257+ BEST YouTube Motivational Channel Name Ideas (2024)

257+ BEST YouTube Motivational Channel Name Ideas (2024)

Welcome to my list of the best motivational YouTube channel name ideas.

Choosing one of these YouTube channel names is the first step towards separating yourself from the thousands of other channels out there. This will make it easier to build a brand and for your ideal audience to find you.

I’ve compiled a list of hundreds of ready-to-use name ideas and separated them into different categories to make it easier for you (don’t thank me, I like writing)

Plus, I’ve included some tips on how to choose your own memorable YouTube channel name.

Ready to find your motivational channel name and start monetizing your channel?

Let’s jump right in!

What Are The Best Motivational YouTube Channel Name Ideas?

Here are my top motivational YouTube channel names sorted into the most popular categories:

General Motivational YouTube Channel Name Ideas

Here are 100+ motivational YouTube channel name ideas based on the most popular channels. 

Pro Tip: Notice that most of these names are short, memorable, and contain powerful words that move people. For example, inspire, motivate, millionaire, achieve, etc. Think about what people looking for motivation are trying to solve (e.g., boredom, poverty, no skills, laziness), and think “Who does this person want to be?” or “What does this person want to be a part of?”. 

  1. Wake up: Time to grind
  2. Life Without Limits
  3. Be Beyond Ordinary
  4. How to Fight Mediocrity
  5. Motivation Mindset
  6. Morning Warriors
  7. Life: Inspired
  8. MotivationU
  9. Eye-opening Motivation
  10. Inspire. Aspire. Achieve
  11. Millionaire Mindset.
  12. Influx of Inspiration
  13. How to Be a Goal-getter
  14. InspirationHub
  15. Rise And Grind
  16. Dream-Driven
  17. Horizon of Hope
  18. Motivation Momentum
  19. Inspirationalize
  20. Inspire. Invigorate. Ignite.
  21. Endless Energy
  22. The Peak Performers
  23. Love What You Do
  24. Stop Wasting Time NOW
  25. Create Your Future
  26. Believe You Can
  27. Eliminate Doubts Today
  28. Start Where You Are
  29. Improve All Your Tomorrows
  30. Do Big Things
  31. Quit Talking. Start Doing
  32. New Goals. New Dreams.
  33. Be Who You Want To Be
  34. Courage To Continue
  35. Do Something Remarkable
  36. Plant New Seeds
  37. Eternal Hope And Confidence
  38. Never Be Defeated
  39. Create Opportunity Today
  40. Today is a New Day
  41. Strike While The Iron is Hot
  42. Dream bigger. Do bigger
  43. Don’t Stop Til’ It’s Done
  44. Dream a New Dream
  45. Everything You Can Imagine Is Real
  46. Sweat And Determination
  47. Invent Your Future
  48. Be The Best And handle The Worst
  49. Light Tomorrow With Your Today
  50. Motivation Paradigm
  51. Life Inspired Fire
  52. Act Now. No Delays
  53. Braver Than You Believe
  54. Ignite Belief in Your Dreams
  55. NO Excuses
  56. Motivation Avenue
  57. Watch. This. Now!
  58. This Will Leave You Speechless
  59. The Best Motivation You’ll Hear Today
  60. Defeat Laziness
  61. Become Unshakeable 
  62. Live Like There’s No Tomorrow
  63. Big Brain Thinking
  64. Change Your World
  65. Road to Success
  66. How to Succeed From Failure
  67. Work For Success
  68. How to Get What You Want
  69. Learn From Failure
  70. Learn to Live
  71. Goal Setting 101
  72. Run The Day
  73. Better Life Management
  74. Follow Your Dreams
  75. Conquer Yourself
  76. Never. Accept. Less
  77. Eyes On The Stars
  78. Never Too Late to Start
  79. Alter Your Attitude
  80. Choose The Right Path Today
  81. Never Settle For Average
  82. Success Sculptor
  83. Eyes on The Prize
  84. YouTube Motivation 
  85. Overcoming Challenges
  86. Dream Crafters Mastermind
  87. Catalyst Motivation 
  88. Dreaming Success
  89. Tame Your Mind
  90. Mission: Precision
  91. Success Gurus
  92. Money & Mind Mastery
  93. Financial Independence For Millenials
  94. Day In And Day Out
  95. Perseverance Against All Obstacles
  96. Be Fearless Today
  97. The Inspiration Mom
  98. Motivation For Men
  99. Your Radiant Mindset
  100. Garden of Opportunity
  101. Motivation Tribe
  102. Success Rise
  103. Motivation Matrix
  104. Success Smarter
  105. Life Work Motivation
  106. The Success Mentality Upgrade
  107. Motivation Junction Success Strategies
  108. Motivation Academy Positive Vibes

