107 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Kids (Ultimate Guide)

107 Best YouTube Video Ideas for Kids (Ultimate Guide)

Kids love new and engaging videos to interact with, and posting consistently on your YouTube channel will help boost your viewership, grow your audience, and make you eligible to monetize your videos.

But what happens when you run out of video ideas?

Whether you’re just starting to create content for your YouTube channel or are a seasoned streamer, it’s ok if you’ve hit a creative roadblock.

To get you back on track, I worked with my team of expert YouTube video editors, thumbnail designers, and scriptwriters to create a list of the 107 best YouTube video ideas for kids.

I’ve grown my YouTube channel to over 175k subscribers, so I’ve got it covered when it comes to creating new YouTube videos consistently. Stick around til the end—I share what I do to brainstorm new content when I’m in a rut.

What Are the Best YouTube Video Ideas for Kids?

Here is the ultimate list of 107 video ideas for kids (with some bonus ideas).

To help you find ideas in your niche, I’ve broken the list into popular YouTube channel categories for child audiences.


  • Imagination Station: Creating and Acting Out Your Own Stories!
  • Dance Battle Bonanza: Freestyle Dance-offs and Challenges!
  • Puppet Theater Presents: Interactive Storytime with Puppets!
  • Circus Sensation: Juggling, Clowning, and More!
  • Movie Magic: Lights, Camera, Action!
  • Sing-along Sundays: Learn to Sing Your Favorite Songs!
  • Magic Workshop: Learning Magic Tricks and Illusions!
  • Fairy Tale Fun: Acting Adventures Await!
  • Comedy Crew: Silly Skits for Smiles!
  • Sing-along Showdown: Karaoke Contests with Friends!
  • Jam Session: Singing and Dancing to All the Hits!
  • Talent Show Time: Show Off Your Skills!

Arts and Crafts

a child decorates some rocks with stickers and paints
  • Origami Oasis: Folding Fun with Paper Animals
  • Box Art Bash: Transforming Trash into Treasure!
  • Fun Friendship Bands for Buddies!
  • Glow-in-the-Dark Galaxy Art: Creating Cosmic Masterpieces!
  • Castle Creations: Building Forts with Cardboard!
  • Tater Tot Art Attack: Making Potato Prints
  • Recycled Art Revolution: Turning Trash into Treasure!
  • Slime Squad: Glitter Galore DIY!
  • Animal Mask Magic: Be Your Favorite Animal!
  • Fairy Garden Fantasy: Crafting Enchanted Worlds!
  • DIY Dreamcatcher Workshop: Catching Sweet Dreams in Style!
  • Sock Puppet Palooza: Let’s Put on a Show!

Cooking and Baking

  • Snack Time Fun: How to Make Healthy Snacks
  • Pizza Party! Make Your Own Mini Pizzas!
  • Cupcake Creations: Decorating Delights!
  • Chocolate Factory Fun: Designing and Decorating Chocolates!
  • Burger Bash Bonanza: Building the Ultimate Burger Stack!
  • Cookie Cooking Videos: Decorate Your Delicious Dreams!
  • No-Bake Sweet Treats: No Oven Needed!
  • Dessert Diorama Delight: Sweet Scenes Good Enough To Eat
  • Ice Cream Extravaganza: DIY Deliciousness!
  • Silly Sandwiches: Lunchtime Laughs!
  • Pancake Picasso: Masterpiece Morning Meals!
  • Crazy Cupcake Challenge: What Ingredients Will You Choose?

Sports and Fitness

  • Game On: Sports Showdown Spectacular
  • Fit and Fun: Workout Wonders for Kids!
  • Olympic Games Galore: Hosting Your Own Mini Olympics!
  • Obstacle Course Challenge: Design Your Backyard Course
  • Fitness Challenge Frenzy: Let’s Get Moving!
  • Dance Party Workout: Groove and Move
  • Adventure Athlete: Outdoor Challenges and Expeditions
  • Sporty Shenanigans: Outdoor Adventures Unleashed!
  • Fitness Flash Mob: Choreographing and Performing Dance Routines!
  • Track and Field Time: Racing and Jumping Fun!
  • Super Sports Squad: Try This Fun Daily Sports Challenge
  • Sports Science Lab: Exploring the Physics of [Insert Popular Sport]
  • Yoga Kids Club: Stretching Like Your Favorite Animal
  • Team Spirit: Sportsmanship and Support

