257+ Best Drawing YouTube Channel Name Ideas (2024 List)

257+ Best Drawing YouTube Channel Name Ideas (2024 List)

Imagine you’re a world-famous artist. In front of you, the blank canvas is ready.

However, you lay silent. In your head, you’re thinking long and hard about possible drawing ideas.

You ask yourself:

  • Which color should I use first?
  • What drawing style works best?
  • What will my first stroke be like?

As an artist, you must get these answers right… or else you’re in trouble.

Similarly, there’s a question you must get right when starting a YouTube channel: what’s the right YouTube channel name? The name you choose will attract or push away viewers.

With over 180,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I know picking the right name isn’t easy.

However, the drawing YouTube channel name ideas below will give you clarity and make it easier to move forward.

What Are The Drawing YouTube Channel Name Ideas?

Here are the best drawing YouTube channel name ideas.

I’ve sorted them into different categories to help make your choice easier.

Beginner-Friendly Tutorials

When it comes to drawing and art channel name ideas, people at the “beginner” skill level make up a huge chunk of the market.

What does this mean for you? You can create lots of content to help this audience grow their skills.

Why not tailor your channel name so beginners know it’s for them?

Here are some ideas:

  • Drawing Art 101
  • Sketch Brushes Studio
  • Art With Journey
  • Easy Lines Pencils
  • Canvas Strokes
  • The Foundations Pad
  • First Canvas Artistry
  • Pencil Steps
  • Simple Draw Guide
  • Creative Peasy Workshop
  • Newbie Drawing Nook
  • The Initiation Gate
  • Fresh Playground Club
  • Start Starters Art
  • Basic Art Bay
  • Lines Art Shades
  • Artistry Beginnings
  • Sketching Beginnings
  • Beginner’s and Bench
  • Draw Artist Discover
  • Novice Brushstrokes Network
  • First and League
  • Rookie Sketches Room
  • The Sketchbook Starter
  • Beginner Basics

Professional Art Techniques

Professional Art Techniques

Beginners are at one end of the spectrum. Professionals are on the other end. They see every video as a creative canvas to improve their skills and knowledge.

If you’re ready to share new skills and refine what you do, the following YouTube channel names will work great:

  • Pro Performance Mastery
  • Advanced Technique Arena
  • Elite Canvas Guild
  • Technique Pinnacle
  • Fine Alchemy Fineries
  • Masterclass Mastery
  • Artistic Connoisseurs
  • Precision Learner
  • Expert Sketch Empire
  • The Artistic Architect
  • Visionary Elite Virtuosos
  • Canvas Craftsmen
  • Detail Titans Den
  • Art Artistic Academy
  • The Chronicles Treasury
  • Peak Insight Painters
  • Sophisticated Artworks
  • The Drafters Sketchpad
  • Professional Palette
  • Art Art Innovators
  • Craftsmanship Art
  • The Artists Map
  • Precision Painters Passion
  • Advanced Strokes Avenues
  • Creative Art Circle

Digital Art & Software Guides

With new digital tools available, these channel names focus on the software that makes drawing easier, faster, or both:

  • Pixel Ink Pioneers
  • Digital Art Studio
  • ArtTech Innovations
  • The Drawing Brush
  • Creativity Prowess Code
  • SoftSketch Phantasies
  • Digital Dreamscapes Creators
  • Cyber Easel Conduits
  • Procreate Digital
  • Tablet Tutorials Tales
  • Vector Virtual
  • Dream Artists Digital
  • Photoshop Code
  • Infinite Canvas
  • Clip Artistry Craft
  • Pixel Graphics Panorama
  • Artistic Software Synergy
  • The Visionaries Draftsman
  • Tech-Savvy Studio
  • Digital Art Dynamics
  • Next-Gen in Guide
  • Electronic Perfect
  • Digital Solutions Dive
  • Creative Palette Canvas
  • Virtual Artistry Virtuoso

Traditional Art Mediums

Do you like traditional art techniques and mediums to share your knowledge? These mediums might be pencils, charcoal, ink, and watercolors.

Here are the best names if you’re more of a traditional artist:

  • Timeless Techniques Haven
  • Classic Inspirations World
  • Real Watercolor Maze
  • Ancient Palette Mountains
  • The Techniques Realm
  • Charcoal Portraits Territory
  • Pencil Craftsmanship Atelier
  • Old Basics Avenue
  • Traditional Adventures Alley
  • Pastel Mediums Revived
  • Oil Art Path
  • Ink Artist’s Channel
  • Authentic Artistry Sketches
  • Mixed Brushes Chronicles
  • Acrylic Odyssey Explorations
  • The Textures Island
  • Handmade Realist’s Trove
  • Elemental Arts Retreat
  • Nature’s Precision Circle
  • Brushstroke Media Place
  • Classic Challenges Paradise
  • Time-Honored School Studio
  • The Canvas Explorer
  • Heritage Art Horizons

Animation & Cartooning

Animation & Cartooning

Ready to bring your drawings to life?

