15 Best Horror YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Best Horror YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

Imagine you receive a mysterious, unmarked envelope.

You open it. Inside is an invitation to spend the night in an infamous haunted mansion.

Would you accept it? Or would you think the risk isn’t worth the reward?

Consider the YouTube channels below similar to this invitation.

They will pull you into their world of spine-chilling horror – if you choose to accept.

They will also bring you face-to-face with the extraordinary and the terrifying.

Ready for the best horror YouTube channels? Keep on reading to find out more.

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What Are The Best Horror YouTube Channels?

Here are the best horror YouTube channels.



CreepsMcPasta comes to life through the channel’s expertly narrated horror stories.

Each story is a masterpiece and transforms into a horror movie in your mind.

Regular uploads include compilations of real life horror stories from different sources.

For example, there are Reddit compilations and classic “Creepypasta tales”.

There’s always fresh content to send shivers down your spine.

CreepsMcPasta maintains a consistent tone of eerie suspense across its videos.

Overall, the channel’s unique storytelling style is both immersive and unsettling.

It provides a perfect escape for those who enjoy the thrill of a good scare.



LoeyLane combines the spooky with the stylish.

Hosted by Loey, the channel goes into all things paranormal.

It also celebrates plus-size fashion and makeup.

Loey (the channel’s creator) is an charismatic and enthusiastic creator and welcomes viewers with her signature greeting, “Hello my loves,”.

This has become a tradition for this channel.

It’s interesting to see this warm, inviting tone contrasting with the eerie tales she shares.

Additionally, Loey’s personal experiences add an authentic touch to her content.

Her ghost-hunting adventures and interactions with haunted objects come to mind.

Whether you want chilling ghost stories or just looking for the latest fashion haul, LoeyLane is a great channel to check out.



Dark5 videos dive deep into the world’s greatest mysteries.

They also provide viewers with captivating explorations of the unknown.

The channel is renowned for its detailed investigations into unexplained phenomena.

Such phenomena range from UFO sightings to secret government projects.

Dark5 also blends historical intrigue with contemporary conspiracy theories.

Episodes like “Dark Cargo: 5 Mysterious Container Ships at Sea” and “5 Mysterious UFO Crashes Before Roswell” are about uncovering the hidden and the strange.

Dark5’s engaging narration and well-researched topics keep viewers on the edge – whether exploring ancient artifacts or the latest mysterious discoveries.

Slapped Ham

Slapped Ham

Slapped Ham is a library of all things creepy.

The channel uploads anything from paranormal encounters to bizarre and unsettling footage.

Slapped Ham can find and present the “right moments” using a fresh perspective.

The result?

Videos that can spook even the most seasoned horror enthusiast.

Overall, Slapped Ham’s content is engaging, and often unsettling nature sets it apart.

The channel combines short, punchy, and longer, more in-depth videos to keep its audience hooked.



Top5s offers a mix of history, facts, and paranormal mysteries.

This combo makes it a favorite among those who enjoy the strange and unexplained.

The channel started producing list-type videos, which is the format it generally keeps publishing in.

However, Top5s has expanded to include other formats over the years.

It now releases series and documentaries every few weeks.

The channel also provides in-depth coverage of some of the world’s most fascinating subjects.

Whether you’re interested in historical mysteries, creepy paranormal encounters, or dark conspiracy theories, Top5s is a must-watch.

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby

Sam and Colby are well-known among their 12+ million subscribers for their thrilling and spine-chilling exploration videos.

Series such as:

  • Stanley Hotel
  • Hell Week
  • The Attachment
  • Empath and
  • Queen Mary

…have got them into some of the most infamous and eerie locations worldwide.

What’s certain is that Sam and Colby’s content will send shivers down your spine.

They also collaborate with other famous creators.

For example, working with The Sturniolo Triplets in “Ghost Hunting at Haunted Driskill Hotel,” adds an extra layer to their investigations.

Their immersive approach to ghost hunting and paranormal exploration has made them a staple in the horror YouTube community.

