The 200+ Best YouTube Channel Name Ideas (Ultimate List)

The 200+ Best YouTube Channel Name Ideas (Ultimate List)

Welcome to my ultimate list of the best YouTube channel name ideas for 2024.

It took me about an hour to come up with my YouTube channel name. By the way, my channel name is “Adam Enfroy”…just my first and last name.

If that took me an hour, then coming up with a “real” channel name could take ages.

So, I decided to take a deep dive into the most popular channels. I analyzed trends and patterns and came up with this list of 200+ possible YouTube channel names. Then, I divided them into categories, so you could quickly pick one that matches your niche.

WARNING: Your channel name is ten times more important than you think it is. If you want to make money on YouTube, you absolutely MUST have a simple, memorable, and catchy channel name.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • My top 200+ names by category
  • Some tips for coming up with your own channel name
  • My 3 simple methods to name your channel in a few minutes
  • Some of the biggest YouTube channels for inspiration


Let’s find your channel name today!

What Are The Best YouTube Channel Names?

  1. YouTube Gold Mines
  2. 5-Minute Life Hacks
  3. Z TV
  4. Marsh Mellow
  5. Millionaire Mindset
  6. The Brightside
  7. The Miraclemaker
  8. YouTube Tunes
  9. A Mystic Rhythm
  10. Mystic Memories
  11. Zenith
  12. Z-Media
  13. Rock Mountain Offroading
  14. The Talkers Podcast
  15. Freelanceaholics
  16. Ask The Pham
  17. Kpop 101 Daily
  18. The World in Your Pocket
  19. 30-Minute Microlearning
  20. Half Hour Recipes

Unique YouTube Channel Names

  1. A Voyage of Discovery
  2. Natural Serenity
  3. Peace of Mind
  4. The Better Human Project
  5. Life On The Ground
  6. Solar Eternity
  7. An Echo Through Time
  8. 8 Million Stories
  9. Off The Beaten Path
  10. Vlogly
  11. Sports Overload
  12. Sports Talk With (Name)
  13. Ball All Day
  14. Ball is Life
  15. The Gridiron Show
  16. Spots in Black And White
  17. The History of Basketball
  18. Sunday Glory
  19. The Racer’s Edge
  20. Goal!: A Soccer Show

Creative YouTube Channel Names

  1. Film Review Police
  2. Thinking Thrifty
  3. The Vegan Voyage
  4. The Language Lab
  5. The Gardening Guru
  6. Nature’s Nest
  7. The News Nest
  8. Fitness Fusion
  9. The Quantum Leap
  10. A Brighter Horizon News

Catchy YouTube Channel Names

  1. Daily Delights
  2. Wanderlust Wizardy
  3. Galaxy of Gaming
  4. The Mindfulness Muse
  5. The History Hive
  6. Frontline TV News
  7. Pets Paradise
  8. The Book Buddies: Reviews And Recommendations
  9. Health Haven
  10. Dynamic DIY

Lifestyle YouTube Channel Names

  1. A Day in The Life
  2. A Day to Remember
  3. MyDailyJourney
  4. LifeChronicles
  5. Daily Diary
  6. The Real Me
  7. Life: Unscripted
  8. Life’s Little Adventures
  9. Authentic Living
  10. A Day With (Name)
  11. Casual Appeal
  12. On The Move
  13. Jaded & Misinformed
  14. Daily Things
  15. Glam Chatter
  16. 2 Peas in a Pod
  17. Gen Z Life
  18. Unscripted With (Name)
  19. Adulting
  20. Women Who Boss

YouTube Gaming Channel Names

  1. Player Passion
  2. The Game Stream Zone
  3. Live Playing
  4. GameTube
  5. Player Waiting
  6. The Gamer Lobby
  7. Gaming Live
  8. Game Heaven
  9. GameX
  10. Gamer HQ
  11. That’s so Gamer
  12. Over-Caffeineated Gamers
  13. Gamer Talk
  14. The Tilted Gamer Podcast
  15. I Love to Hate This Game
  16. COD Zombies
  17. The Gamer Cast
  18. Gamer Roundtable
  19. Gaming Chat
  20. All Things Gaming

