Striking a Chord With Music Affiliate Programs (2023)

<strong>Striking a Chord With Music Affiliate Programs (2023)</strong>

Are you a music enthusiast looking to make money?

If so, affiliate programs within the music industry may be the thing for you.

Music affiliate programs allow you to monetize your passion and share it with others while earning commissions.

With these programs, you can earn money by promoting digital products such as streaming services, online courses, or even physical products like instruments or audio equipment from major retailers.

In this article, I go through some of the best music affiliate programs available and show you how to get started with the right promotions.

The Best Music Affiliate Programs

Here are some of the top music affiliate programs that you can join.

1. Guitar Center.


Guitar Center offers comprehensive audio lessons for musicians of all levels.

As one of the largest music retailers in the world, Guitar Center is also known for offering some of the best affiliate programs in the industry.

The Guitar Center Affiliate Program is America’s most prominent music retail chain, boasting a catalog of over 40,000 products.

The company adds new items to its directory every week; some are exclusive to its online store.

Commission Junction, a leading affiliate marketing platform, runs the Guitar Center Affiliate Program.

Once you sign up for the program, you can access exclusive promotions and offers to share with your audience.

As an affiliate, you can earn a 6% commission on every sale made through your unique affiliate link.

The 7-day EPC (Earnings per Click) in the Guitar Center Affiliate Program is $16.90, a significant income opportunity for music affiliates.

Guitar Center’s catalog includes various products, from guitars to drums, recording gear to DJ equipment.

This diverse range of merchandise allows affiliates to target music niches from beginner to professional levels.

Guitar Center also emphasizes value to the customer by offering competitive prices, easy financing options, and a quality customer service experience.

One significant advantage of joining the Guitar Center Affiliate Program is that the cookie duration is 14 days.

If a visitor clicks on your affiliate link to Guitar Center and does not make a purchase immediately but completes one within 14 days, you are still eligible for a commission.

Additionally, affiliates can access exclusive offers and promotions that help boost sales and maximize earnings.

2. Gear4Music.


Gear4Music, one of the UK’s top music retailers, offers a fantastic affiliate program that allows you to earn a commission by promoting their products on your blog, social media accounts, or website.

With numerous benefits and multiple options for signing up, becoming a Gear4Music affiliate is an excellent way to turn your passion for music into a lucrative business.

With over 50,000 products available from over 800 renowned manufacturers, including Yamaha, Roland, Korg, Fender, and Gibson, Gear4Music is a one-stop shop for music enthusiasts.

The retailer offers everything from guitars, drums, pianos, and other stringed instruments to studio equipment, DJ gear, and audiovisual products.

As an affiliate of Gear4Music, you can promote these products to your followers and earn a commission on every sale generated through your referral links.

Gear4Music has an outstanding affiliate program that offers a commission rate from 3.5% per sale on big-name products to 5% on Gear4Music-branded instruments and equipment.

Gear4Music has partnered with the leading affiliate networks to simplify the signup process for affiliates.

You can sign up through Awin, TradeDoubler, and Affiliate Future to choose the network that suits you best.

One of the best things about becoming a Gear4Music affiliate is the support from the dedicated affiliate management team.

The team is available to answer any queries, provide you with advertising collateral, and offer suggestions for optimizing your marketing efforts.

3. Singing Machine.


Singing Machine is a leading brand in the karaoke market.

With a vast selection of products, each with its unique features, the company has endeared itself to music lovers worldwide.

The Singing Machine affiliate program allows you to earn commissions through your unique referral link.

Promoting the products in your network could earn up to 6% commission for every sale made within 30 days of referral.

The company provides all the marketing materials like banners, links, and product descriptions to help you start your promotions step-by-step.

Affiliate marketers can promote Singing Machine’s wide range of products, which includes karaoke machines, microphones, and accessories, through their music blog, potentially reaching a wider audience and driving more sales.

Singing Machine’s affiliate program also includes a commission on sheet music sales, which can increase earning potential for affiliate marketers in the music niche.

With Singing Machine’s focus on providing high-quality and innovative products for aspiring musicians and vocalists, their music affiliate program presents a valuable opportunity for those looking to monetize their passion for music and gain a foothold in the competitive music market.

4. Prime Loops.


Prime Loops is a music sample library that offers a world-class collection of audio samples and presets across an impressive range of genres – from Hip Hop, Trap, and Grime to Reggaeton, Pop, and House.

The platform has everything a music producer needs to create and produce great music.

You can find high-quality drum kits, sound effects, vocal samples, MIDI files, and much more at Prime Loops.

