Tailor Brands Review: Honest Opinion: Pros & Cons (2023)

Tailor Brands Review: Honest Opinion: Pros & Cons (2023)

What if a baby decided to run their own business?

I guess the results wouldn’t be anything to write home about.

However, a small business and a baby have one thing in common: they take time to grow.

They also need hard work and care to reach their full potential.

Tailor Brands is a company that claims to understand these needs.

This platform makes it as straightforward as possible to build a powerful brand from scratch while staying compliant with the law.

In this Tailor Brands LLC review, I’ll look at this company and evaluate what it can do for you.

What Is Tailor Brands?

tailor brands homepage

Tailor Brands is a comprehensive branding platform for startups and small businesses focusing on various branding aspects.

With their AI logo generation options, they provide tools to make creating your brand much more accessible.

They also help with the LLC formation process and additional services, allowing you to register your business and stay compliant by following the proper steps.

Services Offered By Tailor Brands


Here is a whole list of Tailor Brands services to help entrepreneurs or business owners grow their businesses:

  • Branded Merchandise: Tailor Brands offers an extensive range of branded merchandise, such as mugs, hats, and t-shirts. Showing off your new logo has never been easier.
  • Business Cards: Tailor Brands’ business cards are customized with your professional-looking logo and color palette to help you make a great first impression.
  • LLC Formation: For entrepreneurs seeking to get their businesses going, the team of experts behind Tailor Brands will guide you through the entire process of forming a limited liability company (LLC). The company also offers registered agent services, phone numbers, annual compliance, LLC filing, and operating agreement.
  • Business Mailbox: With this service, you can quickly and securely receive business mail at an address provided by Tailor Brands.
  • Domain & Website: Tailor Brands can also take care of your business name and domain name registration so that you can have a website up and running quickly.
  • Name Availability Searches: If you want to ensure that your business’s proposed name is available, this service can help.

Tailor Brands Logo Creation

logo maker

Tailor Brands offers an easy-to-use logo design tool that allows non-designers to create a logo in just a few clicks and at a fraction of the usual price.

It has a browser-based platform making it accessible to all users, no matter which device they are using.

While a subscription is needed to get some additional features, you can still preview your free logo without one.

User Experience

No one wants a learning curve when using a new tool, and Tailor Brands understands this.

Apart from ease of use tools, they offer a one-stop shop related to branding.

They offer everything from getting digital business cards, choosing different fonts, and downloading logos in PNG format.

Tailor Brands uses big tabs throughout its interface, making it as user-friendly as possible to navigate and find the needed tools.

The Tailor Brands logo maker tool is straightforward and follows a step-by-step wizard.

This wizard only requires entering your company name and an optional tagline before answering a few questions about your business.

After that, you can choose an icon-based, text-based, or initial-based logo – with the option to customize or reject the initial suggestion.

With various styles that fit your business, the brand logo maker also allows you to choose between different geometric shapes.

Customization With The Graphic Design Tool

Creating a logo takes just a few minutes when using Tailor Brands’ logo creator tools.

The algorithm behind the platform makes it easy to apply adjustments, giving you much more control over the result of your logo designs.

You can save different versions of your logo, allowing you to go back later and tweak them as needed.

It also lets you preview your logo in different colors, sizes, and formats before downloading the design in any resolution or size you need.

Their premium plan offers additional features.

Such features include creating business cards, flyers, and other materials with your newly created design.

Get started with Tailor Brands.

Digital Designs

One can also use Tailor Brands to create digital designs for print.

This feature allows users to create business cards, flyers, t-shirts, stickers, etc.

The subscription level also determines the different features available.

One can order print collateral such as T-shirts or stickers directly from Tailor Brands.

With the EPS option, you can also download your high-quality logo in vector format.

You can use this format to create logos in any size without compromising quality.

Tailor Brands even has an integrated partnership with merchandise supplier Zazzle.

This partnership allows users to easily place their logo on merchandise like mugs, bags, hats, and other items.

Website Builders

Tailor Brands also offers small business owners the option to create a website quickly and with minimal effort.

It has two website builders.

There is an automatic mini website builder for those without experience and an advanced DIY builder for more experienced users.

The former is as easy to use as it sounds – you fill out the form, and Tailor Brands will do the rest.

You can add stock imagery or upload your own, but the customization regarding logo options is minimal.

An advanced builder is also more sophisticated for comprehensive control over your site.

It allows you to choose from various templates and customize individual pages and popups in detail.

This way, you can create a professional website that fits your needs.

Business Formation

llc formation

Tailor Brands offers a comprehensive process for entrepreneurs seeking to get their businesses going.

You can choose between two different LLC formation packages with their services: a basic plan and a professional one.

Whether you choose the basic LLC formation service or the more professional one, the team of experts behind Tailor Brands will guide you through the entire process, from start to finish.

You can easily use their expertise to create your unique business logo that stands out.

Furthermore, they can also take care of your business name and domain name registration.

Such care allows you to be up and running in no time.

In short, Tailor Brands is best suited for small businesses that already have a domain but lack the branding services needed to make their business stand out.

With Tailor Brands, they can quickly get the assistance they need to create a strong brand identity and successful business.

Tailor Social

Tailor Social

Tailor Social is another service offered by Tailor Brands that can help take your business to the next level.

With this service, you can easily create seasonal logo designs and social media posts to promote your business and engage with customers.

Tailor Social offers a range of branding tools to help you create pre-made social media postings or customized ones for specific campaigns.

Tailor Social can increase brand awareness, launch a new product, or keep customers engaged.

With its simple yet powerful features, it’s easier than ever for any business – big or small – to make an impact in the digital space.

All of this can happen without spending thousands of dollars on expensive software.

Tailor Brands Customer Support


Customer satisfaction is a priority for Tailor Brands.

This platform strives to ensure users get the best possible service.

They have a dedicated support team ready to help with questions, an online forum, and an email query system for quick answers.

There’s also an online blog with tons of helpful articles.

Furthermore, an FAQ section provides answers to common questions.

Tailor Brands Cost

The cost of using Tailor Brands depends on the package you choose and the state your business operates in.

When compared to other companies, TailorBrands.com’s prices are relatively reasonable.

This statement is especially true considering the quality of design and branding services they offer.

Wrap Up.

Tailor Brands LLC is an excellent choice for small businesses looking to create their own unique brand identity.

Their design process is easy to use, and their reasonable pricing plans.

Tailor Brands LLC is also an excellent option for starting an LLC, as it offers comprehensive services to help entrepreneurs form their businesses.

Get started with Tailor Brands.

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