155 Best Cooking Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

155 Best Cooking Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

Did you know adding vinegar to cakes makes them fluffier?

The ingredients we least expect often provide that wow factor in recipes.

That’s the same as video content creation – especially in the cooking niche.

Having out-of-the-box cooking video ideas can help your cooking content rise to the top.

And that’s what you’ll get in this article. By the end, you will have a list of cooking ideas you can try (and film) next time you’re in the kitchen.

Over the last couple of years, I built a YouTube channel that’s 180,000+ subscribers strong. In the process, I learned what makes videos that stand out.

So trust me – you’re in good hands.

What Are The Best Cooking Video Ideas?

Here are the best cooking video ideas to go for.

Regional Cuisine Deep Dives

Are you ready to explore the flavors, techniques, and stories of a specific region?

If you can teach authentic dish preparation, these cooking video ideas might be a match made in heaven:

  • Exploring the Spice Trails of India: A Journey Through Regional Curries
  • The Art of Italian Pasta: Discovering Varieties Beyond Spaghetti
  • French Pastry Techniques: Mastering Classics from Croissants to Madeleines
  • A Taste of Japan: The Secrets of Umami and Fermented Foods
  • Mexican Street Food Tour: From Tacos to Tlayudas
  • Traditional Moroccan Tagines: A Window into North African Flavors
  • Savoring the Balkans: A Culinary Tour of Croatian and Serbian Cuisine
  • Brazilian Barbecue and Beyond: The Flavors of South America
  • Greek Island Feast: Exploring Mediterranean Flavors
  • Vietnamese Pho and More: Mastering Broths and Noodles
  • Scandinavian Delights: From Smørrebrød to Lefse
  • An English Tea Time: Scones, Sandwiches, and Puddings
  • Peruvian Cooking: A Celebration of Potatoes and Ceviche
  • Korean BBQ at Home: Techniques and Side Dishes
  • Spanish Tapas Night: A Tour of Small Plates
  • Canadian Comforts: Poutine, Butter Tarts, and Seafood Chowder
  • Discovering Ethiopian Cuisine: Injera, Stews, and Coffee Ceremonies
  • Filipino Flavors Unveiled: Adobo, Sinigang, and Halo-Halo
  • Turkish Delicacies: Kebabs, Meze, and Baklava
  • Australian Bush Tucker: Cooking with Native Ingredients
  • Caribbean Carnival: Jerk Chicken, Plantains, and Rum Cakes
  • Austrian Desserts: Strudels, Sacher Torte, and Beyond
  • Egyptian Culinary Journey: Koshari, Ful Medames, and Desserts
  • Belgian Bites: Chocolate, Waffles, and Beer Pairings
  • Russian Winter Warmers: Borsch, Pirozhki, and Pelmeni

Seasonal and Holiday Cooking

Seasonal and Holiday Cooking

When the holidays come around, everyone wants their cooking to be the best.

If you have ideas that will help families get together and enjoy delicious meals, consider these holiday-themed cooking videos:

  • Spring Brunch Specials: Fresh Asparagus Dishes and Floral Cocktails
  • Summer Grilling Series: Seafood, Veggies, and Fruit Desserts
  • Autumn Harvest: Pumpkin Recipes, Root Vegetables, and Warm Spices
  • Winter Comfort Foods: Hearty Soups, Stews, and Baked Goods
  • Valentine’s Day Romantic Dinner for Two: Aphrodisiac Foods and Chocolate Desserts
  • Easter Feast: Traditional Dishes from Around the World
  • Fourth of July BBQ Favorites: Burgers, Sides, and Patriotic Desserts
  • Halloween Spooktacular: Creepy Snacks and Ghoulish Treats
  • Thanksgiving Made Easy: Turkey, Sides, and Pies
  • Christmas Around the Globe: Celebratory Dishes and Customs
  • New Year’s Eve Cocktails and Canapés: Ringing in the New Year
  • Lunar New Year Celebration: Lucky Foods for Prosperity
  • Summer Solstice: Light Dishes and Refreshing Beverages
  • Fall Foraging: Cooking with Wild Mushrooms and Berries
  • Winter Solstice Comfort: Hearty Dishes to Warm the Soul
  • Diwali Sweets Workshop: Traditional Indian Desserts
  • Passover Favorites: Matzo Ball Soup and Charoset
  • Ramadan Iftar Ideas: Nourishing Dishes to Break the Fast
  • Hanukkah Highlights: Latkes, Sufganiyot, and Brisket
  • Mardi Gras Madness: Cajun and Creole Classics
  • St. Patrick’s Day Feast: Irish Stew and Soda Bread
  • Spring Equinox: Edible Flowers and Fresh Salads
  • Oktoberfest at Home: German Sausages, Pretzels, and Beer
  • Cinco de Mayo Fiesta: Tacos, Margaritas, and Salsa
  • Midsummer Night’s Dream: Light Bites and Fairy-Themed Cocktails