Being Scared

Being Scared

Being Scared is ideal for lovers of scary stories.

With a focus on true scary stories (told against the backdrop of relaxing rain and thunderstorm sounds), Being Scared creates an immersive experience perfectly.

Often stretching over several hours, these stories provide a continuous stream of scary tales for listeners to enjoy.

The channel also features holiday-themed stories.

For example, “Scary Holiday Stories Told By The Warm Fire,” adds a festive twist to the usual chilling content.

The combination of true horror stories with the calming sounds of rain provides a unique experience for its viewers.

Lutch Green

Lutch Green

Lutch Green features disturbing backstories, unsolved mysteries, and eerie last photos.

Lutch Green’s videos are well-known for their narratives and unsettling themes.

The channel also covers various historical and contemporary mysteries.

The best part?

It presents them in a way that intrigues viewers and forces them to keep watching.

Those who enjoy exploring the darker side of life find this channel a must-watch.

John Wolfe

John Wolfe

John Wolfe is a content creator known for his ghost debunkings, goosebumps retrospectives, and reaction videos.

His channel offers a mix of skepticism and nostalgia which appeals to fans of horror and critical analysis alike.

One of the highlights of his channel is the Revisiting Goosebumps series.

Here, John takes a nostalgic yet critical look at R.L. Stine’s classic books and their adaptations.

Another aspect of John Wolfe’s content is his debunking videos.

He often dismantles myths and misconceptions with a healthy dose of skepticism.

For instance, his video “Debunking TikTok’s ‘Scariest’ Ghost Videos” discusses the often sensational claims made on social media.

John also creates content on horror game playthroughs.

As he goes through the game, he offers commentary and critiques.

Overall, John Wolfe’s channel blends skepticism, nostalgia, and thorough analysis.

This unique combination makes it a great channel for people interested in horror, mystery, and thoughtful content analysis.



ScareTheater explores the eerie and unsettling corners of the Internet.

The channel covers everything from mysterious phone calls to bizarre YouTube channels and disturbing true crime stories.

The channel’s content often explores the darker aspects of human behavior and the internet.

Its videos provide a chilling look into obscure and often disturbing phenomena.

To do this, the creators use a mix of investigative storytelling and analytical commentary.

Definitely another channel to explore if you’re looking to learn something new while getting scared out of your wits.

Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband

Corpse Husband tells spine-chilling stories, primarily based on actual events.

The channel’s unique style has captivated a massive audience (that loves to get scared).

The content ranges from horror stories found on Reddit to unsettling true encounters shared by his subscribers.

Corpse Husband’s channel also features gameplay videos.

The creator uses clever (some might say manipulative) tactics to win.

Examples of these videos include “Using 666IQ Imposter Techniques to Win EVERY 50/50” and “My 666 IQ Imposter Play Made the NEWS.”

If you’re into gaming (with a twist), these are great to check out.

The channel’s engaging storytelling and charismatic presence make its videos a must-watch for fans of horror and thrilling content.

Rob Gavagan

Rob Gavagan

Rob Gavagan is your guide to the strange side of life.

He explores eerie and unsettling topics while going deep into the depths of human mystery and the macabre.

His content also includes a detailed analysis of chilling events.

Some of his most popular videos revolve around the haunting mystery of Joan Croft and the unnerving case of the Springfield Three.

Then, with series like “Seriously Strange” and “Twisted Tens,” Rob explores bizarre and often terrifying real-life stories.

Whether it’s for unsettling events caught on camera or twisted tales of crime, Rob Gavagan’s channel is a must-visit.

Criminally Listed

Criminally Listed

Criminally Listed is a true crime YouTube channel based in Canada.

They focus on bringing lesser-known true crime stories to their audience.

Their videos explore various topics, from disturbing unsolved cases to intriguing themes.

Videos about killers who lure victims online and information about bizarre murder weapons seem to be some of the best videos on the channels.

Then, there are the series.

Some of their notable ones include “Into the Killing”, “3 Unsolved Serial Killers” and “3 Killings Caught on Livestream.”

