Blog Income Report for September 2019: How I Earned $35,174 This Month

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While most blog income reports are from bloggers who started 3-5 years ago, here’s one for my blog that just launched 9 months ago.

Let’s dive into my blog income report.

Adam Enfroy Blog Income September

1. Blog Income in September 2019: $35,174

My blog hit a few milestones in September.

I passed July’s revenue total of $21k and also hit monthly revenue milestones of $25k, $30k, and $35k for the first time.

Second, my site crossed 100k monthly visitors and my passive affiliate revenue increased by 50% from $12k to $18k.

Let’s look at my blog’s income streams. 

  • Affiliate Revenue: $18,133
    1. PodBean $5,486
    2. Buzzsprout $5,000
    3. Thinkific $1,582
    4. Simplecast $1,075
    5. Teachable $789
    6. Bluehost $780
    7. FlexJobs $540
    8. BigCommerce $510
    9. Transistor $465
    10. LearnDash $453
    11. Learnworlds $384
    12. Hostinger $280
    13. Shopify $195
    14. Adobe $140
    15. Castos $65
    16. GetResponse $57
    17. Skillshare $56
    18. Smart Podcast Player $55
    19. Siteground $50
    20. iPage $48
    21. Easy Webinar $39
    22. Amazon Associates $34
    23. Optinmonster $16
    24. Captivate $15
    25. Podia $12
    26. Campaign Monitor $5
    27. 3dcart $2
  • Digital Product Sales: $368
  • SEO and Link Consulting for 8 B2B Clients: $16,712

Expenses in September 2019: $3,593

  • Freelance employee: $1,300
  • Content writers: $1,200
  • Instagram Promotions: $380
  • iPhone: $250
  • Web development: $150
  • Web hosting: $115
  • Email marketing: $105
  • Adobe CC: $56
  • Grammarly: $19
  • CDN: $18

Net Profit: $31,581 (89.8% Gross Profit Margin)

Now, onto some key takeaways, traffic stats, and a September recap.

2. September Takeaways:

1. Affiliate Programs.

In September, I made $18,079 from 27 affiliate programs.

First, over 1,000 podcasters have signed up for paid plans based on my hosting recommendations.

In web hosting, I made $1,158 from 16 sales, which is actually down from August. The hosting space is extremely competitive – my article peaked at #12 for “best web hosting” but has hovered around #14-15 on Google since. My ultimate goal is to rank in the top 5 for “best web hosting” but I’ll have to unseat major sites like CNET, Techradar, and PC Mag.

Flexjobs is still showing strong performance, being featured in my How to Make Money Online and Work from Home Jobs articles. I received 540 from 36 sales.

I’m also starting to generate sales from website builders, ecommerce platforms, and webinar software, with Wix, Shopify, BigCommerce, and Easy Webinar entering the mix.

Right now, I’m in over 100 affiliate programs, with 27 bringing in revenue this month. Affiliate marketing is certainly a numbers game and no matter your niche, you need to join a lot of them.

Overall, I increased my passive affiliate income by 50% this month to $18k.

This proves to me that you can start to generate some strong passive income by month 9 (or sooner) with the right strategies.

3. SEO Consulting.

I currently work with 8 clients and provide them with SEO consulting, link building, and brand mention services. My SEO and content marketing consulting revenue increased to $16.7k this month. This income is easy to generate because it is tied to my guest blogging strategy – I would be creating these guest posts to get links anyway. The fact that I can get paid to help others while I do it is a great setup.

Here’s a screenshot of my September invoices:

SEO Consulting Invoices

3. Traffic for September 2019: 133,391 Users (+30.8%)

My blog’s traffic increased 30.8% month-over-month, growing from 101,953 users in August to 133,391 in September. My blog is 90% organic traffic.

September 2019 Blog Traffic

Traffic has been increasing by over 30% month over month since January. Here are my visitors per month so far this year:

  • January: 1,147
  • February: 2,055
  • March: 7,672
  • April: 16,920
  • May: 34,261
  • June: 46,355
  • July: 76,926
  • August: 105,056
  • September: 133,391

I’m seeing a downward trend after the September 24 Google Broad Core Algorithm Update, so I hope to learn more as information is released in the coming weeks.

4. Email Subscribers for September 2019: +1,894

Astonishingly, I only make 1% of my revenue from my email list. As I’ve scaled up my blog’s traffic, I’ve been hyper-focused on increasing affiliate revenue, as it is more passive and easy to manage than digital product sales and courses to a list.

Not that I don’t love everyone on my email list – I do. It just takes more time to manage and answer emails, and time freedom was the reason I started this blog.

However, this is an untapped area for my site I plan to work on more over the following months.

I use ConvertKit for my email marketing and added 1,894 new email subscribers in September to increase my list over 7k.

5. Tasks Completed in September:

  • I joined 10+ new affiliate programs.
  • I updated my digital product Backlink Blueprint to version 1.2.
  • New blog posts:
  • 10 new guest posts published for:
    • (interview)
    • (interview)
  • Link building:
    • 304 new backlinks
    • 25 new referring domains with DR over 60

That’s it for my blog’s income report for September 2019.

The purpose of these new blog income reports is to showcase that you can make a sizable income from a brand new blog within months, not years.

If you want to see some of my top-performing affiliate revenue-generating articles, you can check them out here:

Thank you so much for reading – I’m very grateful you found your way here.

Feel free to follow me on Instagram as I travel the world while blogging.

Finally, if you want to start treating your blog like a business and make life-changing money in months, not years, join my email list for a 10,000+ word, 7-day email course on how to do it.


  1. Hi Sir,
    By looking at online income reports from successful bloggers like you, it inspires us and encourages us to work harder even though it’s hard to rank number one in google search.

