155 Best Finance Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

155 Best Finance Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

It’s 3 AM. John is lying in bed in a cold sweat, eyes wide open.

He’s staring at the ceiling, thinking about the lack of money in his bank account. The bills are piling up, and he doesn’t know how to solve the problem.

What if things were different, though?

In another universe, John is sound asleep, happy and peaceful. He has access to financial knowledge that puts him in control (not the banks).

And guess where he found this knowledge? That’s right – on your YouTube channel.

With the finance video ideas below, you can help John (and many others) take the necessary steps towards a better financial future.

Through the journey with my YouTube channel (which has grown to over 183,000 subscribers), I’ve learned why people watch specific content.

In this article, I will share this information so you can use it on your finance channel and experience similar growth.

What Are the Best Finance Video Ideas?

Here are the best finance video ideas for your YouTube channel.

Personal Finance Basics

Can you help beginners better manage their money through your financial literacy?

For those wanting to make financial education accessible for everyone, these are the best finance video ideas:

  • Crafting A Budget That Fits Your Lifestyle
  • Five Essential Steps To Swiftly Escape Debt’s Grasp
  • A Beginner’s Strategy For Economizing On Grocery Expenses
  • Demystifying Credit Scores: Essentials You Should Know
  • Calculating The True Necessity Of An Emergency Fund
  • Frugal Living Strategies That Feel Effortless
  • Merging Finances After Marriage: A Guide For Couples
  • Unveiling The True Cost Of Car Ownership And Considerations
  • Setting Financial Objectives: Contrasting Short-Term And Long-Term Visions
  • Steering Clear Of Common Financial Scams And Frauds
  • Negotiation Tactics For Reducing Bills Effectively
  • Basic Literacy For Financial Independence
  • The Psychology Behind Spending: Curbing Impulse Purchases
  • Initiating Investments With As Little As $100
  • Maximizing Credit Card Rewards And Cash-Back Opportunities
  • Deciphering Essential Financial Documents: A Primer
  • Tackling Financial Hurdles Amidst A Recession
  • Building A Commendable Credit History From Ground Zero
  • Saving Strategies For Substantial Purchases
  • Personal Finance Fundamentals Tailored For Freelancers
  • Ingenious Methods For Economizing On Entertainment And Leisure
  • Transformative Financial Habits For A Revamped Life
  • Leveraging Financial Apps For Enhanced Savings
  • Crafting Financial Safety Nets For Unforeseen Events
  • Evaluating The Financial Impact Of Educational Choices

Investment Strategies

With these videos, your target audience can be anyone from beginners to advanced investors.

Your job? Help them find the best strategies for their investment needs.

Here are the best finance video ideas to share your investment strategies:

  • Demystifying The Stock Market Basics In Investing 101
  • The Mechanics Of Compound Interest
  • The Significance Of Diversification In Your Investment Portfolio
  • Comparing Mutual Funds And ETFs To Find Your Best Match
  • Evaluating Bonds As An Investment Strategy
  • Key Steps In Analyzing A Stock Prior To Investment
  • Integrating Real Estate Into Your Investment Blueprint
  • Weighing The Risks And Gains Of Cryptocurrency Ventures
  • An Introductory Overview Of Socially Responsible Investing
  • Gauging Global Events’ Influence On Your Financial Assets
  • Tailoring Investment Approaches For Pre-Retirement Planning
  • Setting In Motion An Automatic Investment Routine
  • Questioning The Current Value Of Gold As An Investment
  • Fundamentals Of Dividend Stocks For Income Generation
  • Responding To Market Volatility With Informed Strategies
  • Distinguishing Etfs From Index Funds: A Detailed Look
  • Venturing Into Foreign Markets: A Primer For Investors
  • Leveraged Investing Dissected: Benefits Versus Drawbacks
  • Deciding Between Roth Ira And Traditional Ira For Retirement Savings
  • Navigating The Tax Landscape Of Various Investment Options
  • Timing The Rebalance Of Your Investment Portfolio For Optimal Performance
  • Considering Peer-To-Peer Lending As An Alternative Investment Route
  • A Fresh Look At Value Investing For Beginners
  • Investing With Impact: The Role Of Green Bonds
  • Crafting Strategies For Navigating Through Bear Markets

Retirement Planning

Retirement Planning

Retirement is a big moment. People often wonder if they have saved enough to live comfortably.

