered Agent also provides ongoing maintenance services such as corporate recordkeeping and annual reports.

With in-house customer service, Northwest Registered Agent is committed to helping its customers along their business journey.

When it comes to navigating the complexities of forming a limited liability company or any other business entity, Northwest can help.

Above all else, Northwest Registered Agent is a customer-centric platform.

Services Provided

start llc

The company charges $39 for LLC filing in all 50 states as its base fee.

Then, various state filing fees are charged depending on the state of formation.

No matter if you want to start an LLC in Florida, Texas, or New York, Northwest Registered Agent can help you.

For those opting for a registered agent service, the fee comes out to around $225 for the year.

registered agent

Northwest scans up to five documents for free as part of this registered agent service.

They then charge additional legal documents at a set rate.

As a company, they also offer a VIP service that gives you everything you need when running an LLC.

From service of process documents, to generating an annual report, company formation, corporate guides, and additional services, Northwest Registered Agent can provide the services necessary to form and manage your business correctly.

Add Ons Offered

Northwest Registered Agent offers a wide range of services to keep your business in compliance.

They can do everything from a mail forwarding service for a new business in its startup phase to virtual office services for established companies.

Here are some of the leading add-ons that Northwest Registered Agent offers:

  • EIN filing: For businesses needing an Employer Identification Number, Northwest Registered Agent can handle the filing for you.
  • Trucking Agent Coverage: If your business is in the trucking industry, Northwest Registered Agent can ensure that you stay up-to-date with federal regulations.
  • Virtual Office: With this service, you can have a virtual business address in any state.
  • Virtual Phone Service: You can also have a virtual phone number to answer calls for your business.
  • Corporate Supplies: Get corporate seals, certificates of good standing, and more with this add-on.
  • Certified Copy Of Articles of Organization: Get a certified copy of your most essential LLC or corporation documents.
  • S Corp Filing: File as an S-Corp within the state and federal requirements without hassle.
  • Compliance Filing: Keep up with all of your annual compliance requirements.

Transparent Fees

While this company isn’t the most cost-effective option, its pricing is straightforward and transparent.

Northwest Registered Agent doesn’t surprise customers with additional fee structures, hidden fees, or upsells.

Instead, they know exactly how much you’ll be paying for the services you need before signing up.

As a business owner, this transparency gives you the peace of mind that you’re not being surprised by extra fees down the line.

As a result, you can plan your budget accordingly.

You can also sign up for an annual membership and choose to pay monthly, making it even easier to budget for your LLC formation needs.

In this case, even if you decide to switch registered agent services at some point (or stop using this service altogether), you’re bound to pay for the remainder of the year.

Get started with Northwest Registered Agent.

The Northwest Registered Agent Guarantee

Northwest Registered Agent services also guarantee that all the paperwork for small businesses (for state and federal filings) is correct when submitted.

They also promise they would file every amendment to ensure that your business is always compliant with the state and federal laws in case something goes wrong on their end.

They even trademarked their logo, “We’re Just Not Annoying®.”

Top Northwest Registered Agent Benefits

Here are some of the top benefits you can expect from Northwest Registered Agent.

No Hidden Fees

As mentioned earlier, this business formation service comes with upfront fees and no hidden charges.

The most significant difference in what customers pay depends on the state fees, as Northwest has no control over them.

You also get a free registered agent service during the first year when hiring them to form your LLC.

This free service means you save money during the first year of business and can use those funds to invest in other areas of your business.

You can quickly access your LLC formation services and manage your operating agreement with an online account.

Same-Day Filing

When choosing a filing service, the last thing you want is a turnaround time that lasts forever.

With additional business days making a big difference in the success of a new LLC, Northwest Registered Agent offers same-day filing for LLCs and corporations.

Safe Personal Information


Personal data safety is a big deal in this day and age.

Northwest Registered Agent takes your safety seriously, protecting all the information you submit for their services.

Your personal contact information is also safe from public access, so you don’t have to worry about getting solicitations or suspicious emails from third parties.

On their data security page, they provide transparent information about their data safety measures, so you can feel confident using their services.

Premium Services

You can sign up for their premium registered agent service to ensure you stay up-to-date with your filings.

Northwest Registered Agent will take care of all your online legal services with this service.

Their registered agent services are generally as comprehensive as other companies.

Such attention to detail makes them a great choice if you need more than just the typical LLC formation services.

They Go The Extra Mile

Whether you require LLC formation services or other core services, this company is excellent at what it does.

They offer a quick turnover during their business hours.

As a business, they are also family-owned.

This level of familiarity means you will receive responsive and personalized customer service and a guarantee of ease of use when using their services.

Speaking to someone who understands your needs is a massive plus for this business formation service.

This is different from dealing with a machine or automated system.

You can get help from their customer service team from Monday to Friday, 9 am to 8 pm Eastern.

Northwest Registered Agent Alternatives

One can compare other service providers such as Incfile, Tailor Brands, ZenBusiness and LegalZoom to Northwest Registered Agent.

These are all reliable services, but they may offer a different level of customer service or convenience than you get with Northwest Registered Agent.

Furthermore, only some services will provide templates or help you obtain your tax ID number.

These templates make it much easier to complete all the paperwork and tasks associated with business formation.

For this reason, Northwest Registered Agent is the ideal choice, especially if you are looking for a straightforward LLC formation service.

Northwest Registered Agent – FAQ

Is Northwest Registered Agent Legit?

Yes, Northwest registered agent is a legitimate business formation service.

They have been offering these services for many years and have built a strong reputation.

They are also in full compliance with state and federal laws, so you can rest assured that your LLC formation services will be done correctly.

Does Northwest Accept Monthly Payments For Its Services?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent offers a variety of payment options for their customers, including monthly payment plans.

How Much Does Northwest Registered Agent Cost?

Northwest Registered Agent offers various services and prices depending on the customer’s needs.

Their basic formation package starts at $39/per year.

Why Is Northwest Registered Agent One Of The Best Service Providers?

Northwest Registered Agent provides high-quality, reliable services to their clients.

Their customer support staff is knowledgeable and friendly, making them an excellent choice for businesses seeking professional assistance.

They offer a wide range of services and have been in business for over 20 years.

Can Northwest Registered Agent Help With Getting My Tax ID?

The IRS assigns a Tax ID (Employer Identification Number) to identify businesses for tax purposes.

A business must acquire its Tax ID to conduct any formal business activity.

Northwest Registered Agent can help you acquire your Tax ID.

Does Northwest Registered Agent Provide Templates?

Yes, Northwest Registered Agent provides templates to help businesses get started quickly and easily.

Their templates are customized for customers’ various requirements and come in multiple formats.

Is Northwest Registered Agent BBB accredited?

No, Northwest Registered Agent LLC is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

However, with a (current) score of 4.7 out of 5 stars through their Google customer reviews, it’s safe to say that their customers are satisfied with their services.

Wrap Up

As one of the best LLC formation services, Northwest Registered Agent provides quality services and prices for their customers.

They offer a streamlined process for forming an LLC, along with access to advice and support from their team of experts.

Overall, I recommend Northwest Registered Agent for businesses looking for a reliable and knowledgeable service provider.

Get started with Northwest Registered Agent.

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