15 Best History YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Best History YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

It’s 1945 and you find yourself in a bunker.

Suddenly, the radio crackles to life. It announces the end of World War II.

Let’s fast-forward to today. Did you know you can still relive those moments?

The best part? You can do it right from home, no guns going off around you.

In this article, I’ll share the 15 best history YouTube channels you must check out.

And just so you know, I didn’t just pull this list out of thin air.

My own YouTube channel has over 180,000 subscribers so I know what makes a channel great.

What Are The Best History YouTube Channels?

Here are the best history YouTube channels.

House Of History

House Of History

House of History takes you on an epic journey through pivotal battles and world wars.

Their videos span ancient times to world history.

They offer entertaining animated history videos and maps that’ll make you feel right in the thick of the action.

You can practically see the battle lines forming as armies clash.

The intricate details they cover are also something else. From troop movements to landscape features, House Of History makes you feel like you’ve traveled through a time portal.

If you are psyched about learning about the most important military history campaigns and confrontations, this YouTube channel is an absolute must-watch.



Curious Droid is such a cool science channel on YouTube.

Get ready:

  • for an adventure through galaxies far away
  • to marvel at robots doing unimaginable things and
  • get a front-row seat to tech breakthroughs.

No matter the topic, Paul from CuriousDroid breaks it down in a way that just clicks.

And the visuals are so on point – they’ll have you glued to the screen!



Step back in time and discover the rich history of England with the English Heritage Channel.

As a charity caring for over 400 historic sites, they vividly bring the nation’s story to life through engaging videos.

Imagine making sense of historical events in a way that feels like watching your favorite movie.

That’s exactly what this channel does.

Live reenactments, colorful animations, and expert insights are presented in a lively, easy-to-follow way.

Fancy getting up close with what makes England tick historically?

They also got you covered.

If you’re ready to discover the people who left their marks in tradition, this channel has so much to offer.



NativLang is where curiosity meets culture as you uncover secrets of ancient texts.

NativLang helps you see through the eyes of different cultures.

The best part is that it brings all this to life using engaging animation videos.

The hosts draw you in with infectious excitement as they unravel tricky ideas into clear, bite-sized pieces.

Let me tell you you’re in for a treat with each watch.

When you’re ready to discover just how rich our communication fabric is, this channel is for you.



It’s no small feat that Absolute History is up here on this list.

For one, it has gained an audience of almost three million history enthusiasts.

From dramatic retellings of classic literature to solving mysteries in ancient Egypt, it’s all covered on this channel.

The masterful storytelling and high production values make these videos so compelling.

Whether you want to dive deep into history or love getting lost in true stories (that grip your senses from start to finish), you won’t want to miss Absolute History.

Each episode peels back the layers of a different era or event.

It also offers endless “I didn’t know that!” moments.

Told in stone

Told in stone

Told in Stone offers a fascinating journey through ancient history.

Garrett Ryan, the face of the channel, expertly mixes deep knowledge with a spark of excitement in every episode.

His expertise as a university professor and Ph.D. spices up every show, as he uses his knowledge to draw us deep into Greek and Roman adventures.

What sets “Told in Stone” apart from other history channels?

It’s all about how Garrett takes complex history and turns it into absorbing videos you can’t stop watching.



If learning history felt like pulling teeth until now, Jay Foreman can be a game changer.

He crafts YouTube history content that educates as much as it entertains.

His journey across various video topics can take you through British cities’ hidden quirks.

It could also help you sail into historic map riddles before diving deep into what keeps the internet ticking.

He also crafts interesting videos about topics you might have never questioned.

For example, one of his most popular videos (6.79+ million views) revolves around why there are no bridges in East London.

But it’s not just the popular topics that shine.

Even the less-viewed videos are packed with interesting facts to spark viewers’ curiosity.

With a mix of wit and wisdom, Jay turns typical learning on its head.



In The Great War, Jesse Alexander leads you through a deep dive into the First World War.

The videos dig into history and reveal more than who fought whom or what happened when.

They show us the lasting impact on our lives now.

The details are vividly presented here, bringing life’s pivotal moments closer than ever.

If war education matters to you, you’ll find this channel to be one of a kind.



Joolz Guides is all about walking tours through London’s history.

However, the tours are not just walks – they’re journeys through time and culture.

