257+ Best YouTube Gaming Channel Name Ideas (2024 List)

257+ Best YouTube Gaming Channel Name Ideas (2024 List)

Starting a YouTube channel and uploading your gaming sessions is excellent for building an audience and monetizing your content.

Want to increase your chances of success?

Choosing the right gaming channel name will separate you from everyone else in your industry, making it easy for your audience to find you.

In this article, I provide several hundred ideas for YouTube gaming channel names (sorted by categories) to help you make the right choice. Even better, I’ll give you my top tips for creating a memorable gaming channel name.

These ideas come from building a YouTube channel with more than 175,000 subscribers and a full team working behind it. We also teach others how to do the same. That’s why you can trust these names to deliver.

What Are The Best YouTube Gaming Channel Names?

Here are the best YouTube gaming channel names. I sorted the list according to the most popular gaming categories.

1. RPG

  • Dragon Quester
  • Mystic Legends
  • Epic Saga Gamer
  • Rune Realm
  • Fantasy Frontier
  • Heroic Tales
  • Quest Crafters
  • Lore Hunters
  • Adventure Awaits
  • Shadow Seeker
  • Spellbound Gamer
  • Realm Rover
  • Epic Odyssey
  • Mythic Masters
  • Dungeon Dwellers
  • Legendary Quest
  • Arcane Adventurers
  • Fable Fighters
  • Saga Spinners
  • Knightly Journeys
  • Enchanted Explorer
  • Magic Missions
  • Chronicle Champions
  • Questing Knight
  • Tale Traveler
  • Fantasy Fellow
  • Myth Mender
  • Epic Emissary
  • Rune Rider
  • Lore Legion

2. Action Games Category

Action Game category
  • Action Ace
  • Thrill Seeker
  • High Octane
  • Adrenaline Arcade
  • Combat Crafter
  • Danger Dasher
  • Epic Exploits
  • Frenzy Fighter
  • Heroic Hits
  • Intense Invasion
  • Jetpack Jumper
  • Kinetic Knight
  • Lightning Legion
  • Momentum Master
  • Ninja Navigator
  • Overdrive Odyssey
  • Power Puncher
  • Quick Quest
  • Rapid Rampage
  • Sonic Striker
  • Turbo Tactician
  • Velocity Vanguard
  • Warrior Wave
  • Xcelerate Xplorer
  • Yonder Yielder
  • Zest Zone
  • Alpha Advent
  • Blitz Battler
  • Cyclone Chaser
  • Dynamite Dynamo

3. Adventure Games

  • Adventure Adept
  • Bounty Browser
  • Curiosity Cruiser
  • Dream Diver
  • Explorer Elite
  • Frontier Finder
  • Globe Glider
  • Horizon Hopper
  • Itinerary Icon
  • Journey Junkie
  • Keystone Keeper
  • Legacy Lander
  • Mystic Mover
  • Nomad Navigator
  • Odyssey Oracle
  • Pathfinder Pioneer
  • Quest Quencher
  • Roam Ranger
  • Safari Sage
  • Travel Tracer
  • Uncharted Utopian
  • Voyage Virtuoso
  • Wanderlust Warrior
  • Xplorer Xtreme
  • Yarn Yachtsman
  • Zenith Zephyr
  • Aeon Adventurer
  • Bliss Bound
  • Cosmos Cruiser
  • Destiny Drifter

4. Simulation Games

  • Life Like
  • Sim Saga
  • Virtual Vanguard
  • Mimic Master
  • Echo Engineer
  • Faux Frontiers
  • Genesis Gamer
  • Hyper Habitat
  • Imitation Icon
  • Juxtapose Jockey
  • Kinetic Keeper
  • Lifeworld Lander
  • Matrix Maestro
  • Nexus Navigator
  • Origin Operator
  • Parallel Pilot
  • Quantum Quester
  • Replica Ranger
  • Synthesis Strategist
  • Twin Terrain
  • Universe Usher
  • Viva Virtuoso
  • World Weaver
  • Xeno Xplorer
  • Yield Yardmaster
  • Zephyr Zone
  • Alpha Architect
  • Beta Builder
  • Craft Cosmos
  • Dream Designer

