300+ Best YouTube Education Channel Name Ideas for 2024

300+ Best YouTube Education Channel Name Ideas for 2024

Wondering what to name your YouTube channel about learning, education, or studying?

I’ve created the ultimate list of the best educational YouTube channel name ideas right here.

These education channel names are based on the top 500 most popular YouTube channels in the learning niche. I spent time analyzing the trends, talking to top marketers, and drawing on my own experiences learning about different topics to bring you this list.

If you want to start your own educational YouTube channel, you can find a name here in 30 seconds flat.

YouTube is one of the best social media platforms for helping people on their educational journey. This platform is literally changing learning as we know it. There are thousands of informational educators making a full-time income online just from YouTube. 

If that’s your dream, this list is for you.

Ready to find the perfect educational channel name? 

Dive right in. 

What Are The Best YouTube Education Channel Name Ideas?

  1. One Stop Education
  2. LearnEDU
  3. The Millenial Educator
  4. Gen Z Ed
  5. Thinking Future
  6. The Modern Learning Lab
  7. 21st Century Learning Link
  8. The Science Life
  9. The Teacher Life
  10. Education in Your Pocket
  11. Ivy League TV
  12. The Harvard Scientist
  13. Discover Edu
  14. Unravelling Science
  15. Unravelling History
  16. The World History Channel
  17. Learn (Topic)
  18. Let’s Talk (Topic)
  19. The eCom Channel
  20. Reading With (Name)
  21. The Education Edge
  22. Edu Insights
  23. The Student Mentor
  24. TutorsHub
  25. Know it All
  26. Delicious English
  27. Study 99
  28. Outer Space Knowledge Bombs
  29. What The Heck is Going on Here?
  30. Learn to Code With (Name)
  31. Just The Facts
  32. Open Source Learning
  33. Legal System Advisor
  34. The Rapid Learner
  35. Fitness University
  36. Dr. Billions And Billions
  37. Cosmology Now
  38. Healthy Eats
  39. How to be Smart
  40. You’re Not as Smart as You Think You Are…Yet
  41. You Don’t Know Jack
  42. EduShorts
  43. Complex Things Simplified
  44. The Magnetic Mind
  45. Creative Ways to Learn
  46. In Search of Truth
  47. Study Tips For Freshmen
  48. Explore The World With (Name)
  49. The Quantum First Step
  50. Curiosity Central

Educational YouTube Channel Names For Students

  1. The Learned Nerds!
  2. NerdyLearning
  3. Revenge of The Nerds
  4. The Mind Unleashed
  5. High School Heroes
  6. Test Acers
  7. The Braniacs Club
  8. We Teach Tech
  9. Teacher’s Pets
  10. The Campus Vibes
  11. StudentSphere
  12. The Study Hall
  13. ScholarHub
  14. The Class Beacon
  15. Study Corner
  16. Homework Haters
  17. Life at (School Name)
  18. The School Voice
  19. The Student View
  20. The Insightful Academic
  21. The Student Times
  22. Academic Updates
  23. 20-Minute Lesson
  24. 5-Minute Facts
  25. Did You Know?: Daily Weird Facts
  26. Reflect on Knowledge
  27. Describe What You See
  28. Simple Answers to Hard Questions
  29. Learning Lighthouse
  30. Learn New Skills 
  31. High School Crash Course
  32. The Success Master
  33. The Group Science Project Guide
  34. The College Learning Loft
  35. The Land of Mystics And Prophets
  36. Fact Automatica
  37. Cool Stuff And Fun Lessons
  38. A Way With Words
  39. English Lit For Freshmen
  40. The (Topic) Tutor

Education YouTube Channel Names About Learning

teacher standing in front of young children in class with curly hair
  1. Learn Digital Marketing 
  2. Learn History
  3. Learn Calculus 
  4. Learn Biology
  5. Learn Math
  6. Learn Art
  7. Learn Science
  8. Learn Music
  9. Learn Chemistry
  10. Learn Physical Education
  11. How to Learn Anything
  12. LearnersHub
  13. Learn to (Skill)
  14. Learning For Anyone
  15. Learn to Read With (Name)

