155 Best Travel Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

155 Best Travel Video Ideas for YouTube (2024 List)

Watching travel videos before a trip is great. However, I recently noticed all of them look kinda the same.

Aerial drone footage of the same two tourist traps, a 2-minute time-lapse of the same sunset spot, and endless footage with electronic music in the background.

It seems no one has any original ideas anymore.

What if YOU brought something new to the table?

Do you think it would help your YouTube channel stand out?

In this article, I offer more than 155 travel YouTube video ideas for your next content piece. I also show you how to create travel videos that tell a story.

And if you’re wondering why you should listen to me, I have a YouTube channel with over 180,000 subscribers. I know what makes people click, watch, and stick around.

What Are The Best Travel YouTube Video Ideas?

Here are the travel YouTube video ideas you can use in the next piece of content you film.

Destination Guides

If you’re an avid traveler, you might know places regular tourists will never experience – up till now.

Why not share these beautiful hidden gems with the world?

You can use the following travel video ideas to help inspire someone’s next adventure.

  • Top 10 Must-Visit Places in Tokyo for First-Timers
  • A Complete Guide to Budget-Friendly Eats in Paris
  • Exploring the Hidden Gems of New York City
  • The Best Beach Destinations in Southeast Asia
  • A Local’s Guide to London: Beyond the Tourist Spots
  • Adventure Seekers in New Zealand: South Island Highlights
  • Walking Tour of Rome: Discovering Ancient History
  • The Ultimate Road Trip Guide: California’s Pacific Coast Highway
  • Island Hopping in the Philippines: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Discovering the Magic of the Northern Lights in Norway
  • How to Spend 48 Hours in Istanbul: A Whirlwind Tour
  • The Art Lover’s Guide to Florence: Museums and Galleries
  • Exploring the Natural Wonders of Iceland: A Travel Guide
  • Vegetarian Foodie Tour of India: Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur
  • Backpacking Through South America: Essential Stops
  • Navigating the Markets of Marrakech: Tips and Tricks
  • The Ultimate Sydney Experience: From Beaches to Bars
  • Discovering the Ancient Ruins of Petra, Jordan
  • A Thrifty Traveler’s Guide to Scandinavia
  • The Best Spots for Whale Watching Around the World
  • A Cultural Tour of Mexico City: History, Art, and Delicious Food
  • The Adventurer’s Guide to Patagonia: Hiking and Exploring
  • Exploring the Vineyards of Tuscany: A Wine Lover’s Journey
  • The Best Places to See Wildlife in Africa: A Safari Guide
  • Off-the-Beaten-Path: Exploring the Balkans

Cultural Immersion

Diving deep into a place and living like a local has its perks. You can experience local traditions, festivals, customs, and everyday life.

If you want to create videos around these topics, the following list will help:

  • Celebrating Diwali in India: The Festival of Lights
  • Participating in a Traditional Japanese Tea Ceremony
  • The Art of Making Authentic Neapolitan Pizza in Italy
  • Experiencing a Day in the Life of a Maasai Warrior in Kenya
  • The Significance of Flamenco in Spanish Culture
  • Attending the Cherry Blossom Festival in Japan: A Guide
  • Learning the Tango in Buenos Aires: A Cultural Deep Dive
  • Discovering the Roots of Reggae Music in Jamaica
  • Celebrating Carnaval in Rio: Culture, Costumes, and Colors
  • Traditional Chinese Calligraphy: A Beginner’s Workshop
  • Exploring the Architectural Wonders of Gaudi in Barcelona
  • A Guide to the Holy Sites of Jerusalem: A Religious Journey
  • Participating in a Thai Cooking Class in Bangkok
  • The Ancient Art of Silk Making in Vietnam
  • Celebrating the Day of the Dead in Mexico: Traditions and Meanings
  • Discovering the World of French Wine: A Cultural Tour
  • The History and Culture of Native American Powwows
  • Experiencing an Irish Pub Crawl: Music, Dance, and Storytelling
  • The Traditional Tea Culture in China: A Journey Through Time
  • Attending a Traditional Hawaiian Luau: Understanding the Heritage
  • Discovering the Folk Music Traditions of Eastern Europe
  • Exploring the Kasbahs of Morocco: A Historical Adventure
  • The Art of Sushi Making in Japan: From Fish Market to Table
  • Participating in the Holi Festival in India: A Colorful Celebration
  • A Culinary Journey Through the Spice Markets of Istanbul

Adventure Travel

Adventure Travel

Hiking, deep sea diving, skydiving and so many other adrenaline-filled activities.

