107 Travel Sub Niche Ideas (Beginners Have to Try)

107 Travel Sub Niche Ideas (Beginners Have to Try)

You wake up in a bamboo hut and hear monkeys swinging through the trees.

You stretch, get out of bed, and find breakfast already waiting for you.

Your job today? To explore and document this trip in paradise.

If this sounds like a dream, the travel niche ideas below will show you exactly how to turn it into a reality.

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What Are The Best Travel Niche Ideas?

Here are the best travel niche ideas divided into the most popular categories.

Sustainable and Eco-Friendly Travel

Share with your audience the best ideas about traveling without harming the planet.

By providing green travel tips, you can help people positively impact the environment.

Here are the best ideas for this sub niche:

  • Green City Tours: Inform your audience how these green city tours are at the heart of sustainable urban living.
  • Eco-Friendly Safari Lodges: Explore lodges that don’t just look good but do good too. You can go into how solar power lights them up, recycled water flows through them and they play a part in safeguarding nature around them.
  • Conservation Volunteer Holidays: Encourage your followers to join conservation volunteer holidays where they can participate in wildlife monitoring.
  • Plastic-Free Island Getaways: Some islands actively support ocean-saving projects by saying goodbye to any form of plastics. Travel to these destinations and show what happens in these places.
  • Sustainable Farm Stays: You can write about how farm stays offer a taste of organic farming. You can also get into farm-to-table dining while having interactions with local farmers.
  • Bicycle Tours: Pedaling through foreign landscapes, each turn on a bicycle tour offers something new to discover. Hop on a bike tour and show your audience.
  • Eco-Village Retreats: Imagine calling a low-impact home your own. You can get hands-on with permaculture practices and contribute to initiatives driven by local communities.
  • Responsible Fishing Trips: Why not feature fishing trips on your channel? Show how catch-and-release policies are keeping things sustainable in foreign lands.
  • Eco-Friendly Ski Resorts: Share how these resorts use renewable energy, focus on snow conservation, and offer eco-certified accommodations.
  • Wildlife Photography Expeditions: Go into the wild with your camera, ready for adventure. Joining one of these excursions means directly supporting animal welfare initiatives.
  • National Park Conservation Programs: Caring for Our National Parks supports national treasures. This takes many forms, including maintaining pathways, controlling unwanted plant guests, and sharing knowledge on natural marvels. This idea is great for reaching an international audience.
  • Zero-Waste Cooking Classes: Reduce kitchen waste where every little bit helps. Share tips about international cuisines where this is a priority.
  • Sustainable Winery Tours: Imagine tours diving into the heart of vineyards practicing eco-friendly growing, where caring for nature means everything from soil to bottle.
  • Renewable Energy Tours: Visit the local wind and solar farms to learn how renewable energy technologies work.
  • Eco-Friendly Fashion Shopping Tours: Start the journey towards more responsible choices by picking out brands with strong ethics at their core.
  • Coral Reef Restoration Projects: Imagine yourself helping to plant corals, soaking in all there is to know about life under the sea, and backing the hardworking folks doing marine research right here at home.
  • Eco-Adventure Parks: Merge adventure with ecology and show what eco-adventure parks do best.
  • Sustainable Architecture Tours: On these tours, you’ll show firsthand the cleverness of eco-friendly designs in action – where every material has been chosen for sustainability and energy efficiency.
  • Green Spa Retreats: Encourage your readers to relax in spas that use organic and natural products, conserve water, and provide a natural setting.
  • Upcycled Art Workshops: Have you ever considered making something beautiful from discarded materials? That’s where you share your work in the form of Upcycled Art Workshops.
  • Electric Vehicle Road Trips: Taking your electric car for a spin around picturesque settings has never been more straightforward. It’s also a great way to create travel content for your channel.
  • Eco-Cultural Festivals: Rally your community to join in the fun at eco-friendly festivals that give a nod to homegrown customs.

Adventure and Extreme Sports Travel

Adventure and Extreme Sports Travel

Ready to create content that caters to thrill-seekers and adventure enthusiasts?

