15 Best Couples YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Best Couples YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

Some might say YouTube isn’t the best place to learn about relationships.

I say… think again!

The best couples YouTube channels often share real, raw moments.

These moments can teach us about love and living together – seeing real reactions and emotions can be priceless.

As someone with over 180,000 subscribers on my own channel, I’ve seen firsthand how powerful YouTube can be.

Tuning into these channels gives you some new insights into your relationships!

What Are The Best Couples YouTube Channels?

Here are the best couples YouTube channels.

1. Nick & Carrie

Nick & Carrie

Nick & Carrie’s radiate vibrant energy and dynamism in their relationship – and content.

They share their special milestone moments with their 8.01 million subscribers.

Their thoroughly engaging output keeps fans captivated.

Whether documenting the day-to-day or something exceptional, it’s a great channel to follow.

2. Sailing La Vagabonde

2. Sailing La Vagabonde

Seeking a taste of life at sea?

Sailing La Vagabonde is all about aquatic adventure and heartwarming family bonding.

Their content isn’t the average travel vlogging.

They add their own (deep) personal storytelling style and informative insights.

3. Andy & Michelle

3. Andy & Michelle

I’d define Andy & Michelle as people with upbeat energy and an inclusive, welcoming vibe.

They share these emotions with their followers, documenting their diverse lifestyles.

From the mundane everyday stuff to whirlwind travelogs, they’re another excellent couple channel to follow.

They also offer endless entertainment combined with creative aspects.

4. Sarah Therese

4. Sarah Therese

Sarah Therese breaks the typical online noise and chaos.

Instead, she creates a calming, mindful experience centered around minimalism and intentional living.

She offers a soothing presence as well as an insightful philosophy.

This is a great channel to follow as a parent when it comes to decluttering minds (or spaces).

5. Slice n Rice

5. Slice n Rice

For those after laughter, Slice n Rice is the go-to channel.

This channel delivers humor with no filters and no boundaries.

The creators behind the channel share wildly relatable comedy sketches and couple vlogs.

6. De’arra & Ken 4 Life

6. De'arra & Ken 4 Life

The vibrant energy radiating from De’arra Taylor is like none other.

Her vlogs document her everyday adventures, travel exploits, and life surprises.

She brings a dynamic energy that makes her viewers feel young again – irrespective of age.

7. Hunna & Lib

7. Hunna & Lib

An uplifting, positive dose of family fun and patently good vibes?

Check out Hunna & Lib.

With 1.72 million subscribers forming a supportive community, their family-forward lifestyle shines in every piece of content.

They offer upbeat sketches emphasizing the values of love and laughter.

8. Jatie Vlogs

8. Jatie Vlogs

Pranks and youthful antics are part of the majority of couple YouTube videos.

Jatie Vlogs takes this to another level.

The channel also presents entertainment, a great dynamic, and (sometimes) total chaos.

9. Rachel and Jun

9. Rachel and Jun

Rachel and Jun transport viewers into a hypnotic educational experience.

They have a level of insight into Japanese life, not many offer.

They also go deep into both the mundane and the magnificent of their life.

Their channel isn’t a basic documentation of life in Japan.

It’s much more than that – from deconstructing culture to how society works, it’s all there.

10. How To Renovate A Chateau

10. How To Renovate A Chateau

Ever thought about taking on the ultimate DIY project?

For DIY enthusiasts craving authenticity, How To Renovate A Chateau delivers.

It provides in-the-trenches education through the lens of an actual chateau renovation.

Viewers witness real challenges and hard work – in addition to the couple dynamics.

11. Mariah and Bill

11. Mariah and Bill

High-octane life?

Here’s a dynamic husband-wife duo.

Mariah and Bill (with 4.13 million followers) share their lively, fun-loving videos.

They’re packed with pranks, challenges, and day-to-day antics.

12. Aspyn and Parker

12. Aspyn and Parker

There’s an irresistible authenticity to Aspyn and Parker.

They offer a family-oriented appeal that brings people in and causes them to keep watching.

This authentic image translates into the wholesome realities of married life, parenting struggles, and globe-trotting adventures.

All their videos come with heartwarming intimacy and a refreshing outlook on life.

13. Jess and Gabriel

13. Jess and Gabriel

Jess and Gabriel offer both romantic chemistry and musical talent.

With 3+ million subscribers, the couple inspires others through a love story others might aspire to.

Their artistic expression is also a great factor in giving the channel a watch.

Definitely a great combination.

14. Jinti Fell

14. Jinti Fell

Are you an eco-conscious fan craving inspiration?

Jinti Fell shares invaluable insights on sustainable travel and eco-friendly minimalist living.

She also documents adventurous travels that model waste-free exploration.

If you want proof that traveling responsibly is a fulfilling possibility, this is the channel to follow.

15. The LaBrant Fam

15. The LaBrant Fam

With 13.4 million subscribers, The LaBrant Fam is a true tour-de-force in heartwarming family entertainment.

They offer joyful, dynamic, wholesome, uplifting exploits.

These experiences resonate with their audience, who are after smile-inducing positivity.

If you’re after relatable stories, this is the channel to follow.

Choosing the Perfect Couple Channel

When you enter the world of YouTube couples, you will find so many fun and interesting ones to choose from.

Whether you like a YouTube channel that features:

  • funny pranks
  • learning about life as a married couple through relationship advice
  • traveling the world with adventurous couples
  • or seeing cool DIY projects

…there are couple YouTube channels for everyone.

Here’s how to find the best channel for you.

Finding What’s Relatable

It’s important to find channels that talk about things you care about or show people like you.

For example, some channels focus on LGBTQ+ couples YouTubers or even those in long-distance relationships.

There are even channels for new parents sharing stories about raising kids.

Watching people who share your experiences can make the videos feel special and more connected to your own life.

The “Cool Factor”

Some couple YouTubers are just super fun to watch.

They make you laugh a lot, teach you cool things, or are just really nice and friendly.

These YouTubers have something special that makes people really love to binge watch their videos.

The Video Quality

The best channels are not just fun to watch. They also look really good.

Their editing makes you feel you’re watching a movie.

Sometimes, this is broader than just popular video content.

Whether it’s family vlogs, international couple videos, van life videos, or even videos about cultural differences, video quality is crucial.

Find channels that create videos in a creative and beautiful way.

It makes watching them even more exciting.


Each channel above offers a unique view into the dynamics of relationships.

These channels help both entertain and learn unexpected life lessons.

Whether you’re in for fun or education, these channels can provide a real connection with others who might be in the same situation.

And it’s this human connection that makes these videos worth watching.

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