Do you have proven best practices for a successful retirement? Can you help people live a great life after stopping work?

If so, check out these finance video ideas:

  • Unraveling 401(k) Plan Mysteries For Beginners
  • Ira Essentials: Roth Versus Traditional Options
  • Calculating Necessary Retirement Savings
  • Optimal Timing For Social Security Benefit Collection
  • Late-Stage Tactics For Boosting Retirement Savings
  • Navigating Healthcare In Retirement With Medicare
  • Understanding Pension Plans And Retirement Benefits
  • Evaluating Early Retirement’s Financial Implications
  • A Comprehensive Look At Annuities In Retirement Planning
  • Crafting A Durable Retirement Income Plan
  • Real Estate’s Place In Retirement Preparation
  • Modifying Investment Tactics With Advancing Age
  • Retirement Tax Planning Essentials
  • Pros And Cons Of Retiring Abroad With Planning Tips
  • Preparing For Retirement’s Psychological Shift
  • Estate Planning To Preserve Your Legacy
  • Utilizing Retirement Calculators For Effective Planning
  • Incorporating Health Savings Accounts Into Retirement Strategies
  • The Advantages Of Downsizing For Retirement
  • Tailoring Retirement Plans For The Self-Employed
  • Maintaining Financial Flexibility Throughout Retirement
  • Assessing The Value Of Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Managing A Fixed Income During Retirement
  • Finding The Right Mix Of Risk And Security In Retirement Investments
  • What To Include In Your Retirement Budget Planning

Tax Education

Tax education is a complicated topic. By becoming a reliable source of information (and sharing your expertise through your channel), you will help many people.

Here are the best tax education video ideas to consider:

  • Demystifying Your W-2 for a Clear Explanation
  • Maximizing Deductions on Your Tax Return
  • The Essence of Tax Credits and Their Benefits
  • The Fundamentals of Self-Employment Taxes
  • Filing Taxes for Beginners with a Step-by-Step Guide
  • Grasping Property Taxes and Challenging Your Assessment
  • Capital Gains Taxes, Simplified
  • Tax Consequences of Marriage, Divorce, and Dependents
  • Navigating the Terrain of Taxes on Investments
  • Estate Taxes, Their Nature, and Planning Strategies
  • Charitable Contributions: The Art of Giving and Receiving
  • Breaking Down the Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT)
  • Tax Considerations for Retirement Planning
  • Tax Tactics for Individuals with High Income
  • The Difference Between State and Federal Tax Responsibilities
  • The Effects of International Tax Laws on Personal Finances
  • Maintaining Accurate Tax Records
  • Preparation for and Response to Audits
  • Homeowners’ Guide to Tax Deductions
  • Save Money By Taking Advantage of Tax Credits
  • Correcting Errors on Your Tax Return
  • Tax Strategy for Significant Financial Gains
  • Understanding Tax-Exempt Income
  • Beginner’s Guide to Using Tax Software
  • Sophisticated Tax Planning for Business Owners

Cryptocurrency and Blockchain

Many want to know more about crypto and blockchain. Their impact on digital currencies is shifting the financial landscape.