You can experience all these activities on your travels and share them with others.

Check out the following video ideas:

  • Conquering Kilimanjaro: A Beginner’s Guide to Climbing Africa’s Highest Peak
  • Skydiving Over the Swiss Alps: An Adrenaline-Packed Experience
  • Bungee Jumping in Queenstown: Facing Fear in the Adventure Capital
  • White Water Rafting on the Colorado River: A Thrilling Journey
  • Exploring the Amazon Rainforest: Survival Tips and Must-See Sights
  • Cycling Across Vietnam: A Journey Through Scenic Landscapes
  • The Ultimate Surf Trip: Chasing Waves in Bali
  • Ice Climbing in Alaska: Gear, Tips, and Best Locations
  • Sandboarding in the Sahara: A Unique Desert Adventure
  • Caving in the Cenotes of Mexico: An Underground World Awaits
  • Sailing Around the Greek Islands: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Hot Air Ballooning in Cappadocia: Views from Above
  • Dog Sledding in Norway: An Arctic Adventure
  • Kayaking Through the Fjords of Norway: A Paddler’s Paradise
  • Paragliding in the Himalayas: Soaring Above the Clouds
  • Safari in Kruger National Park: Wildlife Encounters
  • Horseback Riding in Patagonia: The Gauchos’ Path
  • Zip-Lining Through the Costa Rican Rainforest: A Bird’s Eye View
  • Hiking the Camino de Santiago: A Pilgrim’s Progress
  • Snorkeling in the Maldives: Exploring Underwater Marvels
  • Mountain Biking in Moab: Trails for Every Skill Level
  • Deep Sea Fishing in the Caribbean: A Sport Fisher’s Dream

Travel Vlogs

Traveling isn’t always about grand adventures and cultural experiences.

Sometimes, it’s about the personal insights that make a trip memorable.

In these cases, the following travel vlog ideas can help:

  • A Day in My Life: Backpacking Solo Through Thailand
  • The Realities of Van Life: A Week on the Road
  • Exploring the Street Food Scene in Seoul: A Taste Adventure
  • My Journey to the Dead Sea: Floating and Mud Masks
  • 24 Hours in New York City: The Ultimate Challenge
  • The Northern Lights Hunt in Iceland: Successes and Fails
  • Learning to Salsa Dance in Colombia: A Vlog Series
  • Navigating the Venice Canals: A Gondola Ride Experience
  • Road Trip Across the USA: Coast to Coast Adventures
  • Living with Nomads in Mongolia: A Cultural Exchange
  • The Festivals of India: Experiencing Diwali, Holi, and More
  • A Week Living Off-Grid in the Canadian Wilderness
  • Discovering Ancient Egypt: Pyramids, Sphinx, and Nile Cruise
  • My First Time Scuba Diving: The Great Barrier Reef Adventure
  • Attending the Edinburgh Festival Fringe: Shows, Laughs, and More
  • Island Life in Fiji: Community, Culture, and Coral Reefs
  • The Journey to Machu Picchu: Hiking, History, and Heights
  • A Culinary Tour of Italy: Pasta, Pizza, and Gelato Galore
  • Experiencing Ramadan in Turkey: Fasting, Feasts, and Festivities
  • Winter Wonderland: Skiing and Snowboarding in Japan
  • Hitchhiking Adventure: Stories from the Road
  • A Solo Traveler’s Guide to Making Friends Abroad
  • Volunteering Abroad: Building Schools in Nepal
  • The Best Sunset Spots Around the World: A Vlog Series
  • A Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking: Maximizing Miles and Points

Budget Travel

You don’t always have to spend big to enjoy your trip.

For those who focus on affordable travel destinations and tips, these video ideas can help you create content:

  • How to Travel Europe on $50 a Day: Tips and Tricks
  • Mastering the Art of Couchsurfing: A Beginner’s Guide
  • Budget Travel Hacks: Saving Money on Flights and Accommodations
  • The Ultimate Guide to Affordable Safaris in Africa
  • Exploring Central America on a Shoestring Budget
  • How to Enjoy Paris for Free: Top Free Attractions and Activities
  • Traveling the Balkans: Budget Tips for This Underrated Destination
  • Southeast Asia Backpacking: How to Plan Your Trip on a Budget
  • The Best Budget Travel Destinations for 2024
  • How to Score Cheap and Free Accommodation While Traveling
  • Eating Cheap: A Guide to Street Food Around the World
  • Budget Travel in Expensive Countries: Japan on a Dime
  • Planning a Budget Road Trip Across the USA
  • The Secret to Finding Cheap Hidden Gems in Europe
  • Traveling Without Flying: How to Save Money and Enjoy the Journey
  • How to Use Public Transport Like a Local: Saving Money on the Go
  • The Best Free Walking Tours in European Cities
  • Budget Island Hopping in the Caribbean
  • How to Bargain in Local Markets: Tips from Around the World
  • Maximizing Points and Miles for Free Travel: A Beginner’s Guide
  • The Best Budget-Friendly Family Vacation Spots
  • Backpacker’s Guide to the Australian Outback: Tips for Affordable Adventure
  • How to Plan a Trip Around the World on a Budget
  • The Best Time to Book Flights and Hotels: Secrets for Budget Travelers

Luxury Travel

Luxury Travel

On the other end of the “ways of travel spectrum”, you can find luxury travel.

Here the focus is on expensive experiences. Traveling in style, living in luxury accommodations, and indulging in high-end activities.

Here’s how to show the high-end travel lifestyle:

  • Video Reviews Of The World’s Most Luxurious Hotel Experiences
  • Private Island Getaways: The Ultimate in Luxury Travel
  • Experiencing the Northern Lights in Style: Luxury Glass Igloos in Finland
  • The Best First-Class Flight Experiences Around the World
  • Luxury Safari Lodges in Africa: Where Wildlife Meets Opulence
  • Sailing the Seas: A Look Inside Ultra-Luxury Cruise Experiences
  • The Ultimate Guide to the Maldives: Overwater Bungalows and More
  • Exclusive Culinary Tours: Michelin Star Experiences Around the Globe
  • The Most Extravagant Casino Resorts in the World
  • Jet Set in Style: The Best in Private Jet Travel
  • Experiencing the Monaco Grand Prix: Luxury and Speed
  • The World’s Most Opulent Train Journeys
  • The Best Places to Stay for a Luxurious Desert Experience
  • The Most Luxurious Spa and Wellness Retreats Worldwide
  • Luxury Shopping Experiences Around the Globe
  • Gourmet Dining in the Sky: The World’s Best Airline First-Class Meals
  • High Roller: The Luxury of Las Vegas Beyond the Casinos
  • Chartering a Yacht in the Mediterranean: What You Need to Know
  • The Top Luxury Golf Destinations and Resorts Around the World
  • Indulging in the World’s Most Luxurious Chocolate Experiences
  • A Guide to the Most Opulent Theaters and Opera Houses
  • Luxury Voluntourism: Giving Back in Style
  • The Best Private Island Resorts in Southeast Asia
  • Exploring the French Riviera: Glamour and Luxury Guide

Culinary Travel

Street food, local cuisine and traditional cooking methods are all part of one’s culinary journey.

Here’s how to combine your love for food and travel into one package:

  • A Taste of Italy: Culinary Journey Through Tuscany
  • Street Food Around the World: A Gastronomic Adventure
  • The Ultimate Guide to Sushi in Japan: From Tsukiji to Conveyor Belts
  • Discovering the Flavors of Morocco: A Food Tour of Marrakech
  • The Best Wine Tours in France: From Bordeaux to Champagne
  • Vegan Traveler’s Guide: Finding Plant-Based Delights Globally
  • The Spiciest Dishes in Thailand: A Culinary Challenge
  • BBQ Across America: A Road Trip for the Taste Buds
  • Traditional Cooking Classes in India: Learning From the Locals
  • Argentina’s Culinary Gems: Steak, Wine, and Empanadas
  • Reaction Videos to Exotic Foods
  • The Ultimate Seafood Journey: Exploring Coastal Cuisine
  • Cheese Lover’s Tour of Europe: From Gouda to Gorgonzola
  • The History of Chocolate: A Sweet Journey Through Belgium and Switzerland
  • Vietnam’s Coffee Culture: From Egg Coffee to Street Cafes
  • Exploring the Tapas Scene in Spain: A Guide to Eating and Drinking
  • The World’s Best Food Markets: A Culinary Exploration
  • Greek Cuisine: Beyond Gyros and Moussaka
  • The Craft Beer Trail: Sampling Brews Across the Pacific Northwest
  • A Culinary Walk Through New Orleans: Cajun and Creole Classics
  • Sampling the Street Foods of Mexico City: A Flavorful Adventure
  • Discovering Traditional Russian Dishes: From Borscht to Blini
  • A Guide to Eating Out in Istanbul: From Kebabs to Baklava
  • The Delights of Scandinavian Cuisine: From Smørrebrød to Seafood
  • Exploring the Unique Flavors of Peruvian Cuisine

Solo Travel

Some travelers just want to explore the world by themselves. No one to wait for, make plans with or slow them down.

