The 350+ BEST Happy Captions for Instagram (Simple & Short)

The 350+ BEST Happy Captions for Instagram (Simple & Short)

Let’s go back to 2010, the year Instagram started. Back then, people didn’t really consider what they wrote when posting pictures.

A few added emojis and hashtags, and that was it. After all, sharing pictures was a big deal, and everyone loved the “new” aspect of it. But guess what?

Things have changed a lot since then. Now, your captions are a big deal. They can show exactly what you’re feeling and thinking. More importantly, they allow others to engage with your posts by sharing their thoughts.

In this post, I’ll share my favorite happy captions for Instagram. I also share my best tips to help you craft unique captions to share your happiness with the world.

If you don’t know why you should listen to me, I’ve built an Instagram account with over 100,000 followers over the last few years. I’ve also assembled a team of content writers, video editors, and script writers who help with my content production.

I’ve gone through the trials and errors of what works on Instagram – so you don’t have to.

What Are The Best Happy Captions For Instagram?

Here are the best happy captions for Instagram sorted into different categories.

Joyful Moments

Living the happy moments to the fullest is important. Here are some happy life captions to show this:

  • Living in a state of gratitude and joy 🌟
  • Happiness blooms from within 🌸
  • Finding joy in the ordinary 🌈
  • Every moment is a fresh beginning 🌺
  • Cherishing these moments of pure bliss ☀️
  • Joy is contagious, let’s start an epidemic 😊
  • Soaking up the happiness rays 🌞
  • Life is short, smile while you still have teeth 😁
  • Dancing through life with joy in my heart 💃
  • Happiness is homemade 🏡
  • Collecting moments, not things 📸
  • Savoring the sweet side of life 🍭
  • Joy is a daily decision ✨
  • Breathe in joy, exhale happiness 🍃
  • Find joy in the journey 🚀
  • Radiating happiness everywhere I go 💫
  • Overflowing with happiness today 🌊
  • In my happy place 📍
  • Joyful heart, peaceful mind 🌿
  • Creating a life I love ❤️
  • Smiling on the inside and out 😄
  • Happiness is a warm puppy 🐶
  • Surrounded by nothing but happiness 🎈
  • Let your joy burst forth like flowers in the spring 🌹

Inspirational Quotes

Pure happiness and inspiration go hand in hand. After all, it’s tough to inspire others when you’re not happy. Here’s a list of quotes you can use in these situations:

  • Dream big, sparkle more, shine bright ✨
  • Choose happiness over everything 🚀
  • Be the reason someone smiles today 😊
  • Spread love as thick as you would Nutella 🍫
  • Happiness is not out there, it’s in you 🌈
  • The best is yet to come 🌟
  • Be you, the world will adjust 🌍
  • Positive vibes, positive life 🌺
  • Life is too short for bad vibes 🚫
  • Smile, breathe, and go slowly 🐢
  • Happiness is letting go of what you think your life is supposed to look like 🎈
  • Where there is love, there is life ❤️
  • You are enough just as you are 💖
  • Life does not have to be perfect to be wonderful 🌿
  • Do more things that make you forget to check your phone 🌊
  • Find beauty in the small things 🌸
  • Embrace the glorious mess that you are 🌀
  • Happiness is a journey, not a destination 🚲
  • Stay close to what keeps you feeling alive 🌺
  • Be the energy you want to attract 🪄
  • Life is short, make it sweet 🍬
  • Gratitude turns what we have into enough 🙏
  • Believe in the magic of new beginnings 🌅

Funny and Witty

Funny and Witty captions

If you consider yourself the person who brings their own sunshine to the party, why not go for some fun and witty captions with your posts?

  • I need a six-month holiday, twice a year. 🌴
  • I’m not lazy, I’m on energy-saving mode. 💡
  • Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. 😁
  • I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right. 🤷‍♂️
  • I put the ‘pro’ in procrastinate. 🏆
  • My bed is a magical place where I suddenly remember everything I forgot to do. 🛏️
  • I’m not weird, I’m a limited edition. 🎨
  • If I won the award for laziness, I would send someone to pick it up for me. 🏅
  • I’m not late; I’m just early for tomorrow. ⏰
  • I’m not a complete idiot, some parts are missing. 🧩
  • Exercise? I thought you said extra fries. 🍟
  • Relationship status: Netflix and ice cream. 🍦
  • I followed my heart, and it led me to the fridge. ❤️
  • Silence is golden. Duct tape is silver. 🤐
  • I’m great in bed; I can sleep for days. 😴
  • I don’t need a hair stylist, my pillow gives me a new hairstyle every morning. 💇‍♂️
  • I’m not short, I’m concentrated awesome. 💥
  • I don’t sweat—I sparkle. ✨
  • I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it. 🍔
  • I don’t make mistakes; I date them. 💔
  • I’m like a fine wine. I get better with age. The older I get, the better I like it. 🍷