Catering to animation and cartooning tutorials, the following channel names focus on animation and cartoons. They’re great for those looking add movement to their artwork:

  • Animated Drawing Artist
  • Cartoon Canvas Club
  • Frame-By-Frame and Corner
  • Toon in Screen
  • Sketch Cartooning Duo
  • Character Animated Fine
  • The Animated Cartoon
  • Storyboard Cartoons Chronicles
  • Motion Art Makers
  • The Art Production
  • Animation to Theater
  • ToonCraft Animation Adventures
  • Dynamic Creation of
  • The Illustrate Motion
  • Cartoonist’s Sketchpad Studio
  • The Tutorials Workshop
  • Animate Sketches
  • Creative Fun Cove
  • Moving Art Artistry
  • Pencil Artistry Lab
  • The Arena Alley
  • Character Crafters Animation
  • Imagination Toons Techniques

Comic Book & Manga Art

The audience behind these names is likely aspiring animators, cartoonists, and artists. They want to learn about the techniques and processes behind drawing comics and manga.

An art YouTube channel that caters to this demographic could cover anything from anatomy, character design, storyboarding, and animation techniques.

Here are the best YouTube channel names:

  • Manga Novel Graphic
  • Comic to Builders
  • Inking Comic Inc.
  • Panel Inked Comics
  • The Manga Craft
  • Superhero Craftsmanship Collective
  • Dynamic Book School
  • Inked & Vault
  • Comic Manga Method
  • Manga Imagination Pages
  • Storytelling Magic Sketches
  • The Through Workshop
  • Sequential Creators More
  • Heroes Comic Canvas
  • Manga Art Path
  • Graphic Makerspace Guild
  • Panels and Superheroes
  • Illustrated and Pioneers
  • Drawn Identities Squad
  • Manga Power Halftones
  • Comic Inspirations Panel
  • The Comic Masterclass
  • Captivating Sketch Dynamic
  • Visionary Masterclass Panels
  • Sketches Duos Manga

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art

Fantasy & Sci-Fi Art

The fantasy niche is a creative haven for artists. It allows them to explore landscapes, creatures, and characters unseen in the real world.

Epic battles, mythical creatures, and advanced technology are a few of the elements to consider drawing on your channel.

Here are the best YouTube names in this category:

  • Fantastical Worlds Universe
  • Sci-Fi Sketches Lore
  • Mythical Creations Escapades
  • Alien Sketch Ink
  • Dragon Canvas Studio
  • Galactic Art Foundry
  • Fantasy Fantasy Universe
  • Stellar & Atelier
  • Enchanted Explorers Fiction
  • Cosmic & Chronicles
  • Otherworldly Artists Workshop
  • The Worlds Mysteries
  • Sci-Art Navigators Art
  • Mystic Artifacts Odyssey
  • Celestial Sketches Guild
  • The Realms Den
  • Imaginary Art Sketch
  • Future Art Design
  • Dream Artscapes Collective
  • The Mediums Ethereal
  • Nebula Easel Drawings
  • Ethereal Speculative Visions
  • Supernatural Drawing Legends
  • Legends Art Fantasy
  • Fantasy Visions Galactic

Nature & Wildlife Art

Nature is the inspiration behind lots of beautiful art. Many artists find inspiration in the natural world. From animal portraits to lush landscapes, you can capture the beauty of nature in endless ways.

If you’re ready to craft channel names around this topic, here are some of the best ideas to get you started:

  • Wild Nature Wilderness
  • Nature’s & Pathway
  • Wildlife Inspired Workshop
  • The Artistic Outdoors
  • Flora World Fauna
  • Landscape Artistry Studio
  • Earth’s in Art
  • Serene Envoys Sketchbook
  • Animal Trails Adventures
  • The Places Canvas
  • Majestic Art Media
  • Wildlife & Watercolor
  • Eco Scenes Explorers
  • Natural Brush Nook
  • Pristine Creations Paintings
  • Art Vistas Wildlife
  • The Splendors Workshop
  • Vibrant Wonders Vault
  • Creature Legends Corner
  • The Green Artist’s
  • Scenic Wonders Studio
  • Forest Wilderness Field
  • BioDiversity Palette
  • Wild Brushes Artwork
  • Tranquil Mountains Nook

Urban Sketching & Plein Air

Can you capture a city’s life vibrancy through your artwork? Urban sketching and plein air might be the channel type to go for if you can.

