105 Best Funny YouTube Video Ideas for 2024 (ULTIMATE List)

105 Best Funny YouTube Video Ideas for 2024 (ULTIMATE List)

We’ve all spent way too much time watching funny YouTube videos. You know, the ones where you can’t explain how the last hour flew by?

Well, what if you wanted to create similar videos that got people hooked to your YouTube channel?

Today, high video retention = more views = more subscribers = more money. To help with this, I’ll share the 105+ best funny YouTube video ideas you can produce.

My team and I created this list based on our experience building a YouTube channel with 175,000+ subscribers. If there’s one thing we know how to do, it’s coming up with good YouTube video ideas that get people to watch from start to finish.

What Are The Best Funny YouTube Video Ideas?

Here are the best funny YouTube video ideas. I’ve sorted these into categories to help you find the best ones for your audience.

Comedy Sketches

  1. A common day for the uncommon superhero.
  2. The worst interview ever
  3. Time travelers unwittingly spoil a medieval-style feast.
  4. A mockumentary on board game enthusiasts.
  5. The most embarrassing dinner with families that do not exist.
  6. Pet’s secret life away from humans.
  7. A clueless chef cooking show.
  8. A ridicule of reality shows.
  9. Office politics at an institution controlled by well-known villains.
  10. Funny life hacks gone wrong.
  11. Hoax news on a ridiculous non-existent emergency.
  12. A failed beauty tutorial.
  13. A DIY appliance with a stupidly intricate user manual.
  14. Conflict of a wizard with the reality of his time.
  15. An infomercial for non-existent silly products.
  16. A debate of controversial figures over trivialities
  17. A twenty-four-hour day in the life of a person who’s too literal.
  18. Adventures of a misfit gang of criminals starting a band.
  19. How-to videos on becoming an internet phenomenon overnight.
  20. A parody video on popular scenes from a famous film with an unexpected twist.
  21. Adventure sports turned into a bore fest
  22. A tourist accidentally falls into a charmed gathering of mythological.
  23. A workout video for the lazy.
  24. The world’s least useful devices.
  25. A spoof on the future based on bad sci-fi predictions.

Prank Videos

  1. Prank voice-operated appliances.
  2. Fake lottery ticket surprise.
  3. An invisible rope trick under the busy street.
  4. Frightening people with a radio-controlled spider.
  5. Fake marriage proposal ending in denial.
  6. Playing the floor is lava in public spaces
  7. A fake ridiculous job interview.
  8. A talking box to prank the delivery folks.
  9. Phony sidewalk magician deceiving passers-by.
  10. Having a staged pop icon on a mission in public.
  11. Absurd allegations during prank calls.
  12. Fake product taste testing.
  13. A scary prank that ends in kindness.
  14. Unexpected elevator rides
  15. Humorous haunted house installation.
  16. Fake news reporters going around in public with stupid questions.
  17. Putting a prank treasure search in public.
  18. A handshake using a fake hand.
  19. Arranging for a photo booth filled with surprises.
  20. Unexpected water balloon challenge.
  21. Fake parking ticket for absurd reasons.
  22. Public serenade using untalented singers.
  23. Bogus competition for those wearing the most unattractive clothes in public.
  24. Pretending false familiarity with people.

Funny Videos

Funny Videos
  1. Creating an animation on a cat’s ambitions to conquer the planet.
  2. One day in the life of a zombie wanting to be human
  3. Misadventures of time-traveling insects.
  4. A twist on famous fairy tales with unexpected ends.
  5. Aliens visiting the Earth and the confusion about certain activities.
  6. The superhero with the most worthless supernatural abilities.
  7. The secretive lives of mundane office supplies.
  8. A show of vegetables on a run from the kitchen.
  9. An animated movie where characters from classic portraits are given life and cause havoc.
  10. Mythical creatures working a 9-5 job.
  11. Funny animal videos about small creatures living under one’s bed.
  12. A budget ship with mix-matched aliens performing a space opera.
  13. A wizard roaming the high-tech world.
  14. Cars that talk but can’t tell which way to go.
  15. A parody of famous computer games, but with irrational thinking.
  16. Pirate crew’s life captaining the seas of the present age.
  17. An easily ruined science lesson because of far-fetched facts.
  18. A fictitious documentary on snail racing as a professional sport.
  19. A knight takes a sacred vow and embarks on a heroic quest to find the holy grail a.k.a. the best sandwich ever.
  20. The weird wonderland of a magician’s top hat.
  21. An intergalactic cooking program starring unpalatable dishes.
  22. Experiments of a mad scientist gone wrong.
  23. Taking the online world offline and it ends up being up to no good.

