The 105 BEST Instagram Usernames for Boys (2024 List)

The 105 BEST Instagram Usernames for Boys (2024 List)

Hey, guys. Welcome to my quick and helpful guide on Instagram usernames for boys.

In this guide, you’ll find:

  • 100+ high-converting Instagram usernames based on the most popular accounts
  • Different categories of names, so you can find the right style for you
  • Tips for creating your own Instagram username that gains more followers
  • Answers to important frequently asked questions

Your Instagram username should:

  • Convey what you stand for
  • Convey what type of content your account will feature
  • If you’re a business, state what you do immediately

I’ve grown a sizable Instagram following by using this username technique. So trust me on this.

You want to use exciting, descriptive words and stay away from being too cute or ambiguous. The goal is to find a name that’s exciting, intriguing, or humorous. And it should be easy to remember.

Don’t worry, I’m about to show you all of that. If you’re in a rush, just jump down to the category that best describes you and steal one of my Instagram usernames. No need to thank me!

Let’s jump right in!

What Are the Best Instagram Usernames for Boys?

No need to spend hours thinking of the perfect Instagram names. I’ve got 100+ of the best ones right here divided into helpful categories. All of these are based on a high-converting formula and hours of research.

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Instagram Usernames for Boys: My Top 10 Favorites

If you’re looking for a username for Instagram for boy, I’ve got a quick list of my 10 favorites based on the best Instagram names I could find:

  • KnightRider
  • Mr. Quantum
  • Lone_Maverick
  • Dr. Zenith
  • The_Last_Samurai
  • King Neon
  • The_Devil’s_Sorcerer
  • Guardian_Of_The_Galaxy
  • Lost_And_Wandering
  • Titan


If you’ve got some boy attitude and want to show Instagram that you’re a cut above the rest, these 10 cool Instagram names are for you:

  • OneBadMan
  • PhantomVision
  • TheLastRealOne
  • Rebel_Without_A_Cause
  • BigCosmo
  • Lady_Killer
  • Alpha_And_Omega
  • FunkyMonkey
  • Jack_Of_Diamonds
  • TheLocalKingpin


There’s nothing worse than a username that just sounds like everyone else. If you’re an artist, musician, or general creative, why not show that side of you with some of these creative Instagram names?:

  • Into_The_Void
  • StormVortex
  • The_Art_Of_Zen
  • Without_A_Pulse
  • PhoenixRise
  • MythicStatus
  • Bold And Beautiful
  • Untamed_Ambition
  • Lucky_Guy_99
  • WildSavage

Instagram ID Names for Boys

Sometimes simpler is better. An ID name with the @ sign will be simple to read and easy to remember. And if you’re trying to show off to the public that you’re too cool to take IG seriously, these names will do just that:

  • @SydVicious
  • @Relentless
  • @KingJr
  • @TenaciousB
  • @Venom
  • @Mr.Softheart
  • @BreakerOfChains
  • @FitnessJunkie
  • @MisterMan
  • @ KingCobra


This set of unique Instagram names is for guys who want to stand out from the crowd and have a memorable name. Either steal one of these directly or use them for inspiration. It’s up to you:

  • TimeSpirit
  • Mr.Mama’sBoy
  • Collusus
  • The_Wolverine
  • Hard_Oculus
  • Thunder_Struck
  • RazzleDazzle
  • IG_Alter_Ego
  • Esspro_And_Ice
  • Mr.StarStruck


Asian fitness guy doing a side plank in a factory gym

Are you the sporty type? Do you and your friends live and breathe sports at school? Having an athletic-themed Instagram username will help you connect with other athletes looking for sports-focused content and help you gain followers with similar interests. Here’s my best collection of athletic username ideas for boys:

  • @TheIronMan  
  • How_To_Beast
  • SwiftKicker
  • TheArtOfEndurance
  • Smart_And_Sculpted
  • Terminal_Velocity
  • AgileAndMobile
  • TheTriAthlete
  • RunWith[Name]
  • Stride_For_Success


I get it – you want to look cool to friends and family (and maybe someone you’re trying to impress). A cool Instagram name will help your profile stand out and get people thinking “Wow, I have to get to know this guy!”:

  • NinjaWarriorX
  • Dark_Knight_Begins
  • TheShadow
  • ApexBoy
  • CertifiedStunner
  • Born_To_Hustle
  • Get_Fit_Or_Die_Trying
  • Training_Day_Crusher
  • Thunder_Lips
  • Omega_Man


Want to show off your sense of style or your stylish attitude? I’ve got some stylish Instagram names that are right up your alley:

  • Fresh_threads_Boy
  • @TheSuaveOne 
  • SoFreshAndSoClean
  • SvelteAndStylish
  • Mr. Couture
  • Mr. Perfect
  • The_Devil_Wears_Gucci
  • Crowd_Stunner
  • Haters_Hate_Me
  • @AllEyesOnMe


Guy in t shirt against a white wall laughing

Nothing improves engagement, likes, comments, and followers more than humor on Instagram. This social media platform is flooded with people who take themselves way too seriously. Stand out from the crowd by showing them you don’t:

  • The_Laugh_Factory
  • SlowAndFurious
  • @TheOfficialSnacker
  • DadJokesAndMemesOfficial
  • Laugh_Out_Loud
  • Probably_A_Bot
  • Follow_Or_Die
  • PerpetuallyClumsy
  • Mr. Hilarious
  • The_Eternal_Couch_Potato


There’s nothing wrong with trying to look your best, especially on Instagram. In fact, that’s one of the best ways to grow a massive following. If you’re trying to show the world that you care about beauty, an aesthetic Instagram username is the way to go:

  • SmoothestCriminal
  • Authentic_And_Fresh
  • Mr. Valentine
  • HandsomeInBlue
  • Wild_And_Untamed
  • LushOne
  • Style_Lover
  • FreshlySnipes
  • CloudPainter
  • Crimson_And_Mauve


curly haired guy in sepia tone standing against a fence laughing

Who doesn’t want to look attractive on Instagram? That’s pretty much the whole point of the platform (and pets and food). If you want an Instagram username for boys that makes you look good and attracts followers, these are your best choices:

  • Mr.NiceGuy
  • HandsomeAndPure
  • The_Cute_One
  • Dr.Good-Looking
  • Silent_And_Secure
  • @TheOneYouWant 
  • EternalBlue
  • La_Vie_En_Rose
  • Sad_Boy_[Name] 
  • Mr. Untouchable

5 Tips For Coming up With Awesome Instagram Names

Hey guys, let me explain quickly why your Instagram username matters so much before I get into the tips. I feel like most guys overlook this completely.

Your Instagram username defines how people view you on the platform. For guys, this will let people know how you view yourself, too. For example – funny, attractive, romantic, etc. Trust me, you want this.

It sounds simple, but it’s actually super important.

Think of it this way…

Imagine you’re going out for seafood (great idea). You’re in the mood for lobster, shrimp, crabs_all that good stuff (I’m hungry now…).

Now imagine that you’re driving near the beach and see two different places: “Dave’s Lobster Shack” and “Steve”s.

Which one would you choose?

You’d most likely go with the first choice, right? Because that name clearly defines what that restaurant offers. It makes your brain think “Oh, I like that”.

Your Instagram username is more or less the same. 

Like I said before, your Instagram ID defines how people view you. And, in turn, what they think about you:

  • If you’re an individual: Your Instagram username separates you from others and gives people an idea of what types of photos and stories you’ll post. This could make them decide if they follow and interact with your content.
  • If you’re a business: Now, your Instagram username is EVEN MORE important. This could make the difference between people choosing to do business with you or not. If you don’t show them that they’re in the right place immediately, they’re probably going to bounce.

So, long story short, your Instagram username matters a lot more than you think it does.

Here are some tips for coming up with a unique Instagram username that sets you apart from the millions of other Average Joes on the platform:

Define Your View of Yourself

The first thing is to think about how you view yourself. 

Do you see yourself as a humorous guy who likes making others laugh? Do you think you’re more of a rebellious guy who’s going to post pictures of you doing cool stuff like riding dirtbikes and skydiving?

This is why you should really put thought into your name. If you want to get the best Instagram username possible, it starts with how you see yourself. You could consider using names like “king”, “X”, “comedian”, or “star” – it all depends on how you see yourself.

Keep It Short and Sweet

This should go without saying. 

Keep your Instagram name to 3 words or less. Anything more is going to be too hard to read, type, or remember. You can use underscores (_) to separate the words to make it easier to read. Remember, anything more than 3 words is overkill.

Include Your Profession if You’re a Business Influencer

This is a non-starter if you’re an individual looking to grow their profile on social media.

If you’re a:

  • Doctor 
  • Personal trainer
  • Artist
  • Engineer
  • Author
  • Any other profession

If you’re any of that cool stuff, put it in your profile. This adds a certain level of trust in users, and it lets new visitors know that they’re in the right place immediately.

Add Themes to Your Instagram Username

This is useful for an Instagram profile based around things like travel, fitness, or other types of common themes like fashion.

You can just add the word somewhere in your username like this:

  • TravelWith[name]
  • [Name]travels
  • Wandering[name]

If the word itself doesn’t work, try using a synonym like I did above. 

For travel, it could be something like “wander”, “vagabond”, or “jet setting”. If you’re stuck, try using a thesaurus to create an even more unique username.


That’s all for my mega guide on Instagram usernames for boys.

I packed as many Instagram username ideas into this post as I could think of. I hope you found one that fits you perfectly. And even if you didn’t, you learned my 5 key tips for creating a great username, so you should be all set.

Remember, your Instagram username is way more important than you think it is. It needs to be:

  • Memorable
  • Descriptive (say something about you or what you do)
  • Eye-catching
  • Readable

This is your first and best chance to hook new visitors and get them to follow your page. You want it to show off your personality, style, or attitude, but not be too long or confusing.

Now that you have a username for your Instagram, it’s time to move on to the next step: Learning how to make money with your Instagram account.

Thanks for reading. Let me know which name you end up choosing!

Username for Instagram Boy – F.A.Q

What Is a Good Username for a Boy

The best Instagram usernames for a boy to get followers are:

  • KnightRider
  • Mr. Quantum
  • Lone_Maverick
  • Dr. Zenith
  • The_Last_Samurai
  • King Neon
  • The_Devil’s_Sorcerer
  • Guardian_Of_The_Galaxy
  • Lost_And_Wandering
  • Titan

What Is the Best Insta ID Name?

Here are some great Insta username ID ideas:

  • Use your name
  • Use your profession (doctor, trainer, etc.)
  • Use exciting words like “wonder”, “journey”, or “fantastic”
  • Combine your first or last name with the theme of your page like “travels”, “tips”, or “fitness”

What Is a Unique Username?

A unique username is one that stands out from all of the average usernames on Instagram. 

Most people just follow trends and use copy/paste style Instagram names. If you want the perfect Instagram username for boys, make it unique by adding your name, something about your philosophy in life, or what you do. Don’t use AI or steal from someone else.

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