5. Fighting Game Category

Fighting Game category
  • Combat Craze
  • Duel Dynamo
  • Elite Edge
  • Fight Fury
  • Grapple Guardian
  • Havoc Hero
  • Impact Iron
  • Joust Juggernaut
  • Knockout Knight
  • Lethal Legend
  • Melee Master
  • Nexus Ninja
  • Onslaught Oracle
  • Punch Patriarch
  • Quake Queen
  • Rumble Rogue
  • Strike Sovereign
  • Thrash Titan
  • Uppercut Utopian
  • Vengeance Vanguard
  • War Warden
  • Xcalibur Xpert
  • Yawp Yielder
  • Zenith Zar
  • Apex Assailant
  • Blitz Brawler
  • Clash Conqueror
  • Dynamo Dominator
  • Ember Enforcer
  • Fury Fighter

6. Multiplayer Online Battle Arena Games Category

  • Arena Masters
  • Battle Ground Heroes
  • MOBA Mayhem
  • Clash Commanders
  • Legends Arena
  • Epic Battles Live
  • Arena Champions
  • MOBA Warriors
  • Nexus Raiders
  • Champion Strikers
  • Battle Cast
  • Arena Glory
  • MOBA Zone
  • Vanguard Battles
  • Arena Assault
  • Nexus Gaming
  • Elite Battlers
  • MOBA Strategist
  • Champion Quest
  • Battle Rush
  • Arena Tactics
  • MOBA Siege
  • Nexus Legends
  • Elite Arena
  • Clash Command
  • MOBA Elite
  • Champion Pulse
  • Battle Frontiers
  • Arena Dominators
  • MOBA Throne

7. Puzzle Games Category

  • Puzzle Mastermind
  • Brain Tease Gaming
  • Puzzle Questers
  • Jigsaw Genius
  • Riddle Raiders
  • Logic Legends
  • Brain Busters
  • Puzzle Pioneers
  • Enigma Gaming
  • Riddle Realm
  • Mind Maze Gaming
  • Logic Labyrinth
  • Puzzle Playground
  • Brainstorm Battles
  • Riddle Rush
  • Logic League
  • Puzzle Palace
  • Enigma Escapade
  • Riddle Rangers
  • Mind Bender Mania
  • Puzzle Cipher Seekers
  • Logic Lab
  • Puzzle Paradise
  • Brain Twisters
  • Riddle Revolution
  • Puzzle Pursuit
  • Logic Layer
  • Enigma Elite
  • Riddle Racers
  • Mind Mystery

8. Strategy Games Category

Strategy Games Category
  • Strategy Sage
  • Tactical Triumph
  • Chess Champion Gaming
  • War Room Wizards
  • Strategy Sphere
  • Tactical Trendsetters
  • Mastermind Maneuvers
  • Strategy Summit
  • Tactical Titans
  • Board Game Brigade
  • Strategy Syndicate
  • Tactical Territory
  • Plan And Conquer
  • Strategy Squad
  • Tactical Tactics
  • War Game Warriors
  • Strategy Savvy
  • Tactical Trailblazers
  • Strategy Sentries
  • Tactical Talents
  • Game Plan Gurus
  • Strategy Storm
  • Tactical Tempest
  • Command Connoisseurs
  • Strategy Stalwarts
  • Tactical Trove
  • Plan Play Win
  • Strategy Sanctum
  • Tactical Trend
  • Command Crafters


  • MMO Questers
  • Raid Rangers
  • Epic MMORPG
  • Fantasy Frontiers
  • MMO Mania
  • Quest Quarters
  • Virtual Voyagers
  • MMO Masters
  • Fantasy Fellowship
  • MMO Adventurers
  • Realm Raiders
  • Virtual Vagabonds
  • MMO Marvels
  • Fantasy Fighters
  • Quest Craze
  • MMO Vanguard
  • Realm Rulers
  • Virtual Victors
  • MMO Magic
  • Fantasy Force
  • Quest Commanders
  • MMO Legacy
  • Realm Rebels
  • Virtual Vanguard
  • MMO Mythos
  • Fantasy Frontline
  • Quest Champions
  • MMO Dominion
  • Realm Revolution
  • Virtual Valiant

Tips for Creating a Memorable Gaming Channel Name

The above list should have gotten your brain firing. However, here are a few more factors to consider.

