The 145+ Best Instagram Captions For Girls (Ultimate Guide!)

The 145+ Best Instagram Captions For Girls (Ultimate Guide!)

Why is thinking of a great Instagram caption harder than taking great photos?

I swear, it’s harder than:

  • Getting that beach body to show off in the summer
  • Cooking all the food you want to share with friends
  • Lifting all the heavy weights in the gym for your workout shots
  • Planning your trip, applying for visas, and flying to that exotic destination for travel shots

That’s why we’ve created this mega guide on the best Instagram captions for girls.

Now, you don’t have to sit there for 6 hours trying to think of how to write literally only 145 characters maximum.

I’ve found the Instagram captions for girls that drive more engagement, get more followers, and even improve your visibility in IG’s algorithm. 

Find yours in the list below and copy them. 

What Are The Best Instagram Captions For Girls?

These are some of the most popular Instagram captions based on my research of the most liked Instagram posts, Pinterest posts, and Instagram accounts:

  1. “Objects in the mirror are stronger than they know”
  2. “I’m too cute to wear boring clothes”!
  3. “Half Heaven, half Hell 🔥”.
  4. “A beautiful distraction”.
  5. “Life is short – and so am I!” 
  6. “Life is too short to be someone else”.
  7. “Learn to live each moment. Regrets can be counted later”.
  8. “Behind the clouds, the sun still shines ☀️”.
  9. “In a world full of trends, be a classic”.
  10. “Try to be real, not perfect”.
  11. “Be happy with nothing, and you will be happy with everything”
  12. “Fresh air, deep breathes, and self-love: The essentials”
  13. “A smile is the prettiest thing you can wear”.
  14. “A girl who truly loves you will be angry at you for so many things 😂”.
  15. “Make today so awesome that yesterday is jealous”
  16. “Stay a mystery. It’s better that way”.
  17. “People forget. Karma does not”.
  18. “Let you be the reason for your smile 😊”.
  19. “Don’t feel bad. I’d stop scrolling too 👀”.
  20. “A rare blend of chaos and beauty”.
  21. Eating my way through life…one bite at a time.
  22. “Rule #1: Make every hair flip count”.

The Best Short Instagram Captions For Girls

  1. “No selfie self-control”!
  2. “THE Messy Bun chick”
  3. “Young, wild, and free”!
  4. “Good vibes ONLY, please ❤️”!
  5. “I’m just me”.
  6. “G-A-M-E-O-V-E-R 🛑”
  7. “Take me or leave me”…
  8. “☁️9”!
  9. “XOXOXO 😘💄”.
  10. “Smile. Always ☺️”.
  11. “A hot mess”.
  12. “Dream. Plan. Do”.
  13. “Cute but psycho”.
  14. “Menace to society”.
  15. “Your bad habit”…
  16. “Just a girl 👧”…
  17. “Not for everyone” 🤷
  18. “Sweeter than honey 🍯”
  19. “Hakuna Matata☀️”.
  20. “Perfect<worth it”
  21. “Catch me if you can!”
  22. “Unapologetically me!”
  23. “A glorious mess🧖🏽‍♀️”

Funny Instagram Captions For Girls

  1. “All I need is love. But a little chocolate wouldn’t hurt either 🍫”!
  2. “Dear life, when I said “could life get any worse?”, it was a rhetorical question – not a challenge 🤦”!
  3. “If I didn’t post a picture here, did it really happen 📷”?
  4. “I call my hairstyle “I tried”
  5. “Feeling cute. Definitely NOT deleting later”!
  6. “I’m not lazy. It’s more like selective participation 🥱”.
  7. “Light travels faster than sound. That’s why some people appear beautiful until you hear them speak”
  8. “I don’t believe in Astrology. I’m a Sagittarius, so I’m skeptical ♐”
  9. “Not all princesses wear crowns. I just wear pajamas 👑!”
  10. “It’s not arguing if I always happen to be right, you know!”
  11. “Is shopping an addiction if it helps the economy? Asking for a friend 💰…”
  12. “Always do what you love. That’s why I’m always in bed”
  13. “Relationship status: happily married to peace, inner-harmony, and cookie dough ice cream”
  14. “I’d follow me too, ngl…”
  15. “Me: I want that influencer body. Also me: ice cream is also really good”

