How Dad Bloggers Can Monetize Their Parenting In 2023

How Dad Bloggers Can Monetize Their Parenting In 2023

Hey Dads, it’s time to put down your barbecue tongs, TV remotes, or whatever piece of kid’s Lego you just trod on.

Welcome to the thrilling and slightly terrifying world of blogging where dad-bods are irrelevant, ‘dad-jokes’ are relatable content, and your incessant rants about your kid’s messy room can become a gold mine.

It’s time to trade in your “World’s Best Dad” mug for a keyboard because today, we’re diving into the wondrous world of dad bloggers.

In this blog post, I’ll take a closer look at the world of dad bloggers, the top dad bloggers to follow, and explore the different ways they are helping to shape the way of parenting.

Whether you’re a stay-at-home dad, work-from-home dad, or traditional Dad, this blog post will give you the knowledge and tools to start your own blog.

What Are The Top Dad Bloggers To Follow?

Here are some of the top dad blogging businesses to follow online.

That Dad Blog

If you’re looking for a dad blog that’s visually appealing and easy to navigate, That Dad Blog is the perfect find.

With his excellent web design skills and experience as a father of six, Alan shares his insights and experiences on raising a child with special needs.

What sets That Dad Blog apart is the innovative way that Alan showcases his experiences with Wil and his journey as a dad.

His blog is not just a place for venting or advice-giving; it’s a platform that inspires and uplifts parents struggling with similar experiences.

The blog’s design is clean, modern, and visually appealing, making the reading experience pleasant for all audiences.

You can tell that Alan has put a lot of time and effort into crafting the content and the overall user experience.

Another reason to love That Dad Blog is the relatability factor.

Alan’s stories are relatable and resonate deeply with readers.

Whether you’re a father of a child with special needs or not, his words can inspire and support fathers everywhere.

You’ll laugh, cry, and cheer alongside Alan and his family life, and you’ll understand that parenthood comes with its share of triumphs and struggles.

The best dad bloggers share personal stories and insights on their fatherhood journey.

Through their best dad blogs, they offer humor, advice, and inspiration to dads online.

Their words and experiences showcase modern fatherhood’s diversity, challenges, and joys.

That Dad Blog fits this description perfectly; Alan’s stories leave a lasting impression.

Days Of A Domestic Dad

A devoted father, Colby, created Days of a Domestic Dad.

The blog provides insights into parenting, travel, car, and tech topics.

Whether you’re a mom, a dad, or a family taking on a new adventure, Days of a Domestic Dad is the perfect fatherhood blog.

Days of a Domestic Dad is one of the best dad blogs online, offering a variety of topics from parenting to relationships and travel.

Days of a Domestic Dad is an all-encompassing parenting blog that offers practical and inspirational advice for navigating the joys and challenges of raising kids.

From baby gear reviews to effective discipline strategies, this blog has a wealth of resources for every stage of parenthood.

If you’re a travel enthusiast, you’ll appreciate the travel section of Days of a Domestic Dad.

Colby and his family love to explore new destinations and share their experiences with their readers.

Whether you’re looking for a family-friendly vacation spot or a romantic getaway, you’ll find plenty of useful tips and insights to help you plan your next adventure.

One of Colby’s passions is cars.

He loves to share his knowledge and expertise with his readers.

Whether you’re a car enthusiast or a parent looking for car safety tips, you’ll find plenty of valuable content in the car section of this great blog.


Paul Zalewski and John Doht created Fathercraft, the ultimate daddy blog that provides advice, reviews, and resources for dads and new parents alike.

Fathercraft isn’t just another parenting blog.

It’s a community of real dads who understand the highs and lows of fatherhood.

Paul and John have years of experience raising their children and know a thing or two about what works and what doesn’t.

They share their experiences and insights, giving you practical advice and guidance on parenting.

From sleep training to feeding tips, Fathercraft has you covered.

Fathercraft, a community of dad bloggers, offers valuable resources and insights on family travel, from product reviews to destination recommendations.

With so many baby products on the market, it’s hard to know which ones are worth investing in.

Fortunately, Fathercraft reviews the latest products, so you don’t have to.

As experienced dads, Paul and John know what dads need regarding convenience and functionality.

They provide honest and informative reviews that help you make the best decisions for you and your family.

Fathercraft has all the latest product reviews you need to know, from cribs to strollers.

If you’re a first-time dad or a new parent, Fathercraft has free downloadable resources to help you learn the ropes of parenting.

These resources, from checklists to worksheets, make your life easier and your parenting journey smoother.

With Fathercraft, you’ll have everything you need to get started on the right foot and begin your journey as a new dad with confidence.

Lunchbox Dad

One of my favorite dad blogs is Lunchbox Dad.

He shares creative lunch ideas for kids.

He is among the most popular dad bloggers who challenge societal norms and provide diverse perspectives on parenting.

As a dad blogger, Beau Coffron knows how to make packed lunches fun for his kids.

And, with his popular blog Lunchbox Dad, he’s sharing his creative ideas with parents everywhere.

