155 Best Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

155 Best Drawing Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

An artist stands before her canvas, adding strokes of color and shape.

Every movement of her hand brings her one step closer to a masterpiece. Ultimately, she transforms a plain canvas into a work of art.

That’s the same kind of magic I want to bring to your drawing YouTube channel.

In this article, I share 155+ drawing video ideas that will turn your audience from passive enthusiasts to engaged artists.

These ideas will help make your channel a go-to destination for anyone interested in drawing.

And if you’re wondering why you should listen to me, here’s why. I’ve grown my own YouTube channel to over 180,000 subscribers. How? By creating content people love watching.

What Are the Best Drawing Video Ideas?

Here are the best drawing video ideas for your YouTube channel.

Tutorial and How-to Videos

Can you provide clear step-by-step instructions for different drawing techniques?

If you have the knowledge to help artists take their skills to the next level, these tutorial ideas are for you:

  • Beginner’s Guide to Basic Sketching Techniques
  • How to Draw Faces: Proportions and Features
  • Mastering Perspective Drawing for Beginners
  • Drawing Animals: From Domestic Pets to Wild Creatures
  • The Art of Still Life Drawing: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Creating Your First Comic Strip: Layout to Final Inks
  • Watercolor Techniques for Beginners
  • Introduction to Digital Drawing with Procreate
  • Anatomy for Artists: Drawing the Human Figure
  • Landscape Drawing: Techniques and Composition
  • The Basics of Portrait Drawing: Capturing Likeness
  • Pen and Ink Drawing Techniques for Beginners
  • Fantasy Art Drawing: Creating Mythical Creatures
  • Architectural Drawing for Beginners: Structures and Shadows
  • Fashion Illustration for Beginners: Drawing Stylish Outfits
  • Mastering Light and Shadow in Your Drawings
  • Introduction to Urban Sketching: Capturing Cityscapes
  • Creating Texture in Your Drawings: Techniques and Tips
  • How to Draw Hands: Techniques and Tips
  • Character Design for Animation: From Sketch to Final Concept
  • Drawing Vehicles: Cars, Planes, and More
  • Introduction to Manga Drawing: Styles and Techniques
  • Creating Dynamic Poses for Your Characters
  • Advanced Shading Techniques for Realistic Drawings
  • How to Use Colored Pencils: Techniques and Projects

Time-lapse Drawing Videos

What’s better than converting hours of work into short clips people can consume?

Here are the ideas to take a creative process and share it from start to finish in a timelapse format:

  • Time-lapse of a Cityscape Drawing from Day to Night
  • Drawing a Realistic Portrait: Start to Finish Time-lapse
  • Full Landscape Drawing Time-lapse: From Blank Page to Detailed Scene
  • Time-lapse of a Fantasy World Map Creation
  • Drawing a Detailed Animal Portrait in Time-lapse
  • Floral Illustration: A Time-lapse Drawing Session
  • Time-lapse: Recreating a Famous Painting in Pencil
  • From Sketch to Final Illustration: Character Design Time-lapse
  • Drawing a Classic Car in Time-lapse
  • Time-lapse Video of Drawing a Detailed Mechanical Object
  • Sketching a Full Comic Page: Time-lapse Video
  • Creating a Digital Painting in Time-lapse
  • Architectural Marvels: A Time-lapse Drawing Video
  • Fashion Design Drawing: Time-lapse from Concept to Color
  • Drawing a Realistic Eye: Detailed Time-lapse Video
  • Time-lapse: Creating an Underwater Scene with Colored Pencils
  • Drawing a Tree in Four Seasons: Time-lapse Video
  • Fantasy Creature Design: Time-lapse Drawing
  • Time-lapse of a Large Scale Mural Creation
  • Comic Book Cover Illustration: Time-lapse Process
  • Drawing a Detailed City Map in Time-lapse
  • Sketch to Final Art: Anime Character Time-lapse
  • Creating a Vintage Poster Design: Time-lapse Drawing
  • Time-lapse: Drawing a Series of Emotive Faces
  • Sculptural Drawing Techniques: Time-lapse Video

Art Challenge Videos

Art Challenge Videos

Fun, creative, and competitive. Three words artists love.