If you have a YouTube channel focusing on these two topics, here are great content ideas to run with:

  • Starting Your Journey with Digital Currencies
  • The Mechanics of Blockchain Explained
  • Top Five Cryptocurrencies: Beyond Bitcoin
  • How to Safeguard Your Cryptocurrency
  • The Revolutionary Impact of Blockchain on Finance
  • NFTs Demystified: Significance and Implications
  • Inside Cryptocurrency Mining: Process and Necessities
  • DeFi: The Shift Towards Autonomous Banking
  • Smart Contracts and Blockchain Efficiency
  • The Environmental Footprint of Cryptocurrency Mining
  • Avoiding Cryptocurrency Scams and Frauds
  • Cryptocurrency in Global Remittance
  • ICOs vs. IPOs: Fundraising Compared
  • Forex Trading’s Role in the Cryptocurrency Market
  • Navigating Cryptocurrency Legalities for Compliance
  • Analyzing Cryptocurrency Market Trends
  • Blockchain in Healthcare: Security and Transparency
  • The Rise of Stablecoins: Stability in Cryptocurrency
  • Risk Management in Cryptocurrency Investment
  • Blockchain Transforming Supply Chain Management
  • Understanding Cryptocurrency Taxation Rules
  • Quantum Computing’s Impact on Cryptocurrency Security
  • Diversifying Your Cryptocurrency Portfolio
  • Tokenomics: Understanding Cryptocurrency Economics
  • Blockchain’s Role in Election Transparency and Security
  • Digital Identity Verification with Blockchain Technology

Economic Concepts Explained

Explain economics to me like I’m six!

Economics can be a challenging topic. At the same time, it’s fundamental for good financial health.

Can you explain it to people using a language they understand?

If you can, here are the best finance/economic video ideas:

  • The Basics of Inflation Explained
  • How Interest Rates Affect the Economy and Personal Finance
  • Understanding Economic Phases, Causes, and Trends
  • The Impact of Globalization on the World Economy
  • Supply and Demand: The Core Principles of Economics
  • Fiscal vs. Monetary Policy: Tools for Economic Stability
  • The Role of Central Banks in the Economy
  • An Introduction to Stock Markets for Beginners
  • Tackling Challenges in Healthcare Economics
  • Unemployment: Types, Causes, and Solutions
  • The Gig Economy: Revolution or Descent?
  • The Role of Technology in Economic Growth
  • Environmental Economics and the Cost of Climate Change
  • Exploring the Wealth Gap and Income Disparity
  • The Effects of Trade Wars and Tariffs on the Economy
  • Cryptocurrency: The New Frontier of the Economy
  • How Innovation Drives Economic Growth
  • Behavioral Economics: The Psychology Behind Economic Decisions
  • The Impact of Immigration on Economic Expansion
  • Real Estate Markets and Their Economic Influence
  • The Significance and Impact of Economic Indicators
  • The Economics of Education: Analyzing ROI
  • The Economic Implications of Government Debt
  • The Future of Work: Automation, AI, and Economic Trends
  • Principles of Sustainable Economics for an Eco-Friendlier Planet

Credit Cards and Loans

Credit Cards and Loans

There’s never been a higher amount of credit card debt.

Those who can provide insights into selecting and managing credit cards properly can quickly become highly valued experts.

If this is your area of expertise, here are the best finance video ideas to consider:

  • Navigating Credit Card Choices: Weighing Rewards Against Interest Rates.
  • Key Considerations Before Taking Out Personal Loans.
  • Tactics For Paying Off Credit Card Debt Effectively.
  • Decoding Fees, Aprs, And Balances On Your Credit Card Statement.
  • Evaluating Balance Transfer Credit Cards For Their Advantages And Disadvantages.
  • Financing Essentials For Your Next Car Purchase.
  • Distinctions Between Federal And Private Student Loans.
  • Understanding Mortgage Types: Fixed Rate Versus Adjustable Rate.
  • Strategies For Credit Building Without Relying On Credit Cards.
  • Revealing The High Costs Of Minimum Credit Card Payments.
  • Managing Debts Across Multiple Credit Cards.
  • Techniques For Negotiating Lower Credit Card Interest Rates.
  • Home Equity Lines Of Credit (Helocs) Broken Down.
  • How Personal Loans Affect Your Credit Score.
  • Deciding Between Secured And Unsecured Loans.
  • Wise Credit Card Practices To Sidestep Debt Snares.
  • Guidelines For When And How To Refinance Your Mortgage.
  • The Realities Of Payday Loans: Examining The Risks, Costs, And Alternatives.
  • Streamlining Credit Card Debt Through Consolidation.
  • The Responsibilities And Implications Of Being A Loan Co-Signer.
  • Home Buying Insights For The Uninitiated: Mastering The Loan Process.
  • Enhancing Your Credit Score For More Favorable Loan Conditions.
  • Sidestepping Frequent Errors In Auto Financing.
  • Preparing For Emergency Loans: Considerations Before Application.
  • The Journey Of A Loan From Application To Its Conclusion.