For starters, you can step into Hackney for its buzz, delve into Barking for a taste of history, or bask in Knightbridge’s elegance.

Each story is filled with curiosity-piquing details that captivate the viewer.

The result?

Each video gains thousands of views. This concept also proves history can be both enlightening and entertaining.



Ready for an adventure into Islam’s storied past?

Check out Al Muqaddimah.

Here complex histories are unpacked with clarity and depth.

Whether you’re fascinated by the profound teachings of Islamic scholars or intrigued by the political upheaval during the Crusades, this channel is for you.

Think of each video as a friendly chat filled with fascinating insights.

This mix is perfect for every level of curiosity.



Imperium Romanum is where history almost leaps off the screen.

The channel’s audience is one that wants to learn more about:

  • fierce battles plans
  • unique social structures
  • in-depth rituals
  • fascinating customs.

Each video presents its topics through gripping storytelling methods.

For example, you can watch as they make ancient Rome spring to life.

Actors wear accurate historical outfits, all set against incredibly detailed environments.

There’s a lot of thought that goes into every video.

If you want to feel every part of history, this is what this channel does.



With The History Guy, it’s time to uncover secrets from history (that textbooks leave out).

The content ranges widely.

You can watch episodes ranging from “The Siege of Charleston” to tales like “The War Against Tumbleweeds,”.

The best part is that each video is very digestible.

Videos typically range between five and fifteen minutes.

TheHistoryGuyChannel is perfect whether you’ve only got a moment or all day to explore.



The Shogunate offers content ranging from ancient samurai tales to modern film interpretations and video game tactics.

With more than two hundred fifty videos, viewers get treated to captivating stories and in-depth reviews about Japanese warriors.

The Shogunate doesn’t just recount historical facts.

Instead, it brings samurai culture to life.

With videos such as “The Greatest Samurai Film of All Time – Harakiri,” this channel teaches its audience as it takes them on a trip to the past.



On Modern History TV, Jason Kingsley brings the medieval world to life.

Through his passion for historical accuracy, Jason jumps feet first into what it was really like back in medieval days.

He also challenges long-held beliefs with hands-on experiments.

History buffs, writers, gamers – anyone with a love for the past will find this an absolute gem.



Captivating History uncovers tales less told that are equally as thrilling as the more known ones.

You can see first-hand accounts from ages gone by or meet individuals who’ve etched their marks (away from the popular spotlight).

It’s also storytelling at its finest.

For example, it’s one thing to read about the Spanish Inquisition or muse on who inspired The Three Musketeers.

It’s another to see these stories come alive in engaging video explanations.

If past timelines fascinate you, check out Captivating History.

Other history YouTube channels worth mentioning include Epic History TV, Weird History and History Guy.

Choosing Your Next Favorite YouTube History Channel

Sifting through history YouTube channels and picking your favorite is tough.

A list of the best channels is a great starting point.

However, you should dig deeper to determine their reliability.

It’s good to check if a channel is linked to a trusted group, school, or famous creator.

This process can help you understand whether to trust its contents.

After all, a channel might have biases, even if the creator doesn’t mean to.

When watching historical content on YouTube, it’s also an excellent idea to cross-verify the information.

Stack up what you hear on your chosen channel against trusty sources like history books and credible websites.

This will help you sort fact from fiction and understand the many layers of history.

YouTube History Channel Styles & Content Types

Considering a channel’s style and content type is critical when choosing a history channel.

For example, channels that use animation and motion graphics bring the past to life in a fun and easy-to-understand way.

They can take complex historical events and make them come alive.

Other channels offer a more academic experience, with in-depth documentaries and lectures from top experts.

These channels are ideal for the real history buffs.

Then, there are interactive and interview-based channels.

These channels generally interview actual historians to get to the truth.

Finally, living history and reenactment channels provide an immersive experience.

If you’ve never seen these channels before, it’s wild to see people dressing up and acting out historical events.

It’s like you’re transported back in time.

Don’t just settle for one history channel over another. Knowing what’s out there is key.


Whether you’re into ancient battles, diving into cultural stories, or reliving pivotal historical moments, the above channels have it all.

They also make learning history fun and memorable.

And in my book, that’s the best of both worlds.

So, pick a channel from the list and start your journey through time.

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