72+ Best High Paying Affiliate Programs for Beginners

Affiliate marketing is a popular way for beginners to make money online by promoting another website’s products. It’s a great sales channel for beginners because with a brand new website, you can bypass ecommerce sales or creating your own digital products, and simply focus on building an audience and promoting affiliate products you love.

 Source:  BigCommerce.com

There are hundreds of high paying affiliate programs for beginners and in this post I captured them all in one easy-go-digest guide. This list includes affiliate programs in the travel, fashion, beauty, video game, fitness, credit card, sports, music, cryptocurrency, and even marijuana categories - to be blunt, you’ve hit the jack pot with this list of budding affiliate programs (puns intended).

When you’re done reading, my goal is that you’ll have a list of high paying affiliate programs in your niche that you can passionately promote.

Let’s get started.

How to Find the Best High Paying Affiliate Programs

Before diving into the top affiliate program categories, what do you look for in high ticket affiliate programs? The first two things you should look at are commission rates and average order value (AOV). Remember, high commission rates x high average order value = more affiliate revenue. There’s no point in making a 5% commission on a $10 pair of socks - your affiliate site only generates so much traffic so you should promote affiliate products that provide you with a high earnings per click (EPC).

High paying affiliate programs

The other metric to look at is the cookie duration. This tells you how long you will receive credit for an sale after a click on your affiliate link. The standard cookie duration is 30 days. You can find programs as low as 7 days and as high as 90+. The longer the better.

How to Find the Best Affiliate Programs and Trends for 2019

The growth of affiliate programs is undeniable, and 2019 will be no different. In fact, it’s estimated that by 2020 affiliate marketing spend may rise to $6.8B. So how do you stay on top of emerging trends in the market and join the best up and coming high paying affiliate programs?

Currently, fashion is the most popular affiliate marketing category with 18.7% of campaigns, followed by sports and health/wellness affiliate programs. Looking ahead to future technology trends, emerging affiliate markets may include virtual reality (VR), Internet of Things (IOT), 3D printing, wearable tech, and drone affiliate programs.

If you fashion yourself a relationship expert or budding love guru, another emerging category is dating affiliate marketing. With the number of dating websites and apps on the rise and competition more intense than ever, dating sites are leveraging affiliates to recommend their products. These are just a few of the best affiliate program trends for 2019.

Now that we’ve discussed what to look for in the best high paying affiliate programs and emerging trends, let’s dive into the different categories and 72+ specific affiliate programs on this list.

Travel Affiliate Programs

From hotels, travel platforms like Expedia, to airlines and vacation packages, travel affiliate programs are more popular than ever. If you’re a travel blogger with an audience of loyal readers, you can recommend hotels, travel packages, airlines, travel equipment, travel photography products, and receive a commission of each sale. Here is a list of the top travel affiliate programs.

Hotel Affiliate Programs

Commission: $14 per sale

Commission: 4% per sale

Commission: 4% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Commission: Vacations packages are 3% per sale, hotels are 4-6% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Travel Platform Affiliate Programs

Commission: 2-6% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Commission: 2% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Commission: 3-5%
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission: 2-4%
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Commission: 50% per sale
Cookie Duration: 14 days

Credit Card and Insurance Affiliate Programs

According to Transunion, in the US there are 2.69 credit cards for every one person. If Americans are good at one thing, it’s spending money we don’t have. With the rise of credit card and insurance review sites, there are plenty of opportunities to take part in credit card affiliate programs. They pay very well too. Here are some of the top credit card, insurance, and loan affiliate programs.

Bankrate Credit Cards
Note: CPM, CPC, CPL, and CPA offers based on type of credit card

Note: Affiliate network connecting you with credit card offers

Commission: Many different payouts based on type of credit card

Commission Soup
Note: Affiliate network connecting you with credit card offers

Liberty Mutual
Commission: $3-17 cost per lead, based on type of insurance

Commission: $2.50-20 cost per lead, based on type of insurance

Gaming Affiliate Programs

If you are a gamer who streams on Twitch or uploads YouTube videos, there are a ton of video game affiliate programs to choose from. The Twitch Affiliate Program gets gamers one step closers to realizing their financial dreams by allowing their affiliates to make money from audience subscriptions and video game sales. All you need to join is 50 Twitch followers and 500 broadcast minutes over the last 30 days, 7 unique broadcast days, and an average of 3 or more concurrent viewers. Here are some more of the top gaming affiliate programs.