DIY YouTube Channel Names

  1. Renovation Guru
  2. Craft Home Makeovers
  3. The DIY Stylista
  4. Home Crafters
  5. DIY 101
  6. Interior Design Gurus
  7. Design it Yourself
  8. Learn to Make Stuff
  9. Do it Yourself Basics
  10. Easy Home Improvements
  11. That’s Sew Easy
  12. The All Things Crafts Show
  13. The Garden-Nerd
  14. Baking Tips With (Name)
  15. The Green Thumb
  16. Planting Secrets Unveiled
  17. Being Crafty
  18. Handyman TV
  19. Crafty Sunday
  20. Sew What?

Fashion YouTube Channel Names

  1. Fashion Fusion
  2. Trendy Threads
  3. Girl Power Fashion
  4. Fashion TV
  5. Style Studio
  6. Vogue Vibes
  7. The Trendsetters
  8. Catwalk TV
  9. Glamorous Garments
  10. Chic TV
  11. The This Week in Fashion Show
  12. The Fashion Labs Pod
  13. Fashion is Therapy
  14. #NoFilter!
  15. Catwalk Confessions
  16. Style 101
  17. The Single Girl Fashion Channel
  18. Fashion For Millenials
  19. Budget Fashion
  20. Fashion! Fashion! Fashion!

Need more inspiration? Here are all the fashion channel name ideas you might need.

Food YouTube Channel Names

  1. Tummy Good
  2. Easy Bites With Me
  3. Kitchen Adventures
  4. Food Feast
  5. Food Fiesta
  6. Gourmet TV
  7. Epic Eats
  8. The Gastronomer
  9. Food Wiz
  10. Gastro Eats
  11. What a Foodie!
  12. Yumlish Lessons
  13. Farm-To-Table
  14. Canned-Did Convos
  15. Healthy Bites TV
  16. Taco Tuesdays
  17. The Tasty Recipe Club
  18. Indian Food Chatter
  19. City Eats
  20. The Home Plate Show

Vlogging YouTube Channel Names

  1. Vlogaholic
  2. LifeOnCamera
  3. My Vlog Life
  4. The Camera Chronicles
  5. Vlog Unscripted
  6. Your Daily Dose
  7. Vlog World
  8. Happy Homemade Videos
  9. The Family First Vlog
  10. Our Family Journey
  11. Unapologetically Me
  12. Unsolicited Vlogs
  13. Smile! You’re on Camera!
  14. My Unorganized Thoughts
  15. Behind The Scenes With (Name)
  16. The Unplanned Vlog
  17. 24 Hours With (Name)
  18. Hey, What’s Up?
  19. Life With (Name)
  20. (Name)’s Podcast

Travel YouTube Channel Names

  1. The Jetsetters Journey
  2. The Blonde Abroad
  3. Jetsetter
  4. Explore With (Name)
  5. The Passport Pilgrim
  6. No Reservations
  7. The Travelling Nomad
  8. The Nomad Diaries
  9. European Discoveries
  10. Explore Europe Now
  11. Ready, Set, Jet!
  12. Journey Through (Destination)
  13. A Meandering Hippie
  14. How to Travel on a Budget
  15. The Forever Gap Year
  16. 20-Somethings Travel Show
  17. Get Lost With Me
  18. Young, Dumb, And Broke…And Travelling
  19. Leaving Las Vegas
  20. Entrance Granted

Educational YouTube Channel Names

  1. Science EDU
  2. The Science Guys
  3. EduGenius
  4. The Sciencepreneur 
  5. Tech Genius
  6. The Science Lab
  7. The Lab Videos
  8. Learn Science
  9. Science Savvy
  10. The Mindful Experience
  11. Kiducation Cast
  12. I-School
  13. YouTube School
  14. SchoolTube
  15. Learn (Topic) With (Name)
  16. Science Simplified
  17. History Simplified
  18. The Simple English Channel
  19. Knowledge Bombs
  20. Learn With Us