Farm-to-Table Experiences

Sustainable eating and locally sourced ingredients are growing in popularity.

The video ideas below will help you share the importance of farm-to-table experiences (and the process of making them part of everyday cooking):

  • Visiting a Local Farm: From Milking Cows to Making Cheese
  • The Journey of a Tomato: Seedling to Sauce
  • Farm Fresh Eggs: Different Ways to Prepare Them
  • Organic vs. Conventional: Taste Test with Fresh Produce
  • Foraging Wild Edibles: Mushrooms, Berries, and Greens
  • Sea-to-Table: Catching and Cooking Local Seafood
  • Beekeeping Basics: Honey Harvesting and Uses in Cooking
  • From Vine to Wine: Exploring the Winemaking Process
  • The Art of Bread Making with Locally Milled Grains
  • Preserving the Harvest: Canning, Fermenting, and Pickling
  • A Day in the Life of a Farmer: Challenges and Rewards
  • Sustainable Meat Production: Visiting a Grass-Fed Beef Farm
  • Community Supported Agriculture Box Challenge: Creating Meals from a Mystery Box
  • Urban Gardening: Growing Food in Small Spaces
  • Cooking with Heirloom Vegetables: Exploring Unique Varieties
  • Seasonal Cooking: Creating Video Content Based on What’s in Season
  • The Spice Farm Experience: From Harvesting to Cooking
  • Olive Oil Pressing: From Tree to Table
  • Cooking with Edible Flowers: Adding Color and Flavor
  • Root to Stem Cooking: Using the Entire Plant
  • The Importance of Pollinators in Agriculture: Creating a Bee-Friendly Garden
  • Aquaponics and Hydroponics: Future of Urban Farming
  • Farm Animal Welfare: Ethical Meat and Dairy Consumption
  • Farm-to-Table Dinner Party: Hosting with Local Ingredients
  • The Farmer’s Market Challenge: Cooking Only with Market Finds

Cooking for Special Diets

Paleo, keto, low-carb, gluten-free. People follow these diets either for health or personal reasons.

Have tips and tricks for preparing food according to these principles? Or maybe experience with sticking to any in particular (when things get tough)?

These cooking video ideas work great in any case:

  • Gluten-Free Gourmet: Delicious Celiac-Friendly Recipes
  • Vegan Varieties: Plant-Based Meals for Every Occasion
  • Low-Carb Living: Keto-Friendly Dishes That Satisfy
  • Paleo Perfection: Recipes for a Caveman Diet
  • Dairy-Free Delights: Alternatives for Lactose Intolerance
  • High-Protein Meals for Athletes: Fueling Fitness with Food
  • Detox Diets: Clean Eating Recipes for a Healthy Reset
  • Whole30 Meal Prep: Planning for Success
  • Anti-Inflammatory Eating: Dishes That Heal
  • Low-FODMAP Foods: Recipes for Digestive Health
  • Allergen-Free Cooking: Navigating Common Food Allergies
  • Sugar-Free Sweets: Natural Alternatives to Refined Sugar
  • Heart-Healthy Meals: Low Sodium and Fat Recipes
  • Diabetic-Friendly Dinners: Balancing Blood Sugar with Taste
  • Vegetarian Ventures: Creative Meatless Meals
  • Raw Food Recipes: Uncooked and Unprocessed Dishes
  • Ayurvedic Eating: Balancing the Doshas with Diet
  • Mediterranean Diet Meals: Heart-Healthy and Flavorful
  • Plant-Based Proteins: Cooking with Legumes, Nuts, and Seeds
  • Nightshade-Free Nourishment: Avoiding Inflammatory Vegetables
  • AIP (Autoimmune Protocol) Diet Recipes: Healing Through Food
  • Intermittent Fasting Friendly Meals: Eating Well Within Windows
  • Nutrient-Dense Dishes for Seniors: Easy and Healthy Recipes
  • Low-Histamine Recipes: Managing Histamine Intolerance
  • Energy-Boosting Breakfasts: Start Your Day Right