    I also know that it’s very difficult to get to your level because competition is so high right now. But at least we try our best. If you have any suggestion or advise to me, do reply to my comment below.

  2. It was great that I was here. I am from Vietnam and am starting to learn blogging and affiliate marketing. Thank you so much for inspiring me.

  3. Oh my gosh, It’s unbelievable.

    Adam, it’s been 4 months since I blogging and I did not earn even a single penny apart from Freelancing work.

    You are an inspiration man, Following you.


  4. Hi Adam,

    I have come across this site by chance and cannot believe the figures you have posted, especially if this has all been generated within the last twelve months!

    I’m going to quit my 9-5 today and start cracking on, as your earnings are easy 4 times what I earn. If you have any advice and links I would appreciate them. Keep up the good work !

    1. Hey Roy, thanks for the comment! Yeah, it’s a little hard to believe it myself sometimes. And quitting your 9-5 takes some guts man – I wish you the best of luck! I know that once I quit the 9-5, my blog took off, but I had a solid 7 months of runway building the blog with a full-time job (and no life lol).

  5. I was amazed when I have heard about you for the first time! You made the impossible things possible. Amazing! Feeling motivated Sir!

  6. Hi Adam,

    You are a priceless gem, and you have done pretty well in digital marketing already. The fact that you started your blog just about a year ago and you’re already killing it with affiliate marketing and other monetization strategies are mind-blowing. And sharing your income report is an inspiration that’d motivate us to keep pushing it. I have subscribed to your newsletter.
    Thanks for sharing!

  7. You didn’t mention the revenue from Google Adsense,why?in case you don’t put ads ,how much would you have made from 130,000 page view,and great content btw

    1. Hey Sadek, I don’t have any ads on my site as I think it’s a bit intrusive and annoying. Right now, I’m at about 250,000 sessions/month and I estimate I could make a few thousand/month from ads, but would rather focus on a better user experience and other revenue streams.

    1. Woohhhoooo,
      such a achievement such a short time, it’s been 4 to 5 month blogging and I thought it would take maybe 1 year for me to grow. But after reading your post, my mind wandered.

      Very inspiring post for me, now I am following your blog.
      Love From india

  8. Hello Adam

    Awesome work! I will see you have Content writer’s expense. so you also buying articles to publish on your blog? right.

    Which place to buying good Content writers.

    1. Hey Abdullah, thanks I appreciate it! Yes I have a few content writers that help write first drafts for my blog to save time. I will then go in and edit/publish them. I recommend checking out the ProBlogger job board and posting an opportunity on there for writers. In the end, it comes down to testing different writers with one post each and finding one that best matches your style/needs.

      1. Adam Enfroy

        I’m glad to be one of your Email Subscribers. I started my blog sometimes last year. And my Keyword research had gotten a better knowledge thru your Email articles. Thank you and wish you best of Luck.

  9. Awesome!
    You’re a true inspiration.
    Looking forward to keep following your journey!😀

    Anyway, have a wonderful christmas mate!🙌

  10. Awesome work! Still, me and probably over 10.000 other people are waiting on your next Income Report.

    It would be incredible if you could publish that before Christmas, or as a Chirstmas present for us 😉

    Anyway, love you blog! You’re providing a lot of high-level strategies and tips for FREE. That in itself is amazing!
    Keep up the good work 🙂

    1. Hey Harley, thanks so much for your comment.

      I’m actually planning to publish a full 1-year income report for all of 2019 at the beginning of January. 🙂

  11. wow amazing you achieved in one-year great & and so many people can not achieve in 3 years thanks for the sharing very inspiring about you

  12. Hi Adam,
    I can see you monetised a lot from Buzzsprout. Is that only from affiliate marketing or did you feature on some podcasts?

  13. Hey Adam, Thanks for sharing all the information. This is truly valuable info, now all I have to do is just do it. You’ve given such an excellent Blueprint and your transparency is also outstanding. I am really looking forward in starting my new blog.


  14. Thank you for sharing. It is very motivating and inspiring. Congratulations.

    Now I have a question: do you have a particular tool to manage all these affiliate programs?

    Thank you.

  15. Thanks for the very transparent and powerful report. It gives the motivation to keep on as you are showcasing the formula in bitesize format!

  16. wow. so great and inspiring. can you recommend any affiliate for me in my niche relationships, dating and love??? apart from the books and dating sites promos what else do u think I can promote?

  17. Adam, you are an inspiration! I signed up for your newsletter on the 3rd August. Your 7 day email series of 90 Days to $10k plan has got me going and believing that I can actually become a successful blogger. What you are offering is great for the older guy not so tech savvy newbie to blogging. I look forward to your next post as I am busy building my own blog.

    All the best, Dave (Ted)

  18. You are the best man! I am following you since one month. You really hard for guest posting and I think this is the pillar of your blog success. Thank you so much for sharing all info. That will motivate the newbies very much.

    Sadhan Pal

  19. Super inspirational Adam! Thanks for sharing the income report. Can you also share the plugin you’re currently using to add the “Get a Free 7-Day Guide” at the bottom of your posts? Thanks!

    1. Hey David, thanks! That is OptinMonster – I definitely recommend using them. They are the tool I use for my exit intent pop-ups and in-content blocks like the guide at the bottom.

  20. Hey Adam, it’s zach. I was wondering if we could chat on the phone one of these days. I am looking for other marketing funnels for my business and it’s looks like your pretty good on internet marketing. Give me a call. Thanks and hope all is well!

    1. Hey Zach, thanks for reaching out! Yes, let’s connect – I’d be happy to potentially help. I’ll shoot you an email with some contact info.

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