15 Best True Crime YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Best True Crime YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

A scream that chills you.

Someone vanishing without a trace.

A surprise ending that shocks you.

These are just some scenes you find on the best true crime YouTube channels.

Are you hooked on stories about crimes? You’re not the only one.

In this article, we’ll explore the 15 best true crime YouTube channels. Let’s dive right in.

What Are The Best True Crime YouTube Channels?

Here are the best true crime YouTube channels to check out.

1. Stephanie Harlowe

Stephanie Harlowe

Stephanie Harlowe fearlessly deconstructs the darkest corners of true crime stories.

She covers history’s grim mysteries and humanity’s worst impulses.

Her refreshingly honest opinions and stunningly detailed analyses of high-profile cases captivate her community through exhaustively researched explorations of depravity.


Explore With Us

EXPLORE WITH US doesn’t just document the unknown.

It takes viewers into an immersive, evolving black hole of unsolved mysteries and supernatural enigmas.

The channel also uses visceral storytelling of shocking intensity to hook its viewers.

Passive spectatorship is tough.

When you start watching, you’ll become an active participant on a compelling journey.

3. dreading (crime and psychology)


With dreading, disturbing criminal psyches aren’t simply examined.

They’re dissected through intense analyses.

If you want to get an inside look into deep motives and madness this is the channel for you.

These aren’t straightforward true crime retellings. Instead, they’re perplexing stories deconstructing society’s most troubled minds.

Each video offers a new, unsettling glimpse into depravity’s fathomless depths.

Be prepared for thrill and nervousness in the same proportion.

4. Matt Orchard – Crime and Society

Matt Orchard

Matt Orchard’s is a true crime YouTuber whose documentaries are almost cinematic artistry.

His intricate narrative craft doesn’t just untangle society’s worst transgressions.

It also illuminates their darkness through his analytical narrative.

These thought-provoking deep dives (into shadowy human impulses) come with painstaking attention to detail.

If you’re a fan of the genre, this channel offers an invaluable and immersive viewing experience.

5. Shrouded Hand

Shrouded Hand

Looking for content that ranges from inexplicable modern atrocities to history’s most disturbing atrocities?

Shrouded Hand is here to shatter the idea you know people.

The channel uses eerie storytelling of the highest cinematic caliber.

Videos are meticulously researched from start to finish.

Prepare for a deeply unsettling, boundary-demolishing experience.

6. Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae

Kendall Rae approaches true crime narratives through an exquisitely empathetic lens.

She provides a sorely needed voice for the voiceless victims whose heartbreaking injustices are spotlighted.

Her engaging storytelling uses the utmost care and sensitivity – a counterweight to the darkness that surrounds each investigated case.

In a nutshell, she honors the lives of those that were unjustly taken.

7. Disturban


They don’t sugarcoat the truth at Disturban.

This channel slices into humanity’s darkest acts. It uses precision, clinical scrutiny and zero pretense.

There’s no sensationalism and no melodrama.

Just relentless, fact-obsessed excavations of harrowing crimes.

Each video delivers a starkly unvarnished glimpse into the most depraved compulsions.

8. Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian

Bailey Sarian has created a cultishly adored hybrid.

She moves between glamor and gore as makeup tutorials coexist with stunningly intricate true crime investigations.

Her energy and quirky charisma capture fans’ attention especially when she peels back the layers of the infamous cases she covers.

9. JCS – Criminal Psychology


Want to get a front-row seat into the mind of the interrogator?

Every video by JCS – Criminal Psychology archives is a nuanced, cerebral examination of criminal psychology and interrogation strategy

With methodical intensity, the channel’s detailed analyses bring technical insight and scripted drama together.

It allows us to watch the mental chess match that happens each and every time.

Who will get the tactical advantage in the next video?

10. ScareTheater


Think you know the darkest corner of the mind?

ScareTheater exists to remove that notion.

It’s a channel that brings together obsessively researched, diabolical situations into the digital world.