Affiliate marketers can earn commissions by promoting Prime Loops’ high-quality audio and music production products, which have an excellent conversion rate among music producers and DJs.

Music creators can earn a 20% commission on every sale, making it a high commission affiliate program to consider.

Another significant advantage of the Prime Loops affiliate program is the quick and achievable payment threshold.

The platform pays its affiliates once they hit a minimum payout of £100 per quarter via PayPal.

You do not have to wait months to receive your hard-earned commission.

No other luxury music affiliate programs offer such a swift payout structure.

5. Musician’s Friend.

musiciansfriend homepage

Musician’s Friend has over 85,000 products; they offer brand-new and pre-owned guitars, keyboards, drums, and amps.

Plus, with their unbeatable rewards program that includes 8% back in bonuses every time you make a purchase, free ground shipping, and VIP phone line access, you won’t find a better shopping experience elsewhere.

And, with their two-year warranty guarantee, your investment is safe no matter what.

With Musician’s Friend’s affiliate program, you can earn commission on instant downloads of music gear and instruments.

Additionally, the program benefits music teachers who recommend products to students, and there is a focus on promoting online music sales to increase earning potential.

So why not become part of this growing community today, and sign up for their Affiliate Program, which offers 4% commission per sale, along with 14-day cookie windows to ensure that those discounts stick around too?

6. Sweetwater.


As the US’s largest online music gear and pro audio equipment retailer, Sweetwater allows affiliates to earn decent commission rates of up to $0.07 per click.

Sweetwater offers a variety of digital music products through its affiliate program.

One of the program’s top earners is Fender Play, a popular online guitar lesson service.

Affiliates can earn competitive payouts of up to 10% commission on sales generated through their unique links.

However, before promoting this lucrative offer, you must ensure your audience aligns with Sweetwater’s customer persona.

Sweetwater’s affiliate program is a partnership program designed to give bloggers and music websites a chance to earn a commission by promoting Sweetwater’s products.

You can earn through different methods, including per-click, per-sale, and ad impressions.

When you sign up, you’ll get a unique referral code, which you can use to promote Sweetwater’s products, services, and events.

7. Audimute.


Audimute is famous for its high-quality sound-absorbing panels and acoustic barriers that minimize echoes and reduce the noise that bounces off hard surfaces.

Their products include sound panels that one can hang on walls or place on the floor and sound-absorbing blankets that one can drape over equipment or doors.

These solutions improve the acoustic environment of any space, whether it’s a recording studio, home theater, or office.

There are numerous benefits to using Audimute’s acoustic solutions, including improving sound quality, reducing noise, and increasing privacy.

Whether you’re a musician looking to produce high-quality recordings or a music business owner seeking a more peaceful workspace, Audimute’s products can help you achieve the desired result.

Not only do they provide excellent acoustic solutions, but they also offer eco-friendly options.

Their recycled materials offer acoustic solutions made from sustainable materials like bamboo and cork.

Joining their ShareASale program is easy.

As an affiliate, you can earn up to 5% commission on every sale you generate using your unique referral link.

With average order values over $200, there’s potential to earn a significant income.

Additionally, Audimute offers fast and reliable payment methods, such as direct deposit, making it easier for you to receive your commission.

8. Fiddlershop.


Fiddlershop boasts an extensive collection of instruments and accessories that cater to everyone, from beginners to professional musicians.

Moreover, their affiliate program can also help you earn while doing something you love.

Fiddlershop has a vast collection of high-quality musical instruments, including violins, violas, cellos, and double basses.

These instruments are available at a wide range of prices, so you can find something that fits your budget.

Professional luthiers set up all their instruments, so you can be confident that you’re getting an instrument ready to play.

Moreover, their instruments come with a one-year warranty; you can opt for an extended one.

With Fiddlershop, you’re assured that you’re getting an instrument worth every penny.

Apart from high-quality musical instruments, Fiddlershop also boasts an extensive collection of accessories and kits.

From bows and cases to rosin and strings, they have everything you need to maintain your instrument.

If you want to upgrade your instrument, Fiddlershop offers sound post adjustment, nut shaping, and bridge fitting services.

They even have a collection of electric violin accessories, including pickups and wireless systems.

If you’re looking for a one-stop shop for all your musical instrument needs, Fiddlershop is your solution.

If you’re passionate about music and have an excellent online presence, you can earn through Fiddlershop’s affiliate program.

Fiddlershop offers a 5% commission per sale, which is impressive, given that their instruments’ prices range from budget-friendly to $15K+.

They also offer custom commission rates for affiliates who perform well.