Cool Educational YouTube Channel Name Ideas

  1. Empowerment For All Through Education
  2. Education Magic
  3. Amazing Education
  4. Learning is Cool
  5. Education Nation
  6. Charmed Learning
  7. Educationize
  8. Educationify
  9. Eye on Education
  10. Student Legion
  11. The After School Club
  12. Campus Landscape
  13. The Sum of All Things
  14. Enrichment Through Education
  15. We Are (School Name)
  16. The Tech Teachers
  17. The Learning Matrix
  18. Open Doors
  19. Education America
  20. Education India
  21. Education Europe
  22. The STEMinists
  23. Educhat
  24. Learn All Things NOW
  25. Beyond The Curve
  26. Beyond Time And Space
  27. Learning Awakening
  28. Hi-Tech Shorts
  29. Classic Novels Lessons
  30. Einsteinium
  31. Educational Cartoons For Kids
  32. The Science Squad
  33. Language Learning Made Easy
  34. Train Your Brain
  35. How to Start Your Day Off Smart
  36. Your Science Pal
  37. How to Get Good Grades
  38. Study Like a Smart Kid
  39. The Genius Network
  40. The IQ Contraption
  41. Planet Genius
  42. Wake up. Study. Sleep. Repeat
  43. Just Read it
  44. Boom Summaries in 10 Minutes
  45. The Study Guide Center
  46. Ace Any Test
  47. Advice From Tutors
  48. My Two Cents
  49. The Expert Kids
  50. The Academy of Excellence

English Learning YouTube Channel Name Ideas

  1. Talk English With (Name)
  2. 10-Minute English
  3. English Coffee Break
  4. Learn English Now!
  5. Learn English Fast
  6. Cambridge English
  7. English For Dummies
  8. Hello, What’s Your Name?
  9. What’s Up: Colloquial English
  10. Let’s Speak English Together
  11. Daily English Vocab
  12. Word of The Day
  13. Business English 101
  14. IELTS Primer
  15. TEFL Teacher
  16. The Native Speaker
  17. Fluently
  18. English.Edu
  19. Your Journey Through English
  20. Everyday English
  21. Speak With Confidence Today
  22. English Today
  23. The English Learning Lab
  24. English Unleashed
  25. The Language Workshop

Funny Education YouTube Channel Names

  1. EduEnergy
  2. School of Laughs
  3. LaughU
  4. School’s No Fun For Anyone
  5. Learn With Learners
  6. Teaching How to Learn
  7. The Crazies Educational Podcast
  8. Learning Irrationally
  9. The Teacher’s Lounge
  10. 4 Students And a TI-86
  11. What You Know About Math?
  12. School Ain’t No Joke
  13. The Not School Safe Pod
  14. That’ll Teach You Good
  15. No Bueno Espanol
  16. Laughing About Education
  17. EduLaughs
  18. The Smiling Student Pod
  19. After School Detention
  20. Perpetually Tardy
  21. The Dean’s List
  22. The 3 O’Clock Bell
  23. The Bus Stops Here
  24. The Dull Bulbs Pod
  25. The Stuffed Locker Pod

Note: If you want additional examples, check out this list of the best funny YouTube channel names.

Unique Educational YouTube Channel Names

  1. The Brainy Buffet
  2. The Scholarly Path
  3. The Class Less Taken
  4. The Used Textbook
  5. Lunch Room Reading
  6. Rubik’s Cube
  7. The Training Center
  8. For The Love of Humanity
  9. How to Unlearn Everything
  10. The Unfiltered Lecturer
  11. What Did I Just Learn?
  12. Hey, Did You do The Homework?
  13. Building Successful Students
  14. Learning on The Go
  15. We’re Not Geniuses…However…
  16. Sagacity
  17. The Polymath Pod
  18. What They Don’t Teach You in School
  19. Two Teachers And a Mic
  20. Beyond The Books
  21. The Crowded Chalkboard
  22. Gum Under Your Desk
  23. The Quad Chats
  24. The Lunchline
  25. Late For Class

General Knowledge Education YouTube Channel Names

  1. Learn Everything
  2. A Channel About Knowledge
  3. The Knowledge Corner
  4. Facts Factory
  5. I’m Interested in…
  6. Guess What I Learned today?
  7. Bet You Didn’t Know…
  8. The Geekthusiasts
  9. The Millenial Finance Specialist
  10. That’s a Great Question
  11. The Quiz Show Channel
  12. The Knowledge Digest
  13. Daily Knowledge Tidbits
  14. Fun Facts With Friends
  15. Have You Heard of…?
  16. Mindquest
  17. Learning Odyssey
  18. Blooming Future Leaders
  19. The Big Brain Show
  20. Knowledge Quest
  21. Knowledge Stew
  22. Ask The Brain
  23. Quizzify
  24. Battle of The Nerds
  25. Knowledgemonauts