With plenty of sports travel adventure ideas, you’ll never run out of content to create.

Here are the best niche ideas for adventure and extreme sports travel:

  • Mountain Climbing Adventures: Scale the peaks with mountain climbing adventures. Create content as you discover tracks designed to challenge anyone, from beginners to pros.
  • Whitewater Rafting Adventure: Imagine navigating the wild rapids on a whitewater rafting adventure. Now share the thrill with your followers.
  • Hang Gliding Over Scenic Landscapes: Encourage your audience to try hang gliding for breathtaking aerial views, with no experience necessary and tandem flights available.
  • Deep Sea Fishing Adventure: Head out on a deep sea fishing adventure and reel in the excitement. With professional-grade tackle on board and guides who know these waters like the back of their hand, you and your followers will be in for an adventure.
  • Sandboarding in Desert Dunes: Imagine gliding down a desert dune instead of a snowy mountain. That’s sandboarding for you – an exciting alternative to snowboarding offered with rental gear in renowned deserts everywhere.
  • Jungle Survival Training: You can create content about immersive jungle survival training. Participants learn essential skills in rainforest settings.
  • Volcano Hiking Tours: Tell your readers about the thrill of hiking active volcanoes with guides, safety measures, and the chance to explore geothermal features.
  • Ice Climbing Adventures: Immerse yourself climbing up icy waterfalls and glaciers, kitted out with the best gear and guided by pros in some of the coldest spots on earth. Then share the thrill with others.
  • Bungee Jumping from Bridges: Encourage your followers to experience the thrill of bungee jumping from scenic bridges – while adhering to strict safety protocols.
  • Kitesurfing on Tropical Coasts: Explain how kitesurfing combines surfing and kite flying, with lessons for all levels available.
  • Paragliding off Mountain Peaks: Record your adventures and share them with your audience so they can also enjoy paragliding.
  • Cave Diving in Cenotes: Plunge into cenotes for a dive adventure led by seasoned pros. Just remember to switch on your camera before diving!
  • Skiing Off-Piste: Encourage skiers to explore off-piste skiing, with avalanche safety gear and guides often being freeride professionals.
  • Hot Air Balloon Safaris: Describe the magical experience of hot air balloon safaris with wildlife viewing and champagne breakfasts.
  • Windsurfing at Renowned Beaches: Tell your readers about windsurfing, which is suitable for all levels with equipment rental and lessons and is popular at windy beaches.
  • Zipline through Forest Canopies: Experience the thrill of ziplining through forest canopies, complete with high-speed descents and all necessary safety gear.
  • Horseback Riding in Remote Areas: Explain how horseback riding lets people explore less accessible trails.
  • Scuba Diving with Sharks: Encourage your audience to dive with sharks and experience the thrill while being safe in cages.
  • Desert Rally Driving: Imagine hitting challenging trails in an off-road vehicle with pro tips from seasoned instructors.
  • Arctic Dog Sledding: Try basic or advanced moves in frosty weather. Enjoy the experience of wind and soft pawprints on fresh snow.
  • Rock Climbing in National Parks: Help your audience imagine themselves climbing up the rugged faces of mountains in one of the many National Parks.
  • Extreme Mountain Biking: Share how extreme biking offers downhill and cross-country trails with bike rentals and protective gear.
  • Skydiving Over Islands: Encourage your readers to try tandem skydiving for stunning aerial views.
  • Surfing Big Waves: Tell your audience about the thrill of surfing big waves at famous spots like Hawaii or Australia. This is great during seasons of waves so you can also combine multiple sports adventures.
  • BASE Jumping for Thrill Seekers: Describe the adrenaline rush of BASE jumping for those with parachuting experience.

Culinary and Wine Tourism

Do you consider yourself a foodie and a wine connoisseur?

Do you love exploring global cuisines and vineyards?

