Blog Income Report for July 2019: How I Earned $21,599 This Month

Blog Income Report for July 2019: How I Earned $21,599 This Month
Last Updated on June 11, 2020 by Adam Enfroy

While most blog income reports are from bloggers and podcasters who started 5+ years ago, here’s one for my blog that just launched seven months ago.

Let’s dive into my blog income report.

1. Blog Income in July 2019: $21,599

July was a big month for me.

I left my full-time job on July 25th and started to scale out my blog processes full-time.

Most of my time is now spent on two primary areas: my blog’s content and my link building/consulting services.

For my blog, I get initial drafts written for me, then I edit them and publish them on my site. Outside of that, I spend the other 50% of my time pitching guest posts and getting backlinks for my site (and my clients).

Because of this income, I am going to travel through Europe and Southeast Asia starting in mid-August. I’m also planning to launch a full online course that dives deeper into my 7-day email course soon and may shoot each chapter in a different country.

Let’s look at my blog’s income streams. 

  • Affiliate Revenue: $5,454
    1. Podbean: $1,892
    2. Hostinger: $630
    3. Bluehost: $525
    4. Thinkific: $518
    5. Buzzsprout: $412
    6. Transistor: $267
    7. Learnworlds: $251
    8. WP Engine: $200
    9. Learndash: $188
    10. Flexjobs: $178
    11. Teachable: $163
    12. Simplecast: $100
    13. GreenGeeks: $50
    14. Academy of Mine: $50
    15. Constant Contact: $10
    16. Campaign Monitor: $10
    17. Smart Podcast Player: $6
    18. Amazon: $4
  • Digital Product Sales: $683
  • SEO Consulting for 10 B2B Clients: $15,462

Expenses in July 2019: $2,051

  • Freelance employee: $1,000
  • Content writers: $680
  • Web development: $150
  • Web hosting: $86
  • Email marketing: $49
  • WP Rocket plugin: $49
  • Grammarly: $19
  • CDN: $18

Net Profit: $19,548 (90.5% Gross Profit Margin)

Now, onto some key takeaways, traffic stats, a July recap, and plans for August.

2. July Takeaways:

1. Affiliate Programs

My strongest performance is in the podcasting space, with Podbean, Buzzsprout, and Transistor leading the pack. I also joined the Simplecast affiliate program in late July and seeing strong conversion rates so far. What’s nice about a few of these programs is that they pay on a recurring basis.

For example, with Buzzsprout, I now have 779 podcasters that joined their platform via my affiliate links:

Buzzsprout Affiliate Program Earnings July 2019

In web hosting, I made $1,405 from 18 sales, which is up from $664 in June from 9 sales. This is led by Hostinger and Bluehost. Hostinger currently has a strong 90% discount promotion and offers web hosting for $0.80/month, leading to strong conversion rates.

And in online course platforms, I made $1,170 led by Thinkific and Teachable.

Flexjobs is also showing strong performance, being featured in my How to Make Money Online and Work from Home Jobs articles.

Those thinking about joining the Amazon Associates affiliate program should probably temper expectations. I sent them 829 clicks for a solid $4 – half a cent per click!

2. Digital Product Sales

I launched my second product Affiliate Advantage to help new bloggers master affiliate marketing. July revenue for this product, in addition to Backlink Blueprint, was $683 from 22 sales.

I increased my passive income by 113% this month:

  • In June, income through affiliate marketing and my digital products was $2,880.
  • In July, this passive income increased to $6,137.

This proves to me that you can start to generate some solid passive income by month 7 (or sooner) with the right strategies.

3. SEO Consulting

I currently work with 10 clients and provide them with SEO consulting, link building, and brand mention services. My SEO and content marketing consulting revenue increased by $11,912 this month by scaling out processes, hiring an awesome freelancer, and having more time after leaving my full-time job.

Here’s a screenshot of my July invoices:

Wave Invoices July 2019

4. AdSense

I decided to remove AdSense from my site because it was generating about $200/month but annoying and not worth it.

3. Traffic for July 2019: 76,926 Users (+65.8%)

My blog’s traffic increased 65.8% month-over-month, growing from 45,373 users in June to 76,926 in July. My blog is 90% organic traffic.

Blog Traffic July 2019

Monthly traffic is 6,607% higher than January 2019 when I first started.

4. Email Subscribers for July 2019: +1,400 (+32.6%)

I use ConvertKit for my email marketing and added 1,400 new email subscribers in July, compared to 1,056 in June and +681 in May. This increased primarily because of the overall traffic increase and a few CRO tweaks with OptinMonster.

Email Subscribers July 2019

5. Tasks Completed in July:

  • Link Building:
    • 271 new backlinks
    • 11 new referring domains with DR over 70
  • New Plugins Added:
    • WP Rocket for site speed
    • WP Last Modified Info to show date modified on my pages for SEO
  • Keyword Rankings:

    • Moved up to #1 for “Affiliate Programs”
    • Moved to #1 for “Podcast Hosting”
    • Moved to #2 for “Online Course Platforms”
    • Moved to #7 for “How to Make Money Online”
    • Moved up to #20 for “Best Web Hosting.” This is the long-term high revenue page I’m focusing on.
    • Moved up to #20 for “Name Generator.” This is a super high volume term that gets 430,000 searches/month.

That’s it for my blog’s income report for July 2019.

The purpose of these new blog income reports is to showcase that you can make a sizable income from a brand new blog within months, not years.

If you want to see some of my top-performing affiliate revenue-generating articles, you can check them out here:

Thank you so much for reading – I’m very grateful you found your way here.

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