All of these go into various cases in-depth and also provide compilations of what happened.

Each video is well-researched and provides detailed accounts of the committed crimes.

Dead Meat

Dead Meat

Dead Meat is a YouTube channel that celebrates the horror genre.

Featuring the popular “Kill Count” series, the channel humorously tallies the deaths in various horror films.

In the “Dead Meat Podcast,” the channel goes into deeper horror discussions.

Moreover, their latest “Kill Count” videos include a variety of horror films.

These films range from classics like “The Terminator” and “The Exorcist” to newer releases like “M3GAN” and “Smile.”

They also explore behind-the-scenes stories in the popular horror series.

Cold Case Detective

Cold Case Detective

Cold Case Detective explores some of the most puzzling missing person cases in history.

Recently, they covered the heartbreaking story of a mother and son who disappeared and whose case remains unsolved.

They also explored what they described as the 21st century’s most disturbing murder case.

The creators also discuss old cold cases that were recently solved.

Just a few weeks ago, they made a plea to the public for help in solving a missing person case.

There, they emphasized the urgency and need for collective effort in these investigations.

All of this shows their videos aren’t just about informing.

They’re also about making the world better.

For those who love to binge-watch, they offer long compilations of cold cases, true crime tales, and murder mysteries.

This content provides hours of videos for true crime enthusiasts.

When diving into horror content, it’s crucial to understand the variety of subgenres that exist.

After all, these all cater to different fears and preferences.

In supernatural horror, the focus is on forces beyond our understanding, often involving ghosts, spirits, and demons.

Fans who follow scary YouTube channels often gravitate towards real ghost stories for spine-chilling content.

Psychological horror delves into the human psyche, exploring the depths of our fears rooted in the mind.

Horror enthusiasts might find these themes echoed in terrifying stories or when they recount their scary stories.

Cosmic horror is a compelling subgenre for those intrigued by the vast and unknown universe.

It brings forth the fear of the incomprehensible and the insignificance of humanity in the grand scheme of the cosmos.

Many popular scary YouTube channels explore these themes through horror short films and other creative content.

They also offer deep dives into the existential terror that this subgenre represents.

Slasher horror is another well-recognized subgenre.

It focuses on human killers who commit gruesome murders.

Viewers seeking this niche’s best scary YouTube channels will find plenty of tributes and analyses of classic slasher films.

Zombie horror taps into a primal fear of contagion and the breakdown of society.

Channels that narrate real-life park ranger horror stories or real ghost stories online often incorporate elements of zombie horror.

These channels blur the lines between fiction and real-life events to amplify the terror.

Body horror provokes unease through physical distortion and mutation.

It focuses on the grotesque transformation and mutilation of the human body,

These visceral tales may also fascinate horror fans who enjoy real ghost stories.

Lastly, folk horror often draws on cultural myths and rural settings to craft eerie narratives.

In this case, horror fans might appreciate the rich, atmospheric storytelling that folk horror provides.

Finding Your Horror Niche Subgenre

When exploring a scary YouTube channel, it’s crucial to identify the horror niche that most captivates you.

Are you a horror fan who revels in ghost stories?

Or do you prefer diving into the macabre with true crimes?

Whatever your taste, finding the right horror channels can elevate your viewing experience.

Start by using the section above and your knowledge of horror subgenres to find channels that match your interests.

This approach ensures you find content that genuinely resonates with you.

Next, explore curated collections just like the one above.

Remember that content is king.

With any channel you come across, it’s worth noting how diverse horror channel formats can be.

Another effective approach is to embrace the YouTube algorithm.

By actively watching videos from a horror channel you enjoy, the YouTube algorithm will soon start recommending similar content.

This “natural filtration system” helps you discover new channels that evoke the same thrill as your favorites.


Finding new horror channels can sometimes be a journey through the unknown.

With a focused approach and the list of channels above, you will uncover gems that leave a lasting impression.

One thing’s for sure.

After exploring these spine-chilling YouTube channels, you’ll never look at the platform the same way again.

Just remember to keep the lights on when you go to sleep tonight!

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