Astro Gaming
Commission: 5%
Cookie Duration: 180 days

Commission: 5%
Cookie Duration: 90 days

Commission: 10-20% on software, 3% on other products
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission: $15 per trial sign-up, 5% for new games, 10% used games
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Commission: 50% of subscriptions, 5% on game sales

Fitness Affiliate Programs

Whether you’re a body builder, running coach, personal trainer, or even an Instagram model, fitness affiliate programs pay out for your physical fitness recommendations. By joining an affiliate program with a company like Bowflex and recommending their high AOV products, you can earn a high commission on every order. Here are the top fitness affiliate programs.

Ace Fitness
Commission: 8% of sales

Commission: 15% for new customers, 5% for returning customers
Cookie Duration: 9 days

Commission: 7% of sales, AOV is over $2,000
Cookie Duration: 3 days

Life Fitness
Commission: 8%+
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Pro Form
Commission 8-11% of sales

TRX Training
Commission: 8% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Fashion Affiliate Programs

Fashion and clothing affiliate programs are perfect for bloggers and influencers looking to recommend the latest fashion trends on Instagram, Pinterest, or YouTube and make money from their recommendations. Here are my top fashion affiliate programs to join in 2019.

Eddie Bauer
Commission: 5% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Commission: Up to 7.4% per sale

Lane Bryant
Commission: 5% per sale

Commission: 7% per sale 
Cookie Duration: 45 days

MVMT Watches
Commission: 10% per sale
Cookie Duration: 15 days

Commission: 2-20% per sale

Stitch Fix
Commission: 4%
Cookie Duration: 7 days

True Religion
Commission: 7% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Warby Parker
Commission: 20% per sale
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Best Recurring Affiliate Programs

While many of the best affiliate programs offer one-time CPA payouts after a sale, others provide a recurring payout ever month.

What are recurring affiliate Programs?

A recurring affiliate program is an affiliate marketing program where an affiliate makes a commission for selling a site’s product. When the payment is “recurring”, it doesn’t just occur once, but repeatedly. Recurring payouts are usually monthly and mainly come from software as a service (SaaS) advertisers whose platform requires a monthly subscription.

 Source:  Datapine.com

Source: Datapine.com

With monthly subscriptions, a customer’s lifetime value (LTV) is much higher than the first month’s sale price, as they continue paying every month until they churn. In this case, the advertiser can afford to pay either a one-time commission higher than the monthly price, or a smaller percentage of the monthly price, recurring over the lifetime of the customer.

Affiliates like both one-time payout and recurring affiliate programs and there are pros and cons to each approach. With one-time payouts:

  • Pro: You get a larger payment up front, sometimes as high as 500-1,000% of the monthly subscription cost.

  • Con: You lack consistency in your affiliate revenue stream, and may make less over the lifetime of the customer.

The opposite holds true for recurring affiliate programs:

  • Pro: You generate consistent revenue each month and can better predict how much you’ll make. You may also make more over the lifetime of the customer.

  • Con: You make a smaller amount up-front, and the customer could churn quickly, eliminating your earnings.

Whatever your preference (one-time vs. recurring), here are my favorite recurring affiliate programs to join in 2019.

Beauty and Makeup Affiliate Programs

Beauty bloggers have huge followings on their blogs, YouTube, Pinterest, and Instagram and their ardent followers are hungry for the latest cosmetic tips and reviews to look prettier with less. The beauty affiliate program category is a big one, with beauty affiliate commissions ranging from 2-10% on average. Here are some of the top beauty affiliate programs.

Commission: Up to 10% per sale, average is 3%

Commission: 7.5% per sale + performance bonuses
Cookie Length: 7 days

BH Cosmetics
Commission: 8%
Cookie Duration: 60 days

L’Occitane en Provence
Commission: 2.5% per sale
Cookie Length: 45 days

Commission: 5-10% per sale
Cookie Length: 24 hours

Ulta Beauty
Commission: 2-5% per sale
Cookie Length: 30 days

Music Affiliate Programs

The music industry contains composers, artists, sound engineers, music teachers, music equipment manufacturers, vocal coaches and more. With all of these different industry and product niches, there are plenty of ways to make money with music affiliate programs. You may review guitars, microphones and audio equipment, or recommend online music courses - whatever your music background, here are the best music affiliate programs to join in 2019.

