15 Best Minecraft YouTubers You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Best Minecraft YouTubers You Didn’t Know You Needed

Is it time to discover new Minecraft content?

Tired of the same old cliché Minecraft Skins?

If you’re looking for new, better Minecraft videos, these 15 Minecraft YouTubers are your golden ticket.

They can provide a new form of entertainment and help you become an even better player.

Let’s dive in to find who these top creators are.

Who Are The Best Minecraft Youtubers?

Here are the best Minecraft YouTubers.



PrestonPlayz is a hugely popular Minecraft YouTuber with over 15.5 million subscribers.

​Preston’s videos are a treasure trove of Minecraft’s spookiest stories and myths.

His episodes are all about myth-busting.

He also adventures to find the rarest, most one-of-a-kind seeds in the game.

Whenever I watch one of Preston’s clips, it’s like being on his side, putting together Minecraft’s spookiest stories.

His videos shine because of a mix of passion and determination. In a way, every detail matters to him.

Also, Preston has a great understanding (and mastery) of the game rules.



GoodTimesWithScar is a Minecraft YouTuber with 2.11 million subscribers.

In his videos, he works on huge, complex building projects.

In each video, Scar pulls back the curtain to reveal how he constructs his stunning Minecraft builds – from the ground up.

It’s great to see his thoughts as he makes really cool, themed constructions.

He has videos where he built entire cities or villages.

The way he delivers the videos is great. As the viewer, he lets us be part of the creative journey.

Apart from creating his constructions, Scar freely shares valuable pointers.

He breaks down what he does in a step by step way for his fans to follow along.



Mumbo Jumbo is another popular Minecraft YouTuber – he has over 9 million subscribers.

His content focuses on the nitty-gritty of gaming – mainly Redstone engineering.

In other words, if you want to learn to build Redstone contraptions, Mumbo’s your guy.

The best thing is that he starts with bare wires and ends with amazing inventions.

And you get to see the whole process as it happens.

His videos are informative yet fun.

By the end of each one, you’ll be motivated to impress your people with your own wild redstone creations!



Jelly is among the most subscribed Minecraft Youtubers with over 23 million subscribers.

He uploads videos filled with goofy games and laughter.

Whether he’s doing wacky challenges, trolling his friends, or just being funny, every video is a must-watch.

With many of his videos coming out daily, there’s never a shortage of content to watch.

Also, you never know what crazy antics Jelly will get up to next – which is part of the fun!



UnspeakablePlays boasts a massive 7.8 million subscriber following on YouTube!

This gaming superstar offers an awesome variety of content.

He creates anything from Roblox and Minecraft to all sorts of wild challenges.

But UnspeakablePlays also goes the extra mile to make his videos fun and engaging.

For example, one video might feature a heart-pounding survival adventure.

The next has UnspeakablePlays dreaming up his latest creative masterpiece.

Only go to his YouTube channel if you’re ready for non-stop fun!



SSundee uploads entertaining videos across games like Minecraft, Fortnite, and Among Us.

In a way, his Minecraft channel is where fun meets frenzy.

SSundee also brings energy and humor – you never know what mods or wild game twists he’ll show.

Whether you’re on the channel to learn or just for kicks, his videos are the perfect mix of jokes and education.



Technoblade is a gaming phenomenon – he has over 16.9 million subscribers and nearly 1,000 videos uploaded.

The good old Minecraft world is at the heart of his channel.

However, he adds lots of twists to his Minecraft animations. From Minecraft mods with crazy new elements to server events filled with friendly competition, you can find it all.

What really sets him apart is his self-deprecating humor.

Techno doesn’t claim to be the most skilled player ever—and that’s exactly the appeal.

He just wants to have fun, bringing his viewers along for an (extremely) entertaining ride.



Dream is a gaming phenomenon known for pushing the game’s boundaries.

For example, his ultra-popular “Manhunt” series pits him against hunters trying to stop his speedruns.

And when he finds himself in a corner, Dream’s quick thinking and skills always shine through.

He’s also a master at keeping things fresh.

He’s always introducing new mods and unique challenges.

And then there are his collabs with other top Minecraft YouTubers.

These fun team-ups add so much energy to Dream’s videos.



Docm77 is a seasoned Minecraft YouTuber creating videos around Redstone and creative problem-solving.

Through in-depth tutorials and captivating gameplay, he guides viewers on building mind-bending contraptions.

He’s also great at inventing mechanisms.

He’s built complex storage systems and wildly complex mechanisms. And he does it all with ease.

A core part of Docm77’s channel is the long-running Hermitcraft series.

Here, he joins fellow creators on a multiplayer server filled with community builds and clever challenges.

Watching him tackle each new task with Redstone ingenuity makes for great viewing.



PearlescentMoon is a Minecraft YouTuber whose channel revolves around the creative side.

Episode after episode, she takes us along for the ride on Hermitcraft.

Every build of hers unfolds like a story. She also works closely with other creative minds and brings everyone into a vast communal experience.

Her innovative designs bend the game’s mechanics in mind-blowing ways.

Pearl also shares personal vlogs. She uses storytelling to give her viewers a “backstage pass” into her world.

In these videos, her relatable personality really shines through.



ExplodingTNT is a Minecraft YouTuber that poses crazy “What if?” Minecraft questions.

