What is CroxyProxy YouTube? (Get Videos & WhatsApp 2024)

What is CroxyProxy YouTube? (Get Videos & WhatsApp 2024)

Don’t you hate it when you try to open a YouTube video and get the dreaded, “This video is not available in your country”?

Sometimes, the issue can be even more local and involves an employer who decided you shouldn’t waste time on YouTube. Not a pleasant feeling when you know that a simple video could improve your work life.


  • YouTube is blocked in your country
  • you want to remain anonymous while watching videos
  • or simply need to watch a quick video to solve a work problem

…but can’t seem to access YouTube – this article has the answers.

In it, I’ll go over CroxyProxy for YouTube (and WhatsApp), providing you with its main features and the pros and cons of using this software.

What Is CroxyProxy YouTube?

CroxyProxy YouTube proxy is free software that allows you to access the popular video streaming site.

CroxyProxy does this by getting around any imposed restrictions. In simple terms, it changes where your internet connection is coming from.

CroxyProxy can also be used for platforms like Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and other social sites.

Features of CroxyProxy

Here are some of the best features CroxyProxy offers.

Once you’re on the CroxyProxy site, simply click on the link to the site you want to access. You won’t even have to type anything in your web browser.

Whether you want to access websites like YouTube, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other site listed in the quick links, it’s all just a click away.

Ease Of Access

Gone are the days when you must follow complicated processes to access a proxy server.

You don’t even need to know what that means or have any technical knowledge. Simply go to your CroxyProxy website and type in (or click) the site you want to visit.

The result? An easy solution in just a few clicks.

Global Web Proxy

You can also use this software if you want it to protect your browsing experience on all the sites you visit. Download and install Croxyproxy browser extension, turn it on, and you’re ready.

This process will change your IP address (i.e., the location you’re accessing the internet from) to a different one (different city and/or country) so you access the web privately without any restrictions.

You can install CroxyProxy either through the Chrome web store or Gibhub (if you’re more technical):

Google play store

Source: google.com


Source: github.com

User-Friendly Interface

A great feature of Croxy Proxy is that the interface is super straightforward.

It’s probably the most user-friendly tool I’ve encountered while researching similar tools. You don’t have to:

  • set up complicated parameters
  • choose your new location
  • or even input advanced settings.

Even with its global proxy feature, it’s as simple as flipping on a switch, waiting a few seconds, and you’re good to go.

There’s no need for downloads and the tool is compatible across various browsers and devices.

Advantages Of CroxyProxy Over VPN Services

Other VPN (virtual private network) services do similar things to CroxyProxy.

However, CroxyProxy has multiple advantages over these software solutions.

Firstly, most services just don’t work. You’re promised reliable, anonymous browsing, but you don’t always get that. Either the desired sites don’t work (i.e., you get a blank destination page), or your internet connection isn’t private.

That’s no good.

In other situations, your full device must change its actual IP address. In several situations, this isn’t something you’ll want to do. If you’re on a business laptop at your workplace, this can cause red flags within your IT department.

CroxyProxy allows you to navigate restrictions (without raising red flags) by accessing a single website through its service.

Moreover, most reliable VPNs aren’t free web proxy service products. They require a monthly/yearly subscription to use. CroxyProxy does have a premium version (more on this later).

However, you don’t need to pay for it unless you’re after the more advanced features.

CroxyProxy also supports streaming on sites like YouTube and even sharing videos on WhatsApp. As you may know, video streaming takes up a lot of bandwidth. Many proxy sites remove this video streaming feature as it costs too much to make the business economics make sense.

CroxyProxy doesn’t have this restriction. Streaming videos on CroxyProxy makes it a much better solution than similar products.

CroxyProxy in Action: Unblocking YouTube

Here’s a walkthrough of how to use CroxyProxy to unblock YouTube.

  • Step 1: Go to the CroxyProxy website
  • Step 2: Enter the URL of the YouTube video you want to unblock
  • Step 3: Hit Go
  • Step 4: Optionally, you can also access any of the linked sites below the input box

Step 5: Confirm you’re using the CroxyProxy tool by seeing this confirmation message:

Checking IP Address With Global CroxyProxy

If you’re using the global feature on CroxyProxy (i.e., you want to change your whole IP address), you can use sites like what’s whatismyipaddress.com to confirm your new IP.

Simply go to the above site and you’ll be able to see where your IP is coming from:

Running this test before and after you change your IP is a great way to confirm things are working correctly.

Potential Limitations of CroxyProxy

One limitation of all proxy software is that your internet speed will take a hit.

You can’t expect to get your fully promised internet speed (both download and upload) when routing your internet connection through a proxy server.

Your internet signal is moving through multiple locations, slowing it down relative to its fullest potential.

This is one restriction to remember before using CroxyProxy or any similar software.

CroxyProxy Premium

If you want more advanced CroxyProxy features, the Premium version might interest you.

With this version, you’ll get to pick the new location of your internet connection. As of the time of writing, CroxyProxy offers fast services in multiple countries that include:

  • Germany
  • UK
  • Spain
  • USA
  • Canada
  • Israel

You also get full HD video playback. If you’re finding that your videos end up buffering (the hated start, stop, start, stop pattern) on video playback, the premium version should provide a smoother experience.

Another benefit is that you’ll get no service ads. Say goodbye to annoying ads all over the CroxyProxy website.

Finally, you’ll also get priority support. This level of support means immediate solutions if you have any problems while using the software.


If you want to access YouTube, WhatsApp, and other sites without any restrictions, CroxyProxy can be the right solution.

With its multiple abilities (available in its free proxy version) and the more advanced ones (in its Premium version), you have a suite of features to make your internet browsing experience the best it can be.

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