Animals and Nature

four kids play in a forest outside and throw a ball in the air. they are happy and jumping
  • Amazing Animal Facts: Let’s Dive into the Jungle!
  • Nature’s Symphony: Creating Music with Sounds from the Wild!
  • Bug Bonanza: Hunt for Mini Beasts!
  • Pet Pals 101: Hamster Care for Kids
  • Crafty Critters: Making DIY Bird Feeders
  • Sketchy Safari: Drawing Your Favorite Animals!
  • Animal Adoption Adventure: Finding Forever Homes for Furry Friends!
  • Underwater Wonderland: Discovering Ocean Wonders!
  • Safari Snapshot Challenge: Capture Wildlife on Camera!
  • Join the Wild Adventure: Exploring the Zoo!
  • Nature Quest: The Ultimate Scavenger Hunt!
  • Tales of the Rainforest: Exciting Plant Discoveries!

Educational Content

  • ABCs with Me: Can You Sing Them Faster Than Your Friends?
  • Coding Club: Adventures in Computer Programming!
  • Geography Guessing Game: Test Your Knowledge of the World!
  • Science Superstars: Crazy (and Safe) Science Experiments at Home!
  • Math Mania: Fun Games for Brainy Buddies!
  • History Heroes: Time Travel Adventures!
  • Weather Wizards: DIY Meteorology Madness!
  • Language Olympics: Fun Language Games and Competitions!
  • Globe Trekker: Exploring Earth’s Wonders!
  • Science Showdown: Team Challenges to Solve Scientific Mysteries!
  • Reading Relay Race: Team-based Storytelling Showdown!
  • Storytime Spotlight: Animated Adventures Await!
  • Space Explorers: Tour the Planets in Your Spaceship!

Fashion and Beauty

  • Braid Boss: Life Hacks for Fabulous Braids
  • Fashion Sketch Fun: Draw Your Dream Wardrobe
  • Fashion Runway Rumble: Designing Outfits for a Fashion Show!
  • Nail Polish Party: Paint Unique Nail Designs with Friends!
  • Face Paint Fun: Transforming into Fantasy Characters!
  • DIY Spa Day: Relaxing and Pampering Treatments at Home!
  • Runway Ready: Strut Your Stuff in Style!
  • Hair Salon Spectacular: Styling and Coloring Crazy Hairdos!
  • Lip Balm Bonanza: Mix Your Own Lip Balm!
  • Jewelry Jamboree: Crafting Cool Accessories!
  • Makeup Magic: Kid-Friendly Glam Galore!
  • Nail Art Nation: Painting Pretty Patterns!


  • Gamer’s Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Tactics for [Insert Popular Game]
  • Game Guru: Level Up with Awesome Adventures!
  • Game Review Roundup: What’s Hot and What’s Not
  • Game Mods Madness: Exploring and Testing Game Modifications!
  • Retro Game Revival: Reaction Videos of Vintage Games
  • Virtual Reality Voyage: Dive into Digital Worlds!
  • Game Creation Challenge: Designing Your Own Video Game!
  • Game Challenge Chronicles: Conquer the Quests!
  • Game Character Creation: Designing Your Own Avatars and Characters!
  • Game Tournament Time: Who Will Be the Champion?
  • Let’s Play Together: Multiplayer Mayhem!
  • Game Show Spectacular: Hosting Your Own Trivia Show!

Toy Unboxing and Reviews

  • Global Playtime: What Kids Are Playing With in [Country]
  • Toy Time Travel: Classic Toys Revisited!
  • DIY Your Toy: How to Make [Insert Popular Toy]
  • Toy Testers: The New [Insert Popular Toy]
  • Toy Transformation Time: Customizing Creations!
  • Toy Trading Time: Swapping Toys Other Kids
  • Behind The Toys: See How [Popular Toys] Are Made!
  • What to Do with Your Old Toys: Giving Playtime to Others
  • Transform Your Old Toys into New Creations with a Toy Makeover
  • Toy Time Travel Adventure: Exploring Toys from Different Eras!
  • Toy Storytelling Showdown: Using Toys to Act Out Stories!
  • Toy Review Roundup: The Hottest Toys of [Insert Year/Month]
  • Toy Treasure Trove: Unboxing Extravaganza!