The peace and freedom this gives solo travelers is challenging to explain (to those who don’t get it).

If you resonate with this type of traveler, the following travel video ideas might be perfect for your next trip:

  • Best Destinations for Solo Travelers in 2024
  • How to Overcome Loneliness and Enjoy Solo Travel
  • Solo Female Travel: Empowerment and Safety Tips
  • The Art of Solo Travel: Making the Most of Your Journey
  • Packing Tips for the Solo Traveler: Essentials and Hacks
  • Meeting People While Traveling Alone: Best Apps and Tips
  • Top Budget Destinations for Solo Travelers
  • The Solo Traveler’s Guide to Self-Discovery and Adventure
  • Navigating Foreign Languages as a Solo Traveler: Tools and Tips
  • Solo Travel in Asia: A Guide to the Best Experiences
  • How to Plan Your First Solo Trip: A Step-by-Step Guide
  • Solo Road Trips: Planning, Safety, and Destination Ideas
  • The Best Solo Travel Experiences in South America
  • Staying in Hostels: Tips for Solo Travelers
  • Solo Travel and Mindfulness: How to Fully Embrace Your Journey
  • Documenting Your Solo Travel: Blogging and Vlogging Tips
  • How to Deal with Emergencies While Traveling Alone
  • The Best City Breaks for Solo Travelers
  • Solo Wilderness Adventures: Tips for Safe Hiking and Camping
  • Finding the Best Solo Travel Deals: Flights, Accommodations, and Tours
  • Solo Travel in Africa: Destinations, Safety, and Cultural Tips
  • The Joy of Solo Travel: Discovering Yourself While Exploring the World
  • The Challenges of Solo Travel and How to Overcome Them

Eco-Friendly Travel

Eco-Friendly Travel

Sustainable travel practices help with your environmental footprint.

However, it’s not just about choosing eco-friendly accommodations or activities.

It could also be about supporting local communities and minimizing waste.

Here’s how to share your eco-friendly travel experience with others:

  • The Ultimate Guide to Sustainable Travel: Reducing Your Carbon Footprint
  • Eco-Friendly Packing Tips: Sustainable Travel Essentials
  • Top 10 Eco-Friendly Destinations Around the World
  • How to Choose Sustainable Accommodations: A Guide for Responsible Travelers
  • Voluntourism: Combining Travel with Making a Positive Impact
  • The Rise of Eco-Friendly Tours: Exploring Nature Responsibly
  • Tips for Minimizing Waste While Traveling
  • A Parody Video on How Not to be an Eco-Tourist
  • Exploring the World’s Most Sustainable Cities: A Travel Guide
  • Eco-Friendly Transportation Options for the Conscious Traveler
  • Responsible Wildlife Tourism: Do’s and Don’ts
  • The Beauty of National Parks: A Journey Through Conservation and Adventure
  • Sustainable Eating: Finding and Enjoying Local, Ethical Food While Traveling
  • The Impact of Travel on Local Communities and How to Travel Responsibly
  • Eco-Friendly Adventure Activities: Fun Without the Footprint
  • The Role of Conservation in Eco-Tourism: Visiting Projects Around the World
  • Green Travel Apps and Resources to Plan Your Eco-Friendly Trip
  • The Future of Travel: Innovations in Sustainability
  • How to Offset Your Travel Emissions: A Practical Guide
  • Eco-Friendly Souvenirs: What to Bring Back and What to Leave Behind
  • Sustainable Sea Travel: Exploring the Oceans Without Harming Them
  • Participating in Beach Clean-Ups and Environmental Efforts While Traveling
  • The Benefits of Slow Travel: Embracing Sustainability Through Pace
  • Discovering Eco-Lodges: A Unique and Sustainable Travel Experience
  • A Guide to Bicycle Touring: Exploring the World on Two Wheels
  • Water Conservation Tips for Travelers: Preserving the Planet’s Most Precious Resource

Family Travel

Booking a family trip can be a long, drawn-out process.

Do you have tips to help those traveling with children? Or, even better, a video showcasing your family’s adventures and the lessons you learned?