Here are the best niche ideas when creating content on these topics:

  • Wine Tasting in Bordeaux: Imagine swirling a glass in Bordeaux, where every sip tells a story of centuries-old vineyards. What if you could share the story with other like-minded people? You can!
  • Street Food Tours in Bangkok: Share with your audience the experience of exploring diverse street eats guided by local foodies in Bangkok.
  • Cooking Classes in Tuscany: Tell your readers about traditional Italian cooking through hands-on preparation with chefs and enjoy the meals they cook in Tuscany.
  • Cheese Tasting in Switzerland: Encourage your readers to sample artisan cheeses, visit local dairies, and learn about the cheese-making processes in Switzerland.
  • Chocolate Making Workshops in Belgium: Suggest your audience craft their own chocolates and take their creations home from Belgium.
  • Journey into the Heart of Scotch-Making in Scotland: Dive into the heart of Scotland and wander through age-old distilleries. There, you can savor a variety of aged whiskeys straight from the cask. So many stories to share.
  • Vegan Food Tours in Los Angeles: Check out the vegan food tours available in Los Angeles. You can scout out the best in plant-based cuisine and taste culinary masterpieces.
  • Seafood Safaris in Norway: Did you know people catch and cook their own seafood on boat trips in Norway? How about sharing this knowledge with others?
  • Pastry Baking in Paris: Encourage your followers to learn from French pastry chefs, bake delights like croissants and macaroons, and enjoy freshly made desserts in Paris.
  • Barbecue Trail in Texas: Suggest your readers explore famous joints, learn about different BBQ styles, and enjoy tastings and pitmaster talks in Texas.
  • Olive Oil Tasting in Greece: Tell your readers they can visit olive groves, learn about oil production, and taste different olive oil varieties in Greece.
  • Farm-to-Table Experiences: Share with your audience the experience of dining at farms, meeting the farmers, and touring the farms where ingredients are grown.
  • Beer Brewery Tours in Belgium: Let your readers know they can visit renowned breweries while sampling various Belgian beers.
  • Sushi Making in Tokyo: Encourage your readers to learn from sushi masters, prepare their sushi, and visit markets for fresh ingredients in Tokyo.
  • Coffee Plantation Tours in Colombia: Suggest your readers walk through coffee plantations, learn about coffee production, and sample freshly brewed coffee in Colombia.
  • Exploring Spice Markets in India: Tell your readers they can explore vibrant spice markets, learn about the benefits and uses of spices, and enjoy cooking demonstrations in India.
  • Gourmet Food Truck Crawls: Share with your audience the fun of discovering innovative street food, often accompanied by live music events.
  • Tapas Tasting in Barcelona: Suggest your readers sample a variety of tapas while learning about the rich Catalan cuisine.
  • Herb Gardening Workshops: Let your readers know they can learn to grow culinary herbs. You can dive deep into planting and care tips.
  • Fusion Cuisine Workshops: Encourage your followers to blend various culinary traditions and create and taste unique dishes.
  • Truffle Hunting in Italy: Share truffle hunting adventures with your audience. Hunters use dogs to find truffles. You can go along for the ride (along with your audience).
  • Sea Salt Harvesting Experience: Suggest your readers learn about traditional salt harvesting and enjoy a salt-tasting session.
  • Time-traveling Tavern Tours: Imagine wandering through ancient taverns while experiencing brewery artistry.
  • Artisan Bread Baking: Learn the secrets of crafting perfect loaves from true artisans. Then share the knowledge and help your audience prepare a basketful to take home.
  • Culinary Cruises: Share with your audience the focus on gourmet dining experiences across multiple culinary destinations.

Wellness and Spiritual Retreats

Wellness and Spiritual Retreats

Wellness and spiritual retreats are great for individuals seeking therapeutic experiences.