Whether you want to surprise your kids with a holiday-themed lunch or a pop-culture-inspired lunch, Lunchbox Dad has plenty of ideas to get your creativity flowing.

Lunchbox Dad features various fun, creative and healthy lunch ideas for kids.

His site has a large archive of content and adds new ideas regularly.

You’ll find everything from classic character-themed lunches to innovative creations that will leave your kids excited and motivated to chow down.

The best part is that you can make these lunches without being a chef.

The site provides clear instructions for everything from preparation to presentation.

Much of the inspiration for Lunchbox Dad comes from the creative world of bento boxes.

Bento boxes are a traditional lunch box popular in Japan, filled with bite-sized food portions.

The boxes are perfect for making a variety of themed lunches that are both adorable and nourishing.

Lunchbox Dad uses this format to create everything from superhero-themed lunches to creative holiday-themed meals, like this Easter Bunny bento box.

The Lunchbox Dad blog is more than a collection of creative lunch ideas.

Beau has created a supportive online community of like-minded parents sharing tips, experiences, and photos of their lunch creations.

From his lively Instagram account to his Facebook group, Beau actively engages in his community and hosts live events for his fans.

Along with sharing their personal experiences, most dad bloggers also offer practical parenting tips, which can be helpful for parents.

The Lunchbox Dad blog is no different and offers a great resource for parents looking for various tips and tricks to make parenting easier.

Skint Dad

Skint Dad offers insight into the challenges and joys of being just a dad, allowing fathers to connect and establish a supportive community.

Skint Dad is the UK’s go-to blog for families looking to save money without sacrificing fun.

From financial advice to kid-friendly recipes, they offer the ultimate resource for managing and making money with your little ones.

One of the ways Skint Dad manages to save money while still enjoying life is through their affiliate partnerships with various brands.

The creators publish reviews, informational posts, and honest feedback on products, services, deals, and promotions you can benefit from on their dad website.

From retail shopping sites to travel and leisure, they guide you through special offers that will help you save money even as you spend.

Skint Dad provides its readers comprehensive guides on getting the most out of high-end affiliate marketing.

For example, they offer tips on how to optimize commissions through affiliate links in blog posts.

Moreover, they provide insider access to unknown, lucrative luxury affiliate programs.

One tip they offer is to make the most out of your affiliate marketing, be selective with the businesses you work with, and ensure they align with your brand values.

Other Dad Bloggers To Follow

While the above blogs are some of the biggest and most popular, many other dad bloggers provide great content online.

Go Fatherhood, for instance, emerged as a leading platform for discussing fatherhood.

Another famous dad blogger on this site is Hightechdad (Michael Sheehan), who shares his technology expertise and parenting experiences.

The dad blogging community is also making strides towards inclusivity for marginalized groups, as seen in the LGBTQ parenting resources.

With the support of influential dad bloggers like these, the conversation around modern fatherhood continues to evolve and expand.

There are also sub-niches within the dad blogging community.

For example “Designer Daddy” blog, written by designer and father of one Brent Almond, focuses on sharing stylish and functional parenting solutions.

Additionally, the online community includes many proud and vocal “Gay Dads” challenging societal norms.

This community also includes “Geek Dads,” who use their tech and pop culture knowledge to connect with their children.

And finally, there are “Single Dads” who share their experiences and support other dads in similar situations.

Why Should You Follow Dad Boggers As A Parent?

More often, parenting advice comes from mothers or experts in the field.

Dad bloggers provide a unique perspective on parenting that can be invaluable to other parents.

Dad bloggers are not only relatable, but they also offer a range of perspectives on topics such as budgeting, health and nutrition, education, travel, leisure tips, and more.

Overall, people shouldn’t overlook the contributions of stay-at-home dads and the dad blogging community.

They are breaking gender stereotypes and playing an essential role in raising their children.

Here are some top reasons you should follow a dad blogger.

A Sense Of Community

Dad bloggers form a tight-knit community where they share their experiences and knowledge on parenting through their blogs.

Many of them incorporate dad jokes and daddy style into their writing, providing a relatable and humorous approach to parenting.

This parenting humor not only entertains their readers but also helps to break down stigmas and stereotypes surrounding fatherhood.

Expert Advice And Unique Perspectives

Fellow dads can be a great source of advice and support when starting your blog.

Apart from writing, adding vlogs to your blog can help create a well-rounded content strategy that resonates with your audience.

Many dad bloggers use their vlogs to showcase unique perspectives about fatherhood, adding an extra layer of engagement and authenticity to their brand.

Dad bloggers are not just sharing their personal experiences – many have child development, education, or mental health expertise.

They use their expertise to provide valuable advice and information to fathers.

Representation And Visibility

The best dad bloggers create engaging content by sharing parenting experiences and providing advice to other fathers, often incorporating DIY projects and reviewing gadgets that make life easier.

As such, it has increased the visibility and representation of other dad blogs, showcasing their unique perspectives and insights.

Engaging Content

Finally, dad bloggers are famous for producing engaging, informative, and entertaining content.