What better way to find your motivational channel name than looking at the top-performing motivational channels already out there?

Again, notice that these names are all very simple, sometimes being just the creator’s name alone. If you have credentials and a great offer, going the personal branding route is almost always the best way to name your YouTube channel:

  1. Motivation
  2. TedX
  3. Be Inspired
  4. GaryVee
  5. Tony Robbins
  6. Motivation Explosion
  7. Motivation Hub
  8. Epic Life
  9. Big Think
  10. Motivational Wings
  11. Creative Genius
  12. Team Fearless
  13. Brendan Burchard
  14. Goalcast
  15. ET The Hip Hop Preacher
  16. Brian Tracy
  17. Motiversity
  18. Motivation Madness
  19. Motivation Quotes
  20. Motivation QuoteShala
  21. Chispa Motivation
  22. Motivation2Study
  23. Loser to Winner
  24. How to Win
  25. How to Beast
  26. MotivationalToday
  27. The Business Mafia
  28. Ben Lionel Scott
  29. Above Inspiration
  30. CoolMitra
  31. Words of Wisdom
  32. The Motivation Entrepreneur Life
  33. Sandeep Maheshwari
  34. JeetFix
  35. Him-eesh Madaan
  36. GVG Motivation
  37. Rohit Raj
  38. The Indian Motivational Channel
  39. Sanaki Motivation
  40. Still, I Rise
  41. Motivational Pictures
  42. Casey Neistat
  43. Neil Patel
  44. CJ Chan
  45. The Daily Boost
  46. Mateusz M
  47. Dr. Vivek Vindra
  48. Rachel Hollis
  49. Basquiat Picasso
  50. Marie Forleo
  51. India Motivation
  52. Desi Motivation Files
  53. Desi Motivation Haven

Daily Inspiration Motivational YouTube Channel Name Ideas

Here are some great YouTube channel name ideas for anyone looking to create daily inspiration channels. These are some of the best ways to improve engagement, go viral, and make a difference in people’s lives:

  1. Motivation on Demand
  2. Motivation Daily
  3. 24/7 Inspiration
  4. Motivation TV
  5. Inspiration TV
  6. The Motivation Factory
  7. Daily Motivational Videos
  8. Daily Motivational Talks
  9. Morning Inspiration
  10. Inspiration for Breakfast
  11. The 6 AM Club
  12. Motivation Spotlight
  13. The Daily Motivator
  14. Morning Motivational Coach
  15. Motivation Mondays
  16. Monday Challenge Wednesday Achieve
  17. Wake up Determined
  18. Get Things Done
  19. Improve Your Life
  20. Today’s Motivational Message
  21. Your Daily Boost
  22. Get Better Every Day
  23. Motivating Daily
  24. One Day at a Time
  25. How to Be Better Than Yesterday
  26. Your Daily Affirmation
  27. Morning Mindset
  28. Watch. This. Today!
  29. The Daily Minute Motivate Mindset

Motivational Coach YouTube Channel Name Ideas

Everyone wants immediate success these days. 