Each video, paranormal phenomenon, or urban legend starts as a curiosity.

It then turns into a nightmarishly visceral experience.

The channel uses engaging storytelling that grips you, unsettles you, and takes you on an immersively creeply journey.

11. this is MONSTERS

this is MONSTERS

this is MONSTERS doesn’t just catalog perpetrators.

It provides a full autopsy of their psyches through analytical breakthroughs.

This channel removes every protective layer to reveal the blackest human impulses.

It’s an extreme task to understand people’s most incomprehensible depths.

However, this channel does a great job at it.

12. The Misery Machine

The Misery Machine

At The Misery Machine, they don’t offer easy answers.

They only offer an unflinchingly honest chronicle of the immense grief, injustice, and depravity that happened in some of the most heinous crimes.

There is also no sensationalism.

The creators do a great job at expressing the suffering that happened to those who are ready to confront it head-on.

13. The Casual Criminalist

The Casual Criminalist

For those craving humor as an antidote to darkness, The Casual Criminalist proves the perfect blend.

They mix humor with true crime analysis in an informal yet impeccably researched style.

Their casual presentation engages wider audiences through wildly entertaining breakdowns that educate as much as they delight.

14. That Chapter

That Chapter

That Chapter uses detail-oriented research and an approachable narrative.

It illuminates the shadows obscuring complex criminal cases in a manner that informs and absorbs.

Their gift for making sense of complicated investigations (through informative yet hugely entertaining storytelling) has helped them gain broad audience engagement.

15. Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale

Eleanor Neale builds intimacy with her audience by interweaving true crime storytelling with searing personal clogged reflections.

She goes deep on the emotional toll when examining depravity.

Her descriptive accounts make it easy for both intellectual engagement with the facts and visceral emotional investment.

It’s a perfect mix of both worlds.

In either case, she presents her videos through detailed narratives.

Finding Your Darkly Delicious True Crime Fix

For true crime enthusiasts craving their latest sinister binge, YouTube channels serve up infinite options.

Whether you’re a lifelong fan or just getting into true crime, the perfect true crime channel cab satisfies your macabre desires.

Here are the main aspects to focus on when finding the right channel.

Content Focus

What floats your crime-junkie boat?

Unsolved murders that’ll keep you theorizing for weeks?

Or do you prefer your true crime neatly wrapped with irrefutable facts?

Maybe you’re one to feast on real-life criminal cases that transcend borders.

Do fast-paced overviews leave you craving more lurid deets? Or do you find epic deep dives into each nefarious nook and cranny better?

These are all questions to ask when you’re researching the content to watch.

Presentation Style

How do you best consume bizarrely beloved true crime?

Some prefer no-nonsense narrators serving up chilling facts while others are more for approachable storytellers.

Others yet prefer grim visuals and raw footage while some go for animated recreations.

No matter what your deepest desires require, there’s a presentation style that’s best for you.

Engagement & Community

True crime fans often crave immersive communal experiences.

Watching passively is for rookies.

Many channels nurture dedicated viewer discussions and Q&As to indulge their viewer’s obsessive needs.

Others boast vibrant social ecosystems and/or Patreon havens for the top fans.

Getting into a community and discussing more can be a great way to get others’ opinions.

Additional Considerations

Be aware of comprehensive content warnings.

After all, you’re not on YouTube for easy viewing.

Always assess each YouTuber’s ethical approach.

Do they prioritize sensitive, reverent storytelling elevating victims’ voices?

Or are true crime YouTubers sensationalizing their stories for cheap views?

Choose well before going down any rabbit hole. This crime network demands discretion.


Are you drawn to psychological puzzles, detailed investigations, or chilling narratives?

No matter what, there’s a channel out there that’s perfect for you.

A channel where the best true crime YouTubers bring you closer to humanity’s darker aspects

Who knows?

You might just become the next great detective, all from the comfort of your own home, watching the best true crime YouTube channels.

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