Beginner Cooking Basics

Beginner Cooking Basics

Those starting out in their cooking journey have questions… lots of them.

If you can break down the fundamentals, the following cooking video ideas might inspire you:

  • Knife Skills 101: Chopping, Slicing, and Dicing Like a Pro
  • Understanding Cooking Methods: Sautéing, Boiling, Baking, and Grilling
  • Making the Perfect Rice: Tips and Tricks for Fluffy Grains
  • The Basics of Baking Bread: A Simple Guide for Beginners
  • Soup from Scratch: Learning to Build Flavors
  • Essential Kitchen Tools: What You Really Need to Get Started
  • The Art of Seasoning: Ten Ideas How to Use Herbs and Spices
  • Mastering Eggs: Techniques from Boiled to Poached
  • Simple Sauces to Elevate Any Dish: Tomato, Bechamel, and More
  • Cooking with Legumes: Beans, Lentils, and Peas Demystified
  • Favorite Summer Treats for Kids
  • Meal Planning and Prep for Beginners: Save Time and Reduce Waste
  • The Essentials of Food Safety: Avoiding Common Kitchen Mistakes
  • Crafting the Perfect Salad: Components, Dressing, and Assembly
  • The Science of Baking: Why Measurements Matter
  • Pantry Staples: What to Stock for Easy Meals
  • How Not To Waste Food: Tips for Making the Most of Your Ingredients
  • Decoding Cooking Terms: What Does Sear, Blanch, or Deglaze Mean?
  • Easy One-Pot Meals: Minimal Cleanup, Maximum Flavor
  • The Basics of Fermentation: Making Your Own Sauerkraut
  • Homemade Pasta: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Understanding Fats: Choosing the Right Oils for Cooking
  • Seafood Simplified: Cleaning, Preparing, and Cooking Fish
  • The Joy of Cooking with Kids: Simple Recipes for Little Hands
  • Budget-Friendly Cooking: Maximizing Flavor While Minimizing Cost
  • The Beginner’s Guide to Making Homemade Pizza

Gourmet Meals at Home

You don’t have to go to a 5-star restaurant to enjoy gourmet meals.

Instead, here are the best ways to give your videos a luxury feel while cooking at home:

  • French Cooking at Home: Creating a Sophisticated Dinner Party Menu
  • Decadent Chocolate Desserts: Techniques for Perfection
  • Sous Vide Cooking: Precision and Perfection in the Home Kitchen
  • The Art of Plating: Presenting Beautiful Meals
  • Homemade Sushi: Rolling, Pressing, and Presenting
  • Craft Cocktails: Mixology Basics for the Home Bartender
  • Gourmet Vegan Cuisine: Elevating Plant-Based Dishes
  • Italian Trattoria Night: Handmade Pasta and Classic Sauces
  • Seafood Extravaganza: Preparing a Luxurious Seafood Feast
  • Mastering Macarons: A Guide to These Delicate French Confections
  • The Ultimate Steak Dinner: Techniques for Perfect Cooking and Sides
  • Exotic Meats and How to Cook Them: From Bison to Ostrich
  • Truffle Delights: Incorporating Truffles into Home Cooking
  • Advanced Baking Techniques: Patisserie-Level Pastries and Cakes
  • Molecular Gastronomy at Home: Exploring the Science of Cooking
  • Cheese Making for Beginners: Simple Cheeses to Start
  • Wine Pairing Essentials: Matching Food with the Perfect Wine
  • Crafting Artisan Breads: Sourdough, Baguettes, and More
  • Elegant Appetizers: Starting Your Meal Off Right
  • Homemade Charcuterie: Curing Meats at Home
  • International Desserts: Bringing World Flavors into Your Kitchen
  • Specialty Coffee: Brewing Techniques and Latte Art
  • Cooking with Flowers: Edible Blossoms in Gourmet Dishes
  • Luxury Vegetarian: Gourmet Dishes Without the Meat
  • Exquisite Ice Creams and Sorbets: Artisanal Flavors at Home