Hilarious Gameplays

  1. Playing horror games with excessively dramatic overreactions.
  2. Trying to win in an unwinnable game.
  3. Online games involving the compulsion to behave silly.
  4. A show where gamers play with the most difficult game settings.
  5. Playing popular game titles with challenging conditions/
  6. Going through a game while adding funny comments of the hero’s thoughts.
  7. A video gaming challenge while being blindfolded.
  8. Speed-running games but with funny distractions.
  9. Playing serious games – without the serious part.
  10. Using inappropriate gaming controllers to play games.
  11. Play classic games and over-analyze every single detail.
  12. A challenge in which players hand over controls in critical approaches.
  13. Playing video games with the language set to one you don’t understand.
  14. Observations of the most dramatic points of a game.
  15. Cooking shows revolving around cooking done in games.
  16. Playing strategy games using a set of ‘worst strategies’.
  17. Gaming while doing physical exercise.
  18. A fashion critic creating opinion videos of character attires.
  19. VR gaming but with over-the-top movement.
  20. Trying to play games without a single kill using a pacifist path.

Parody Music Videos

Parody Music Videos
  1. A morning person’s sob song.
  2. A satiric alteration of a well-known pop song, but from the position of pets.
  3. A hymn for all those horrible at chores.
  4. A ballad to missing socks and other misadventures of the laundry.
  5. A rap battle between old-times impersonated characters.
  6. A song about pickup trucks produced in different countries.
  7. A pop song mocking the futility of modern social media fashion.
  8. A rock anthem of little everyday achievements.
  9. A jazz song about the problems of being an adult.
  10. A rap about how difficult it is to maintain plants.
  11. A song about disappointing online dating experiences.
  12. A love song for food.
  13. A power ballad of coping with uncomfortable family reunions.
  14. A dance song about the dangers of autocorrect.
  15. A reggae song for lost tupperware.
  16. Punk rock song made for all introverts.
  17. A metal tune speaking about slow internet.
  18. An opera on a traffic jam day.
  19. A blues song for when you forget your passwords.
  20. A popular song about the good having the intention to be eco-good but failing at it.
  21. Disco track singing the praises of a night off staying in rather than going out.
  22. A song that has a go at everything robotic
  23. An indie track that outlines love in a bookstore.
  24. A salsa-infused song in the kitchen about whether life requires a pinch of salt.
  25. Holiday songs for days to work.

Laugh-Out-Loud Reaction Videos

  1. Watching strange infomercials and commenting on them.
  2. Impromptu reactions to viral classics.
  3. Analysis of weird cooking recipes and kitchen fails.
  4. Looking back at old personal pictures and videos.
  5. Laughing at extreme sports fails.
  6. Reaction to the movie trailers while blindfolded.
  7. Analyses of unexpected moments on reality TV.
  8. Response to abrupt short films and video endings.
  9. Comedy roasting of historical celebrities.
  10. Responses to weird trends in fashion throughout time.
  11. Attempts to remain serious while watching super comical videos.
  12. Reacting to dramatic soap opera scenes.
  13. Responding to children who try to educate people on advanced themes.
  14. Funny replies to magic tricks and illusions that flop.
  15. Trying to assemble complicated furniture by reading advanced manuals.
  16. Catching up with the craziest moments in game shows from across the globe.
  17. Funny rendering of pieces of abstract art.
  18. Listening to lesser-known musical instruments and guessing what they are
  19. Responding to old educational videos from modern standpoints.
  20. Laughing at pre-motion silent film sets with a modern commentary.
  21. Funny reactions to old future predictions that went wrong.