Here are the top names to help you brainstorm:

  • City Travelling Pushers
  • Plein En Circuits
  • Urban Muses Sketcher
  • The Pencil Liner
  • Streets Artistry Artistry
  • Location Sky Stories
  • The Landscape Air
  • Skyline Creators Odyssey
  • Outdoor Lines Sketchers
  • Concrete Nomadic World
  • Horizon Views Adventures
  • Al Open Afield
  • Metropolitan the Pioneers
  • Scenic Roaming Lab
  • The Art Brush
  • Vista Canvas Unleashed
  • Urban Jungle Plein
  • Sketch Air Easel
  • Panoramic and Collective
  • Art Art Studios
  • The Fresco Ventures
  • Cityscape Sketch Hub
  • Adventure City Canvas
  • The Sketchbook Sketches
  • Open Hues

Art Challenges

Art Challenges

Artists are competitive people. We want to excel and constantly push ourselves to new heights.

A YouTube channel challenging your followers and helping them unleash their creativity can be a game changer.

Have a look at these names to see the possibilities:

  • Challenge Inklings Space
  • Prompted Ignition Create
  • Artistic Creatives Den
  • The Igniters Challenge
  • Monthly Leap Missions
  • Sketch Prompted Ink
  • Creative Daily Paint
  • Imagination to Makers
  • Artistic Challenge Dares
  • The Sprint Canvas
  • Prompt and Incubator
  • Doodle Scramble Play
  • Creative Constraints Channel
  • Art Adventures Lab
  • The Pencil Prompt
  • Creative Duel Doodle
  • Sketchbook Sketch Champions
  • Inspired Masterpiece Club
  • Challenge Challenge Arena
  • The Art Countdown
  • Idea Chronicles Artventure
  • Daily Marathon Imagination
  • The Countdown Challenge
  • Creativity Drawing Prompted
  • Artventure Quests Space

Art History

We wouldn’t be where we are today if it wasn’t for those who came before us.

If you’re a history buff with an interest in art, you might like these drawing YouTube channel names:

  • Time Movements Art
  • Epochs Hues Ages
  • Art Eras Artistic
  • Canvas Chronicles Unfolded
  • Masterpiece Art Hues
  • Historical Treasures Perspectives
  • The Art of
  • Legacy of Lines
  • Epochal Art Artistry
  • Renaissance Evolution Time
  • Art Through Canvas
  • Artistic Unmasked of
  • Timeless of Time
  • Art in Highlights
  • Past Palette Express
  • Classics to Hub
  • Artistic Memories Archive
  • The Generations Modernity
  • Art Artistry Explorers
  • Brushstrokes in Mapped
  • The Gallery Appreciator
  • Ancestral Through Machine
  • History Travels Ages
  • Masterworks History Art
  • Through Ancestry Legacy

Art Career & Business

Art Career & Business

A business-minded artist has lots of potential for success in the art industry.

If that’s you, there are endless ways to turn your passion for art into a profitable career.

From owning a gallery to freelance opportunities, here are the best YouTube channel names to think about:

  • Time Movements Art
  • The Creative to
  • Palette Ventures Fine
  • Artist Business Painter
  • The to Crafting
  • Career to Innovations
  • Art Brand Builders
  • The Art Ventures
  • Gallery Entrepreneurship Atlas
  • Creative Artistic Generations
  • Professional Ambition Mastery
  • From Profitable Strokes
  • Art Canvas Path
  • Visionary Gains Dealers
  • The Sketch Essentials
  • Digital Influence Career
  • Artwork Market Inc.
  • Creative to Guide
  • Portfolio Artrepreneur’s Plays
  • Success Career Climb
  • The Power Profit
  • Artistic Artist Business
  • Creative in Investor
  • Brush Freelance Earnings
  • The Income Alley

Brainstorming Drawing YouTube Channel Names

With so many options, settling on your favorite YouTube channel name can be hard.

Here are some ideas to help make the choice more straightforward.

Consider Brand Identity

Your channel name and your brand go hand in hand. These two elements will represent you (and your content) to the world.

Choosing a name that reflects your brand identity to your audience is essential.

How do you do that?

Firstly, consider your artistic style.

Are you (or do you want to be) known for a specific style? Some artists are known for their realism, cartooning, or anime-based style.