To top it off, they have a 7-day cookie duration, meaning if someone purchases an instrument within seven days of clicking on your link, you’ll earn a commission.

With Fiddlershop’s affiliate program, you can earn while promoting something you believe in.

9. Singorama.


Do you have a passion for singing and songwriting but need help finding the tools to achieve your full vocal potential?

Enter Singorama, the premier online platform for singers and songwriters.

With downloadable products like DVDs, tutorials, and exercises, Singorama provides everything you need to enhance your singing skills from home.

And the best part? Becoming an affiliate member can earn you a commission on every sale made through your unique referral link.

Singorama offers a comprehensive suite of products to help singers and songwriters of all skill levels unlock their full potential.

Their flagship product, Singorama 2.0, is a complete vocal training system that covers everything from the basics of singing to more advanced techniques like harmonizing and stage performance.

The system has various resources, such as lesson books, audio exercises, and interactive software to help you progress quickly and efficiently.

Singorama also offers targeted training modules like Perfect Your Pitch Pro and Singorama’s Mini Recording Studio, which allow you to fine-tune specific areas of your singing or songwriting skills.

With Singorama, you can access everything you need to succeed as a musician.

10. MasterClass.

masterclass homepage

MasterClass is an online platform that offers unlimited access to an incredible catalog of classes.

Legendary artists and celebrities like Tom Morello, Alicia Keys, and Hans Zimmer teach these classes.

The platform revolutionizes learning by providing an exclusive opportunity for music lovers to learn from the best of the best in the industry.

MasterClass’ music courses cover various genres, including classical music, jazz, and pop.

The courses help you hone your skills as a musician and learn from the experts in the industry.

Members can access lessons ranging from vocal performance to music composition with just one subscription.

What’s more, game legends like Christina Aguilera, Usher, and Reba McEntire teach these courses.

The video lessons are in-depth, and the instructors provide rare insights into their creative processes and techniques.

MasterClass affiliate program is an excellent opportunity for music enthusiasts to access premium online music education.

With MasterClass’s music education, aspiring musicians can learn from some of the most celebrated maestros of our time.

11. Pianoforall.


Pianoforall offers a comprehensive guide to teaching people how to play the piano, keyboard, and other instruments online.

With comprehensive eBooks, videos, and DVDs, you can quickly unlock the mysteries of piano and keyboard skills.

As an affiliate, you can earn a generous 60% commission rate on every sale made through your referral.

Additionally, Pianoforall has a 90 days cookie period, giving you more time to earn a commission on sales.

This affiliate program is perfect for music bloggers, vloggers, social media influencers, and anyone seeking extra cash.

To generate more sales for Pianoforall, you must market the program to music enthusiasts who want to learn to play the piano, keyboard, or other instruments.

You can target your audience through social media platforms, music forums, blogging, or vlogging about their program reviews.

The paid advertising campaign can boost your sales if you’re serious about affiliate marketing.

Other music affiliate programs include Sam Ash, Amazon Associates, zZounds, Apple Music, iTunes, Spotify Stars and Thalia.

You can also check out affiliate programs like Clickbank and Refersion for various music affiliate programs.

How Music Affiliates Can Earn Big Through Premium Products and Niches

Are you passionate about music and interested in earning some money on the side?

Do you have a website or a solid social media following?

As a music affiliate, you can leverage your audience to promote music-related products and earn commissions on each sale.

From high-end instruments to specialized sample packs, there are various ways to monetize your passion for music.

The music industry offers many high-ticket items that affiliates can promote through affiliate marketing.

Some of the most lucrative products include premium instruments, studio equipment, and audio editing software.

While the commission levels may not be as high as in other industries, such as fashion or technology, the sales volume can make up for it.

Additionally, by promoting high-ticket items, you can establish your authority as a trusted affiliate and earn the trust of your audience.

Apart from the broader music market, there are also niches within the niche that affiliates can tap into.

For instance, you can promote specialized audio samples to music producers or offer tutorials on music production techniques.

By focusing on specific niches, you can cater to a more targeted audience and stand out in a crowded market.

Moreover, by providing value through informative content or exclusive deals, you can establish a loyal following of music enthusiasts who trust your recommendations.

Wrap Up.

Affiliate marketing and ecommerce can be a great way to monetize your passion for music and earn extra income.

By focusing on premium products and niche markets, you can maximize your earning potential and establish yourself as an authority in the music industry.

The above music affiliate programs are just a few ways to earn money online.

To ensure success, invest in developing your website and creating content that resonates with your audience.

Doing so will help you build a loyal base of customers who trust and value your recommendations.

With the right strategies, you can create a thriving affiliate business in the music industry.

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