Entertainment YouTube Channel Names

  1. Entertainment Official
  2. E-TV
  3. No Limit Entertainment
  4. The Power Kids
  5. Boredom Breakers
  6. Laughs And Gags
  7. The Gag Reel
  8. Geekology
  9. Comedy Videos
  10. YouTube Laugh Highlights

Fitness YouTube Channel Name Ideas

  1. The Fitness Factory
  2. FitFirm
  3. The Workout Studio
  4. Fit Pro Gains
  5. Fit Boss
  6. Workout TV
  7. Workout Warrior
  8. Smart And Sculpted
  9. Pro Training TV
  10. The Active Lifestyle
  11. 24/7 Fitness
  12. Fitness Anytime
  13. Fitness in a Nutshell
  14. Talk Gym to Me
  15. Geeky Fitness For Nerds
  16. Fit Science
  17. Being Fit is Fun
  18. Fit Talk Radio
  19. Never Quit Fitness
  20. Wake up. It’s Gym Time

What is a YouTube Channel Name And Why is it Important?

A YouTube channel name is…you guessed it…THE NAME OF YOUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL!

Seriously, though – Why is a YouTube channel name so important?

Here’s the thing…

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms to start and grow an online business fast. But the problem is that there’s so much competition out there that it’s hard to actually get people to choose your videos over someone else’s.

So, how do you stand out and instantly get eyes on your YouTube channel?

A great YouTube channel name. 

Your channel name is a great way to get your target audience interested in your videos and choose you from the thousands of other YouTube channels out there. Your channel is the #1 way your audience will define you and understand your brand. So, you’ve got to get it right.

How to Name Your YouTube Channel

There are two widely accepted ways to name your YouTube channel: The easy way and the hard (ish) way.

Let’s start with the easy way first.

The easiest way to name your YouTube channel is just to choose one of the following three methods:

  1. Your Name: Some of the biggest YouTubers just use their real name. Think, Gary Vee, Tony Robbins, Adam Enfroy (wink wink) or Justin Beiber. This is the easiest way to name your channel. It works well for people who already have a public profile. You could even do variations of it by adding something about your niche or channel to the name. For example, cooking with (name) for a cooking channel or life with (name) for a vlog.
  2. Your Name + Brand: This is one of my favorite ways to name a YouTube channel. A good example is Daniel Duane TV Tech. This lets people know who you are AND what you do immediately. It’s great for personal branding and great for clicks because people know instantly what they’re getting into.
  3. Brand Name: Trust me, if you’re an existing business, just use your business’ name. Don’t overthink it. You want to tie a red line through your entire brand online, so just use your brand’s name for your YouTube channel name. Good examples of this are Think Media, Target, and Wal-Mart.

Pro Tip: If you’re still stuck on naming your YouTube channel, head over to a YouTube channel name generator. A lot of the names will be pretty out there, but there are always some hidden gems mixed in. At the very least, you could get some inspiration. My favorite YouTube name generator is Welder – soon to be Veed Live.

OK, that was the easy way. Just following one of those 3 options above could save you hours of time, and ensure your channel has a hiller name.

But if you insist on doing it the hard way, here are some tips for naming your channel.

Tips For Naming Your YouTube Channel

OK, so after scouring the top 500 YouTube channels, I’ve reverse-engineered their names to come up with these 10 tips.

#1. Keep Your Youtube Channel Name Short And Memorable

Keep it to 4 words maximum with rare exceptions. 

There’s not much space on people’s YouTube feeds. You don’t want your name to be cut off.

The biggest YouTubers out there usually have 2-3 words max, but a 4th won’t kill you.

Think of:

#2. Consider Your Niche or Category

Adding category descriptors into your name is a great way to drive clicks and subs. This lets people know immediately what they’re getting into.

There are tons of people who hunt for content in certain niches just to kill time, and you want those people to look at your name think “oh, I’m into that stuff. Let me check it out”.

