Blog Income Report for March 2020: How I Earned $61,572 This Month

March 2020 Blog Income Report

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While most Blog Income Reports are from bloggers who started 5+ years ago, here’s one for my blog that launched 15 months ago in January 2019.

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Let’s dive into my blog income report.

1. Blog Income in March 2020: $61,572

We are in unprecedented times.

The Coronavirus is leading to lockdowns and shelter-in-place orders across the United States and 136+ million jobs in the service economy are at risk.

At first, I didn’t want to post my Blog Income Report.

But then I realized I needed to share the importance of owning a digital business in a time when physical businesses are literally being taken away by a government shutdown.

Plus, I consider myself a libertarian.

The idea of closing down a successful business for months (like my mom just had to do with her highly-successful hair salon) is something hard to stomach.

However, I completely understand (and agree with) the reasoning and want to stop the spread of the Coronavirus as much as anyone else.

What does this mean?

It’s simple.

Physical, in-person businesses are more at risk than online ones for disruption.

Just look at the stock prices for online platforms like Zoom, Slack, and Cloudflare – they’re rising while we hit record unemployment. And these corporations survive while local restaurants and small businesses are in real trouble.

It’s not fair.

But it’s the new reality.

You have to ask yourself: Is your business pandemic-proof?

Can you survive a government shutdown?

Are you running a business that requires people in close proximity?

If so, you might want to read my guides and start an online business as a back-up plan.

Ready? Let’s move on to my blog’s income streams. 

Affiliate Marketing Programs:

Affiliate revenue was the biggest increase for my blog in March. Overall, I brought in $44,626 from 56 different affiliate programs for an average of $797 per program in March.

This was an increase from $25,619 in February to $44,626 in March for an insane 74.2% increase in one month – my biggest increase ever.

Overall, the main driver was the rise of the stay-at-home economy searching for software related to “video conferencing”, “webinars” and other tools related to online meetings. Luckily I wrote blog posts that started to rank for those terms 3-6 months ago.

The increase in traffic for those search phrases brought in an extra $12,129 in March compared to February. The on the left below are from March 2020 for a single affiliate program, with the obvious chart increase on the right:

Additionally, I saw huge sales increases from old blog posts that started to rank better on Google – web hosting and email marketing software finally hitting search rankings to see a good return.

Overall, web hosting revenue increased by 207% and email marketing revenue increased by 322%. These posts were hovering around page 2 of Google but started to rank on page 1 for a lot of terms.

Finally, it was a steady mix of traffic, with a good blend of affiliate programs, with 56 programs bringing revenue and 33 programs bringing in at least $100/month.

Please note: I must keep a few affiliate programs hidden due to their requirements and personal deals we have together.

WebinarJam $XX,XXX
Buzzsprout $5,000
Bluehost $X,XXX
Thinkific $X,XXX
Constant Contact $2,375
PodBean $2,112
ClickMeeting $1,814
Teachable $1,540
Shipbob $1,110
FlexJobs $960
Demio $913
Transistor $741
Learnworlds $533
LearnDash $532
Simplecast $500
Kajabi $442
Canva $399
Adobe $334
WebinarNinja $283
HostGator $XXX
BigCommerce $XXX
Hubspot $250
GoToWebinar $200
Wix $200
Shopify $XXX
Skillshare $189
Airbnb $180
GetResponse $176
Captivate $152
Resume IO $126
GreenGeeks $125
Sendinblue $100
M1 Finance $100
3dcart $95
Screencast-o-matic $92
Hostinger $70
Skylum $70
Castos $62
LinkedIn Learning $50
Amazon Associates $46
SEMRush $40
Podia $35
Awin $30
Corel $29
Spocket $22
Leadpages $22
Monster Insights $20
Namecheap $17
Automizy $16
Aweber $14
Gist $14
Visme $12
LiquidWeb $10
Creative Market $8
Renderforest $7
Fusebox $6

  • Digital Product Sales: $1,096
  • SEO and Link Consulting for 6 B2B Clients: $15,850

Total revenue in March: $61,572

Expenses in March 2020: $5,426

Besides my fixed expenses, the only ones that increased were the fees to my CPA (because of tax season) and my fees for content (because I paid for a little bit more). Here are my expenses for March 2020:

Content $1,768
CPA $1,445 (tax season)
Freelancer $1,200
WP Engine $290
Development $155
ConvertKit $149
GoDaddy $141
Cloudflare $76
Adobe CC $56
ThirstyAffiliates Pro $49
G Suite $38
OptinMonster $29
Grammarly $19
Shortpixel $11

Total expenses in March: $5,426

Net Profit: $56,146 (91.19% Gross Profit Margin)

Due to the volatile nature of the stock market lately, I started to get obsessed with metrics, so I’ll start documenting other interesting blog financials and other leading indicators:

MoM Revenue Increase: $18,385
MoM Revenue Increase Percentage: 42.57%
MoM Passive Increase Percentage: 70.77%
Passive % of Sales: 74.26%
Revenue Trailing Quarter: $106,606
Revenue YTD: $139,780
Gross Profit YTD: $128,005
Gross Profit Trailing Quarter: $95,474

Now, onto some traffic stats and a March recap.