Friendship and Love

Looking for short Instagram captions to show happiness through friendship and love? Here’s a list of captions to help:

  • Friends are the family we choose for ourselves. 👫
  • Love is being stupid together. 💑
  • Friends buy you food. Best friends eat your food. 🍕
  • You’re the peanut butter to my jelly. 🥜
  • Life is better with friends. 🤝
  • Love you to the moon and back. 🌙
  • Side by side or miles apart, real friends are always close to the heart. 💖
  • Together is my favorite place to be. 💕
  • Finding friends with the same mental disorder: priceless. 😂
  • You’re my lobster. 🦞
  • Real queens fix each other’s crowns. 👑
  • A good friend knows all your stories. A best friend helped you write them. ✍️
  • Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with the friends that turned into family. 🌅
  • You can’t do epic stuff with basic people. 🚀
  • Friends who slay together, stay together. ⚔️
  • We go together like cupcakes and frosting. 🧁
  • A true friend is one soul in two bodies. 👭
  • You’re the avocado to my toast. 🥑
  • Soulmates aren’t just lovers. 💞
  • Friendship is about finding people who are your kind of crazy. 😜
  • Every tall girl needs a short best friend. 📏
  • Friends make this world beautiful. 🌍
  • In the cookie of life, friends are the chocolate chips. 🍪
  • A best friend is someone who loves you when you forget to love yourself. 🌹

Travel and Adventure

Certain people love travel and adventure. These two things allow them to lead a life of freedom full of happiness. If that’s your case, here are the best captions to use on Instagram:

  • Adventure awaits, let’s find it 🌍
  • Wanderlust and city dust ✈️
  • Let’s find some beautiful place to get lost 🌲
  • Passport in hand, adventure in heart 🛂
  • Chasing sunsets around the globe 🌅
  • Eating my way through the world, one country at a time 🍴
  • Finding paradise wherever I go 🏝️
  • Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer 🌎
  • Life is short and the world is wide 🌐
  • Making memories in places I’ve never been 📸
  • Seek adventures that open your mind 🚀
  • Blessed to wander this beautiful planet 🙏
  • Exploring the unseen 🕵️‍♂️
  • Journey to the unknown, with a heart full of wonder ❤️
  • Roaming where the wifi is weak 📶
  • My favorite thing is to go where I’ve never been 🛤️
  • A bad day in Paris is still better than a good day anywhere else 🇫🇷
  • Keep calm and travel on ✌️
  • Ocean air, salty hair 🌊
  • Not all those who wander are lost 🧭
  • Travel far enough, you meet yourself 🔄
  • Escape the ordinary 🚀
  • Satisfying my wanderlust 🌍
  • To travel is to live 🌺
  • Finding beauty in the world’s corners 🌄

Nature and Outdoors

Nature and Outdoors caption

Next to travel and adventure, lots of people find endless happiness in nature. The open spaces, breaths of fresh air and green surroundings all help.

Here are the best captions to use in this situation:

  • Breathing in the beauty of the great outdoors 🌿
  • Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished 🌺
  • Lost in the forest, don’t find me 🌲
  • Let the mountains move you 🏔️
  • Under the open sky is where I belong 🌌
  • Sunset chaser and star gazer 🌅
  • Wild and free, just like the sea 🌊
  • Finding solace in the silence of the woods 🍂
  • The Earth has music for those who listen 🎶
  • Chasing waterfalls and wandering streams 💦
  • Embracing the great outdoors with open arms 🌬️
  • Let’s wander where the WiFi is weak and the connection is strong 📵
  • The mountains are calling, and I must go ⛰️
  • A walk in nature walks the soul back home 🏡
  • Sunshine and good feelings 🌞
  • Exploring the earth’s natural wonders 🌎
  • Mother Nature’s greatest hits 🍃
  • Adventure is out there, just beyond the tree line 🌳
  • Savoring the simple beauty of nature 🌼
  • Every sunset brings the promise of a new dawn 🌄
  • Life’s a climb, but the view is great 🌁
  • Breath of fresh air and freedom 🍃
  • Nature never goes out of style 🌾
  • Eco-friendly and proud, loving earth’s vibes 🌍

Check out this post for even more nature captions for Instagram.