Good examples of this are some of the big travel YouTube channels:

  • The Endless Adventure
  • The Bucket List Family
  • Indigo Traveller
  • DWDocumental
  • Geography Now

Here are some of my best ideas for creating the right YouTube travel channel name.

Notice that they either have a descriptor (e.g, documental) or a word related to travel (e.g, adventure).

Sit down and write out at least 10-20 words related to your niche or category.

Other good examples of categories are:

These are all descriptors relating to the channel’s content. So, start by thinking about what type of content you’re going to produce, and work backward from there.

You could always just say what type of content you’re creating as well. If you’re creating documentaries, say documentaries. If you’re creating a reaction YouTube channel, use “reacts” or “reactions”. Keep it simple.

Pro Tip: Think of at least 10 videos that you want to create. See if there are any patterns. For example, Channels built around tips or little digestible bits of knowledge are a great idea for a YouTube channel. If this were the case, you could put the words “daily”, “tips”, or “hacks” into your YouTube channel name.

I’m not a big fan of trends, but, hey, this is social media.

The best way to do anything is to just see what successful people are doing and copy them.

There are a few major trends among the top 500 YouTube channels that are a great place to start:

  • Use alliteration (when both words start with the same sound). “Grace’s Gardening” or “TED Talks”
  • Add common suffixes to your channel like -ly, -ish, or -ize
  • Fuse two words together like vagabond + brothers to create The Vagabrothers
  • Use a unique spelling 
  • Creat your own nickname based on one of your interests. How do you think PewDiePie got his name? It’s just because he likes pie!

#4. Use Strong Language

What do you think of when you see the YouTube channel name “Epic Meal Time”? To me, that feels…well…epic!

Strong words like epic, now, go, incredible, delicious, or extreme are all good ideas. 

Using strong language is an age old copywriting technique that has proven to get results. People stay more focused on the page when the writing is strong. Weak, passive writing loses people’s attention and doesn’t make an impact. But strong words keep the mind engaged and drive action.

Good examples of YouTube channels doing this well are:

When in doubt, look up “power language” in copywriting and you’ll see which words are most commonly used.

#5. Personalize Your YouTube Channel Name

I’ve already touched on this before, but I’ll say it again: Try to make your channel name unique to you.

It doesn’t have to be your name, but it should be something related to you (if you’re going to be in the vidoes).

That could be:

  • A nickname
  • Your middle name
  • A username you like
  • A variation of your name plus the category of your channel. For example, “Cooking With Sarah” or “Travel by Jim”

Don’t overdo this. You don’t want to sacrifice clarity or the sake of getting cute with your channel. But it should at least be somewhat related to you.

Speaking of that…

#6. Don’t Overcomplicate Things

I know this should be obvious, but it’s worth saying.

While you do want to be somewhat creative, you don’t want to make things too hard to remember or spell.

For example, a lot of YouTubers with very long names will use a nickname or change the spelling to make it easier for people to remember.

A good example of this is Panda Boi. He uses a unique spelling of “boy” to make it memorable, but it’s not that hard to type. If it were Panda boiez, it would be a nightmare. I’ve seen a few students of mine trying to use ridiculous spellings. Don’t do that!

#7. Think About Future Growth

You definitely should niche down, but you don’t want to pigeonhole yourself either.

For example, Dave’s Movie Reviews is a perfect YouTube channel name. It’s everything a good YouTube channel name should be. Simple, easy to remember, and very descriptive. However, Dave’s Horror Movie Reviews would NOT be good in my opinion.

This would limit Dave – whoever he is – to only horror movies for the rest of his channel’s life.

Side note – if you’re into horror, check out these horror YouTube channels.

They can provide tons of inspiration.

If you learn how to grow on YouTube, you’ll get a lot of new followers. And you’ll be expected to make a ton of content. You don’t want to make life any harder than it already is. So, go general enough to give yourself some wiggle room to expand further down the road.

Memorable YouTube Channel Names For Inspiration

I want to include some catch channel names from some of the most successful YouTube channels. That way, you can use them for inspiration to come up with your own YouTube channel name.