Consider These Factors Before Creating Funny YouTube Videos

The above ideas might have given you food for thought for funny videos you want to pursue.

Before you create them on your channel (or start a new YouTube channel with such videos), here are some vital factors to consider.

Finding Your Niche

As you’ve seen, I categorized the funny YouTube video ideas above into separate categories. The reason?

What one person finds funny isn’t the same as the next person.

Moreover, identifying your comedic style is essential. It lets you focus on your strengths while finding people who best appreciate this style.

Consider whether you are mostly:

  • sarcastic
  • observational
  • absurdist or
  • witty.

Depending on your style, these could each have specific funny videos on different YouTube channels – at the very least, different playlists.

Knowing your niche and the type of videos you’ll create gives you a much higher chance of success when you have a specific video style.

It’s also essential to see what’s popular in your niche and what gaps exist.

If many people create specific styles of funny videos but leave content gaps, this could be a great way to focus on filling that void.

For example, if most sarcastic comedy channels in your niche create content aimed at adults, maybe consider starting a YouTube channel with sarcastic content for teenagers.

Planning & Scripting

Planning & Scripting

There are multiple steps to creating successful YouTube videos.

The steps include:

  • Brainstorming
  • Storyboarding
  • Scriptwriting
  • Production

While I don’t have time to get into the specifics, here are some ideas to get you going.

With brainstorming, techniques like mind maps, listing everyday observations you find funny, freewriting, or even watching stand-up comedy can be helpful.

Having an unlimited supply of ideas you can rely on is critical. You can then choose the ones that make the most sense – rather than forcing yourself to come up with single ideas you must use.

In terms of storyboarding, this will help you consider how your videos will flow and their key moments.

Whether these moments contain hooks to keep the audience engaged, deliver punchlines, or add another character to your video, they deserve proper planning..

Next, scriptwriting depends on the type of video you’re creating. The more detailed your script is, the faster production can happen.

You won’t have to go back and forth to decide what happens next when filming.

Instead, you’ll know exactly what needs to get done and who will do it. There’s power in preparation when shooting YouTube videos.

Finally, there’s the production stage. You’re ready to shoot your videos and edit them as needed.

Monetization & Growth

YouTube is a great platform to make money from your videos. However, this is not an overnight process.

You need to get lots of video views and subscribers to qualify for monetization.

The question to consider is whether YouTube video ads are your desired monetization goal for your videos. They are certainly one of many income sources on this platform.

Other methods can help you make money and grow your channel. These include affiliate marketing, video sponsorships, and even selling your products.

Knowing your goals from the beginning and working towards them is essential.

Overcoming Challenges

Finally, remember that challenges will show up on your way to success. Finding ways around these challenges (while learning from the experience) separates those who succeed from those who fail.

The most common challenges I have come across are:

  • Writer’s block
  • Technical difficulties
  • Negative feedback

Dealing with writer’s block is usually about getting inspired. Watch different comedy materials, go for a walk, or even take a break. You’ll be surprised at how often these three things can help solve a blank page problem.

If you’re facing technical difficulties, realize that someone else has had the same problems before you and found the answer. Resourcefulness and a “figure it out” attitude will get you over this challenge.

Also, note that you don’t have to have perfect videos before publishing them.

Imperfect action beats perfect procrastination every single time.

Finally, let’s talk about negative feedback. Don’t let a random armchair commentator bring you down. People at the top won’t comment negatively on someone doing their best to hit their goals.

Simply review if there’s anything valid you can take from negative feedback and learn from it.

If not, just move on.


The above funny YouTube video ideas can be a great way to start a YouTube channel and become a content creator.

By adding your twist to the above ideas and following the tips I gave you, you’ll have taken the most challenging step – getting started.

After that, things will get easier as you build momentum.

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You can even look at educational YouTube channel names if you’re into this niche market.

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