Here are the best niche ideas for this category:

  • Yoga Retreat in Bali: Imagine unwinding every day with yoga, letting mindfulness and meditation in the tranquil Bali settings breathe new life into you. I almost feel at peace just writing this. Imagine your viewers as they come across this content.
  • Ayurvedic Spa in India: Share traditional Ayurvedic treatments with your audience while also providing customized wellness plans.
  • Silent Meditation Retreats: Suggest to your followers that structured meditation sessions, digital detox, and a supportive environment are key benefits of silent retreats.
  • Tai Chi Workshops in China: Explain that learning from Tai Chi masters and focusing on balance and calm are the essentials of these types of workshops in China.
  • Destination Weddings: Want to share a great adventure travel experience? Create travel content about a destination wedding in an exotic country. This micro niche is quickly gaining popularity as couples seek unique and memorable ways to tie the knot.
  • Detox Resorts in Thailand: Imagine rejuvenating at one of Thailand’s serene detox resorts. If rebooting your health sounds appealing, consider jet-setting to Thailand and sharing the trip with your audience.
  • Holistic Health Retreats: Treatments like Reiki promise an invigorating journey through self-care. Aimed at rejuvenating your physical form and enriching your mental and spiritual awareness, there’s lots to say about this sub niche.
  • Spiritual Pilgrimages: Guide your audience to sacred sites that help bring out personal reflection.
  • Forest Therapy Sessions: Invite your readers to explore guided walks based on Japanese Shinrin-yoku. This practice focuses on healing and connecting with nature.
  • Spa Vacation with Natural Hot Springs: Imagine unwinding on a spa vacation centered around the soothing embrace of natural hot springs.
  • Wellness Cruises: Create a travel piece that helps people picture themselves on a wellness cruise. There’s so much you could do from diving into fitness classes or absorbing wisdom from seminars.
  • Fitness Boot Camps: Inform your followers about intensive fitness programs complementing nutrition and lifestyle coaching.
  • Chakra Balancing Retreats: By focusing on the special spots of energy within their bodies during yoga or while meditating, people unlock doors to personal growth and happiness. Would you like to gift this to others? Create content around it.
  • Sound Healing Workshops: Discuss the healing effects of sound using tools like gongs and singing bowls to promote deep relaxation.
  • Desert Healing Retreats: Describe the unique benefits of serene desert landscape, focusing on mindfulness and creative workshops like painting or writing.
  • Aromatherapy Retreats: Essential oils pack a punch when it comes to healing. Maybe it’s time to start blending your very own?
  • Vegan Wellness Retreats: Advocate for the health benefits of an entirely plant-based menu, including cooking classes and nutrition talks.
  • Qigong Retreats: Suggest learning Qigong for health and vitality, practiced in peaceful settings.
  • Healing Art Retreats: Highlight emotional healing through various art forms. No artistic experience required.
  • Shamanic Healing Experiences: Inform people about the deep spiritual connection available through learning from indigenous shamans.
  • Mindfulness and Writing Retreats: Consider fusing thoughtful reflection activities into your daily journals – and sharing your findings.
  • Ocean Therapy Retreats: Encourage exploring ocean therapy through surfing and sea kayaking, complemented by beach meditation sessions.
  • Biohacking Conference: If you’re curious about pushing the limits of human performance, there’s no better place than a biohacking conference. Why not organize one and get curated experts to share their thoughts with your audience?
  • Rejuvenation Retreats in Nature: Imagine finding peace away from the hustle – trekking up quiet mountainsides or cooling off with a swim in sparkling waters, focusing entirely on feeling good inside out.
  • Trekking Adventures with a Side of Zen: Imagine merging the peacefulness of meditation with your love for trekking across breathtaking landscapes.

Cultural and Historical Tours

Those fascinated by history, cultures, and traditions can also make the most of traveling.

Whether it’s getting to see what castles exist worldwide or visiting famous landmarks through your content, there’s so much value you can bring to your audience.

Here are the best niche ideas for cultural and historical tours:

  • Archaeological Digs: Help your audience learn from archaeologists and discover what ancient artifacts lie in foreign lands
  • Renaissance Art Tours in Italy: Show your readers what it’s like to experience Renaissance art firsthand. Visit famous museums with expert guides and learn about the masters.
  • Samurai Culture Tours in Japan: Push your audience to really dive into the world of samurais by visiting old castles and experiencing martial arts shows live.
  • Ancient Egyptian Monuments: Step back thousands of years and roam among giants—the great Pyramids and Sphinx—with guides who live and breathe ancient Egyptian history.
  • Medieval Castle Tours in Europe: Stop at majestic historical fortresses and unlock tales from long ago. Then immerse yourself fully as you join the crowd cheering at vibrant live performances recreating those epic days. Just be sure to film everything you experience!
  • Imperial Cities of Morocco: To taste Morocco’s heritage, ensure you hit up places like Marrakech or Fes.
  • Viking History Tours in Scandinavia: Dive into the past with Viking History Tours across Scandinavia. Imagine walking where Vikings once did. Get lost in tales from centuries ago.
  • Colonial Era Tours in Latin America: Step onto the cobblestones where history was made during a deep dive into Latin America’s colonial era.
  • Silk Road Expeditions: Imagine tracing back through time along the legendary paths of the Silk Road. You’d witness firsthand how different worlds collided culturally.
  • Byzantine Heritage in Istanbul: Immerse yourself in the echoes of yesteryears at must-see Byzantine spots. Help your audience discover the lives of emperors that once were.
  • Civil Rights Movement Tours in the USA: Trace back through critical sites of the civil rights era and immerse yourself in tales of courage found at every corner.
  • Indigenous Art Tours in Australia: Advise your readers to explore Aboriginal art sites, learn about art traditions, and experience guided tours by Aboriginal artists.
  • Genghis Khan and Mongol Empire Tours: Learn about the mighty Mongols’ impact. Travel around their homeland and visit key landmarks.
  • Ottoman Empire Tours in Turkey: Get ready to discover what made the Ottomans tick by touring legendary spots.
  • Roman Empire Tours in Italy: Show your followers what it’s like to visit iconic Roman sites like the Colosseum and learn about Roman engineering and society from historians.
  • World War II History Tours: Suggest your readers visit WWII battlefields and memorials.
  • Traditional Chinese Medicine Tours: Take a journey through the past of Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • Renaissance Festival Visits: Encourage experiencing a Renaissance festival’s interactive history with jousting, crafts, and period food.
  • Dutch Golden Age Tours: Visit museums and historical homes to explore the art and culture of 17th-century Netherlands and learn about famous Dutch artists.
  • Scottish Clan History Tours: For an authentic slice of Scotland’s heart and soul – learning about its clan customs is a must!
  • Historic Railroad Journeys: Hop on a classic train, dive into the rich tapestry of railroad lore, and let those scenic journeys charm you.
  • Greek Mythology Tours: Visit mythological sites like Olympus, learn about
    gods and heroes, and benefit from expert guidance.

Wildlife and Nature Reserves Explorations

Wildlife and Nature Reserves Explorations

Creating content that appeals to nature lovers and wildlife enthusiasts?

Here are the best ideas for this travel niche:

  • Birdwatching in Costa Rica: Let your readers know they can explore hundreds of bird species in Costa Rica’s jungle and coastal settings.
  • Bear Watching in Canada: Share with your audience that observing bears in their natural Canadian habitats is safest and most spectacular in the spring and early summer.
  • Coral Reef Diving in the Great Barrier Reef: Push those who follow you to jump feet first into exploring The Great Barrier Reef’s vibrant life below water.
  • Elephant Conservation in Thailand: Imagine being part of the movement that ensures Thailand’s majestic elephants are preserved for generations.
  • Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda: Let your audience know they can track mountain gorillas in Rwanda.
  • Whale Watching in Alaska: Explain to your readers that they can witness whales in Alaska’s majestic settings.
  • Tiger Safaris in India: Let people know the best ways to explore Indian national parks while spotting wild tigers.
  • Butterfly Sanctuaries in Mexico: Imagine getting lost in clouds of orange and black wings. That can be your (and your follower’s) reality if you visit Mexico when it gets cooler!
  • Amazon Rainforest Expeditions: Have you ever dreamed about an expedition in the lush, vibrant Amazon? Get up close with nature’s wonders in a trek across the Amazon Rainforest.
  • Arctic Wildlife Tours: Share your experience of the unique wildlife of the Arctic.
  • Kangaroo Encounters in Australia: Encourage your audience to observe kangaroos in their natural Australian environments.
  • Reptile Watching in the Galapagos: Let your readers know they can see unique species like marine iguanas in the Galapagos.
  • Bison Chasing in America: Start your bison-chasing adventure across sweeping prairies.
  • Red Panda Trekking in Nepal: Share with your audience your trip of searching for the elusive red panda in Nepal.
  • Puffin Watching in Iceland: Tell your followers they can visit puffin colonies in Iceland, learn about their life cycles, and find the best viewing times in late spring and summer.
  • Sea Turtle Conservation Projects: How about becoming a hero for sea turtles during their nesting season? Patrol beaches at night and learn how each step helps conserve marine life.
  • Penguin Colonies in Antarctica: Share your visit to remote penguin habitats in Antarctica. To enhance the experience, you can also include educational lectures on polar ecosystems with expedition cruises.
  • Cheetah Conservation in Namibia: Explain to your audience how they can learn about cheetah behavior and threats in Namibia.
  • Manatee Encounters in Florida: Tell your followers they can observe manatees in Florida’s clear springs, learn about their ecology, and explore everything by guided kayak tours.
  • Wildlife Photography Workshops: Get ready to snap breathtaking shots of wildlife photography. Join a workshop under the guidance of professional snappers and share the memories with the people who follow you.