So, starting a personal coaching YouTube channel has never been easier or more lucrative. If you’ve got skills you can teach individuals about money, self-mastery, mental health, or fitness. These are some great channel name ideas to get you started:

  1. Breakthrough Motivational Coach
  2. Spartan Motivational Coaching
  3. The Daily Motivational 
  4. Motivational Coach School
  5. Mindpower Life Coaching
  6. The Emotional Healing Motivator
  7. Certified Motivation Coaching
  8. Motivation University
  9. Train to be Motivated
  10. Endless Possibilities Coaching
  11. Motivation 365
  12. Epic Motivation
  13. The Self-Help Coach
  14. Elevate You Consulting
  15. Goal Guidance
  16. Beyond Limits Coaching
  17. Mind Motivation Masters
  18. The Ph.D. Life
  19. Motivational Coaching On-Demand
  20. 24/7 Help Hotline
  21. Life Inspire Coaching
  22. Public Speaker Motivation Videos
  23. Champions Motivational Mentorship

Fitness Motivational YouTube Channel Name Ideas

I know I’m not the only one that needs some gym motivation. 

This is a great idea for a motivational channel because you don’t actually need to go to the gym, or even need a camera. You can just post motivational quotes and stock footage – that alone might rank.

So here are some of my motivational YouTube channel names for fitness freaks:

  1. Outwork Everyone
  2. Become a Beast
  3. Daily Gym Motivation
  4. Go to The Gym Today
  5. Women’s Workout Motivation
  6. Men’s Workout Motivation
  7. Scrwaney to Brawney
  8. Time to be Strong
  9. Your Weightloss Story
  10. Better Than The Old You
  11. Feel StrongerTomorrow
  12.  Get Fit Now
  13. 30 Minutes to Fit
  14. One-Hour Workouts
  15. You: Elevated
  16. Get Off The Couch
  17. Respect Yourself
  18. Find The Power Within
  19. Just. Do. It.
  20. Fitness Fuel
  21. Grit And Gains
  22. Build Healthy Habits
  23. Fitness Focus
  24. Your Workout Diary
  25. Your Path to Power
  26. Insane Daily Motivation
  27. Gym Success Strategies For Beginners
  28. Fitness Success Mentality

Creative Motivational YouTube Channel Name Ideas

If you’d rather be a bit more creative than straightforward, here are some of the most creative YouTube channel name ideas I could come up with. And, no, these aren’t just the standard alliterative YouTube channel names with 0 thought put into them:

  1. The Miracle Maker
  2. The Motivation Factory
  3. Become Legendary
  4. Spoon Fed Motivation
  5. Motivation For Millenials
  6. Home Fitness Motivation Club
  7. The Moneymakers 
  8. Smart Money For Millenials
  9. Learn2Thrive
  10. Determined to Succeed
  11. You Can Do It
  12. Get Your Groove Back
  13. How to Become Incredible
  14. The Smartest Man in The Room
  15. The Most Interesting Man in The World
  16. You 2.0
  17. Man Up
  18. Steve Jobs Energy
  19. The Enlightened Individual
  20. Forget Fear
  21. Five-Minute Motivations
  22. Operation: Willpower
  23. Fast Motivation
  24. InstaVation
  25. MotivationZilla
  26. Big Thinking
  27. The Boredom Killer
  28. The Inspiration Movie Club
  29. Success For Dummies
  30. Movers And Shakers

How to Choose a Motivational YouTube Channel Name in 5 Steps

I know that that list above was HUGE. 

If you’re struggling to choose a YouTube channel name, I’m going to teach you my sure-fire process for picking a name that’s memorable, descriptive, and brandable. It’s just 5 easy steps, don’t worry.

Step 1 – Define Your Motivational Niche

Defining a niche (your specialized segment of the market) will help you stand out from the mass of generic channels out there. This is the easiest way to appear high in the search results for specialized terms and avoid the massive channels that already have hundreds of thousands of subs. It also makes it a lot easier to brand your channel.