Food and Drink

“Food, drinks, and true happiness”. Not a bad motto to follow in life. Here are some ideas to capture key moments involving food and drink:

  • Eating my way through happiness, one bite at a time 🍔
  • Life is short, eat dessert first 🍰
  • Brunch: one meal to rule them all 🍳
  • Sip, sip, hooray for coffee ☕
  • Taste the world in every bite 🌍
  • Pizza is my love language 🍕
  • First, we eat, then we do everything else 🍽️
  • Wine not? 🍷
  • Donut worry, be happy 🍩
  • Good food = good mood 🥗
  • Sweet dreams are made of cheese 🧀
  • Finding joy in every flavor 🍜
  • A balanced diet is a cookie in each hand 🍪
  • Eat well, travel often 🌮
  • There’s no we in fries 🍟
  • Life is too short for fake butter, cheese, or people 🧈
  • Cupcakes are muffins that believed in miracles 🧁
  • In pizza we crust 🙏
  • You had me at sushi 🍣
  • Stressed spelled backwards is desserts 🍨
  • Keep calm and curry on 🍛
  • Chocolate doesn’t ask silly questions, chocolate understands 🍫
  • Happiness is homemade 🏡

Pets and Animals

Pets are the gifts we (sometimes) don’t deserve. When sharing content with your pets, here are the captions that capture the pure joy animals bring in:

  • Just pawfect! 🐾
  • Wag more, bark less 🐶
  • Living my best life, thanks to my pet 🐱
  • Paws and reflect 🐾
  • Happiness is a warm puppy 🐕
  • The road to my heart is paved with pawprints 🐾
  • Fur-ever friends 🐰
  • Just watching the world go by with my furry friend 🌍
  • Life is better with a furry companion 🐹
  • Too cute to handle 🐥
  • Who needs a therapist when you have a pet? 🐠
  • My pet, my heart, my family 🐢
  • Every bunny needs somebunny sometimes 🐇
  • Whiskers on kittens are a few of my favorite things 🐱
  • Squad goals with my furry friends 🐶
  • Love is a four-legged word 🐾
  • Purrfect companions 🐾
  • Just me and my shadow, and it’s furry 🐕
  • Living the purr life 🐾
  • Puppy love is true love 🐶
  • Feathers, fur, or scales, love knows no boundaries 🦜
  • My therapist has whiskers 🐱
  • Home is where my pet is 🏡
  • Life’s ruff, get a dog 🐕
  • Adopted and adored 🐾

Fitness and Wellness

A happy soul is a fit soul. If that’s you, here’s how to show it in your Instagram caption:

  • Strong is the new beautiful 💪
  • Sweat now, shine later 🌟
  • Endorphins make me happy 😊
  • Fall in love with taking care of yourself 🍃
  • Wellness is not a luxury, it’s a necessity 🌿
  • Fitness is not about being better than someone else, it’s about being better than you used to be 🏋️‍♂️
  • Healthy mind, healthy body 🧠
  • Self-care is how you take your power back 🌈
  • Eat clean, train dirty 🍏
  • Sweating out my stress 💦
  • A little progress each day adds up to big results 📈
  • Be stronger than your excuses 🚫
  • Transforming energy into wellness 🌀
  • Balance is not something you find, it’s something you create 🧘
  • Peace begins with a smile 😊
  • Invest in your mind, invest in your health, invest in yourself 🌟
  • Fitness is like a relationship. You can’t cheat and expect it to work 💔
  • Your body can stand almost anything. It’s your mind that you have to convince 💭
  • Do something today that your future self will thank you for 🌱
  • Glowing from the inside out ✨
  • Healthy isn’t a goal, it’s a way of living 🌺
  • Remember why you started 🔥
  • Making peace with my body 🕊️
  • Mindfulness in motion 🏃‍♀️
  • Fueling my body, feeding my soul 🥑