Whether you go for odd challenges or engaging ones, you can use these ideas to encourage artists to push their boundaries:

  • The 24-Hour Drawing Challenge: Creating Non-Stop
  • Blindfolded Drawing: Testing Your Memory and Art Skills
  • Using Only Primary Colors Challenge
  • The Left-Handed Drawing Challenge (for right-handed artists and vice versa)
  • The One-Line Drawing Challenge: Creating Without Lifting Your Pen
  • The 3-Marker Challenge: Limited Colors, Unlimited Creativity
  • Drawing in Different Art Styles Challenge
  • The No Eraser Challenge: Embracing Mistakes
  • 10 Minute, 1 Minute, 10 Second Drawing Challenge
  • Drawing with Non-Dominant Hand for a Day Challenge
  • $1 Art Supply Reviews: Creating on a Budget
  • Upside-Down Drawing Challenge: Flipping Perspectives
  • The Emoji Drawing Challenge: Bringing Emojis to Life
  • The Alphabet Art Challenge: Drawing Something for Each Letter
  • Drawing Only Using Shapes Challenge
  • The Childhood Self Portrait Redraw Challenge: Reimagining Old Drawings
  • The Copycat Challenge: Mimicking Art Videos Using a Famous Artist’s Style
  • Drawing with Coffee: The Beverage Art Challenge
  • The Continuous Line Challenge: One Line, Many Forms
  • The Silent Drawing Challenge: No Words, Just Art
  • The “Eyes Closed” Drawing Challenge
  • Drawing Using Only Recycled Materials Challenge
  • The Fantasy Creature Mashup Challenge
  • The Portrait Swap Challenge with Another Artist
  • The No Thumbnail Challenge: Diving Straight Into Final Art

Character Design and Storyboarding

It is challenging for most artists to build a character and show how they think, feel, and act.

If you can help others with their characters (and their associated stories), character design and storyboarding might be a great area to focus on.

Here are drawing video ideas for this type of content:

  • Designing a Hero Character for a Fantasy Novel
  • Creating the Ultimate Villain: Techniques and Tips
  • Developing Side Characters: Filling Out Your Story’s World
  • Designing Characters for a Children’s Book
  • Crafting Characters with Distinctive Silhouettes
  • Storyboarding Your First Short Film: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Creating an Ensemble Cast: Designing Characters That Stand Out
  • Sci-Fi Character Design: From Concept to Final Illustration
  • Drawing Dynamic Poses for Comic Book Characters
  • Designing a Character Based on a Random Object Inspiration
  • Storyboarding Techniques for Animated Features
  • Creating Expressive Facial Expressions for Characters
  • Designing Fantasy Clothing and Armor for Characters
  • Building a Character Backstory Through Illustration
  • Drawing Characters in Multiple Perspectives
  • Designing Characters for Video Games: A Workflow Overview
  • Animal Characters: Anthropomorphic Design Techniques
  • Creating a Comic Strip: From Character Design to Storyboard
  • Cyberpunk Characters: Design and Concept Techniques
  • Historical Characters: Bringing the Past to Life Through Design
  • Drawing Characters in Action: Fighting and Movement
  • The Art of Character Turnarounds for Animation
  • Designing Characters with Unique Hairstyles and Accessories
  • Mythological Characters: Drawing Inspiration from Legends
  • Storyboarding a Music Video: Visual Storytelling Techniques

Digital Art and Software Reviews

Digital Art and Software Reviews

Are you keen on using software to work smarter (not harder)? Then, creating digital art software reviews might be great for your channel.

You can help others find the best tools for their creative projects. Anything from software tutorials to hardware recommendations goes.

Here are the top video ideas for your YouTube channel:

  • Comparing Popular Digital Art Programs: Pros and Cons
  • Beginner’s Guide to Digital Art: Tools and Tips
  • Comprehensive Art Tutorials Using Procreate for Beginners
  • Advanced Techniques in Adobe Photoshop for Artists
  • Clip Studio Paint: Features That Make It Ideal for Comic Artists
  • Exploring 3D Art in Blender: A Guide for 2D Artists
  • Autodesk SketchBook: A Free Tool for Digital Artists
  • The Best Digital Art Software for Beginners in 2024
  • Transitioning from Traditional to Digital Art: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Review: The Latest Wacom Drawing Tablets
  • iPad Pro and Apple Pencil: A Digital Artist’s Review
  • Creating A Digital Art Studio on a Budget: Affordable Tablets and Software
  • The Power of Layers in Digital Drawing: A Tutorial
  • Krita: An Open-Source Alternative for Digital Artists
  • Digital Art Workflow: From Concept to Finished Piece
  • Creating Christmas Art Using Different Art Mediums
  • Animation Basics in Adobe Animate for New Artists
  • The Best Online Art Communities for Digital Artists
  • Photoshop vs. Illustrator: Which Should You Use for Your Art?
  • Review: Top Styluses for Digital Drawing and Painting
  • Painting-Inspired Digital Portrait Techniques
  • Vector Art with Adobe Illustrator: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Making the Most of Your Digital Art Software: Hidden Features
  • Tips for Organizing Your Digital Art Files and Workflow
  • Color Grading and Adjustment for Digital Artists
  • The Future of Digital Art: Trends and Tools to Watch

Collaborative Art Projects

Working with other artists and sharing their work with your audience has many benefits.