Insurance Essentials

Health, auto, home, etc… so many insurance policies. Can you help people choose the best coverage options?

Here are some great video content ideas:

  • Life Insurance Simplified: Comparing Term and Whole Life
  • Choosing the Optimal Health Insurance Plan for Your Family
  • Car Insurance Demystified: Coverage Options and Essential Information
  • Why Homeowners Insurance is Crucial and Its Scope of Coverage
  • The Necessity of Renters Insurance, Even for Short-Term Leases
  • Disability Insurance: Securing Your Income
  • The Question of Travel Insurance: Essential or Not?
  • Evaluating Pet Insurance: Assessing Value for Your Animal Companions
  • Planning Ahead with Long-Term Care Insurance
  • Umbrella Insurance for Added Liability Coverage
  • Filing an Insurance Claim with a Step-by-Step Guide
  • Assessing Life Insurance Requirements Through Different Life Stages
  • Navigating Health Savings Accounts and High Deductible Health Plans
  • How Deductibles and Out-of-Pocket Maximums Influence Insurance Decisions
  • Risk and Protection: The Essentials of Flood Insurance
  • Securing Your Business with Small Business Insurance
  • Cyber Insurance: A Defense Against Digital Threats
  • Incorporating Insurance into Estate Planning
  • Shopping for Insurance: How to Compare Policies and Prices Effectively
  • The Insurance Claims Process: Expectations Post-Claim Filing
  • Comparing Group and Individual Insurance Plans: Benefits and Drawbacks
  • Adjusting Health Insurance Amidst Major Life Changes
  • Annuities: A Fundamental Retirement Planning Instrument
  • Strategies for Reducing Premiums to Lower Insurance Costs
  • Anticipating the Evolution of Insurance: Upcoming Trends and Innovation

Real Estate Investing

Ready to show people how to invest in real estate? Do you have a proven track record of getting investors a good return?

If the answer is yes, these finance video ideas might be worthwhile considering:

  • Diving Into Real Estate Investment: Unveiling Property Types and Initial Steps
  • Key Metrics and Effective Approaches for Winning In Real Estate
  • Unlocking Passive Wealth Through Rental Property Ownership
  • A Primer on House Flipping for Novices: Potential Pitfalls and Benefits
  • Choosing Between Commercial and Residential Real Estate Investments
  • Crafting Your Real Estate Investment Financing Plan
  • Evaluating the Influence of Geographical Location on Property Investment Value
  • Success Stories From Real Estate Investors: Lessons Learned and Expert Tips
  • Key Strategies for Effective Rental Property Management
  • Maximizing Tax Benefits Through Real Estate Investment
  • Exploring Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) as an Innovative Investment Avenue
  • Navigating Legal Waters in Real Estate Investment
  • Forecasting and Analyzing Real Estate Market Trends
  • Leveraging Financial Tools in Property Investment
  • The Essential Function of Property Management within Real Estate Investment
  • Enhancing Your Investment Portfolio with Real Estate Assets
  • Navigating Through the Foreclosure Process for Potential Investment Wins
  • Fundamentals of Land Development and Strategic Speculation
  • Demystifying Zoning Laws and Regulations for Real Estate Ventures
  • Venturing into Vacation Rental Investments
  • Weighing the Advantages and Challenges of International Real Estate Investment
  • Expanding Your Real Estate Investment Empire: Tactical Approaches
  • Embracing Real Estate Crowdfunding as a Modern Investment Strategy
  • Planning Exit Routes for Real Estate Investors
  • Promoting Eco-Consciousness in Property Investments

Side Hustles and Passive Income

Side Hustles and Passive Income

The term “side hustle” is becoming a cliche. That doesn’t make the fact people want to make more money any less real.