Budget-Friendly Meals

Unlike other topics, the terms “great food” and “budget friendly” combine well.

Focusing on the fundamentals, you can create top-class dishes without draining your (or your audience’s) bank account.

Here’s how to make it happen:

  • The $5 Challenge: Wholesome Meals on a Tight Budget
  • Pantry Staples Makeover: Turning Basic Ingredients into Gourmet Meals
  • Affordable Meal Prep: Week’s Worth of Meals on a Budget
  • Cooking with Canned Goods: Elevating Pantry Essentials
  • Bulk Cooking on a Budget: Big Meals That Save Big Money
  • Creative Leftovers: New Meals from Yesterday’s Dishes
  • Shopping Smart: Tips for Grocery Shopping on a Budget
  • The Ultimate Guide to Cheap Eats: Delicious, Low-Cost Recipes
  • Budget Breakfasts: Start Your Day Right Without Breaking the Bank
  • Dollar Store Delicacies: Cooking with Dollar Store Finds
  • Eating Healthy on a Budget: Nutritious and Economical Meals
  • Vegetarian Meals on the Cheap: Saving Money without Meat
  • Batch Cooking Basics: Saving Time and Money
  • Freezer Friendly Meals: Cook Now, Eat Later
  • Global Budget Meals: Affordable International Recipes
  • Thrifty Snacking: Tasty and Affordable Snack Ideas
  • One-Pot Wonders: Minimal Ingredients, Maximum Flavor
  • Budget-Friendly Date Night: Romantic Meals That Won’t Break the Bank
  • Low-Cost Luxuries: Indulgent Meals for Less
  • The Frugal Chef’s Guide to Using Up Everything in the Pantry
  • Cheap Eats for Large Families: Feeding a Crowd on a Budget
  • College Cooking: Easy and Affordable Meals for Students
  • Zero-Waste Cooking: Budget-Friendly and Environmentally Conscious Meals
  • The Art of Bargain Hunting: Finding Deals on Ingredients
  • From Garden to Table: Growing and Cooking Your Own Vegetables Economically

Healthy and Fitness-Focused Meals

Healthy and Fitness-Focused Meals

A healthy balanced meal does wonders for the body and mind.

If you have experience with this type of cooking, here are the best video ideas for health and fitness YouTube channels:

  • High-Protein Meals for Muscle Building
  • Low-Carb Recipes for a Keto Lifestyle
  • Pre-Workout Snacks: Energy-Boosting Eats
  • Post-Workout Meals: Optimal Nutrition for Recovery
  • Heart-Healthy Dishes: Low in Sodium and Saturated Fat
  • Smoothie Bowls: Nutritious and Delicious Breakfast Ideas
  • Salad Jars: Healthy Meals on the Go
  • Superfoods 101: Incorporating Nutrient-Rich Foods into Your Diet
  • Gluten-Free Gourmet: Tasty and Healthy Meals
  • Vegan Protein: Plant-Based Meals for Strength
  • Hydration Helpers: Foods to Boost Your Water Intake
  • Low-Glycemic Meals for Blood Sugar Management
  • Meal Prep for Weight Loss: Portion Control and Balanced Meals
  • Anti-Inflammatory Foods: Meals That Heal
  • Balanced Bowls: A Mix of Protein, Grains, and Veggies
  • Detoxifying Dishes: Clean and Healthy Recipes
  • Juicing for Health: Recipes for Wellness
  • Snacks for Sustained Energy: Avoiding the Afternoon Slump
  • Mediterranean Diet Meals: Heart-Healthy and Flavorful
  • Quick and Healthy Stir-Fries: Fresh Veggies and Lean Protein
  • Dairy-Free Delights: Calcium-Rich Meals without the Milk
  • Paleo Plates: Eating Like Our Ancestors
  • Low-Calorie Comfort Food: Guilt-Free Indulgences
  • Sugar-Free Sweets: Healthy Alternatives to Sugar-Laden Treats
  • Immune-Boosting Meals: Foods Rich in Vitamins and Antioxidants

