15 Faceless Instagram Account Ideas to Go Viral in 2024

15 Faceless Instagram Account Ideas to Go Viral in 2024

Faceless Instagram accounts are taking over Instagram.

And with this comes the expectation of:

  • 100% passive income
  • working 30 minutes a week and
  • making millions in the first year.

However, don’t be fooled.

Even if you don’t show your face on camera, you can’t enter any random niche and expect success.

You must have a proven game plan when starting a faceless Instagram account.

Through building an Instagram account with more than 100K followers, I want to show you the best faceless Instagram account ideas you can start.

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What Are the Best Faceless Instagram Account Ideas?

Here are the best faceless Instagram account ideas.

Nature Photography

Love to capture stunning landscapes and natural wonders by exploring unique perspectives?

Starting a faceless Instagram account with these video clips makes for very inspiring posts.

These posts are great at showing the beauty of our planet – without ever showing a face.

Sharing stories about each location or offering environmental conservation tips adds depth to your content.

Food Art and Recipes

If you’re ready to capture the attention of food enthusiasts, start by posting high-quality images of your dishes.

Pair these images with engaging captions that detail step-by-step recipes.

This combination makes it easy for your followers to recreate the culinary magic at home.

To keep your content fresh and exciting, collaborate with those creating blog post entries (such as professional food bloggers or chefs) for unique perspectives and ideas.

This faceless Instagram account can also leverage the right video clip and Instagram Reels to showcase the cooking process.

You could also diversify your content with behind-the-scenes footage that delves deeper into your recipes and techniques.

Over time, you can start running sponsored posts that add to your bottom line.

DIY Crafts and Projects

DIY Crafts and Projects

There’s so much to do in the DIY niche.

The problem is that most people only show a part of their project.

I say, why not create (multiple) videos showing projects from start to finish?

This approach shows your reliability and allows viewers to compare the before and after.

You could also have faceless Instagram posts (reels, posts or a combination) that offer detailed tutorials and material lists.

Using multiple formats keeps viewers hooked and encourages them to save and share your content.

Moreover, consider featuring user-submitted creations and tips.

This adds to the value of your faceless Instagram account.

Minimalist Home Decor

The minimalist home decor niche is perfect for a faceless Instagram account.

It focuses on simple, elegant home decor ideas – rather than the creator’s personality.

Some of the best home decor ideas revolve around capturing stunning (before-and-after) transformations of spaces.

I also suggest sharing tips for maintaining a minimalist lifestyle.

In this hectic world, helping people find joy in simplicity is a great way to spread your message and grow your audience.

Book Recommendations and Reviews

Many creators in this faceless Instagram niche start by posting aesthetically pleasing book covers and cozy reading nooks.

These posts are perfect for capturing the attention of Instagram’s more introverted users —or those who just enjoy reading a good book.

However, it’s more than just posting book covers.

Consider writing concise reviews and providing ratings for each book you feature.

You can also go for videos (longer form) or reel content.

Both of these can be very effective.

You could also document your reading journey – without ever showing your face.

Some ideas include creating short clips flipping through pages or setting up a reading space.

To take this idea further, incorporate (the right) music into your stories to add an extra layer of ambiance.

Another idea is highlighting quotes and insights from your current reads to offer additional value.

There’s so much to do within the book recommendation niche!

Travel Tips and Destinations

If you dream of sharing your travels and inspiring others, this might be your perfect faceless Instagram niche.

Your content would involve breathtaking travel spots and hidden gems worldwide.

You could also create posts featuring stunning landscapes and the lastest in your food travel experience.

The point is to make viewers feel like they are right there with you.

People also love to watch what happens before a trip.

Consider posting tutorials on packing essentials or your best practices when researching local transport systems.

You could show how to pack a carry-on efficiently or navigate the subway to your destination without ever appearing on screen.

Another idea is to have an ‘after-trip’ post.

Here you go over the good and the bad of your trip, sharing your experience about your time abroad.

Fitness and Workout Routines

Fitness and Workout Routines

Clear videos sharing workout routines make it easy for people to watch and follow along.

You could share video ideas showing how to perform different exercises correctly.

Pair these with motivational quotes, and you will have a recipe to inspire your audience.