If you can provide inspiration and advice to help people build up their side income, these video ideas may be perfect:

  • Identifying Your Skills Before Starting a Side Hustle
  • Turning Your Hobby into a Profitable Side Venture
  • Basics of Affiliate Marketing for Passive Income
  • Selling Digital Products as a Passive Income Strategy
  • Navigating the Gig Economy for Lucrative Freelance Opportunities
  • Starting a Dropshipping Business: A Comprehensive Guide
  • Mastering Blogging to Profit from Your Passion
  • Earning Passive Income through Dividend-Paying Stocks
  • Creating and Marketing Online Courses to Share Your Expertise
  • Real Estate Crowdfunding for Passive Property Investment Earnings
  • Writing and Publishing Ebooks for Passive Revenue
  • Launching a Successful YouTube Channel
  • Monetizing Social Media Influence
  • Earning Returns through Peer-to-Peer Lending
  • Generating Income with Airbnb Property Listings
  • Developing a Mobile App from Idea to Income
  • Building and Profiting from a Niche Website
  • Exploring New Avenues with Podcasting
  • Selling Handmade Products on Etsy for Profit
  • Investing in Cryptocurrency for Long-term Growth
  • Automating Your Side Hustle for Increased Earnings
  • Making Money from Stock Photography
  • Starting Your Virtual Assistant Business
  • Utilizing SEO to Grow Your Online Business
  • Launching a Subscription Box Service Successfully

Financial Technology Tools

Staying on top of financial tech can help anyone live a better life.

From mobile banking to investment tools, countless apps and technologies are available.

Here are some finance video ideas in this area:

  • Highlighting The Top Budgeting Apps For The Year
  • Automating Savings Using Personal Finance Apps.
  • First Investment Navigation With Apps For Beginners.
  • Personal Investing Made Simpler With Robo-Advisors.
  • Finance Management At Your Fingertips Through Mobile Banking.
  • Beginner’s Guide To Storing Digital Currency In Cryptocurrency Wallets.
  • Essential Insights Into Peer-To-Peer Payment Apps.
  • Software That Aids In Planning For Long-Term Financial Goals.
  • Safeguarding Financial Data On Fintech Apps.
  • Online Lending Platforms’ Benefits And Drawbacks.
  • Budgeting Tools Designed For Freelancers And Gig Workers.
  • Monitoring Spending Habits Through Expense Tracker Apps.
  • Blockchain Technology Reshaping Personal Finance.
  • Comprehensive Guide To Setting Up A Financial Dashboard.
  • Tracking Investments And Portfolio Performance With Top Apps.
  • Fintech’s Role In Streamlining International Money Transfers.
  • Free Online Tools For Understanding Your Credit Score.
  • Tax Preparation Simplified With Software.
  • Anticipating The Future Trends Of Financial Technology.
  • Weighing The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Virtual Financial Advisors.
  • Crowdfunding Platforms For Personal Or Business Funding Explored.
  • Digital Banks Compared: A Look At Features And Fees.
  • Enhancing Personal Finance Management With Artificial Intelligence.
  • Augmented Reality’s Emerging Role In Financial Services.
  • Selecting Secure And Efficient Payment Gateways For Businesses.

Sustainable and Ethical Investing

Sustainable and Ethical Investing

Investing money can align with people’s sustainability goals.

For example, investing in renewable energy or environmentally friendly companies are just a few ideas. Have more to share?