How to Choose a Travel Niche

The travel niche offers a wide array of content opportunities to explore.

Ensuring you get into the right category is crucial for long-term success.

Here’s how to pick the best travel niche from the ideas above.

Combine Your Expertise And Interests

Consider these questions:

  • What are the “travel niches” you can never stop talking about?
  • What do you consider yourself an expert at?

Experience and expertise are always key factors when choosing your niche.

If you can also combine your passions and interests, that’s even better.

When you’re genuinely passionate about what you do, you’ll enjoy your work much more.

However, don’t be fooled into thinking you must be passionate about your chosen area before starting.

I think passion helps; however, it’s not as important in the list of priorities as it’s made out to be.

Also, unless you start, you probably won’t know what you’re passionate about anyways.

Think of your Target Audience

You want to work with people that share your values and are interested in what you have to say.

This choice starts by understanding your people’s:

  • Demographics (who they are)
  • Psychographics (lifestyle and values)
  • Interests (what they like)

Consider what their main interests are.

Ask yourself:

  • What do they like reading about?
  • Talking about?
  • What do they do when they travel?

I love going around and exploring new places in a new country.

If I were involved in the travel niche and my target audience was someone who chose to stay by the pool all holiday long, I don’t think we’d get along too well.

In other words, that wouldn’t be the best target persona to create content for.


There’s a lot more money in a luxury travel blog compared to a budget travel blog.

Everyone understands this concept. Yet many choose the wrong niche when they want to make the most money.

If you make the wrong choice, the numbers won’t add up.


  • your audience
  • how much money they typically spend and
  • whether this aligns with your financial goals.

Finding profitable niches is about striking a balance between profitability and passion.


Competition is a good thing.

It shows people are spending money on competitors who have already found a way to sell their products and services.

You can model what works and follow what someone’s already doing.

However, you must also consider how your products and services differ.

What can you offer that’s currently missing in the market?

A unique approach to your niche ensures you stand out in a crowded marketplace.

How To Research Your Travel Niche

Here are a few ideas for finding the best travel niche:

  • Review travel blogs: See what type of content they post. Go through the helpful posts and ask yourself, “Why”? What makes this information stand out? Checking out your favorite niche travel blog will help you prioritize what’s important.
  • Join social media groups: Travel bloggers love to share their opinions, ask questions, and provide feedback to others with the same areas of interest. They’ll ask questions about theme parks, money saving tips, romantic destinations, and much more. You’ll be able to find “your people” in these groups. You’ll also notice the language people use when they talk. When you use this language, you’ll become “one of the insiders.” And that makes it much easier to create resonating content.
  • Read travel industry reports and data: Stay ahead of the trends by knowing what’s happening in the industry. Even one small insight can help you choose the right niche and create better content.


Exploring your favorite ideas from the above list opens up lots of travel opportunities.

These ideas also make it easier to turn your dreams into reality.

Now, it’s just about you putting them into action.

Safe travels and enjoy the journey!

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