Cool Instagram Captions For Girls

Lofi AI girl in cool sunglasses
  1. “Don’t trust everything you see: Even salt looks like sugar”
  2. “I’m not trying to be cool. This is just how I am 😎”
  3. ‘I’m like a butterfly: pretty to look at, but hard to catch 🦋”
  4. “There’s nothing I can’t handle without coffee and a touch of makeup”
  5. “Living life in full bloom”
  6. “Forever, unapologetically me. Always”.
  7. “I act like a lady. But I think like a boss”
  8. “An original is worth more than a copy”
  9. “I’m way too lit to ever quit”
  10. “My life. My rules. My attitude. Take it or leave it”
  11. “You just got here. But do you miss me yet?”
  12. “They told me I couldn’t. So I did 💪.”
  13. “Once you realize your worth, nothing can stop you”
  14. “Humans are 90% water. That basically means we’re all cucumbers with eyes”
  15. “I’d rather an “oops” than a “what if”
  16. “Go ahead, judge me. I like proving people wrong”
  17. “I love when people mess with me. That means I don’t have to be nice anymore”
  18. “Oh, they didn’t warn you I was savage? They should have”
  19. “Just building my empire – one Instagram selfie at a time”
  20. “It’s not a loss if it wasn’t worth keeping”

Cute Instagram Captions For Girls

  1. “Cuteness overload right on your feed”
  2. “I’m sweeter than Stevia (the least sweet sweetener)
  3. “I’m sorry, but I do look pretty in pink 🎀”
  4. “Just a sunset and flower lover 🌼”
  5. “Isn’t she lovely?”
  6. “Just a soul full of sunshine ☀️”
  7. “Trying to smile. Always”
  8. “I’m whisky in a teacup 🍵”
  9. “Trying hard to shine like the sun ☀️”
  10. “I’m a sweet little unforgettable thing”
  11. “I just want everyone to be happier”
  12. “You’ve got me singing cheesy love songs”
  13. “Life is so much better in a bikini 👙”
  14. “Busy being cute since 2001”
  15. “Sweet dreams and ice cream 🍦”

Sassy Instagram Captions For Girls

  1. “I’m never easy. But I’m always worth it”
  2. “How confident? I post selfies without filters…yeah. Seriously.”
  3. “It’s not a bad attitude. It’s my strong personality”.
  4. “I don’t always look good, but…oh…wait…I lied”
  5. “There are three certain things in life: death, taxes, and you liking my selfies”
  6. “Mirror selfies are my best contribution to society 🪞”
  7. “Don’t worry. I’d be jealous too. It’s normal”
  8. “Busy catching flights, not feelings ✈️”
  9. “Trouble usually doesn’t look this good”
  10. “Stop looking at my caption. Look at me instead”
  11. “A nightmare disguised as a daydream”
  12. “You’ll meet me once and never forget me”
  13. “I don’t work for money. I make money work for me 💸”
  14. “Your wish has been granted”
  15. “5’2 but attitude 6’4”
  16. “My heart is made of gold, but my attitude is savage”
  17. “Don’t worry, I’d want to be me, too”
  18. “I only do one thing: whatever I want”
  19. “Busy giving everyone something to dream about”
  20. “My life is just like the alphabet: I come before U”
  21. “Tell me I can’t do something, and I’ll do it twice…and take pictures”
  22. “I won’t block you. That way, you can see how well I’m doing 🖼️”

Instagram Captions For A Girl’s Smile

  1. “A good smile is always in fashion 😁”
  2. “My favorite exercise is smiling”
  3. “My smile is my most powerful weapon 😁”
  4. “True beauty starts with a smile”
  5. “Live. Love. Laugh. Smile: my daily routine”
  6. “Smiles speak louder than words 😁”
  7. “Smiling is free therapy 😁”
  8. “YOU be the reason you smiled today”
  9. “There’s a reason to smile every day. You just need to find it 😁”
  10. “Every great day starts and ends with a smile😁”
  11. “Worry less. Smile more.”
  12. “Every smile is a good deed 😁”
  13. “I smile like a flower with my whole being ”
  14. “Better to forget and smile than remember and be sad 😁”
  15. “Thank you for being the reason I smile 😁”
  16. “A girl’s smile is the best gift she could give 😁”
  17. “Always smiling and living my best life”
  18. “A smile is the best accessory you can wear out 😁”
  19. “Smiling is the best form of self-love”
  20. “Smiling + dreaming big = success 😁”