Here are the top sustainable and ethical investment ideas for your videos:

  • Introduction to Sustainable Investing with a Focus on Principles and Practices
  • Evaluating Companies for Their Social and Environmental Contributions
  • Green Bonds Flourish, Funding Environmental Projects
  • Ethical Investing Merges Profit with Moral Values
  • The Critical Role of ESG Criteria in Investment Decisions
  • Navigating Sustainable Investment Funds for Responsible Investing
  • Integrating Socially Responsible Investing into Your Financial Strategy
  • Impact Investing Aims for Social and Environmental Benefits Plus Financial Returns
  • Shareholder Activism Spurs Ethical Business Practices
  • Opportunities and Challenges in Renewable Energy Investment
  • Choosing Ethical Banking to Reflect Personal Values
  • The Expansion of Vegan and Cruelty-Free Investment Options
  • Considering the Effects of Fossil Fuel Divestment on Investment Portfolios
  • Greening the Future with Sustainable Real Estate Investments
  • Community Investing Bolsters Local Enterprises and Initiatives
  • Promoting Gender Equality Through Strategic Investment Choices
  • Exploring the Prospects of Organic and Sustainable Agriculture Investments
  • Crafting Sustainable Strategies for Essential Resources
  • Investing in Positive Social Outcomes with Social Impact Bonds
  • Trends and Projections in Sustainable and Ethical Investing
  • Leveraging Technology for Transparency in Ethical Investing
  • Empowering Economic Growth with Microfinance Initiatives
  • Assessing the Ethical Dimensions of Investing in Emerging Markets
  • Crafting a Portfolio That Mirrors Environmental and Social Commitments
  • Assessing Sustainable Investment Funds’ Performance

What’s Your Strategy Behind Creating Finance Videos?

Before creating new videos for your finance YouTube channel, here are some key factors to consider.

Who Is Your Audience?

Are you targeting financial newbies, investment enthusiasts, or retirement planners?

While not an exhaustive list, each person requires a different type of content.

Why? They all have different problems that require different solutions.

As a result, the videos you create (and the language you use) depend on your target audience.

What’s the Best Video Format for Your Audience?

Expanding on your audience’s needs, you can explore different video formats.

These include the following:

  • animated explainer video ideas
  • myth busting video ideas
  • day in the life video ideas
  • expert interviews.

Each of these appeals more to specific types of audiences (and less to others).

For example, explainer videos might be the best option if you’re breaking down complex concepts like IRAs and 401 (k)s.

On the other hand, a myth-busting video could be more effective for retirement planners who want to debunk common misconceptions.

It all goes back to knowing your audience and the message you want to share.

Creating Your Video Script

You can’t expect to throw a video together quickly and make it work.

Even if the idea is a great one, your videos need to have structure.

Here are the essential video components to consider:

  1. Start with a hook: what is the one thing that will force your viewers to pay attention to your video? Find a way to grab your audience’s attention – whether through a surprising fact, an unknown mistake they’re making, or a common misconception.
  2. Get to the content quickly: Do not beat around the bush. People in the financial industry are generally busy and want quick answers. Taking a long time to reach the point increases their chances of hitting the back button.
  3. Mix stories and takeaways: People want to learn and be entertained. Combine stories with takeaways, and you’ll get people who enjoy watching your videos and remember the key lessons—a winning combination.
  4. End with a call to action: Tell people what you want them to do after they finish watching your video. Should they click a link and go to your website? Subscribe to your YouTube channel? Be clear and specific with your call to action.

I would also encourage you to avoid complicated jargon.

While it might make you feel great about your expertise, you don’t want to confuse people with unfamiliar language.


Your finance YouTube channel can become more than just another online content source.

It can help viewers make better financial decisions, leading to a lifetime of financial security.

Your audience seeks guidance from a trusted source when they watch your videos.

Combining your expertise into captivating videos (that are easy to understand for every skill level) will help build that trust.

And when that strong connection exists, people will return for more of your content.

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And for introverts looking to make their mark on YouTube, these faceless YouTube channel ideas are perfect.

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