Here are some examples of niches:

  • Financial motivation
  • Gym motivation
  • Happiness motivation
  • Mental health motivation
  • Success stories
  • Daily inspiration
  • Career advice
  • Travel motivation (do people really need motivation to travel somewhere?)

Once you define your niche, it makes it 10 times easier to choose a name.

Step 2 – Brainstorm Names Within Your Niche

Think of a few words that best describe your niche. For example, if it’s financial motivation, you could try “cash”, “money”, “dollars and cents”, “bank”, or something similar.

Also, once you define your YouTube channel niche, it’s a lot easier to research other channels in that niche and gain inspiration.

If you can’t think of any, use a name generator, or Google synonyms for your word.

Step 3 – Keep it Short And Memorable

The best names are short, punchy, and memorable.

The biggest motivational YouTube channels have easy-to-remember names:

  • Motiversity
  • Motivation Daily
  • MotivationHub
  • Life University
  • Life Coach School

These are the perfect examples to follow. They achieve both goals: fitting a niche and being memorable.

Step 4 – See What Your Target Audience Is Searching

There are tools like Tube Buddy that help you find out what people are searching on YouTube for your niche.

You could also do your own Google search and see what the questions, related searches, and search results are.

Put these words into a Google Doc and make sure to include at least one of them in your title if possible.

Step 5 – Think About Future Growth

You want a name that appeals to your niche, but you don’t want to go too narrow with your YouTube channel name.

You need to think about your future. Do you want to grow into other niches? If a niche is too small, you might outgrow it.

If your name is something like “money inspiration for high school students”, you’ve pigeonholed yourself into that one niche forever. Just keep this in mind…

Bonus Tip – Make Sure Your Motivational YouTube Channel Name IS NOT Taken Already 

There are two ways you can do this.

  • Use a name checker site: Use a site like Namechecker.com to make sure your name is available. The last thing you want is to put a ton of work into brainstorming or even starting a motivational channel only for the name to be taken.
  • Just Google it: You could always just run a quick check in Google by searching for “name” + YouTube. This is the easiest way.


Scrabble tiles that say this is the day.

That’s all the motivational YouTube channel name ideas I could come up with. Remember, your YouTube channel name is WAY more important than you think it is.

It could have a massive effect on:

  • Your rankings
  • Your followers
  • Your branding
  • The future expansion of your channel

Use one of the motivational YouTube channel names I’ve added here or follow my 5-step process for coming up with a name on your own.

What’s next?

First, you’ve got to pick your YouTube channel name. The next step is learning how to make money on YouTube. You don’t need many followers or millions of views to start making money. You only need a decent following and a few tips on how to monetize your channel. Sometimes, you could start making money in a few months or even less.

Motivational YouTube Channel Name Ideas: F.A.Q 

What Should I Name My Motivational YouTube Channel? 

You should name your motivational YouTube channel with keywords that relate to your niche and appeal to your target audience of people looking for motivation. Some examples of channel name ideas are:

  • Rise And Grind
  • The 6 AM Club
  • The Motivation Coach
  • Inspiration Mindset
  • Ignite Your Growth
  • No Excuses
  • The Better You Project

Should My Motivational YouTube Channel Name Be Unique?

Yes, your YouTube channel name should absolutely be unique. Keep it short and memorable, and avoid being too generic. Generic names are not memorable and are often very competitive to rank for in YouTube’s search engine.

Make sure to use relevant keywords and powerful language. Words like inspire, ignite, fire, improve, and happy are all good examples.

How do I Create a Motivational YouTube Channel?

Starting a motivational YouTube channel is actually fairly simple. Here’s what to do:

  1. Define which type of motivational channel you’d like to start
  2. Next, think about what content you can create and make a plan
  3. Name your channel using this guide
  4. Start recording either screen shares, first-person videos, or using a camera to film around you
  5. Start posting your videos

The important thing is to take action and not overthink it.

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