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Your Toolkit to Generate Affiliate Revenue Faster in 2020

As an Affiliate Manager turned Affiliate Marketer, I want to share the secrets of getting higher commissions, getting accepted into more programs, and maximizing your earnings per click.

171+ High Paying Affiliate Programs and 16 Affiliate Networks to Join

Plus commission rates, the network they’re on, filterable categories, and links to apply.

Your Affiliate Advantage Guide

The best ways to join affiliate programs and tactics to improve your approval rates.

The Best Affiliate Tools and Plugins

Improve your SEO, cloak affiliate links, optimize your link placement, automate your outreach, and track your performance.

Affiliate Manager Email Outreach Templates

Swipeable email templates to get approved quickly, negotiate your commission rates, and get affiliate advantages like link building, co-branded landing pages, and guest blogging opportunities.


2 reviews

Great value and time-saver!

Posted by Kian on June 22, 2020

This gets you started and saves so much time in figuring out some of the good affiliate marketing deals out there and getting organized with an excel sheet especially as you add more affiliate marketing deals. Adam’s experience as a blogger and working with affiliates really shows especially with the email templates that take the guess-work and save you even more time for your affiliate marketing outreach strategy.

Awesome templates

Posted by Karen on June 20, 2019

Love the tools and email templates, especially the negotiation ones. Thanks!