Things to Try When You’re Stuck for YouTube Video Ideas

If you draw a blank the next time you create content for your YouTube videos, you can try a few things to get your creative wheels turning.

Here’s what I recommend you do when you’re stuck for ideas:

  1. Engage with your audience and review old comments: Go to the source. See what your audience likes, loves, and can’t get enough of. Take note of videos that didn’t perform well and ask yourself why. Use this information to generate new ideas.
  2. Pay attention to trends: Staying up to date with what the kids are interested in can clue you into the content your audience might be looking for. See if there are overlaps between popular trends and your niche to develop new video ideas.
  3. Scope out the competition: But don’t just copy them! Your audience wants authentic content from you, not copycat videos of other creators. Use content from other streamers as inspiration for creating videos that cater to your YouTube viewers and match your style and expertise.

Keep These Things in Mind When Creating YouTube Video Ideas for Kids

a young asian girl chases a bubble outside on the grass

Creating YouTube video ideas for kids can be a fun and rewarding experience—you have the opportunity to educate, inspire, and entertain kids with your videos. To make sure your video ideas will yield content that is both successful and safe, keep the following in mind:

Age-Appropriateness and Safety

Make sure you create videos for your YouTube channel that match the age range of your audience. This will keep you from creating content that is too simplistic or boring for an older audience or too advanced (in topics and content) for a younger audience.

For example, if you are creating educational videos on crafts or cooking, make sure you’re not including videos that would require or promote the viewer to use gadgets or tools that may not be safe for their age or ability.

Always encourage your young viewers to ask their parents or guardians for permission and guidance.

Consider using age ratings on your content to help parents screen for their kids.

Keep the Content Fun and Engaging

Younger kids especially like videos that they can interact with. Create engaging videos for your kids’ YouTube channel that use songs, bright visuals, or fun gestures or dance moves to keep kids engaged.

For older kids, keep the content simple and entertaining. Instead of singing or dancing, you can use creative video editing, exciting sound effects, humor, and animations to hold their attention.

You might want to check out these dance YouTube channel name ideas to get more ideas. Different sections in this article might allow you to brainstorm ways to keep the content fun.

Consider Educational Value

Kids like to learn and are naturally curious, and parents want the content their kids consume to provide more than pure entertainment value.

When generating YouTube video ideas for your YouTube channel, ask yourself how these ideas bring educational value to your audience.

YouTube Video Ideas for Kids FAQ

How Can I Make Sure My YouTube Channel Is Up to Date With What Kids Like?

A simple way to stay in touch with what kids like is to ask them. If you have your own kids, ask them about their likes and dislikes and what’s popular with them and their friends.

If you don’t have your own kids, talk to a parent or teacher who spends a lot of time with kids who fall into your target audience’s age range..

Here are my suggestions for other ways to stay up to date:

  • Following kid-centric social media platforms and YouTube channels
  • Engaging with your audience (read the comments, create polls, etc.)
  • Collaborating with other kids’ channel streamers
  • Educate yourself on popular games, TV shows, and music for your audience’s age group

How Can I Balance Education and Entertainment in My YouTube Videos Ideas for Kids?

a young girl jumps to catch a balloon on the beach

Create entertaining and educational videos by breaking complex topics into smaller, easy-to-understand units, using humor, and encouraging active participation from your viewers.

I recommend incorporating quizzes, games, or songs in your YouTube videos to make learning fun for kids.

What Are Some Examples of Successful YouTube Channels for Kids?

If you’re looking for more YouTube video ideas, check out some of these successful YouTube channels for kids. You’ll find a mix of cooking videos, educational videos, funny videos, and reaction videos, among other types.

Keep Creating New Video Ideas

If you’re ever stuck for video ideas, you can always refer to this list for inspiration. And to help keep you from getting stuck, try my tips for idea generation.

Looking for more?

Check out my videos on video editing, picking a YouTube name for educational channels, and YouTube video intro ideas.

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