Cultural Cooking Shows

Want to mix culture with cooking? Looking to get inspired by traditional and exotic flavors?

When you do, you get an excellent combination for a cultural cooking YouTube channel.

Here are the best ideas:

  • An Italian Grandma’s Secret Recipes: Authentic Dishes from the Heart
  • Japanese Home Cooking: Beyond Sushi and Ramen
  • Celebrating Diwali: Festive Indian Meals from Start to Finish
  • A Taste of Brazil: Traditional Brazilian Cooking with Local Chefs
  • Moroccan Feast: Tagines, Couscous, and Sweet Mint Tea
  • The Soul of Southern Cooking: Classics from the American South
  • Korean Kitchen: Kimchi, BBQ, and Comfort Foods
  • French Bistro Favorites: Making Classics Accessible
  • A Vlog Channel: Exploring Food and Culture Around the World
  • A Culinary Journey Through Mexico: Regional Specialties and Techniques
  • Thai Street Food at Home: Pad Thai, Curries, and More
  • Chinese Dim Sum DIY: From Dumplings to Buns
  • Greek Cooking Odyssey: Mediterranean Flavors and Traditions
  • Spanish Paella Party: Techniques and Variations
  • Polish Comfort Food: Pierogi, Soups, and Sweets
  • Turkish Delights: Kebabs, Meze, and Baklava Making
  • Ethiopian Eats: Injera, Stews, and Coffee Ceremony
  • The Best of British: Sunday Roasts to Afternoon Tea
  • Exploring the Philippines: Adobo, Sinigang, and Halo-Halo
  • Caribbean Carnival: Jerk Chicken, Rum Cakes, and More
  • Italian-American Classics: Pizza, Pasta, and Cannoli
  • Vietnamese Street Eats: Pho, Banh Mi, and Spring Rolls
  • Middle Eastern Marvels: Hummus, Falafel, and Shawarma
  • Russian Comforts: Borsch, Pelmeni, and Sweet Pirozhki
  • Scandinavian Smorgasbord: A Celebration of Nordic Cuisine
  • Australian BBQ and Bush Tucker: Grilling Down Under

Experimental and Fusion Cooking

Different culinary styles are often brought together to form something unique.

If you’re a fan of unexpected dishes and creative twists, here are some great cooking ideas to consider:

  • Sushi Burrito: Combining Japanese and Mexican Cuisines
  • Kimchi Grilled Cheese: A Spicy Twist on a Classic
  • Italian-Indian Fusion: Curry Risotto Creation
  • French-Asian Fusion: Duck a l’Orange with Five Spice
  • Tex-Mex Meets Korean: Bulgogi Tacos with Kimchi Salsa
  • Mediterranean Sushi: Greek Flavors in Japanese Form
  • Moroccan-Italian Fusion: Tagine Pizza
  • Indian-Chinese Fusion: Chilli Paneer Noodles
  • Brazilian-Japanese Fusion: Samba Sushi Rolls
  • Thai-Italian Fusion: Spicy Basil Spaghetti
  • American-South Korean Fusion: Kimchi Mac and Cheese
  • French-Vietnamese Fusion: Pho French Dip Sandwich
  • Mexican-Greek Fusion: Gyro Tacos with Tzatziki Salsa
  • British-Japanese Fusion: Miso Fish and Chips
  • Italian-Thai Fusion: Green Curry Lasagna
  • Caribbean-Indian Fusion: Curry Goat Roti Wrap
  • American-Chinese Fusion: General Tso’s Burger
  • Spanish-Japanese Fusion: Tapas Sushi Selection
  • French-Mexican Fusion: Ratatouille Tacos
  • Scandinavian-African Fusion: Swedish Meatballs with Ethiopian Berbere Spice
  • Italian-Korean Fusion: Gochujang Bolognese
  • Middle Eastern-European Fusion: Shawarma Spätzle
  • Australian-Indian Fusion: Vegemite Curry
  • Japanese-Brazilian Fusion: Tempura Cod with Passion Fruit Sauce
  • Russian-Mexican Fusion: Beet and Bean Tostadas