Guitar Center
Commission: 6% per sale
Cookie Duration: 14 days

Musician’s Friend
Commission: 4% per sale
Cookie Duration: 14 days

Sam Ash
Commission: 7-10% per sale
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Commission: 70% on instant downloads, 40% on shipped course
Cookie Duration: 60 days

Commission: 6% per sale + bonuses
Cookie Duration: 45 days

Marijuana and CBD Oil Affiliate Programs

Marijuana is a booming industry. With Michigan becoming the 10th state to legalize cannabis for recreational use and medical marijuana legal in 33 states, it is time to jump into affiliate marketing opportunities in this budding area. CBD affiliate programs are also growing rapidly, as this new effective, safe pain treatment is going mainstream. Here are some good marijuana affiliate programs.

Dr. Seeds
Commission: 15% of sales

10% per sale, plus 5% of sub-affiliate sales

Green CulterED
Commission: 60%
Cookie Duration: 365 days

Commission: 15% of each sale

THC University
Commission: $25 per student
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Cryptocurrency and Bitcoin Affiliate Programs

I got deeeep into crypto mania last year, spending hours every day trading Bitcoin, Litecoin, Cardano, Stellar, and every coin under the sun on Binance. I even took part in a few ICOs, using digital wallets to exchange one crypto for another. It was addicting. Although the market has slowed down since January 2018, it is primed to make a huge comeback.

Many bitcoin affiliate programs are more similar to referral programs, where if you register a user through your link, you make a small cut of each one of their trades for up to a year. Other crypto affiliate programs include recommending digital wallets like Ledger and Trezor.

Either way, Blockchain technology is not going anywhere, it’s here to stay. So if you’re interested in joining an emerging affiliate category, check out these cryptocurrency affiliate programs.

Binance (referral program)
Commission: 20% of referral’s trade fees, 40% if holding 500+ BNB
Payout: Pay in real time to Binance account

Coinbase (referral program)
Commission: When a user buys $100 of BTC, receive $10 of BTC
Earning period: Once per customer

Ledger Wallet
Commission: 10% of net sale amount
Payout: Payout in BTC, with 0.1 BTC minimum payout amount

Commission: 20% of the user’s trading fee per trade
Earning period: 1 year from the user’s registration date

Trezor Wallet
Commission: 20% of sales

Sports Affiliate Programs

The sports industry is predicted to reach $73.5 billion in market value in 2019. This includes media rights, merchandising, sponsorships, and the rise of fantasy sports. If you’d like to tap into this huge market, take a swing at a sports affiliate program.

If you want to recommend products, you can join a sporting goods, fan gear, or golf affiliate program. Another strategy is to take your fantasy football knowledge and make commissions from daily fantasy sites like Draft Kings or FanDuel. Here are some sports affiliate programs to join in 2019.

Dick’s Sporting Goods
Commission: 5% per sale on average
Cookie Duration: 10 days

Draft Kings (referral program)
Commission: 40% of referral’s net gaming revenue first 30 days, 25% days 31+

Commission: Up to 10% per sale
Cookie Duration: 7 days

Commission: $25-35 per signup, 35% rev share for referrals’ first 2 years

Sports Memorabilia
Commission: 9% of sales
Cookie Duration: 365 days

TaylorMade Golf
Commission: 5% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Under Armour
Commission: 5% of sales
Cookie Duration: 30 days

Best Affiliate Programs for Pinterest

Since May 2017, affiliate marketers were able to place affiliate links right in their pins instead of going through their blog. This opened the door for influential fashion, beauty, and lifestyle affiliates to reach the 200 million+ Pinterest users.

Some of the best affiliate programs for Pinterest include:

  • Amazon Associates. Sell any product on Amazon directly through your pins. If you’re in the US, you will need to have a website or blog to get approved.

  • SendOwl. Become a content creator and sell online courses and ebooks directly on Pinterest.

  • ShopStyle Collective. This fashion site has so many products that you can easily promote with an affiliate program for Pinterest. They offer an easy user interface, reporting tools, and ways to build your audience.

Best High Paying Affiliate Programs - Summary

No matter what high paying affiliate program you want to join, there are a ton of different categories to match your unique interests. Remember to check the commission rate, average order value (AOV), and cookie duration when choosing a program. Also look into if the program is a recurring affiliate program, or has one-time payments. Whether you’re a fitness blogger, sell beauty products on Instagram, or post software reviews on YouTube, there is a high paying affiliate program suited just for you.