To add value, provide updates on your progress.

Alternatively, highlight success stories from your followers.

And if you want to bring some personality to your channel without showing your face?

Consider creating content with other fitness trainers (who might be more open to showing their faces on screen).

This pairing is a great way to bring other expert advice to your content.

Fashion and Outfit Inspiration

Love posting stylish outfit ideas without ever showing faces?

Fashion is a great niche to consider getting into on Instagram.

After all, people are there to (first and foremost) learn about fashion.

In terms of content, there’s lots to share in the fashion niche:

  • Highlight seasonal trends
  • Share your outfit of the day
  • Speak about upcoming styles
  • Get into sustainable fashion
  • Discuss wardrobe essentials
  • And much more.

What’s important is that you let your unique style come through your posts.

While it is a faceless Instagram account, people will still want to connect with what makes your fashion choices yours.

You might not have to show your face but there are many other ways to infuse your personality and creativity into your content.

Art and Illustration Showcase

Paintings, sketches, and digital art… different art forms with the common goal of inspiring an audience.

On this type of account, creators can share their creative process and experiences over time.

They can also offer behind-the-scenes content to give followers a peek into the world of art-making.

This adds depth to their content and makes their channel unique.

These factors are crucial in building a long-term audience connection on a faceless Instagram channel.

If you’re considering this type of channel, know that people love to see the journey behind the artwork.

Incorporating personal stories goes a long way.

Moreover, having artist interviews as part of your content will add a unique touch.

During these interviews, don’t be afraid to explore their unique stories and highlight their various styles and techniques.

While this type of account might be harder to structure regarding faceless content, it’s not impossible to set up.

I suggest knowing what content types you’ll get into from the start.

Having a long-term content plan ensures your art account won’t run out of stream.

Motivational Quotes and Affirmations

Being a generalist in this niche will make it tough to stand out.

The solution?

Choosing a specific niche and going all in on it.

In other words, you can’t just motivate people to become their best selves.

There are so many other accounts out there doing this.

Instead, you want to choose a specific person to benefit from your content.

For example, this could be male golfers over 50.

It could be young adults trying to finish their education with the highest grades possible.

No matter your niche, you must also post consistently.

Posting daily or weekly affirmations ensures your account stays top of mind.

Also, encourage your followers to engage with your account by inviting them to share their favorite quotes.

Pet Adventures and Lifestyle

Pet Adventures and Lifestyle

The pet niche is a great one for faceless content.

After all, you won’t have to show your face – just that of your pet!

Imagine capturing their cutest and funniest moments as they explore different settings.

These moments are great for tugging at heartstrings, making them highly shareable.

You could also share footage of you creating content around pet care or even product recommendations.

These can both be valuable to your audience.

And that’s the key to content that keeps your followers returning for more.

You can also feature heartwarming stories of rescued or adopted animals.

By showcasing the transformation of these pets from their rough beginnings to happy homes, you’re not just creating engaging content but also promoting a meaningful cause.

These stories also go a long way in turning followers into long-term brand ambassadors.

Tech Gadgets and Reviews

Highlighting the latest tech gadgets and innovations is one way to capture a massive audience.

In a faceless content type of channel, you can offer detailed reviews and comparisons of popular devices.

The aim is to help your followers make informed choices.

If you’re knowledgeable, you can also share practical tips and hacks for using different technologies.

Over time, this will make your account a go-to resource for tech enthusiasts.

By focusing on this niche and creating faceless content, you can start the process of becoming an authority in the tech world – without ever showing your face.

Gardening and Plant Care

Lush gardens and vibrant indoor plants.

It’s not just eye candy. It’s also a haven for plant enthusiasts.

On this faceless account, you can share tips for plant care, including:

  • how to keep those pesky pests at bay
  • the best watering techniques for different species
  • How to grow healthy plants in the right seasons
  • And more.

Your followers will also appreciate advice on soil types, light conditions, and seasonal planting schedules.

Featuring unique and rare plant species will also set your account apart.

If you can show unusual plants, you’ll stand out even more.

For example, sharing exotic orchids or carnivorous plants will spark curiosity and engagement.

The best thing is that you don’t need a face to build a community around shared interests in gardening – your content will speak volumes on its own.