Selfie Instagram Captions For Girls

Curly haired girl taking a selfie while lying on her bed
  1. “Just me, myself, and I”
  2. “Ugh, so much to do. But first, let me take a selfie”
  3. “It’s just me. Doing me”
  4. “I don’t always take selfies, but…actually, I do always take selfies!”
  5. “I’m looking good…and doing even better 💪!”
  6. “A selfie a day keeps the haters at bay”
  7. “Looks aren’t everything, but, just in case they are, I have them”
  8. “I swear my cat begged me to take this selfie. I had nothing to do with it”
  9. WARNING: Selfie incoming!”
  10. “No approval necessary”
  11. “Your only real competition is the person in the mirror”
  12. “I used to think I was vain. But now I realize I actually am perfect.”
  13. “I may be bad, but I’m perfectly good at it”
  14. “Selfie with no filter. That’s how confident I am”
  15. “Take selfies. Why else would your phone have a front-facing camera?”
  16. “Woke up and told my mirror: hello beautiful”
  17. “Insert witty selfie caption here”
  18. “If I didn’t post a selfie, how would you know how I looked today?”
  19. “No need to thank me for this”
  20. “Just a PSA: I DID NOT wake up looking like this!”
  21. “Best. Selfie. Ever.”
  22. “Lunch selfie. Check. Dinner selfie: in progress”
  23. “Just me, living in the moment”
  24. “I need a good Instagram caption for my selfies. Any ideas?”

Beauty Instagram Captions For Girls

  1. “Living the perfect life imperfectly”
  2. “Give them a reason to take a second look 👀”
  3. “I wear makeup to impress myself. Not anyone else💋.”
  4. “Nothing gives me more confidence than some beautiful lipstick 💄”
  5. “Beauty isn’t just how you appear. It’s how you act. It takes both to be truly beautiful”
  6. “Let your beauty shine. The world needs more light”
  7. “True beauty lies in enhancing what you have. However, that may be. I just happen to use makeup”
  8. “True beauty can never be taken away. Every flower grows back after it’s been stepped on”
  9. “I’ve been blessed with a heart of gold. And I’m lucky to have a face that matches”.
  10. “Beauty is everywhere. You just need to open your eyes to see it.”
  11. “Do EVERYTHING. Makeup. Manicures. Spa day. Treat yourself right, and you’ll be happy”
  12. “My life might not always be perfect, but at least my outfits are”
  13. “Never be anything but your own kind of beautiful”
  14. “She’s beautiful. Charming. Elegant – she’s one of a kind”
  15. “Confidence sure looks good on you. I know it does on me”
  16. “Be beautiful by being who you are”
  17. “Always dress like you’re already famous”
  18. “Real beauty is being comfortable in your skin…and wearing red lipstick 💄”
  19. “A beautiful woman can look any challenge in the eye and wink”
  20. “Beauty is when the outside and inside match perfectly”
  21. “I have a way with words and a way with makeup. I’m also great at making an entrance! I’m blessed”
  22. “Own who you are. That’s what being beautiful is to me”

Here are more beauty captions for Instagram to check out.

Love Instagram Captions For Girls

  1. “I love you more than I love pizza…and that’s saying A LOT 🍕”
  2. “I’m not whole without you”
  3. “If you’re in it, it can’t be a bad picture”
  4. “I’m wearing this smile because you gave it to me”
  5. “And they lived happily after 👩‍❤️‍👨”
  6. “You know it’s true love when he kills spiders for you”
  7. “Days are better when you and I are together”
  8. “You’re my favorite addiction”
  9. “You’re my missing piece. I’m glad I found you”
  10. “My forever 👩‍❤️‍👨”
  11. “You’re my everything”
  12. “All of me loves all of you”
  13. “My heart belongs to you and only you 🩷”
  14. “Love is a journey that starts and ends with you”
  15. “Wow, how did she get so lucky?”
  16. “Every day with you is a love story”
  17. “Love is the greatest gift of all 🩷”
  18. “I will always love you through the bad times and the good”
  19. “Our love story is my favorite fairytale”
  20. “Nobody has to get it – only you and I do”
  21. “I can’t believe that I finally found the one 💏”
  22. “There’s nothing more magical than watching a sunset with one you love”
  23. “When love is real, it always finds a way”
  24. “You’re my favorite hello and my hardest goodbye”
  25. “The only way you can learn to love is by loving someone”
  26. “Your love is my own sunshine”