2. Traffic for March 2020: 303,960 Sessions (+31.29%)

Overall in March 2020 compared to February 2020, I increased my web traffic from 231,514 to 303,960. I just barely hit 300k on the 31st of March which was great so now I can claim that on my home page and all social profiles lol.

Compared to last year, it’s a solid 3,089% increase, as I had just 9,531 visitors in March of 2019.

March 2020 Website Traffic

Here are my monthly traffic metrics so far, dating back to January 2019 when I launched my blog:


  • January: 1,147
  • February: 2,055
  • March: 7,672
  • April: 16,920
  • May: 34,261
  • June: 46,355
  • July: 76,926
  • August: 105,056
  • September: 133,391
  • October: 141,348
  • November: 143,705
  • December: 178,021


  • January: 248,910
  • February: 231,524
  • March: 303,960

4. Email Subscribers for March 2020: +2,577

As of March 2020, I have over 17,500 subscribers on my email list. And as this part of my business is less than 1.5% of my revenue, I’m ready to start opening it up to other revenue streams. I plan to launch some video courses in April and May to tackles in-depth topics like keyword research, SEO, WordPress, and affiliate marketing.

But for now, just know that I’m starting to add 150 email subscribers/day and my list is over 17,500.

5. Tasks Completed in March:

  • Added new content to my top 20 blog posts (it was a big month of making updates).
  • Published 2 new guest posts on ProofHub and Cyberchimp.
  • Created a brand new form of link building via affiliate marketing. (I shared more details in our Private Facebook Group.)

That’s it for my Blog Income Report for March 2020.

The purpose of these new blog income reports is to showcase that with the right strategies, you can make significant income quickly. 

Thank you so much for reading – I’m very grateful you found your way here.

If you’re looking to launch a blog and follow my strategies, you can check out my full guide on how to start a blog and launch your blog with Bluehost for just $2.95/month.

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Disclaimer: The two Bluehost links above are affiliate links which provide a small commission to me at no cost to you. These links track your purchase and credit it to this website. Affiliate links are a primary way that I make money from this blog and Bluehost is the best web hosting option for new bloggers. You can read full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so we can connect.

Finally, if you want to start treating your blog like a business and make life-changing money in months, not years, join my email list for a 10,000+ word, 7-day email course on how to do it.


  1. Congrats Adam! Great to see that you’re making an income by providing useful and valuable content for people. Keep up the good work:)

    1. Yep, this is from this domain only. I just started a new blog about a month ago in the finance niche, but that will take some time to monetize.

  2. Thank you Adam for this wonderful inspirational income report to motivate us.

    You wrote great content overall on your blog in such a way that i do not stop myself to read every article.

    Could you please guide me on Content Writing? If you are writing itself or outsourcing it..

    If outsourcing, then please let me from which platform and how can we choose a good writer there..

    Thank you for writing such inspirational and motivational posts Adam..

    Keep inspiring us.

    Overall its Awesome.

    Thank you once again ๐Ÿ™‚

  3. Congrats on another great month. It’s incredible that you’re able to earn this much, and how successful you are with blogging in such a short time. I have been blogging for more than 4 years and only just started to see some success. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Thanks Graham! I appreciate the kind words – best of luck with your blog and I hope you find my content useful.

  4. Thank you for this detailed information Bro. It inspires me to start my own blog.

    More power and God Bless.

  5. Good stuff dude. Another post to show me what is possible. You’re already on track to hit your 2020 goal and it’s only the first quarter. Congratulations. What is the best way to get in touch with you?

    1. Thanks! ๐Ÿ™‚ The best way to get in touch is to access the link via my email to join our Private Facebook Group.

  6. Congratulations Adam Sir, You have achieved massive results. I have read your 90 day to $10k Plan and now i am thinking like a CEO not like a blogger. Thankyou for guiding us

  7. That’s what’s up Adam! I’ve been following your growth for some time now and let tell you, you have build one of the fastest growing blogs I have seen to date. Just one question, how do you convince Webmaster and publications in general to let you guest post for them? do you rely on your background with Bigcommerce or do you have any relationship in that specific industry? I’m really curious cause I think I can definitely see linkbuilding being my #1 problem. Thanks for inspiration, man.

    1. Thanks, man – and great question! My background/job at BigCommerce certainly helped at first. In some of my content, I talk about using your professional leverage to your advantage (whatever it may be). It’s easier if you have some type of in within the industry your blogging about. Now that I have some guest posts under my belt and built-up traffic, I use my blog and traffic levels as the main social proof to get guest posts.

    1. Hey Max, thanks! When I first started, I did not have a writer and assistant. I wrote all my own posts for the first 3-6 months or so as I built up revenue for my blog. I probably would have hired sooner though knowing what I know now.

  8. Hi Adam,

    I have read many posts of yours in the last few months and have been really amazed by the level of scaling you have done to your blog in such a short time. May I know, do you do this all by yourself or do you have an onsite or offshore team?

    1. Hey, thanks Siddharth. ๐Ÿ™‚ I do have one content writer and one assistant to help out but that’s about it.

  9. Wow. Another month to challenge the heck out of me. Thanks for a great job. Those following your footprint know that this took work for you to get here. I am both inspired and a great follower + fan.

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