Seasonal and Holidays

Seasonal and Holidays captions

Looking for candid happy captions to add as part of your Instagram posts during your holidays? Here are some ideas:

  • Sweater weather is better together ❄️
  • Falling in love with autumn leaves 🍂
  • Spring has sprung, and here we come 🌸
  • Summer vibes and tropical skies ☀️
  • Winter wonderland wanderer ❄️
  • Every bunny loves Easter 🐰
  • Thankful, grateful, blessed this Thanksgiving 🦃
  • ‘Tis the season to sparkle ✨
  • Jingle all the way into Christmas 🎄
  • New Year, new beginnings 🎆
  • Beach days and holiday rays 🌞
  • Spooky season has my heart 💀
  • Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow ☃️
  • Falling for you harder than autumn leaves 🍁
  • Wrapped up in Christmas cheer 🎁
  • Here comes the sun, and I say, it’s all right 🌅
  • Ghosts, goblins, and goodies on Halloween 🎃
  • Ringing in the New Year with sparkle and cheer 🍾
  • Season’s greetings and happy eatings 🍽️
  • Under the mistletoe magic 💏
  • Blooming into the beauty of spring 🌷
  • Counting down to Christmas with love and laughter 🕒
  • A summer fling is always a good idea 🏖️
  • Autumn shows us how beautiful it is to let things go 🌬️
  • Celebrating freedom this 4th of July

Self-Care and Relaxation

Loving yourself with the right self-care is important. It’s one of the surefire ways that leads to happiness. I say do it well and do it often. Here are the captions that capture these moments:

  • Taking time to do nothing often brings everything into perspective 🛀
  • Self-care is not selfish; it’s necessary 💖
  • Finding my zen in the chaos 🧘‍♂️
  • Relax, recharge, rejuvenate 🌟
  • Inhale confidence, exhale doubt 🍃
  • Sunday Funday is for self-care 🌞
  • A little bit of me time goes a long way 🕰️
  • Treat yo’self, because you deserve it 🍰
  • Finding beauty in the calm 🌅
  • Breathe in peace, breathe out love 💓
  • Soaking up the serenity 🛁
  • Nourishing my body and soul 🥗
  • Escape to a world of relaxation 🌎
  • Let your mind wander 🌈
  • Peace, love, and pampering 💆‍♀️
  • Calming my thoughts, healing my mind 🌬️
  • Creating a life I don’t need a vacation from 🏡
  • Self-love is the best love 💘
  • Relaxing with a good book is my therapy 📚
  • A quiet mind is able to hear intuition over fear 🌿
  • Turn your bath into a sanctuary 🛁
  • Unwind, untangle, unplug 🌀
  • Solitude is where I place my chaos to rest 🏞️
  • Let’s stay home and be cozy 🏠
  • Cultivating calm in a world of chaos 🌺

Success and Achievement

Success and Achievement captions

For some, hitting their goals means endless happiness. If that’s you, here are some captions to go along with your success:

  • Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it. 🌟
  • Success is a journey, not a destination 🛣️
  • Hustle in silence, let your success make the noise 📣
  • Setting goals and crushing them 💪
  • On the way to my next achievement 🏆
  • Making my dreams a reality 🌈
  • Goal getter and dream chaser 🚀
  • Success tastes sweeter after every struggle 🍭
  • Elevate your dreams, then reach them ✈️
  • Building my empire, one step at a time 👑
  • Turning my visions into reality 👓
  • The best view comes after the hardest climb 🏔️
  • Celebrating every victory, big or small 🎉
  • Overcoming obstacles and shining bright 🌞
  • Dream big, work hard, stay focused 🎯
  • Redefining success on my own terms 🔄
  • Achieved it, onto the next one 🔜
  • Grinding now, glory later 🌟
  • Victory tastes better when you’ve known defeat 🏁
  • Success is doing what you love and making it a career 🖋️
  • The fruit of my own hard work is the sweetest 🍇
  • Making history with my achievements 📚
  • From dreams to reality through persistence 🌱
  • Success: Because I dared to dream 🌈

Music and Dance

A grateful heart filled with music and dance can’t be unhappy for long. And that’s a great thing. Here are the captions to use when you feel this way about music and dance:

  • Life is short, make your dance moves longer 💃
  • Feel the music and let it guide you 🎶
  • Dancing is like dreaming with your feet 👣
  • Let the rhythm of the music be your guiding light 🌟
  • In the waves of change, we find our true direction in music 🌊
  • Music is the shorthand of emotion 🎵
  • Dance like nobody’s watching, love like you’ve never been hurt 🕺
  • Finding the melody in the chaos 🎼
  • When words fail, music speaks 🎧
  • Life’s a song, love’s the music 🎶
  • Elevate your soul with every beat 🔊
  • Music is my escape from the reality we live in 🚀
  • Let’s dance and forget the world for a while 💫
  • A day without music is like a year without rain 🌧️
  • Groove on the world’s stage 🌍
  • Music brings us together in ways words cannot 🤝
  • Dance to the beat of your dreams 💭
  • Every song ends, but is that any reason not to enjoy the music? 🎵
  • Sway to the rhythm of your heart ❤️
  • Turn up the music and turn down the drama 🎚️
  • Find your harmony in the music of life 🎹
  • Dancing through life’s storms 🌈
  • Sing like no one’s listening, dance like nobody’s watching 🎤
  • Let the music play on, and let your worries fade away 🎺

Fashion and Style

The right fashion sense makes even the cloudiest days better. Here’s to those who make themselves and their days better with the way they look and feel:

  • Dress like you’re already famous 👗
  • Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak 🕶️
  • Fashion fades, only style remains the same 👠
  • Life isn’t perfect, but your outfit can be 🌟
  • Make every outfit count ✨
  • Style is not a display of wealth but an expression of imagination 🎩
  • Fashion is art and you are the canvas 🖌️
  • Clothes aren’t going to change the world, the women who wear them will 🚺
  • Keep your heels, head, and standards high 👑
  • Fashion is the armor to survive the reality of everyday life 🛡️
  • Simplicity is the keynote of all true elegance 🌹
  • In a world full of trends, I want to remain a classic 🎼
  • Dress how you want to be addressed 📬
  • The joy of dressing is an art 🎨
  • Being well dressed is a beautiful form of politeness 👔
  • Fashion should be a form of escapism, not a form of imprisonment ⛓️
  • Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered 🌟
  • Fashion is like eating, you shouldn’t stick to the same menu 🍴
  • I don’t do fashion, I am fashion 🌈
  • You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it 👖
  • Forget the rules, if you like it, wear it 💍
  • Style is a reflection of your attitude and your personality 💡
  • Fashion is freedom to express yourself 🕊️
  • Wear it and own it like nobody else 🦚

Arts and Creativity

Arts and Creativity captions

Art and love have lots in common. They represent a person’s willingness to give to the world – sometimes without expecting anything in return. Here are the best captions to share this:

  • Art is where work meets love 💖
  • Creativity is intelligence having fun 🎨
  • The earth without art is just ‘eh’ 🌍
  • Painting is just another way of keeping a diary 📚
  • Art is not what you see, but what you make others see 👀
  • Creativity takes courage 🦁
  • An artist cannot fail; it is a success to be one 🌟
  • Art washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life 🚿
  • Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up 🎈
  • The purpose of art is washing the dust of daily life off our souls 🌊
  • Art speaks where words are unable to explain 🗣️
  • Creativity is the way I share my soul with the world 🌎
  • Art is not a thing; it is a way 🛤️
  • To be creative means to be in love with life 🌹
  • Art enables us to find ourselves and lose ourselves at the same time 🌀
  • The only time I feel alive is when I’m painting 🖌️
  • Creativity is contagious, pass it on 🔄
  • Art doesn’t have to be pretty. It has to be meaningful ⚡
  • Life imitates art far more than art imitates Life 🖼️
  • Art is the stored honey of the human soul 🍯
  • Without art, the crudeness of reality would make the world unbearable 🌎
  • The principle of true art is not to portray, but to evoke 🌌
  • Art is the only way to run away without leaving home 🏡

Throwback and Memories

If you want to travel back to a happier time, here are the top captions to take you there:

  • Take me back to those good old days again ⏳
  • Memories are timeless treasures of the heart 💎
  • Throwback to times when we were wild and free 🌾
  • Remembering the days that felt like magic ✨
  • Some moments are gold, glad we captured this one 📸
  • Back when everything seemed simpler and sunshine brighter ☀️
  • Those were the days my friend, we thought they’d never end 🎶
  • Keeping the memories alive, one photo at a time 🖼️
  • Old days, good times, I remember 🍃
  • The best thing about memories is making them 🌟
  • A throwback to better times and even better memories 🔄
  • Let’s do a time warp again 🔙
  • Forever cherishing these moments in my heart ❤️
  • Because every picture tells a story 📖
  • Here’s to the nights that turned into mornings with friends that turned into family 🌅
  • Oh, the memories we make… for tomorrow 🌈
  • Days like these lead to nights like this 🌜
  • Time flies, but memories last forever ⏰
  • Throwing it back to the best of times 🎉
  • A look back at the days of laughter and life 🎭
  • Because sometimes you just need to hit pause and reminisce 🛑
  • Capturing moments before they slip away 🍂
  • These memories will last a lot longer than the footprints in the sand 🏖️
  • Remember when we were young and fearless? 💭

Tips For Crafting Happy Captions For Instagram

The above captions are great. You can use them on various Instagram posts, and they’ll help you share your message, engage with your followers, and grow your account.

The problem is everyone can copy and paste them on their profile. There’s nothing personal about them.

And while I wish I could give you complete captions created just for you, that’s impossible to do.

The good news is that it only takes a few moments of thought for you to come up with something unique. If you want to craft the best happy captions for yourself, here are the best tips to create captions that no one can copy.

Create Captions Only You Can Create

Here’s the secret to standing out from the crowd. Spend a few minutes thinking of any happy thoughts, memories, or jokes that come up in any situation you’re in.

You could also ask yourself these questions:

  • What’s special about that memory?
  • What has made me happy today?
  • What am I grateful for?
  • What’s the funniest thing I’ve come across this week?

Note any answers that come up and combine them with your choice of captions from the above list.

Use These Prompts To Get Going

If the above doesn’t stir up any specific captions, here’s another helpful exercise you can do anytime – not just when creating happy Instagram captions.

When you do, it will help you become focused on the present and put your thoughts into words.

The exercise? Open up the picture (or video) you’re about to post on Instagram and continue these sentences:

  • In this picture, I feel like a ray of sunshine because…
  • This picture screams…
  • Would you believe that…
  • Just a reminder that…
  • When I look at this photo, I can’t help but smile because…

If you often get caught up in the busy moments, these little thoughts can make you happier.

This makes it easier to create Instagram captions that reflect your thoughts – and that is where genuine authenticity shines through.

Look For Inspiration

I think you’ll agree that there’s lots of content online. Looking for reasons that make others happy can be a great way to find your own caption inspiration.

Whether on Instagram (you can use specific hashtags to search or even browse through your friends’ profiles) or on the internet (through a quick Google search), there’s lots that can inspire you.

You can even switch on your favorite music player (think Spotify or iTunes) and listen to a song that makes you happy.

If you keep your eyes (or ears) open, there’s inspiration all around.

Combine Happy Captions

You don’t have to settle for just one caption from the above list. You can combine multiple ones to create an even better version that’s more you.

For example, if your picture deals with enjoying the little things, why not also mention an idea about gratitude? Your caption might then end up saying, “Life is about finding joy in the simplest moments and being grateful for every one of them.”

Not a bad caption.

Using Emojis And Quotes

Creating happy captions for Instagram and using emojis go hand in hand.

Just be careful not to make these common mistakes:

  • Not keeping the emojis relevant: Your chosen emojis must relate to your post’s topic. There’s no point in having lots of emojis if they don’t add anything to the context of the picture.
  • Use too many emojis: Generally, a few accurate emojis are better than lots of irrelevant ones. If an emoji doesn’t serve a specific purpose, remove it.


The best happy captions for Instagram are authentic and genuine. The great news is that the above list can get you well on your way.

Then, add your twist to the chosen captions and you’ll have a unique and personal caption that will make your followers smile.

And in a world where negativity seems to capture all the news, that is never a bad thing.

Further reading on If you want more Instagram caption ideas that go along with happy ones, you might like this list of friends’ captions or smile captions. Combining these posts’ ideas will help you find the best ones for your specific needs.

Moreover, you can also check out these Instagram captions for boys and girls if you’re after a more specific theme.

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