257+ Best YouTube Beauty Channel Name Ideas (2024 List)

257+ Best YouTube Beauty Channel Name Ideas (2024 List)

Ready to get in front of the lens and share your beauty knowledge? A great way to grow a community of beauty enthusiasts and monetize your content is to start a YouTube channel. But before you start, you’re going to need a memorable name for your beauty YouTube channel.

A good name lets potential viewers know what to expect from your videos and helps attract your target audience, so I’ve compiled a list of 257+ YouTube beauty channel name ideas to help you out.

Why listen to me? I’ve grown my YouTube channel to over 175,000 subscribers, and I work with a team of expert YouTube video editors, thumbnail designers, and scriptwriters—so I know a thing or two about creating a successful channel.

Stick around til the end, and I’ll share what I know about choosing the best channel name.

What Are The Best YouTube Beauty Channel Name Ideas?

Here are the best name ideas for a beauty YouTube channel, all sorted into popular niches to help you narrow down your options.

Makeup Tutorials

If a makeup YouTube channel with tutorials and how-tos is what you’re after, try one of these channel name ideas:

  • Brush And Blend Brigade
  • Allure Artistry
  • Lush Luminance Lessons
  • Divine Dazzle Tutorials
  • Palette Perfection
  • Blush And Bronze Channel
  • Pout Palette
  • Prismatic Palette Productions
  • Effortless Elegance Tutorials
  • Velvet Vogue Studio
  • Bold Brush Beauties
  • Blush And Blend Channel
  • Prism Palette Productions
  • Makeup Maven Studio
  • Glam Glow Guide
  • Glamor Gaze Tutorials
  • Enigma Enhance Channel
  • Palette Prowess Studio
  • Brush Magic Beauty
  • Cosmo Canvas Channel
  • Chic Cheek Beauty
  • Star Struck Studio
  • Radiant Revamp
  • Artistry Avenue Channel
  • Flawless Finish Studio
  • Allure Alchemy
  • Luxe Looks Lessons
  • Glow Up Guide
  • Glam Guru Tutorials
  • Beauty Canvas Tutorials
  • Glam Grid Tutorials
  • Beauty Burst Tutorials
  • Velvet Vanity
  • Luxe Lash Lessons
  • Enchant Essence Channel
  • Style Sculpt Studio
  • Glamorama Guides

Beauty Product Reviews

Try one of these YouTube channel name ideas to find viewers who are looking for reviews of beauty products:

  • Chic Charm Reviews
  • Radiant Reviewer
  • Cosmetic Critique Corner
  • Makeup Must-Haves Hub
  • Beauty Best Bets
  • Luxe Look Reviews
  • Beauty Style Roundup
  • Radiant Reviewer Roundup
  • Beauty Insight Reviews
  • Beauty Breakdown Boulevard
  • Luxe Lore Reviews
  • Glam Gaze Reviews
  • Beauty Bliss Breakdowns
  • Makeup Maven Mania
  • Glam Guru Evaluates
  • Beauty Finds Channel
  • Radiant Results Reviews
  • Chic Choice Reviews
  • Chic Cosmetics Critique
  • Trendy Beauty Trials
  • Glam Guru Gazette
  • Chic Critique Channel
  • Radiant Reviews Realm
  • Beauty Buzz Channel
  • Glamor Glance Reviews
  • Beauty Basics Breakdown
  • Beauty Buzz Bash
  • Makeup Mastery Reviews
  • Glamor Goods Reviews
  • Glamor Guide Guru
  • Beauty Beat Reviews

Beauty Challenges

Woman holds a powdered makeup container in one hand and a brush in another.

Host your beauty challenges channel using one of these memorable YouTube channel name ideas:

  • Radiance Revolution
  • Beauty Challenge Avenue
  • Quest for Glam
  • Makeup Challenge Madness
  • Rampage of Radiance
  • Chic Challenge Chronicle
  • Beauty Battle Brigade
  • Radiant Challenge Rally
  • Radiant Challenge Realm
  • Chic Challenge Quest
  • Mission: Makeover
  • Glamor Challenge Galore
  • Domain of Beauty
  • The Glamor Revolution
  • Boulevard of Beauty Challenges
  • Glam Guru Gambit
  • Weekly Makeup Challenges
  • Makeup Mission Mastery
  • Beauty Battles
  • Chic Challenge Corner
  • Beauty Dare Dynasty
  • Radiant Challenge Rendezvous
  • Makeup Mayhem Mania
  • Chic Challenge Circuit
  • Beauty Dare Diaries
  • Level-Up Beauty Challenges
  • Glamor Gauntlet
  • Make it Makeup
  • Radiant Challenge Runway
  • Beauty Battle Blitz

Skincare Routines

Contrast with makeup channels and makeup-related content with a skincare-focused channel under one of these YouTube channel names:

  • Complexion Care Corner
  • Dermatology Dialogue
  • Glow Skin Glamor
  • Glow Routine Gazette
  • Derm Diary Depot
  • Dermatology Diaries
  • Skincare Serenade
  • Radiant Regimen Retreat
  • Skin Solution Sanctuary
  • Radiance Retreat
  • Serene Skin Series
  • Derm Essentials Hub
  • Skin Serenity Sphere
  • Skin Bliss Boulevard
  • Skin Serenity Studio
  • Glow Guide Corner
  • Skin Secrets Studio
  • Skincare Sanctuary
  • Skincare Salon Studio
  • Radiant Rituals Channel
  • Derm Days
  • Skin Savor Studio
  • Guide to Glow
  • Creative Complexion
  • Skin Secret Society
  • Dermatology Domain
  • Complexion Care Chronicles
  • Skincare Spotlight Studio
  • Radiant Routine Realm
  • Luminescence Lounge
  • Glow Guru Guild
  • Dermatology Delight Den

Haircare Tutorials

Behind perspective of a woman's long, wavy hair.

For a beauty YouTube channel that’s all about hair, try one of these YouTube channel name ideas:

  • Chic Curls Chronicles
  • Regal Ringlets Realm
  • Alluring Locks Lounge
  • Silken Strands Studio
  • Tress Trendsetters TV
  • Afro Aura Allure
  • Natural Hair Nirvana
  • Vibrant Vitality Vault
  • Elegant Extensions Empire
  • Texture Tamer Tutorials
  • Mane Maintenance Mastery
  • Glamorous Growth Guide
  • Coif Care Chronicles
  • Silky Smooth Sanctuary
  • Crown of Curls Channel
  • Luscious Locks Lessons
  • Vibrant Volume Vault
  • Hair Haven Hub
  • Sleek Strands Studio
  • Mane Mastery
  • Sleek Style Studio
  • Stylish Strands Studio
  • Luminous Locks Lessons
  • Chic Coiffure Chronicles
  • Radiant Root Rituals
  • Divine Dazzle Haircare
  • Radiant Roots Realm
  • Glossy Glamor Guide
  • Mane Majesty Channel
  • Tress Transformation Tribe
  • Effortless Elegance Essentials
  • Mane Makeover Manor
  • Divine Curl Chronicles
  • Curl Care Corner
  • Luxe Locks Lounge
  • Glossy Tresses TV
  • Glossy Goddess Guide

Celebrity-Inspired Beauty

Your beauty YouTube channel name should inform your audience that you will focus on celebrity-inspired looks. Try one of these catchy names:

  • Glamor Guru Impersonations
  • Celebrity Style Simulations
  • Forging Fame Beauty Game
  • A-Lister Looks
  • Iconic Looks Imitation Lounge
  • Starlet Style Steals
  • Starlet Style Replication Studio
  • A-List Lookbook Lounge
  • Red Carpet Replicas
  • Star Style Reproductions
  • A-Lister Lookalike Lab
  • Celebrity Style Copycat
  • Iconic Inspiration Imitation
  • Fame Fashion Facsimile
  • Iconic Beauty Inspo
  • Red Carpet Reproductions
  • Red Carpet Recreations Realm
  • Hollywood Style Replicas
  • Runway Beauty Recreations
  • VIP Vogue Vault
  • Star Style Beauty Studio
  • Celeb Chic Copycat
  • Star Style Imitation
  • Clone a Celeb Beauty
  • VIP Vanity Vogue
  • Celeb Beauty Copycat Chronicles
  • Hollywood Beauty Dupes
  • A-Lister Beauty Mirror
  • Hollywood Beauty Biz
  • Celebrity Chic Clone Channel

DIY Beauty Recipes

Woman with serum dropper dropping oil on her arm. She sits at a table with a candle, flowers, and DIY beauty products.

If your beauty YouTube channel is for the DIYer, try one of these YouTube channel name ideas:

  • Whisk & Glow
  • Fresh Formulas Channel
  • Homemade Glow Channel
  • DIY BeautyElixir
  • Beauty Brewing Studio
  • DIY GlowUp Galore
  • Beauty Brew Recipes
  • Glow Craft Beauty Recipes
  • Beauty Potion HQ
  • Glam Garden Recipes
  • Whisked Beauty Channel
  • Pure Pamper Creations
  • Sparkle & Spruce DIY
  • Wholesome Whips Channel
  • Beauty Baker Studio
  • Beauty Boutique Recipes
  • DIY Radiance Recipes
  • Beauty Bloom Lab
  • Fresh Face DIY
  • Beauty Alchemy DIY
  • Natural Nectar DIY
  • Glowing Garden DIY
  • Beauty Harvest DIY
  • Sparkle & Sprout Beauty
  • DIY Beauty Lab
  • Crafty Cosmetic Corner
  • Serene Skin DIY
  • Radiant Remedies DIY
  • Purely Potion Beauty
  • Crafted Cosmetic Corner
  • Blissful Batches Beauty
  • Organic Orchard Beauty
  • Beauty Brews Channel
  • Beauty Bliss Boutique
  • Glow Up Creations
  • Beauty Mixology Hub
  • Luxe Lab DIY