Collaborative art projects mean you don’t always have to be the face behind your channel’s content.

You can bring together artists from different art sectors, forming long-term partnerships and inspiring each other’s creativity.

Here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Global Sketchbook Exchange: Sharing Art Across Borders
  • Collaborative Mural Project: Community Art in Public Spaces
  • Online Art Challenges: Engaging with the Global Artist Community
  • Creating a Collaborative Art Zine: From Concept to Publication
  • The Exquisite Corpse: A Collaborative Drawing Game
  • Collaborative Digital Art Galleries: Showcasing Worldwide Talent
  • Art Swap Projects: Trading Artworks with Other Artists
  • Crowdsourced Art: Creating Pieces with Audience Participation
  • Multi-Artist Comic Book: A Collaborative Storytelling Project
  • Virtual Reality Art Collaborations: Exploring New Dimensions
  • International Illustration Project: Themes Across Cultures
  • Art Stream Collaborations: Live Drawing Sessions
  • Collaborative Animation Projects: Bringing Stories to Life
  • Engaging Local Communities Through An Art Collection
  • Mixed Media Collaborations: Combining Diverse Artistic Styles
  • Remote Art Workshops: Learning and Creating Together
  • Environmental Art Projects: Raising Awareness Through Collaboration
  • Collaborative Portrait Series: Capturing Diverse Faces
  • Music and Art Fusion: Collaborative Performance Projects
  • Art Chain Project: A Progressive Creation by Multiple Artists
  • Creating An Art Block Party: Bringing Together Creatives in Your Community
  • Collaborative Graphic Novel: Writers and Artists Unite
  • Social Media Art Challenges: Connecting Creatives Worldwide
  • Public Art Collaborations: Transforming Spaces with Art
  • Interactive Art Exhibitions: Audience-Participatory Projects
  • Cross-Disciplinary Projects: Bridging Art with Science and Technology

Art History and Style Evolution

Art History and Style Evolution

Art has changed over time. What was in style may not be as popular now (and vice versa).

Things that fell out of fashion are also coming back into the mix.

If you have the knowledge to dive deep into various styles, you can hop onto trends early and build an artistic following.

Here are some ideas to consider:

  • An Art Journey Through the Renaissance: Key Artists and Innovations
  • Impressionism to Post-Impressionism: Color and Light Explored
  • The Bauhaus Movement: Merging Art, Design, and Architecture
  • Abstract Expressionism: Understanding the Emotional Landscape
  • Surrealism: The Power of Dreams and the Unconscious in Art
  • Cubism: Breaking the Rules of Perspective
  • The Evolution of Portrait Painting Through Centuries
  • Art Nouveau to Art Deco: The Evolution of Style
  • Pop Art: From Cultural Commentary to Iconic Style
  • The Harlem Renaissance: A Cultural and Artistic Explosion
  • Street Art and Graffiti: From Rebellion to Recognition
  • Digital Art Evolution: From Pixels to Photorealism
  • Contemporary African Art: A Tapestry of Rich Cultures
  • The Influence of Japanese Art on Western Styles
  • Feminist Art Movement: Breaking Boundaries and Challenging Norms
  • The Golden Age of Illustration: Art in Storytelling
  • Recreate Classic Paintings: A Guide to Mastering Techniques
  • Art in Times of War: Reflecting Conflict and Hope
  • The Pre-Raphaelites: An Art YouTube Channel Focusing On Symbolism
  • Expressionism: Conveying Emotion Through Distorted Forms
  • The Gothic Revival in Art and Architecture
  • Futurism: The Art of Dynamism and Technology
  • The Rise of Installation Art: Transforming Spaces into Experiences
  • Art and Environmentalism: A Growing Trend
  • The Renaissance of Classical Techniques in Modern Art
  • Latin American Art: A Fusion of Indigenous and Colonial Influences

Realistic vs. Abstract Art Comparisons

Ready to compare philosophies, realistic vs. abstract art and more? Are you prepared for the controversies surrounding these topics?

