Rosland Capital Review: Complaints, Fees, Pros & Cons in 2023

<strong>Rosland Capital Review: Complaints, Fees, Pros & Cons in 2023</strong>

In a world of rising inflation where yet six out of every ten Americans don’t know how much money they need to retire, the right investment portfolio is crucial.

Leaving your golden years up to chance is a big no-no.

Rosland Capital is a well-known name in the gold and precious metals industry.

Not only do they offer physical assets to help stabilize a retirement account, but they also provide invaluable customer education.

In this article, I’ll review the Rosland Capital complaints, fees, pros & cons and help you decide if this company is right for your investments.

What Is Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital

Rosland Capital is a full-service gold IRA and precious metal investment firm based in Los Angeles, California.

Founded in 2008 by its current CEO, Marin Aleksov, they offer gold, silver, and other precious metals, coins, and bullion bars for sale.

Their mission is to help customers protect their wealth by investing in tangible assets like gold and silver.

In addition to offering physical products, they provide financial advice on investing in physical precious metals.

Rosland Capital takes customer satisfaction seriously, bagging an impressive A+ BBB rating and a 4.69 out of 5-star rating.

Apart from this Better Business Bureau rating, they also have an AAA rating from the Business Consumer Alliance (BCA).

The company provides personal assistance through its physical address and award-winning customer service team.

The customer service team can also answer any questions or concerns about your investments or financial goals.

What Kinds Of Products Does Rosland Offer?

In addition to gold and silver coins and bars, Rosland offers palladium and platinum-based material.

They also offer storage programs that allow customers to store precious metals and gold in a secure vault for safekeeping or use it as currency abroad if needed.

Furthermore, they offer IRA accounts for those looking for tax advantages when investing in precious metals such as gold or silver plans for IRA.

The process comes with no commission fees or minimum purchase amounts required from customers.

Rosland Capital’s Mission

Rosland Capital strives to ensure its customers receive the precious metals IRAs they purchase as quickly as possible.

The company works hard to maintain a high level of customer service and satisfaction, priding itself on providing investors with reliable service and education surrounding precious metals investing.

The company promises transparency in pricing, quality assurance, and security regarding storing clients’ investments.

Additionally, Rosland offers competitive pricing on its products and services, ensuring that customers get the best value for their money.

While there is no live chat on their site, customers have noted how helpful email and phone responses have been when they had questions or needed assistance with an order.

Setting Up Your Retirement Investment

Rosland Capital has been helping customers invest in precious metals like gold since 2008.

Investing in a gold IRA with Rosland Capital gives you access to financial professionals who can provide advice and guidance on the best investments for your retirement goals.

Rosland Capital also offers a gold IRA that allows customers to store their precious assets in their Delaware depository securely.

You can use a direct transfer or check deposit to fund your account and securely store those assets.

Note that there are annual storage and administrative fees associated with this process.

They also have knowledgeable representatives who can answer any questions about investing and distribution related to precious metals for retirement purposes.

What Is A Gold or Silver IRA?

A gold individual retirement account offers many benefits that other investments don’t, such as tax-deferred growth, asset diversification, portfolio protection, and more!

Since gold is not at par with the stock market price or other asset classes, it is a hedge against market volatility and potential losses in other parts of your portfolio.

It allows you to add precious metals such as gold, silver, and platinum into your retirement portfolio.

This process provides additional diversity for your investments, which is crucial because it helps protect against the stock market’s volatility and inflation.

By doing this, you can hedge your bets and diversify your investments to ensure that you always have something tangible when it comes time to retire.

Rosland Capital has years of experience helping customers select suitable precious metals for their investment needs.

As one of the most trusted gold dealers in the United States, they provide guidance and assistance through purchasing gold and silver IRAs from top mints worldwide.

Investing In Precious Metals With Rosland Capital

Investing in precious metals is another way to diversify your portfolio.

Like gold, such materials often retain their value better than other investments.

However, investing in a precious metals company can be intimidating for those just starting, and that is where Rosland Capital comes in.

The company offers a wide selection of products as a precious metals dealer.

Whether you purchase coins or bars or add metal to your portfolio without breaking the bank, Rosland has something for everyone.

Many of their products also have low minimums starting at just $10K.

There are no hidden fees or additional charges when you invest in precious metals with Rosland Capital.

As a precious metals broker, the only charges are within the basic setup fee of fifty dollars and a yearly maintenance fee of one hundred dollars.