Indian Educational YouTube Name Ideas

  1. The Delhi Digest
  2. Learn India
  3. India: Open to The World
  4. Insights Into India
  5. Mumbai to Delhi
  6. The Innovators of India
  7. Learning The Vedas
  8. 30-Minute Indian Recipes
  9. Learn Indian History Now
  10. Learn Hindi
  11. Teaching Urdu
  12. India Online
  13. Indian Education Made Easy
  14. Teach For India
  15. Edu India
  16. Tech Info in Hindi
  17. Historical Facts in Urdu
  18. How to Rewire Your Mind
  19. Hello, India
  20. Travel India
  21. Indian Travel Stories
  22. India IQ
  23. The Indian Business Coach
  24. Spiritual Secrets
  25. Edu TV India

Bonus Learning Channel Names For YouTube

  1. Yearning For Knowledge
  2. Knowledge Quest
  3. Become More Aware
  4. Learn About Anything
  5. The Learning Tube Channel
  6. Endless Ambition
  7. The Ambitious Entrepreneur Channel
  8. Education 101
  9. Informatics
  10. Education Unlocked
  11. Skills For High School
  12. The Head Start Program
  13. Words of Wisdom
  14. The Smart Sportsman
  15. Education For Student Athletes
  16. Study Primer
  17. Intro to (Topic)
  18. Learn to Win
  19. How to Win at Life
  20. College for Dummies
  21. The Extra Curriculars
  22. Fun Fact: Weird Little Tidbits
  23. 20 Questions With Mr. Smarty Pants
  24. EduExplosion
  25. The Athlete Scholar

Education YouTube Channel Name: Conclusion

I hope you found your education YouTube channel name in that monster list.

I can’t overstate how important your YouTube channel name is. If you want to attract the right target audience, you need a short, memorable, and descriptive educational channel name.

A great channel name gets people interested in clicking on your videos, helps build a brand, and even boosts growth in the future. So, pick one that vibes with you, and let me know which one you decide on.

I’d love to hear about it!

What’s Next?

If you couldn’t find the perfect name here, I recommend checking out our list of YouTube gaming channel ideas or motivational channel ideas. Maybe those niches are a better fit for you.

If you found the right name, the next step is to start planning your content. Start researching your audience and what they’re looking for on YouTube. Next, make a content plan for your first ten videos. It should only take a few hours. Get to work!


Q: What should I name my YouTube channel for study?

A: The best YouTube channel names for a study channel are:

  • One Stop Education
  • LearnEDU
  • The Millenial Educator
  • Gen Z Ed
  • Thinking Future
  • The Modern Learning Lab
  • 21st Century Learning Link
  • The Science Life
  • The Teacher Life
  • Education in Your Pocket

If you’re still stuck on a name, research the top channels in your niche for inspiration. The best thing you can do is to always keep it short and memorable. Say exactly what you offer. If it’s study tips, say that. If it’s educational shorts, say that instead. Or, you could just use your name. For example, study with (name).

Q: How do I choose a YouTube channel name?

A: Here’s a 5-step process for choosing a channel name:

  • Start with using your name and adding a descriptor of your category like “Science With (your name)”. Alternatively look at these science YouTube channels for inspiration.
  • Keep it to 3-4 words
  • Research the top channels for inspiration
  • Check availability
  • Make sure to create a name that allows for future growth.

Q: How do I start an education YouTube channel?

A: It’s not that hard to start an educational YouTube channel. Here’s what to do:

  • Niche down. Choose a specialized topic like a certain subject
  • Choose a channel name based on the process we just showed you above
  • Start researching your niche to see what people are searching for
  • Plan out your first 10 videos
  • Record your educational content using a camera or your phone
  • Upload to YouTube

Q: Who is the best educational YouTuber?

A: The best and most popular educational YouTube channels are:

  • Ted-Ed
  • CrashCourse
  • NatGeo
  • The Big Think
  • Khan Academy

Further reading on AdamEnfroy.com: Want more YouTube channel names?

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