Many dad bloggers use YouTube channels or social media platforms to share their experiences and advice visually and engagingly.

How To Stand Out Among Today’s Popular Bloggers

If you want to become a dad blogger, creating engaging content that resonates with your target audience is essential.

One way to do this is by incorporating popular social media platforms like TikTok into your content strategy.

Utilizing a reliable and user-friendly platform like WordPress can also make managing and publishing your blog posts a breeze.

Here are some other tips on how to stand out among today’s popular bloggers.

Investigate Current Dad Bloggers To Get A Sense Of The Online Community

Investigating current dad bloggers allows you to find highly successful and influential voices in the community.

By reading their blogs, you can understand what content they produce and use that knowledge to inform your writing.

Before starting your dad blog, it’s vital to understand the current landscape of dad bloggers.

Look out for popular dad blog websites, such as “The Good Men Project” or “Fatherly,” and explore their content, tone of voice, and target audience.

By echoing the successful characteristics of experienced dad bloggers, you won’t reinvent the wheel, and you’ll develop a competitive and effective website and brand.

Determine A Specific Niche To Carve Out Your Unique Space

Image credit:

When defining your niche, it’s essential to dig deep and identify your unique perspective and value proposition.

Figure out your passion and level up your brand and site’s reputation with expertise and unique angles.

Unique niches include environmental fatherhood, stay-at-home dads, and single fathers.

However, remember that your niche should be authentic to who you are and provide value to your prospective audience.

Develop A Website With Core Pages

Once you have defined your niche, develop your website.

Your website will serve as the foundation of your blog and brand.

Make sure that your site is user-friendly and easy to navigate.

A good website structure includes the following:

  • an attractive blog page
  • organized archives
  • an “about me” section that showcases your personality, intentions, and motivations
  • and contact information to connect with readers and prospective sponsors or collaborators.

Create A Consistent Social Media Presence

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Your blog’s social media presence must align with your brand.

Research trends and hashtags that relate to your niche and consistently deploy them across social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

Create captivating social media content that encourages user engagement and interactions.

Build Your Readership With Regular Content Postings

Create and maintain a regular content schedule to build your readership.

Consider implementing an editorial calendar that maintains your readership’s interest and encourages interaction between readers and you.

However, quality is critical, and you must maintain sound SEO writing principles.

To expand your reach, collaborate with other dad bloggers by exchanging guest articles and reviewing one another’s content.

Making Money From Dad Blogging

The next step to becoming a successful dad blogger is to monetize your blog.

There are several ways to make money from blogging, including affiliate marketing, sponsored content, and display ads.

Here are a few ideas for how to make money from your dad blog.

Building Your Audience

The first step to making money from dad blogging is building an audience.

Start by sharing your content on social media, forums, and online communities relevant to your niche.

Engage with your readers by responding to comments and emails, and use analytics tools like Google Analytics to track your website traffic.

Establishing an email list is essential.

It allows you to communicate directly with your audience, build relationships, and generate sales.

Brand Partnerships

Once you have a loyal audience, start contacting brands for partnerships.

Look for companies that align with your values and niche, and pitch them your ideas for sponsored posts, social media promotions, and product reviews.

Some companies may offer compensation through free products, while others may pay cash for your services.

To increase your chances of landing brand partnerships, make sure your blog has a professional design and your content is high quality.

Affiliate Programs

Affiliate programs are a great way to earn passive income from your blog.

You promote products or services on your website and earn a commission for every sale you generate.

Look for affiliate programs relevant to your niche and offer high commission rates.

Affiliate marketing requires creativity, as it’s important to promote products in a way that resonates with your audience without being too salesy.

Feel free to experiment with different strategies, such as creating product reviews, comparison articles, or lists of recommended items.

You can also consider other influencers that can complement the products you promote on your blog.

For example, if full-time mom blogs could become part of your niche, you can find mom bloggers with a similar audience and collaborate on blog posts, giveaways, and other fun projects.

Ad Revenue

Display ads can generate a significant amount of income for dad bloggers.

Various ad networks allow you to place ads on your site, such as Google Adsense, AdThrive, and Mediavine.

Your earnings will depend on your website traffic, niche, ad placement, and size.

However, it’s essential to be careful with ad placement.

Too many ads can negatively impact user experience and decrease engagement.

Increasing Your Income

While making money from dad blogging can be challenging, increasing your income by diversifying your revenue streams is possible.

Consider launching a podcast, creating online courses or e-books, or offering coaching services.

Building relationships with fellow dad bloggers can also open collaboration opportunities on sponsored posts or joint ventures.

Wrap Up.

Dad blogging can be a rewarding and lucrative way to share your stories, connect with other fathers, and make money online.

To start, consider the available sub-niches and focus on creating quality content for your readers.

Then, look for ways to monetize your blog by building an audience, working with brand partners, participating in affiliate programs, and displaying ads.

Finally, consider diversifying your income stream by launching a podcast, creating online courses or e-books, and offering coaching services.

You can not only inspire other dads to be the best versions of themselves, but you can also make a living doing it.

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