The 245 BEST Artist Bios for Instagram (2024 List)

The 245 BEST Artist Bios for Instagram (2024 List)

Welcome to my complete guide to the best artist bios for Instagram.

What makes this guide different than the rest? I didn’t just use Chat-GPT to create random names and then call it a day. A real human being wrote this after researching. I know, crazy.


It’s hard enough being a starving artist. But now you have to write 150 characters to describe yourself? Life is tough.

The perfect artist Instagram bio should:

  • State who you are and what you do
  • Say a little about yourself
  • Have one clickable link
  • Give people a reason to follow you (or give you their business)

In this guide, we’re going to give you 245 awesome Instagram artist bios to use for inspiration. It’s going to make your life way easier. It could even help you make money on Instagram if you use your account right.

The team here has scoured the most popular art IG pages to figure out what they did right, and how you can copy what they’ve done.

I’ve even divided them up into helpful categories based on different categories, so you can quickly find one that vibes with your style.

Ready? Let’s go.

What Are the Best Artist Bios for Instagram?

If you’re in a rush, just choose one of my 25 top picks. These bios are based on the top pages and should help get your message across AND help improve engagement.

The Top 25 Best Instagram Bios for Artists

  • Hi, my name is [Name], and I love to inspire with custom [product] and [product]
  • Welcome to my art realm | I’m busy eating rainbows
  • I’m [Name] | I use brush and colors to create pretty things
  • Illustrator | Author | Painter | Based in [City]
  • Artist | Thinker | Daydream believer
  • Finding the Sacred in Art & Life 
  • Showing the world that you can follow your dreams…and paint them
  • Self-taught artist | I believe art makes fashion better
  • My art reflects society, my mind, and my heart
  • Coloring your life and mine
  • Hello, I’m [name] | I hope you feel something too
  • Making the world a better place through art
  • Artist by nature. Art is my life, and my life is art
  • Born to express, not to impress
  • I am an artist | This is my account | The things I make are here
  • Doing my best to share inspiration
  • Drawing and painting are my escape
  • Every child is an artist. The problem is staying one as you grow up
  • Creativity takes courage
  • I just make art. You decide if it’s good or bad…
  • Art is a collaboration between nature and the artist. The less I do, the better
  • Society must set the artist free to follow their beating heart
  • I believe art is art. That’s it
  • My art is a revolt against my fate
  • I can’t discuss my art in the same way an animal can’t discuss its biology
  • Good art is like a good friend: It keeps me company

Artist Business Instagram Bios

Running an art business? Then you absolutely have to nail your bio. If not, you’ll lose customers. These bios will convey your message and help improve your chances of landing more work:

  • Certified [Job] with [years of experience] | DM for inquiries
  • An artist in [city] | I make [product], [product], and [product]
  • Subscribe to my channel for weekly art inspiration and updates
  • Daily tips on drawing, painting, and graphic design
  • Professional photographer in [city] | Headshots | Wedding photos | More
  • DM me for artwork inquiries & collaborations
  • 100% handmade postcards available at this link
  • Artist | As seen on [account] and [account]
  • An artist helping other artists find more clients
  • The artist behind [business name] and [art Instagram account]
  • Artist | Winner of [award] in [year]
  • Making money is art
  • A good business is the best art
  • Good art is hard work | I take my time
  • Teaching children to find their own artistic style
  • I didn’t always dream of being an art teacher, but here I am
  • Get your FREE Intro to Art course here
  • Creating beauty out of nothing since [year]
  • The world revolves around art, and I can prove it
  • Only the pros know how to do art right, don’t be fooled by AI
  • Dall-e and MidJourney got nothing on me

Creative Artist Instagram Bios

brown haired girl painting at her desk surrounded by brushes

Are you a creative type? If you want to show off more of your creative vibe rather than go for the kill, these are the bios for you:

  • Painting happy little accidents
  • Painting is poetry that is seen, not felt
  • Creating art that washes away the dust of everyday life
  • Art is my joy and torment
  • I say things with colors and shapes that I can’t say with words
  • My art is not about what I see. It’s about what others see
  • Art is contagious. I’m here to pass it on
  • I don’t dream of perfection. I know I can never reach it
  • I don’t think. Thinking is the enemy of creativity
  • My job is to dream things that never were daily
  • There is nothing more inspiring than a blank canvas and an open mind
  • Art is mankind’s way of polishing the world
  • I’m an artist here to disturb the peace
  • To be an artist, you must fear something
  • Art is the true Tree of Life
  • The cruder the art, the more it imitates life
  • Drawing art full of pictures you never expected to see
  • Painfully resisting that irresistible urge to paint
  • Every science intersects with art
  • There are no errors in art, only in the observer

Instagram Bio for Artist Girl

There are more women artists with IG accounts than ever before. If you want to stick out from the masses, you need a bio that lets your personality shine through and doesn’t just sound like the rest. Here are some of the best ideas we could find:

  • I’m a passionate girl who’s willing to take risks
  • Piercing the mundane to find the marvelous
  • An enthusiastic girl | My art represents how I feel
  • I allow myself to make mistakes and I know which ones to keep
  • The honey of the human soul
  • Write | Draw | Build | Play | Be you
  • Art is my key to daily happiness
  • I only feel at home with my canvas
  • My art is an expression of love
  • Constantly searching for self-enlightenment through coffee
  • The more I draw, the more I realize Bob Ross was right: There are only happy accidents
  • Abstract art is a pure adventure into the heart of a girl
  • I don’t paint in the mornings. My muse isn’t awake until after my coffee break
  • I’m more of an entertainer rather than an artist
  • Love of nature and love of art go hand in hand. In fact, they are the same
  • Artist | Free spirit | Wanderer
  • I use art to lift up my identity and that of others
  • All women should study art at a young age
  • Nourishing my free life through my artwork
  • Forget self-doubt. I just ignore it. When I hear that voice, I say “Time to paint”

Instagram Bio for Artist Boy

Man with glasses painting a mural of a woman taking a photo with her phone

Guys, have you noticed that most IG bios sound exactly the same? If you want to really make an impact and grow a brand, you’ve got to use a bio that shows your strength as well as your passion for art:

  • On a mission to share my inspiration with the world
  • If a man does not create, he does nothing
  • I aim for the greatest mastery of myself
  • I dream of painting, and I paint in my dreams
  • I’m a pro at the rules, and I break them like an artist
  • I believe that all men must create art in some way
  • I don’t create because I want to, I create because I must
  • Outspoken | Rebel | Artist | Thinker
  • My goal is to make the world uncomfortable
  • Painting until I faint
  • Fighting through every creative block is my goal in life
  • Art is a process. It’s never finished
  • I never use up my creativity. The more I use, the more I get
  • Routine kills creative thought. Every man must have an outlet
  • When I shut my eyes, I can finally see
  • My art does not portray. It evokes
  • Why say it in words when I can just paint?
  • Don’t think about art. Just do
  • I don’t know where my motivation comes from or how I manage to maintain it
  • Conceiving every piece of art with a fire in my soul
  • I don’t see things as they are. No good artist does
  • Forget the rules. That’s not how good art is born

Instagram Bio for Self-Taught Artist

If art school wasn’t your thing, I totally get it. School wasn’t my thing either. In my experience, people have a certain amount of respect for self-taught people, so you should wear that as a badge of honor:

  • I never follow trends. I just paint
  • Art school is for artists who are scared to go it alone
  • Self-taught painter, drawer, and graphic designer
  • Adding a unique self-taught touch to everything I do
  • The beauty of being self-taught is you can’t find my style anywhere
  • Creating beautiful artwork, one self-taught lesson at a time
  • I’m not self-taught, I’m self-certified
  • Education can make you a living. Being self-taught can make you a fortune
  • Self-taught and proud. Education fills your mind with the opinions of others
  • Of course, I’m self-taught. You didn’t finger paint when you were a kid, too?
  • I never invent anything, I only discover
  • I dip my brush into my own soul before I paint
  • I started teaching myself art as a way to run away without leaving
  • I have more ideas than time
  • Painting is my way of keeping a diary
  • When words are unclear, I focus on photographs
  • Nothing cures the soul but the senses
  • I ask questions. I don’t answer them
  • My art is not for everybody, and that’s why I’ve always forged my own path
  • Creating art is my way of sticking it to the system
  • Art is my salvation through imagination

Funny Art Instagram Bios

A family gathered around an easel laughing at the picture they're painting

Laughter is one of the best ways to improve engagement on Instagram. If you inject some humor into your artist Instagram bio, people will see that you are really human and not just using AI to write your bio:

  • People call me an artist. I think I just splash colors on a canvas
  • Every day I wake up I think “How can I make bad mistakes today?”
  • My mom said being an artist would never pay the bills…she was right
  • My art teacher said I would never amount to much. At least she was right about something
  • “Be an artist”, they said. “It’s noble”, they said…
  • An artist who’s proud of not having a real job
  • Not sure why people pay for my art, but thank you!
  • I am a starving artist, but at least I stay skinny…
  • Inspired by natural beauty…and cafe lattes
  • Artists aren’t paid for their labor, they’re paid for…well…nothing, I guess
  • Earth without art is just “eh”
  • The three laws of art are: create, create, create again
  • If you run out of blue, just use red
  • I’m an artist because I can’t tolerate reality
  • My art isn’t about pretty things. My art is about real life
  • I never stop until I’m proud, which is rare
  • You use an iPad. I use an Etch-A-Sketch. We are not the same
  • Art is contagious. Pass it on
  • I look like I’m listening to you. But in my mind, I’m drawing
  • Some call it imagination. I call it anxiety

Instagram Bios for a Sketch Artist

I have 0 artistic ability, so if you can sketch a beautiful picture, I envy you. Here are some of the best bios we could come up with to show off your skills and your temperament: 

  • An artist who gets it right on the first attempt
  • I draw art without an eraser
  • Art is only art when it is free
  • Every artist was at first an amateur
  • Sketching is everything
  • A sketch artist who never looks at her watch
  • I love all kinds of art, so long as it’s sketching
  • Every morning I wake up looking forward to losing myself completely
  • Sketching is my form of dancing
  • No matter where I am, sketching takes me somewhere else
  • All about that Etch-A-Sketch life
  • I peaked in 3rd-grade art class
  • Sketch artist life: It’s worse than you think
  • Currently living on a bridge drawing sketches of tourists
  • If my art career fails, I could always join the circus
  • Don’t get angry at me. I just draw what I see
  • My apartment isn’t a closet. It’s a “small studio”
  • Why doesn’t anyone ask me to “draw me like your French girls”
  • I have a retirement plan: sitting in my garden sketching
  • There’s not much difference between a sketch artist and an architect – other than the tax bracket

Cool Artist Instagram Bios

A cool Instagram artist bio will show the world that you really love art and everything you do. If you live to make art, these bios are for you:

  • Art expresses what humanity cannot
  • Drawing is your heart making music
  • All I want to do is paint without being bothered
  • There is no purpose in art other than the purpose we give it
  • Art is emotion in color
  • Art is the ultimate form of self-expression
  • An artist’s world is limitless
  • The most valuable thing about art is that it cannot be explained
  • An artist cannot fail, because there is no goal
  • In art, I find myself and lose myself at the same time
  • Today’s plan: paint, paint, and paint again
  • There’s no such thing as perfect, only…well…perfect
  • Seek | Strive | Be in it with all your heart
  • Time doesn’t change things. We change things
  • As an artist, I am a channel for things that others can’t see
  • Living each day by deepening the mystery
  • You cannot execute anything with the hand that the heart does not feel
  • I live to make my unknown known
  • Everything I create in my heart moves others
  • I paint not to make a living, but to occupy myself
  • Say less | Create more