One Word Captions For Instagram For Girls

  1. “Bliss”
  2. “Mood”
  3. “Smile!”
  4. “See-ya!”
  5. “Namaste”
  6. “Hola!”
  7. “Food 🤤”
  8. “Girlboss”
  9. “Classy”
  10. “Breathtaking”
  11. “Sassy”
  12. “Morning ☕!”
  13. “Night!”
  14. “YOLO!”
  15. “Working😿”
  16. “Forever💍”
  17. “Vay-cay!
  18. “T.G.I.F!”
  19. “Speechless!”
  20. “BINGO!”

Self-Confidence Captions For Girls

Confident girl in business suit holding a sign that says "girl boss"
  1. “Confidence is when you stop thinking “will they like me?” and start thinking “I don’t care if they don’t”
  2. “My confidence is my true superpower”
  3. “Be the voice that stands out, not an echo”
  4. “True confidence is silent. Only insecurities are loud”
  5. “Nobody can make you feel inferior without your consent”
  6. “Every failure is just one small step towards success. Just. Keep. Going”
  7. “I inhale confidence and exhale doubt”
  8. “Your mind is your only limit. Control your thoughts. Control your life”
  9. “Stop shrinking to fit into places you’ve already outgrown”
  10. “From now on, it’s good vibes ONLY”
  11. “You are strong, you are gorgeous, and you are enough!”
  12. “Tomorrow could be that someday you’ve always been waiting for”
  13. “I am already all that I ever needed to be”
  14. “Put yourself first. That’s true self-love”
  15. “Hey, you. You’re awesome!”
  16. “A better you is coming. Just keep going”
  17. “Too busy owning my own story and loving myself through it”
  18. “Please be kind to yourself. You’re doing your best”
  19. “Never be afraid to be the total package: smart, strong, and beautiful”
  20. “It’s not your job to like me. It’s mine”

Fashion Instagram Captions For Girls

  1. “Fashionista 👠”
  2. “Fashion is in the details, ladies”
  3. “I’d rather arrive late than not be well dressed 👗”
  4. “Being cute doesn’t have to be expensive. Just look at me”
  5. “Don’t just wear fashion. Live fashion”
  6. “Great fashion helps remind us just how beautiful life can be”
  7. “My mood depends on my looks. That’s why I always look good”
  8. “Dress so well they stop and stare 💄”
  9. “I woke up thinking: It’s an “add to cart” kind of day”
  10. “I might be a nightmare, but at least I’m dressed like a dream”
  11. “Dressed to kill”
  12. “Online shopping is my therapy”
  13. “Dresses are like cookies: you can never have just one”
  14. “Keep it simple, elegant, and memorable”.
  15. “Fashion is just clothing interpreting reality”
  16. “Nothing compares to the joy of dressing well”
  17. “Embrace your elegance and let it shine”
  18. “Some say money doesn’t buy happiness. I say those people don’t know how great shopping feels”
  19. “It takes a great mind to appreciate great clothes”
  20. “I have enough clothes. I won’t go shopping today…said NO GIRL EVER”
  21. “Outfit game on a hundred, thousand, trillion”
  22. “Fashion is the only beauty you can buy in the mall”
  23. “Inner beauty is important. But so is fashion. That’s why I go shopping”

Best Instagram Captions For Girls: Final Thoughts

That’s it!

I hope you liked my best Instagram captions for girls mega-guide. This guide had all of the cool captions I could find.

Please don’t forget to put a good Instagram caption on all of your posts – it’s super important for engagement. So, next time you’re capturing moments on IG, copy/paste one of these captions, and you’ll save a ton of time.

Let us know which one of the Instagram captions for girls you chose.


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