His mix of hot topics and classic gameplay has viewers hooked!

Pop culture is another huge source of inspiration for ExplodingTNT.

He mixes games, movies, and much more, all through the lens of Minecraft madness.

With years of uploading all sorts of videos, ExplodingTNT has a way for hypothetical humor and over-the-top antics.

These factors make him a true O.G. in the Minecraft YouTube realm.



PopularMMOs play Minecraft and keep things fresh through their unique series.

Their specialty is creative mini-games and “lucky block” challenges. These video series surprise players and add a unique spin to Minecraft.

One minute, you’re watching them mining. Next, an epic meatball storm rains down!

With PopularMMOs, you never know what crazy gameplay awaits.

Their success shows the power of pairing engaging gameplay with personal engagement.

This seems to be the winning formula that keeps fans returning for more adventures!



TommyInnit is a rising star in the world of gaming.

His channel is all about creative gameplay.

He’s uploaded videos building the zaniest theme parks to ones attempting mind-boggling Minecraft challenges while “drunk”.

One thing that’s common in all videos?

Tommy’s wacky humor shines through every second.

But he also knows how to kick things up by teaming up with fellow YouTube legends.

In these must-see collabs, you never know what’s going to happen.

Beneath the nonstop jokes, though, lies some serious talent.

Tommy has built an insanely loyal fanbase by keeping them hooked on his charismatic personality and ability to make any video a laugh riot.



SB737 is a beast in the ultra-difficult Minecraft Hardcore mode.

His content thrives on ambition and perseverance:

  • Taking on immense building projects like the “World’s Largest House” while battling Hardcore mode’s ruthless constraints.
  • Going on quests to find the rarest blocks and items across freshly generated worlds.
  • Teaming up with fellow creators on Minecraft community survival adventures

But SB737’s best work is his inspiring “Survived X Days in Hardcore” series.

He shows his hard efforts to set new milestones.

His video on surviving 8,000 days drew nearly 1 million awed viewers.

All in all, you never know what’s coming next with his videos.

One thing’s certain – his channel is a haven for Minecraft’s biggest thrill-seekers.



Maizen is a Minecraft and Roblox gaming star whose action-packed videos burst with wild challenges, hilarious pranks, and epic stories.

Each upload brings in loyal fans hungry for the next adventure (or sometimes hilarious prank).

Once you start watching, you won’t be able to look away.

You’re basically guaranteed eye-popping action, side-splitting comedy, and boundless creativity.

And the best part?

Maizen is only getting better.

How Minecraft Caters To Different Interests

I don’t have to tell you that Minecraft is a super popular game.

What’s still crazy to me is how many different ways people can play and enjoy this game.

For example, some YouTubers like the survival aspect of Minecraft.

They’ll build these fantastic little houses and cabins. The aim? To keep themselves safe from all the creepy monsters that come out at night.

Other Minecraft YouTubers are all about using their creativity to build the most impressive structures.

We’re talking castles, skyscrapers, and even entire cities made out of blocks!

It’s like they have these incredible imaginations they just can’t wait to bring to life.

Then, there are the Minecraft YouTubers who are all about the mechanics and the Redstone.

They’ll show you how to make these crazy, complex machines that can do all sorts of wild things.

They’re engineers, figuring out how to make the game do whatever they want.

Let’s not forget the Minecraft YouTubers who love to take on challenges. Some just try to finish the whole game as fast as possible.

No matter what kind of Minecraft viewer (or player) you are, there’s a YouTuber out there who can show you something new and exciting.

Considering Of Minecraft Content

Each Minecraft YouTuber also offers different types of content.

This is what could be in store for you with the right channel:

  • Tutorials: These Minecrafters know their stuff! From Redstone wizardry to farming tips – prepare to level up your game.
  • Building: YouTube has Minecrafters who live to construct. Get ready for mesmerizing builds, techniques, and design ideas that will spark your inner architect.
  • Battle Stations: Server wars, factions, and multiplayer madness—YouTube has all you’ll need when it comes to competitive thrills and chills.
  • Minigame Mania: Need fast-paced action? Find YouTubers who’ll have you hooked on their skilled Minecraft minigame gameplay.
  • Lore Unlocked: Go deep into Minecraft’s mysteries with YouTubers who uncover the game’s hidden secrets and captivating lore.

Minecraft Skill Levels

Choosing the right Minecraft YouTuber creating videos for your skill level is another consideration.

For beginners, look for YouTubers who teach new players.

They’ll use simple language, break down complex parts into manageable steps, and share basic tutorials.

Watch these channels if you aim to master the game from scratch.

These YouTubers excel at making tricky concepts seem like child’s play.

Intermediate players might like YouTubers who cover more advanced topics.

Experts should check out YouTubers who do complex Redstone, technical builds, or challenging gameplay.

Follow these YouTube stars if you want to construct awe-inspiring buildings or confidently face Minecraft’s trickiest tests.

And if you have a favorite playstyle, find YouTubers who focus on that.

Whether you love building, survival, or something else, there’s a YouTuber out there who specializes in it.


These 15 famous Minecraft YouTubers are definitely ones to check out.

Each of them brings something unique to the table.

Whether mind-blowing builds, clever gameplay tricks, or just a lot of fun, you can have fun while improving your skills.

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