Here are some concepts that can serve as your YouTube video idea generator:

  • The Best Family-Friendly Destinations Around the World
  • How to Keep Kids Entertained on Long Flights: A Parent’s Guide
  • Educational Travel: Making Learning Fun for Kids on the Road
  • The Ultimate Packing List for Family Vacations
  • Budget-Friendly Family Travel: How to Save Money Without Sacrificing Fun
  • Navigating Theme Parks: Strategies for a Stress-Free Visit
  • Family Road Trip Survival Guide: Keeping Everyone Happy
  • Traveling with Toddlers: Tips for a Smooth Experience
  • The Best Kid-Friendly Activities in Europe: A Family Travel Guide
  • How to Choose Family-Friendly Accommodations
  • Travel Insurance for Families: What You Need to Know
  • The Benefits of Multigenerational Travel: Bringing the Family Together
  • Adventure Travel with Kids: New Ideas for the Whole Family
  • Cultural Exchanges: How Travel Can Expand Your Children’s Horizons
  • Documenting Family Trips: Tips for Capturing Memories
  • The Best Time to Travel with Kids: Planning Around School Schedules
  • Eating Out with Kids While Traveling: A Guide to Stress-Free Dining
  • Preparing for Your First Family Camping Trip
  • Solo Parent Travel: How to Manage and Enjoy Trips with Your Kids
  • Safety Tips for Family Travel: Keeping Everyone Protected
  • The Top Educational Museums for Kids Worldwide
  • Engaging Teens in Travel Planning: Tips for a Smooth Family Holiday
  • How to Deal with Jet Lag in Children: Tips for a Happy Family
  • Traveling with Children with Special Needs: A Comprehensive Guide

Historical And Educational Travel

Historical and Educational Travel

Are you a history buff with a curious mind? Do you seek to understand how different cultures and societies have evolved?

A travel YouTube channel allows you to dive deep into the stories that shaped our world.

Here are the top ideas to consider:

  • Walking Through History: Exploring the Ancient Ruins of Rome
  • The Civil Rights Trail in the USA: A Journey Through History
  • Following the Silk Road: A Modern Adventure Through Ancient Trade Routes
  • World War II Sites in Europe: A Historical Travel Guide
  • Discovering the Mayan Civilization: A Tour Through Mexico and Central America
  • The Castles of Scotland: Legends, History, and Architecture
  • Educational Travel for Kids: Making History Come Alive in Washington D.C.
  • The Renaissance Trail in Italy: From Florence to Venice
  • Uncovering the Secrets of Ancient Egypt: A Nile Journey
  • Historical Battlefields Around the World: A Guide to Their Stories and Significance
  • The Spiritual Heart of India: Exploring Varanasi’s Rich History
  • Journey Through Time: Visiting the World’s Oldest Cities
  • The Viking Trail: Exploring Norse History in Scandinavia
  • Slave Routes in Africa: A Deep Dive into History and Healing
  • The French Revolution: Tracing Its Footsteps Through Paris
  • A Guide to Exploring the Ancient Temples of Southeast Asia
  • The Holocaust Trail: Remembering History Through Travel
  • Colonial America: A Trip Through the Historic East Coast
  • The Great Wall of China: Hiking Through History
  • Pilgrimage Routes: Spiritual and Historical Journeys Across the World
  • The Ottoman Empire: Tracing its Legacy in Turkey
  • Ancient Greece: From Athens to Olympia
  • The Age of Exploration: Navigating the Routes of Early Explorers
  • The Gold Rush: Retracing the Adventurers’ Paths in California and Alaska
  • The Industrial Revolution: Visiting the Birthplaces of Modern Industry

Photography And Videography Tips

Photography and Videography Tips

Photographers love traveling. Travel gives them new and unique perspectives, opportunities and landscapes to capture.

As a travel photographer, you can cater to people with different skill levels – anyone from beginner to advanced.

It’s also not just about the skill level. It can be about the type of photography you focus on.