The best way to use these channels for inspiration is to really think about what makes them so good.

Think “why does this name jump out at me”, “why is memorable”, or “what makes it a catchy channel name”? I would take notes of all the channels and use this in your thinking process when brainstorming your channel name.

#1. Cocomelon

Ah, Cocomelon. The big, evil nursery rhyming machine driving parents insane when all they want to do is sleep.

Just kidding, Cocomelon is great!

This is a great example of how changing your YouTube channel can result in massive increases in viewership. Cocomelon used to ABC KidTV, which is a bit long and ambiguous.

They rebranded to Cocomelon to have more a joyful, childlike name. Cocomelon was inspired by a nursery rhyme, and the name is cute, easy to say, and memorable.

This is a great example of how thinking outside the box and using words related to your niche (in this case, kids babble) is a great way to strike a chord with your audience.

#2. PewDiePIe

It still blows my mind that some random Swedish gamer has 111 million subscribers. I really don’t even know what he does. He’s just PewDiePie.

PewDiePie is a great example of using creative, alliterative words to make a memorable YouTube channel name.

Also, it’s personalized. PewDiePie says he just like pie, and that’s why he chose to add pie into the name.

When thinking of possible YouTube channel names, try adding in something unique about you.

#3. Vlad And Niki

Vlad and Niki proves that simpler is usually better.

It’s literally just their names. People remember human names a lot more easily than random words. So, while creativity is a good thing, sometimes just keeping it simple is best. Remember, don’t overthink it!

#4. Adam Enfroy

I might be just a tad bit biased here, but I love Adam Enfroy’s channel name.

Again, keep it simple and just use your own name if you can…especially if you’re a business or want to be an influencer in your niche.

#5. NoCopyrightSounds


This is a tour de force in using descriptors in your channel name. Just say exactly what your channel is about or what it does.

In this case, NoCopyrightSounds is full of copyright-free music. 

Follow their lead by saying exactly what the audience should expect when clicking to your channel page.

YouTube Channel Name Ideas: Conclusion

You now have 200+ YouTube channel name ideas, a quick method for coming up with your own name, and a few popular channels to take inspiration from.

The only thing that’s left is to start putting in the work.

Your YouTube channel name could make the difference between success and failure. And the last thing you want to do is have to do a major rebrand in a few years.

Take 30 minutes right now to start brainstorming your channel name. Follow all the tips I gave you in this article, and you’ll have a great name in no time.

What’s Next?

Now that you have a great channel name, I think you should start learning how to make money as a content creator on YouTube.

It’s actually a lot easier than you might think, and you don’t need that many subscribers to do it. There are tons of content creators making $2,000, $5,000, or even $20,000+ per month with relatively few subs. You just need to know how to do it!

Put in the work now, and within a year, you could have a full-time income just from YouTube.

Good luck! Let me know which name you choose!

YouTube Channel Name Ideas F.A.Q

Q: How do I choose a YouTube channel name?

A: You choose a YouTube channel name in a few ways:

  • Use your own name
  • Use your brand name
  • Use strong language
  • Keep it to 3-4 words max
  • Be catch and memorable
  • Change spellings
  • Perosnalize it by using a nickname or a personal interest of yours
  • Use descriptors or say what category your channel is like “nature docs” or “cooking hacks”

Q: How do I change my YouTube channel name?

A: You change your YouTube channel name by:

  1. Logging into YouTube studio
  2. Selecting the customization option from the dropdown menu
  3. Selecting Basic Info
  4. Clicking the pencil icon
  5. Change your name in the “Name” field
  6. Then clicking the publish button

Q: What are some of the most popular YouTube names?

A: Some of the most popular names on YouTube are:

  1. Cocomelon
  2. Vlad and niki
  3. PewDiePie
  4. Mr. Beast
  5. Like Nastya

Further reading on Looking for niche-specific channel names?

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You can also review these podcast name ideas if podcasting is more your thing.

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