Makeup Transformations

Showcasing makeup transformations on your channel? Use one of these memorable name ideas to let your audience know what to expect:

  • Beauty Canvas Studio
  • Glamor Revival
  • Beauty Transcend Studio
  • Cosmetic Metamorphose Studio
  • Divine Makeup Metamorphosis
  • Cosmetic Renaissance Studio
  • Glam Revamp
  • Beauty Evolution Hub
  • Beauty Transcendence Magic
  • Makeup Metamorph Magic
  • Mirage Magic Makeup
  • Glamor Fusion Studio
  • Artistry Beauty Space
  • Glamor Craft Beauty
  • Makeup Renaissance Magic
  • Beauty Morph Magic
  • Beauty Transformation Station
  • Beauty Revival Studio
  • Beauty Mirage Studio
  • Glam Goddess Makeovers
  • The Glamor Palette
  • Beauty Transcendence Hub
  • Makeup Metamorphosis
  • Transformation Glam Studio
  • Divine Beauty Transformations
  • Glamor Renovation Studio
  • Renaissance Makeup Studio
  • Glamor Evolution Hub
  • Beauty Morphology
  • Beauty Alchemy Lab
  • Transformational Beauty Lab

Tips for Creating a Catchy YouTube Name

You can always create your own channel name. Use some of the names on these lists as inspiration, or start from scratch; just keep these three things in mind as you go along:

Keep Your Name Short and Sweet

Long and complicated names are difficult to remember, and you want a memorable channel name. Shorter names stick in people’s brains better, making them easy to recall when they want to look you up again or share your channel with friends.

For example, “Miss Makeup Beauty Pro Tutorials” is a bit long. Something like “Miss Makeup” would be better for a makeup YouTube channel.

Use Words From Your YouTube Channel Niche

You want your name to signal to viewers what they can expect from your content. Keeping with the makeup YouTube channel example, Using words like “blush,” “makeup,” or “glow” can let potential members of your beauty community know what they’re gonna get.

Using words from your niche can also make you more searchable and more likely to pop up when viewers search for beauty channels.

Try Using Alliteration in Your Beauty Channel Name

Our brains like repeating sounds, so try incorporating alliteration into your YouTube channel name. Check out some of the following successful channels that use alliteration in their beauty YouTube channel names:

In the case of MannyMua, he also uses his actual name in his channel name. In my experience, this can be a great way to grow and establish your personal brand and gives you opportunities to pivot your niche without having to overhaul your YouTube channel name completely. If you’re comfortable with it, it’s worth considering.

YouTube Beauty Channel Names FAQ

minimalist photo of a serum bottle and dropper

Can I Change the Name of My YouTube Beauty Channel in the Future?

Yes, you can always change the name of your beauty channel if, for some reason, it stops working for you. YouTube lets you change your name 3 times every 90 days. However, I recommend only changing your name if it’s really, really necessary.

When you change your YouTube channel name, you risk making it harder for your community to find you, damaging your chances of showing up in search results, and confusing your audience.

What if the Name I Want for My Beauty Channel Is Already Taken?

It’s possible you’ve picked a name that is already taken, and there are a few things you can do about it. But first, here’s how to check if your name is already in use:

  • A Google search (“channel name” + YouTube)
  • A YouTube search of your name
  • Go to namecheckr.com and search for your name

If someone else is using the name you chose, try one of these:

  • Add a modifier (e.g., “HQ,” “Channel”)
  • Use abbreviations or acronyms
  • Incorporate your name
  • Explore synonyms or related terms
  • Reach out to the owner, if possible

How Can I Be Sure My Channel Name Reflects My Niche?

I recommend having your niche nailed down before you start looking for a name. It’s better to work your name around your niche than work your niche around a name you’ve already chosen.

Other steps you can take include:

  1. Researching keywords: Find keywords in your niche and make a list of them. Keep them near you while you look at name ideas, and if you can work them in easily, go for it. You probably found some beauty YouTube channel names on these lists that already have a keyword that fits your niche.
  2. Gathering feedback: When you have some YouTube channel name ideas, ask family and friends for feedback on that name. If you already have an online audience on other social media platforms, you could consider asking them for feedback as well.

What’s Next?

Ready to launch your beauty YouTube channel?

Here’s how to do it in 3 simple steps:

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