Sustainable Living and Eco Tips

Sustainable Living and Eco Tips

Sharing practical advice on living a more sustainable and eco-friendly life is always appreciated.

One way to do this is to highlight products and practices that help reduce waste.

Anything from the best reusable bags to compostable packaging and energy-saving gadgets can work.

You can also feature inspiring stories of individuals or communities making a significant difference in their environmental footprint on your account.

Taking on this approach educates your followers.

It also creates a sense of community around shared values.

Creative Writing and Poetry

Sharing your love for creative writing and poetry is the first step to success in this niche.

Posting writing prompts and challenges for your audience to participate in is the next level.

The more interactive you make your account, the more engagement you’ll get.

It will also be easier to feature guest writers who take some responsibility off you having to create content constantly.

This collaborative approach diversifies your content and expands your reach.

By tapping into the guest contributors’ audiences, you’ll provide various content (whether faceless or not) to make your account better with each post.

Faceless Instagram Account: A Guide to Success

Here’s the truth: creating a faceless Instagram account isn’t a walk in the park.

It’s not a passive process to success.

There are still many considerations to remember on the way to success.

Here are the main things to consider.

Finding Your Focus

To succeed with a faceless Instagram account, you must know your content focus.

This starts by knowing your niche.

Whether it’s minimalist fashion, graphic design, or travel photography, your content must appeal to a brand audience within a specific category.

Your hobbies and expertise can serve as the foundation for creating engaging content.

However, I also recommend seeing what’s available in your niche.

Doing this exercise will make finding any content gaps you can fill easier.

Take some time to analyze successful faceless accounts in your niche.

This exercise can offer valuable insights into what works well in terms of:

  • visual styles
  • content formats and
  • captions.

As you research, notice how these accounts maintain cohesion and clarity – without the need for faces.

Instead, these accounts usually rely on strong thematic elements and appealing aesthetics.

And that’s how you can find your unique selling proposition (or USP).

Your USP will become your secret weapon for standing out.

Whether it’s a distinct approach to minimalist fashion or a new angle on travel photography, your USP should distinguish you (and the value you add).

Content Beyond Photos

Don’t limit yourself to just posting pictures when you think of creating faceless Instagram content.

While pictures are great, you can do much more with your faceless account.

Firstly, illustrations and graphic designs can be incredible ways to tell stories.

You could create infographics that break down complex information into easily digestible pieces.

Not only are they visually appealing, but they also provide value to your followers.

Motivational posters can be another avenue you explore.

These posters can serve as daily pick-me-ups and infuse your account with positive vibes.

Then comes storytelling elements.

Blending illustrations with storytelling will add so much more to your posts.

They’ll make each one an experience – rather than just another piece of content.

You should also explore the various formats Instagram offers creators.

Whether reels, stories, notes, or posts, each format lets you connect deeper with your followers.

Also, consider that any type of video content adds another level to your content strategy.

Videos can also engage viewers much more deeply than a static image might.

Finally, think about curated vs created content.

Most creators love creating their own stuff.

Over time, this almost turns into another full-time job.

As such, curated content deserves a spotlight.

Reposting user-generated content related to your niche fills your feed with diverse material and makes building a community easier.

Always give proper credit when using other people’s content.

Doing so encourages more people to share their content with you.

Building a Community

Building a community without showing your face on Instagram might seem challenging.

And the truth is that it is.

However, you can do plenty of things to make it easier.

Responding to comments and messages is the first.

Engaging promptly with your audience builds connections and shows that you care about their input.

Take the time to reply to DMs and comment threads.

This encourages even more interaction with future posts.

You can also host polls and Q&A sessions to understand your audience’s preferences better.

Interactive activities allow your followers to share their thoughts and opinions.

They also give you valuable insights into what content resonates most.

Running contests and giveaways is another excellent strategy.

You can create excitement and interest around your account by offering niche-related prizes.

The key is maintaining a personal connection with your audience – even without a face to the name.


Creating a faceless Instagram account can be your ticket to going viral on Instagram.

From stunning nature photos to creative DIY projects, the above list will get you going in the right direction.

It’s time to choose the idea you like most and start creating content.

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