Kid-Friendly Cooking

Kid-Friendly Cooking

Starting them young is never a bad idea.

Here are some recipes that are fun, safe and easy for young chefs to cook:

  • Fun with Fruit: Making Animal-Shaped Snacks
  • DIY Pizza Party: Let the Kids Decorate Their Own Pizzas
  • Magical Unicorn Smoothies: Colorful and Healthy
  • Teddy Bear Pancakes: A Delightful Breakfast Treat
  • Rainbow Pasta: Adding Color to Your Noodles
  • Cookie Cutter Sandwiches: Creative Shapes and Fillings
  • Monster Veggie Burgers: Making Vegetables Fun to Eat
  • Dinosaur Egg Rice Krispie Treats: A Prehistoric Snack Adventure
  • Build-Your-Own Tacos: A Mess-Free Approach with Tortilla Bowls
  • Chocolate-Dipped Fruit Wands: A Magical Snack
  • Superhero Smoothie Bowls: Power-Packed with Fruits and Veggies
  • Garden Theme Salad: Vegetables as Edible Flowers and Bugs
  • Ocean Adventure Jelly Cups: Blue Jello with Gummy Fish
  • Funny Face Quesadillas: Encouraging Creativity with Toppings
  • Fairy Tale Fruit Pies: Mini Pies Inspired by Favorite Stories
  • Space-Themed Galactic Pancakes: Using Food Coloring and Star Sprinkles
  • Pirate Ship Hot Dogs: Sailing the High Seas of Imagination
  • Jungle Safari Snack Mix: A Wild Combination of Healthy Snacks
  • Wizard’s Potion: A Bubbling, Fizzy Drink Experiment
  • Castle Cakes: Building with Cake Blocks and Icing
  • Under-the-Sea Mermaid Tails: Shaped Sandwiches and Snacks
  • Treasure Chest Lunch Boxes: Filled with Gold (Corn) and Jewels (Fruit)
  • Dragon Breath Popcorn: Spicy and Sweet Mix
  • Veggie Superheroes: Creating Characters from Vegetables
  • Pajama Party Breakfast: Fun Foods to Cook in Your PJs

Sustainable Cooking and Zero Waste

Raising awareness about food waste? Looking to reduce your environmental impact?

Here are cooking video ideas to help share your thoughts:

  • Zero Waste Kitchen: Tips for Reducing Food Waste
  • Root to Leaf Cooking: Utilizing the Whole Vegetable
  • Sustainable Seafood: Choosing and Cooking Eco-Friendly Fish
  • Leftover Makeover: Transforming Leftovers into New Meals
  • Composting Basics for the Home Cook: Turning Scraps into Soil
  • Bulk Bin Shopping: Reducing Packaging Waste
  • Eco-Friendly Meal Prep: Planning for Sustainability
  • Water Conservation in the Kitchen: Considering Proper Technique
  • Seasonal Eating: Cooking with What’s Available Locally
  • Upcycled Meals: Creative Uses for Stems, Skins, and Rinds
  • Meatless Mondays: Reducing Meat Consumption for the Planet
  • Plastic-Free Pantry: Alternatives to Single-Use Plastics
  • Homemade Plant Milks: Almond, Oat, and Soy
  • Fermenting at Home: Sauerkraut, Kimchi, and Pickles
  • Foraging for Food: Wild Edibles in Your Own Backyard
  • Energy-Efficient Cooking: Slow Cookers, Pressure Cookers, and Beyond
  • DIY Natural Cleaning Products for the Kitchen
  • Preserving the Harvest: Canning and Freezing Seasonal Produce
  • Shopping Farmers’ Markets: Supporting Local Agriculture
  • Edible Gifts: Homemade, Thoughtful, and Waste-Free
  • Cooking with Invasive Species: A Sustainable Culinary Adventure
  • Growing Your Own Herbs: Small Space Gardening
  • Batch Cooking: Less Energy, More Meals
  • Sustainable Packaging for Food Storage and Lunches
  • The Minimalist Kitchen: Essentials for Sustainable Cooking