Use Alliteration or Rhyming Words

The best gaming channel names make it easy for people to remember their names. Alliterations or rhyming words help do this.

Consider the following names:

  • Pixel Perfect Play
  • Puzzle Pro
  • Platform Prodigy
  • Pew Pew Power
  • RPG Rampage
  • Racing Rebellion
  • Roguelike Rush
  • RTS Rookie
  • Survival Saga

As opposed to the following:

  • Journey of Possibilities
  • Puzzle Junction
  • Legendary Masters League
  • Questing Crew
  • RPG Puzzle Showndowns

The second list of names is still okay for YouTube gaming channels. However, they don’t contain the same ‘memorability factor’ as the first list.

Get Inspiration from Gaming Culture

Need the ultimate inspiration for your YouTube channel name? Consider some of the popular games of the last few years. These might include games like:

  • Apex Legends
  • Minecraft (check out this post for a whole list of ideas)
  • Grand Theft Auto V
  • Counter Strike Global Offensive
  • Fortnite
  • Dota 2
  • League of Legends
  • Overwatch
  • Red Dead Redemption 2

Playing on these game titles can inspire your choice of YouTube gaming channel names. Here’s a list I came up with (can you spot the game behind each channel name below?):

  • ApexStrategist
  • BlockCraftersHub
  • UrbanChaosGamer
  • GlobalStrikeCommand
  • DotaDynasty
  • LegendsArenaLive
  • OverwatchOutpost
  • WildWestGamers

Quick note: Be careful not to infringe on any game name by choosing a channel name too close to the original game.

Changing the Name of Your YouTube Channel

By now, you may already have chosen a name for your YouTube channel – the next step is to make it official.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Click on your profile image in the top-right corner and choose Your channel
changing your youtube channel name 1
  • Choose Customise channel
changing your youtube channel name 2
  • Choose Basic info
  • Upload your channel name and handle (optional)
changing your youtube channel name 3

You can also read more information on changing your YouTube channel name through the app.

YouTube Gaming Channel Names – FAQ

What Makes a Good YouTube Gaming Channel Name?

The top 3 factors that make up a good YouTube gaming channel name are:

  • Relevance to Content: your channel name should clarify what gaming content you’ll post. You don’t want your audience to believe they’re getting specific content, but that’s not the case.
  • Uniqueness: Unique gaming channel names make it easy for people to remember them and come back to these channels.
  • Memorability: Having a simple name that other gamers can remember without much effort will increase the chances they come back to your channel – especially at its early stages.

How Can You Check the Availability of a YouTube Channel Name?

The two best ways to check the availability are:

  • Using a name checker site – You can use a site like Namecheckr.com to plug in the name you plan on using. The site will tell you whether the proposed name is available. Many sites also offer this functionality across multiple platforms. Running this check is ideal if you plan on using the same channel name on different sites. The last thing you want is to have to change your channel name to have the same one on different platforms.

Source: Namecheckr.com

  • YouTube – the easiest way is to put your potential name into YouTube (in the same area where you’d change the channel name) and wait a few seconds – you’ll either get the green light to change the name (which means the name is available) or an error message indicating someone has already taken the name.

How Important is a Channel Name in Building a Brand?

Thinking about your personal and professional brand is essential. If you want to become a gaming creator who makes money through your content, a brand is one of the best ways.

As a result, a good gaming channel name is very important.

At the same time, be careful you don’t get trapped into a gaming category that’s too narrow. Pigeonholing yourself into this problem might make it difficult to reach a bigger audience.

What are Examples of Successful YouTube Gaming Channels?

Here’s a list of some of the most successful YouTube channels in the gaming industry:

What’s Next?

Ready to start your own gaming channel?

Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps:

  • Pick a name that you like from the above list
  • Consider the type of gaming content you’ll create
  • Start recording or streaming your content.

Further reading on AdamEnfroy.com: Are you a girl or a woman wanting to start your own YouTube channel? Check out this post on the best and cutest YouTube channel names for girls for inspiration.

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