Unique Art Instagram Bios

In a world where everyone uses the exact same bio formulas, having a unique bio will show that you’re authentic and willing to connect. Here are our top 20 picks:

  • Art is not a mirror. It’s a hammer that shapes the world
  • Art is my way of not being overwhelmed by reality
  • My urge to create balances my urge to destroy
  • I make something out of nothing…and I sell it
  • What force is more potent than art?
  • I make art. I just don’t call it that
  • I paint artworks and force my way into their secrets
  • The first mistake of the artist is to take themselves too seriously
  • Art isn’t about making money. It’s about making your soul grow
  • Art gives the lifeless life
  • There is no retirement in art, for everything you create lives forever
  • I never finish anything. My projects are merely abandoned
  • I live to send light into the darkness
  • Art is not a lie. It is ideas that make us see the truth
  • Greatness comes from a series of small things put together
  • Painting is easy when you don’t know how, but very difficult if you do
  • My strokes are like speech. I don’t even think about doing it
  • I do art to avoid the evil of being idle
  • As an artist, I wish you could take me as I am
  • Art is conducive to happiness

Instagram Bio Ideas for 3D Artists

Technology has revolutionized the art world…and for the better. 3D artists are responsible for some of the most amazing artwork and special effects in history, so don’t be shy and show it to the world:

  • Creating art in three dimensions | DM for inquiries
  • Why have 3 when you can have 2?
  • 3D artist | Animator | Creator
  • Busy making space in places most can’t imagine
  • Check out my 3D art YouTube channel!
  • My imagination creates 3D characters and brings them to life
  • I draw dreams in 3D
  • 3D artist specializing in digital prints for [business niche]
  • Three-dimension art with a professional touch
  • Why stop at brushes and pencils, when you can be limitless in 3D?
  • Every animation has beauty, but only a few can truly see it
  • The greater you are, the greater you doubt
  • I’m here to live out loud
  • I create with a keyboard, not with my hands
  • [name] | You’ve probably seen my work in [publication]
  • There is nothing abstract about 3D art. You always start with something
  • The best thing about digital art is you never run out of ideas or possibilities
  • Cheers to freedom. Cheers to art
  • A good software is my sanctuary
  • There is no right way. Only your way

Makeup Artists

girl sitting at her desk doing makeup in front of a smartphone

If it weren’t for makeup artists, nobody would watch movies or TV. If your passion is making other people look beautiful and confident, show that in your bio!:

  • Professional makeup and lash artist in [city]
  • Beginner makeup artist | Looking for models to practice with
  • I make people as beautiful on the outside as they are on the inside
  • Making women feel good in their skin
  • If you’re going to be two-faced, make sure one of them is pretty
  • No amount of makeup can mask an ugly heart
  • I like playing with makeup and clothes
  • I can change your whole attitude just by changing your lipstick
  • You’re beautiful without makeup, but a little bit couldn’t hurt
  • Good makeup is the first step towards having a good day
  • No one is a supermodel to her makeup artist
  • There’s no limit to how awesome lipstick can be when you get it right
  • Never underestimate the importance of hydrating every day
  • As a makeup artist, I feel like a dentist. Nobody wants to come see me when they need it
  • I’m basically a glorified face painter
  • You learn more about yourself the more you put makeup on other people
  • I don’t wear too much makeup, I swear…why are you looking at me like that?
  • I’ve been a makeup artist since I was 12 when I started putting makeup on my sister’s face
  • Makeup isn’t everything, but it does make you look better on TV
  • I’ll never ask if your eyebrows are real. I promise

5-Step Guide to Creating a Great Instagram Bio for an Artist (With Examples)

Look, it’s hard enough to get work as an artist. No need to make it any harder.