If you can have a thought-provoking discussion about different styles of art (and how they push each others’ boundaries), the following drawing video ideas might be ideal:

  • Realism vs. Abstraction: Understanding the Spectrum
  • Photorealism Techniques and Their Abstract Counterparts
  • Exploring Emotion: How Realism and Abstraction Convey Feelings
  • The Role of Color in Realistic and Abstract Art
  • Texture and Form: A Study in Realism and Abstraction
  • Historical Perspectives: The Shift from Realism to Abstract Art
  • Contemporary Artists Blending Realism with Abstract Elements
  • Realistic and Abstract Portraits: A Comparative Analysis
  • Landscape Art: Realistic Vistas vs. Abstract Interpretations
  • The Influence of Technology on Realistic and Abstract Art
  • Realism in the Digital Age vs. Abstract Digital Art
  • The Psychology Behind Appreciation for Realism and Abstraction
  • Sculpture: Realistic Figures vs. Abstract Forms
  • How Abstract Art Emphasizes Composition and Color Over Subject
  • Realistic and Abstract Art in Public Spaces
  • The Use of Space in Realistic and Abstract Art
  • Realism and Abstract Art in Fashion Design
  • Narrative Potential in Realism vs. Abstract Art
  • How Artists Transition Between Realism and Abstract Styles
  • The Impact of Cultural Context on Realistic and Abstract Art
  • Teaching Art: Balancing Realism and Abstract Techniques
  • The Market for Realistic vs. Abstract Art
  • Critics and Public Reception: Realism vs. Abstract Art Debates
  • Material Choices in Realistic and Abstract Art Making
  • The Future of Realism and Abstract Art: Trends and Predictions

How Important Are Your Audience’s Drawing Skills?

As you create drawing YouTube content, keep your audience’s skill levels in mind.

Focusing on skills like drawing basics makes sense if you’re targeting beginners. In this case, starting with lessons about drawing basics (i.e. shapes and lines) ensures everyone is on the same page.

Basic shading techniques (like hatching and cross-hatching) can also be beneficial for beginners.

Then, you might want to create content to help more advanced users.

Composition techniques that introduce perspective and depth can elevate an artist’s skills.

Next, you could keep building skills on top of these. For example, why not explore abstract composition techniques to encourage creativity in your audience?

It’s all about knowing your audience’s needs and meeting them.

What Types of Themes and Subjects Will You Cover?

There are virtually no limits to drawing video ideas.

Considering themes and subjects means you can dive deep into specific areas of interest.

Consider the following:

  • Fantasy creatures: dragons, unicorns, or other mythical beasts make for great YouTube content.
  • Nature: Are you a fan of flowers, trees, and animals? What about landscapes and seascapes? The sky’s the limit!
  • Human figures: you can choose to draw human figures in any style you choose. Human anatomy and portraiture are great for sharing your knowledge.
  • Urban themes: Exploring city life can be exciting. Think about street art, graffiti, cityscapes and architecture. Then, create content that shows your expertise.

Consider Your Drawing and Art Video Narration

Narration significantly affects your videos.

I’d go as far as saying that narration can make or break your videos. Great narration makes it easy for viewers to follow along and implement the lessons in a video.

On the other hand, poor narration is distracting. It also makes it hard for viewers to focus on the content.

Here are the best narration tips for your drawing videos:

  • Be clear: speak at a pace people can understand. Also, vary the pace. Don’t speak at the same speed throughout your video.
  • Explain the process: If you’re targeting beginners, don’t assume they know the basics. Take the time to explain the fundamentals and any logic behind your choices.
  • Show enthusiasm: Being passionate about what you’re teaching helps. It makes any process you’re going through much more interesting.
  • Use humor: If humor is a fundamental part of your personality, add humor to your storytelling.

The more practice, the better your narration will become.

And when you combine solid narration with great knowledge sharing, your YouTube channel will become the go-to drawing channel for your audience.


The drawing video ideas above can really boost your creativity as an artist.

The possibilities are endless. Why not test your skills with time-lapse videos or have fun with art challenges to connect with your audience?

No matter which way you choose to go, here’s the real secret. It’s not just about choosing an idea from a list.

The true magic happens when you make each concept your own, adding your personality and passion into every video you make.

And that’s what will keep your audience returning for more.

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