Here’s how to make travel photography a part of your YouTube channel:

  • Capturing the Essence of a City: Urban Photography Tips
  • Landscape Photography: Techniques for Captivating Nature Shots
  • Night Photography in Travel: Capturing The Most Vibrant Cities After Dark
  • Wildlife Photography on Safari: Gear and Ethical Practices
  • Vlogging Your Travel: A Beginner’s Guide to Engaging Content
  • The Art of Time-Lapse Photography in Iconic Locations
  • Aerial Photography: Using Drones to Capture Breathtaking Views
  • Underwater Videography: Tips for Scuba and Snorkeling Shoots
  • Cultural Photography: Respectfully Capturing the Essence of Local Life
  • The Golden Hour: Mastering the Magic of Sunrise and Sunset Shots
  • Action Photography: Freezing Motion in Adventure Sports
  • Smartphone Photography: Maximizing Your Phone’s Capabilities
  • Editing Travel Photos: A Guide to the Best Apps and Software
  • Creating a Travel Photography Portfolio: Helpful Tips and Tricks
  • Shooting and Editing YouTube Videos on the Go: A Mobile Filmmaker’s Guide
  • The Travel Photographer’s Packing List: Essentials for Every Trip
  • Street Photography: Capturing the Heartbeat of Cities
  • Stabilization Techniques for Smooth Travel Videos
  • Amazing Food Photography: Making Culinary Shots Look Appetizing
  • Creating Cinematic Travel Videos: Techniques and Tips
  • The Challenges of Shooting in Harsh Weather: Overcoming the Elements
  • Building a Narrative in Your Travel Photography
  • Tips for Capturing Festivals and Events: Colors, Crowds, and Action
  • Protecting Your Photography Gear While Traveling

How To Create Engaging Travel Videos

There’s a lot of travel-based content on YouTube.

If you want yours to stand out, you can’t expect to just throw together some footage and hit publish.

Instead, here are some key ideas to help your travel videos be more memorable:

  • Hook your audience with your footage: The first 3 seconds of your videos are crucial. You can use dramatic footage, an unknown landscape, fly over a majestic landscape or use captivating audio. Anything that’s ‘out of the norm’ will do the trick.
  • Ask questions: Travel videos are generally one-sided. The content creator presents content and the viewers watch and listen. Asking questions makes viewers active participants in your videos. The more engaging the question, the better. Asking, “Can you travel around the world using $100?” is a more engaging question than, “Did you know you can travel on a budget?”
  • Use teasers: At various points during your video, you can tease what’s coming next in that video (or in future ones). This gives people a reason to keep watching.

Travel Planning And Research

Planning and research play a huge part in creating engaging travel videos.

When planning, the first thing to consider is how you’ll differentiate your travel content.

Most travel videos explore common tourist areas, markets and well-known landscapes.

What if you go off the beaten path? Could you show your audience unique and lesser-known destinations or experiences? Sharing hidden gems will make your content different.

Are there any local festivals or hidden culinary delights your viewers must try?

You can also create travel itineraries for your viewers.

Here you’re not only providing your audience with visual walkthroughs of attractions. You’re also telling them the best order to visit them.

If you can create plans for different numbers of days in a city, (for example, 3 days in Paris, 5 days in Sicily) that will be even better.

How To Capture Great Travel Footage

Another way to stand out is to have variety in your travel footage.

Most people show a zoomed-in version of whatever they’re filming (and stick to it throughout the video). Instead, try this: don’t always stay too close to your subject.

People love seeing different points of view. You achieve this through varying shot lengths.

You might want to start with close-ups of food, crafts or architecture. Then, zoom out to show the big picture.

You can even have talking head videos (where a person is talking on camera). Then at various moments, you overlay B-roll footage of an attraction you’re talking about.

Two other crucial factors are lighting and audio.

Natural lighting is the best type of lighting. Usually, the golden hour (when the sun is rising and setting) offers excellent opportunities to film travel videos.

Your audio is another critical factor.

Use a portable microphone if possible to capture the best quality sound.

This little touch goes a long way when filming outdoors – especially if the video has background noise (including wind, waves, or crowds).

Increasing Audience Engagement

Creating YouTube content means you’re not publishing videos for yourself. You’re doing it primarily for your audience.

You want people to engage time and time again with your content. This engagement can become the foundation of a travel community.

Over time, you want your viewers to look forward to your content. You want them to watch, like, subscribe and comment.

As you build a community of like-minded people, ensure you have calls to action in your videos. These should match whatever you’re trying to achieve.

For example, if you want to create a “travel hacks” course, ask people to join your email list or follow you on Instagram to learn more.

If you want them to subscribe, be clear and explicit about it.

Don’t assume it will happen without asking.


Whether you’re a seasoned traveler or just going on your first solo trip, you have knowledge you can share with the world.

The above ideas will help you get started creating content others will find valuable.

It’s time to grab your camera, pick your next destination and start filming.

Safe travels!

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