A great Instagram bio is one of the most effective ways to grow your Instagram account, sway a client’s opinion, and get business. In fact, your Instagram bio could easily make the difference between gaining more influence – and work – and losing out to others.

Your artist bio should state exactly what you do, what you stand for, and why you make art. It should also provide a way for customers to contact you as well as a REASON for them to do so.

This is where most artists get it wrong…and you can get it right.

We’re going to take some examples from some of the platform’s most famous artists and break them down piece by piece. Just emulate them with your own little twist, and you’ll be ahead of the game.

Let’s get to it:

Step 1: Put Your Best Foot Forward

A screenshot of an instagram profile of shantell martin, a famous artist

Source: Shantell_Martin

Your Instagram bio should immediately hook visitors and wow them with your past experience. This is one of the best ways to gain followers and potential customers.

Shantell does this to perfection by flexing her past achievements. This is similar to how authors lead with things like “New York Times Bestselling Author”. 

Shantell shows off her museum exhibits and all of her past positions at major universities. I don’t expect you to have this level of credentials, but anything you’ve got like a teaching position or awards will do.

Step 2: Sprinkle in a Bit of humor

Screenshot of the Instagram profile of JR, a famous french artist

Source: @JR

Humor is one of the best ways to improve signups. Use it.

People love connecting with authentic human beings, and prefer when professionals and influencers don’t take themselves too seriously. JR does it perfectly here by poking a little fun at himself.

If you can get people laughing in your Instagram bio, you’ve got a way better chance of getting more followers (and more business).

Step 3: State Exactly What You Do

screenshot of the instagram profile or Edoarda, a famous artist

Source: Edoaratresoldiofficial

The artist of absent matter…

Edoardo Tresoldi is a well-known artist whose bio states exactly what he does (and who he is)

This lets visitors know immediately what to expect from you. It’s also a bit like step #1 in that it shows your best achievements right off the bat.

The perfect Instagram bio should let a potential customer know that they are in the right place. Now, anyone who lands on this Instagram page knows that Edoardo is the type of artist they’d like to work with.

For you, you could put something like “headshot photographer”, “impressionist painter”, or even “graphic designer for Fortune 500 companies”. Whatever it is you do, add it to your art Instagram bio.

Screenshot of caistudio, a famous instagram art profile

Source: Caistudio

Add links to the bottom of your Instagram artist bio showing people where to find you and what you have to offer.

You could even post multiple links inside of that link that point to other important websites. For example, Caistudio adds a little +1 next to the link denoting that there’s another link in there. That link points to their TED Talks. 

This adds even more panache to his name and instills more trust in the visitor.

At the very least, add some links to other pages you own, your university, projects you’ve worked on, or causes you support.

Step 5: Add an Offer or a CTA

screenshot of the profile of julia powell, a famous artist on instagram

Source: Juliaspowellart

If you’re offering products or services, it’s important to let people know what they’re getting and how they’re getting it.

Julia S. Powell has a great Instagram bio because she lets people know what she does AND what she offers. Then, she adds a clear call to action with details. 

She tells people to DM or email her, then tells them that she ships worldwide. This not only nudges people to contact her but it explains why they should.

This is textbook online business. Good job, Julia.


You absolutely must have a compelling Instagram bio if you want to increase followers and earn potential business.

You only get 150 characters to grab someone’s attention and turn them into a follower.

Your Instagram bio must:

  • State what you do
  • Tell a bit about you
  • Show people what you offer
  • Give them a reason to follow or contact you

I hope you found the perfect Instagram bio in this massive list. And if you didn’t, you now have seen some great artist bio examples and our process for creating a bio.

The next step for you is to learn 15 ways to grow your Instagram page. Once your bio is set, the sky is the limit.

Which Instagram bio did you choose? Let us know. 

Good luck!  

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