How To Create Engaging Cooking Videos

Most content creators create great videos with lots of content. They provide their audience with everything they need about a specific dish or cooking technique.

However, they forget one key principle.

Nothing matters if a video doesn’t hook the viewer.

If you can’t convince your audience to stick around from the first moment, they will hit the back button and never return. Not the outcome you want.

So how do you create a great hook?

Here are the best ideas to create an intro that captives viewers.

Start With A Sizzle

Use this literally or figuratively. You could start with a literal sizzle.

If you’re cooking something on a stovetop, capture the sizzling sound. Also, show the steam rising from the dish.

In the figurative sense, use visuals that force viewers to give their attention.

The crunch of a fresh vegetable. Flames leaping from a grill. The sound of a knife slicing through meat.

Anything that will make the viewers stop and take notice is great.

Use An Unexpected Twist

What’s one thing no one expects when cooking a particular dish? This could be a surprise ingredient or a unique cooking method.

What if you used wonton wrappers when making lasagna? Or topping burgers with jam instead of ketchup?

Using these ideas as a hook will evoke surprise.

When people don’t know what will happen next, they will keep watching to find out.

Tell A Story

Starting a cooking video with a personal story makes your content relatable.

It also makes the connection with your audience more personal and authentic.

While your stories will vary (depending on what you’re cooking), you can always share how you started in the kitchen.

You can also share where you first ate the food you’re about to cook. You could also go in detail about dishes you love (or hate) cooking.

Speak to your audience like you would a friend. Doing so will build a loyal fan base.

Consider The Filming (And Editing)

Cooking videos present many opportunities to film (and edit) your videos using different angles.

The more variety, the better the final output will be.

Here are just a few ideas to help you brainstorm:

  • Use close-ups: Don’t just film from a distance when showing specific techniques. Techniques like whisking, plating, or chopping work well for this. Your audience will appreciate seeing what’s happening from up close.
  • Wide granular shots: When you have multiple plates, zooming out and showing everything in the kitchen will make a better final product. This type of shot will give your viewers the context they need.
  • Smooth transitions: Basic video editing transitions will go a long way. Editing software can help. The right transition can make your cooking videos look more professional and polished.
  • Background music and sound effects: The right music adds more interest to your cooking videos. From a catchy tune to ambient sound effects, there are many ways to create a better viewing experience.

Letting Your Personality Shine Through

As you create more video content, be genuine. People want to see your authentic self.

When you bring your personality to your videos and talk to viewers directly, they’ll be able to see your passion for food.

Also, don’t be afraid of making mistakes. While there is a time and place for video editing, cooking is an ever evolving process.

Acknowledging when things don’t go as planned (and showing how you react in these situations) will humanize your content. These moments will keep your channel relatable.


The list above provides something for every type of chef. It’s time to choose the one you like the most, grab your apron, start your camera, and cook.

You’ll never know when your next video will be the one that turns a kitchen blunder into your biggest hit yet.

I urge you to continue cooking, keep innovating, and above all, continue to share your passion with the world.

Further reading on AdamEnfroy.com: If you’re still at the start of your cooking channel, here are the best creative cooking channel name ideas.

Whether you’re into baking, grilling, or creating gourmet meals, there’s something for everyone.

You can also expand your channel’s reach with these lifestyle video ideas. These ideas blend well with your cooking content and give your channel a more overall lifestyle feel.

And if you’re after more general inspiration, this ultimate list of YouTube video ideas can help.

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