Using these keywords in your YouTube channel name will definitely help.

Your Personality

Have quirks that make you unique? Your YouTube channel name is a great place to feature them.

If nothing comes to mind, think about people who know you well.

Would they say you are inspirational, informative, humorous, or motivational? What other words might they use?

You can use these characteristics to guide your channel name.

Consider Your Channel’s Content Focus

A drawing channel opens lots of possibilities regarding the content you can create.

Some content-type examples include:

  • tutorials
  • speed drawings and art
  • commentary on artwork or the art community
  • vlogs about your artistic process and journey
  • challenges or collaborations with other artists.

You can easily tailor your name around the main content category you will create.

However, there’s one thing to consider. Don’t put yourself in a box that’s hard to escape from.

If you choose a name that contains “speed drawings” in it, you can’t really become well-known art challenges.

At the very least, it would be harder than if you had a more encompassing channel name.

Mix & Match Ideas

Here’s a great way to come up with a unique name (and always have plenty of fresh content ideas to create).

Ready for it? Mix multiple drawing styles in your YouTube channel name.

Consider these four drawing styles: realism, anime/manga, graffiti, and cartoon.

You can mix them up in several ways to come up with a unique channel name. For example:

  • The Realistic Anime Channel
  • Graffiti Cartoons and Manga
  • Manga Realism And Graffiti
  • The Graffiti Cartoon Realism Channel

There’s also a way to have a more unique YouTube channel name.

Adding nouns, adjectives or even your name will do the trick.

For example:

  • Lily’s Realistic Anime
  • John The Graffiti Cartoonist
  • Manga Maestro Realism

This mix not only sets your channel apart from others. It also gives viewers a clear idea of what content to expect.

Another idea when coming up with a YouTube channel name is to use Google Trends.

Seeing what people are increasingly searching for (and building a channel around it) works.

Over the last few years, drawing trends included:

  • Kawaii style
  • Doodle art
  • Procreate illustrations

If you had gotten in on these trends at the beginning, there were endless possibilities for channel names.

However, a word of warning. Like I said before, don’t get boxed in.

Similar to using a drawing-style-based name, you run the risk of this happening if you choose the wrong trend.

Use A Thesauruses

A drawing YouTube channel name doesn’t only have to contain the word “draw”.

A thesaurus can give you plenty of ideas to “think outside the box”.

Words like “sketch,” “illustrate,” “design,”, “craft” and “create” can all be incorporated into a channel name.

This is the opposite of boxing yourself in. Instead, you can adapt from one drawing style to another. And, you can do this without a major rebrand of your channel.

Ask Your Target Audience

If you already have an audience (on social media, email list, etc), use it.

You could run a naming contest and get people to share their best ideas.

There are several benefits to this. Firstly, you will be able to pick and choose from the best names. Secondly, you’ll also generate interest in your YouTube channel – before you launch.

Common Naming Mistakes

There are a lot of ways to come up with a YouTube channel name. There are also several things you should avoid for the best results.

Here are the main mistakes to stay away from:

  • Using generic names: You don’t want to get boxed into a specific drawing sub-niche. Even worse is having a generic name that says nothing about your work. Don’t call your channel “The Art Channel” or “Drawing Tutorials.” These are boring, don’t stand out and people will quickly forget them.
  • Using symbols and numbers: I suggest avoiding symbols and numbers in your channel name. They don’t add anything of value to one’s name. Symbols and numbers also make people prone to mistyping them when trying to find your channel.
  • Using complicated names: Short and sweet is better than long and complex. Make it easy for people to remember your channel name.

Examples of Successful Drawing Channels:

Here are several successful drawing channels on YouTube. Looking at the names, content and channel owners can inspire you in your own YouTube journey:

  • Mark Crilley: The author uses his own name as the channel name. He focuses on creating content based on drawing fundamentals and techniques.
  • Let’s Draw With BeeJayDel: I feel this channel name could be a bit more specific. However, I like that the author uses his personal name as part of the channel name. I also like the words, “Let’s draw”. There’s a certain movement to that.
  • Alphonso Dunn: Dunn focuses on pen and ink drawing. He uses his name as his YouTube channel name. Then, he clarifies what drawing style he creates in his YouTube banner (pen and ink drawing). This is another valuable YouTube channel area to educate people on the type of content you create.


Picking the perfect name for your YouTube channel isn’t just a small detail.

It’s a crucial step that can set you up for success.

Just like picking the color palette for your work of art, your channel name should represent your brand, style, and content.

I suggest you take your time and brainstorm different options. After all, this is how people will find and remember you on YouTube.

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