All gold and precious metals investments provide investors with a secure storage option, so they don’t have to worry about safeguarding their assets.

This storage option also includes insurance to protect your investment against natural disasters and theft.

The storage fees cost between $100 and $150, depending on the type chosen.

What Other Services Do They Offer?

In addition to offering precious metal products for sale, Rosland provides investors with educational resources and support services.

These resources can help them make informed decisions about their investments.

free gold kit

Their team comprises experienced professionals knowledgeable in the investment market and can answer questions about tax implications, pricing options, and more.

The company also offers a wide selection of gold and platinum bullion coins and bars.

Investors can choose from various weights, sizes, and designs when selecting gold bullion coins, such as the American Eagle, the British Museum Greek Helmet, Formula 1® Gold & Silver Coin Series, or the Canadian gold Maple Leaf.

They also have many different size options for platinum bars ranging from 1 gram to 1000 ounces.

Each coin or bar is crafted from the finest quality metals to maintain its market value.

Another feature Rosland offers is the ability to own fractional coins.

The offer allows investors to buy smaller amounts of gold than traditional coins, often available only in large denominations like 1 oz or ½ oz sizes.

Rosland also has an impressive selection of collector’s coins for those looking for something more aesthetic than investment-oriented.

From ancient Greek coins to modern commemoratives honoring historical figures or iconic locations worldwide, Rosland Capital offers numismatic coins with better value than their bullion counterparts.

Such coins make great gifts or conversation pieces for any home or office.

Due to their rarity factor, most collector’s coins should not be used as investments because they usually carry a higher premium than regular bullion coins.

Rosland Capital Education

When looking at gold IRA companies, it is crucial to understand that education plays a vital role in the overall process.

In addition to providing physical assets for retirement accounts at competitive prices, Rosland Capital offers educational resources about precious metals investments, including videos.

These resources explain why investors should consider adding a gold IRA account to their portfolio diversification strategies.

They also offer articles discussing how to buy gold online or how taxes work when buying physical metal investments like bars or rounds.

All this information is published on the company website so potential customers can make informed decisions before purchasing.

Whether you want a gold and precious metals company dedicated to helping individuals roll over their 401k into a gold IRA or need education from an industry leader in exclusive specialty coins, Rosland Capital provides both services and more.

Rosland Capital Safety & Security

When it comes to the safety and security of assets, Rosland Capital has you covered.

Each customer has a separate storage deposit guaranteeing complete privacy and safety of all assets.

Some customers have raised questions about storage fees needing to be shared or visible upfront.

However, these are all well displayed on the company’s frequently asked questions page.

When investing in Rosland capital gold, customers can rest assured knowing their gold-related investments are protected by innovative technology and comprehensive insurance policies.

Rosland Capital Review – FAQ

Is There A Free Gold Kit Available With Rosland Capital?

Rosland Capital offers a free gold kit with detailed information regarding gold investing.

The kit includes information on the benefits of owning physical gold, the different types of gold coins and bullion products available, and how to buy and store your gold.

It also includes the current market prices for both bullion and coins.

Does Rosland Capital Offer A Full Refund If Customers Aren’t Satisfied?

Rosland Capital offers a 30-day money-back guarantee on all orders if set conditions are met.

Does The Spot Price Of Gold Affect Rosland Capital’s Prices?

Yes, the spot price of gold affects Rosland Capital’s prices.

As market conditions change, so do the prices they offer their customers.

Is Rosland Capital A Trust Link Equity Institutional Company?

Yes, Rosland Capital is a TrustLink Equity Institutional company.

They are an accredited business with the BBB and have received positive customer reviews.

Are There Any Negative Reviews Of Rosland Capital Online?

Yes, there are some negative reviews of Rosland Capital online.

However, most customer reviews are positive, and customers are generally satisfied with the services offered by Rosland Capital.

Researching and reading customer reviews before making any gold IRA investment decisions is essential.

Wrap Up.

Rosland Capital stands out among other precious metals IRA companies by offering physical assets designed to stabilize retirement accounts.

They also provide invaluable customer education about investing in gold and platinum products.

Their selection includes gold bullion coins and platinum bars ideal for backing up IRAs.

Moreover, they offer collector’s coins that one can proudly display as conversation pieces.

With its extensive selection of products backed by knowledgeable customer service representatives, Rosland Capital is sure to have something for anyone who wants precious metals in a secure IRA.

As a final disclaimer, when considering investments with Rosland Capital (or any other company), it is essential to research and assess the risks involved.

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