30 YouTube Banner Ideas and Design Examples (2024)

30 YouTube Banner Ideas and Design Examples (2024)

Video content isn’t the first thing people see on your YouTube channel – your banner is.

The right banner can greatly influence how long people stay on your channel and whether they return for more.

Content creators who don’t focus on their banners are really missing out.

But what goes into creating the right banner for your channel?

With over 180,000 subscribers on my YouTube channel, I know what makes up a great YouTube banner.

In this article, I’ll share several YouTube banner ideas (and multiple examples) to help you build the right one.

What Are the Best YouTube Banner Ideas?

Here are the best YouTube banner ideas for your video channel.

1. Minimalist Design

Often, a simple YouTube banner design “speaks” much louder than a complex one.

A minimalist design ensures no confusion and makes it easier for viewers to focus on the main message.

If you’re going with this type of design, choose a simple, bold text for the channel name. Your banner should be in one or two solid colors.

Minimalist Design

2. Vibrant Pop Art

This is the opposite of the minimalist design banner.

A vibrant pop art YouTube channel art is about bright, contrasting colors that pop on screen.

You can also use comic style strip elements for this banner. Alternatively, go for speech bubbles but make sure people can read the content.

Vibrant Pop Art

3. Cinematic Landscape

Looking at this banner feels like watching a movie.

It could include wide shots of mountains, forests, and other natural landscapes.

Any text you include should take center stage on the banner, but it shouldn’t distract from the background image.

You can also go for cinematic color grading that adds to the “movie-like” ambiance.

Cinematic Landscape

4. Retro 80s Neon

Going back to the 80s means using lots of neon outlines and glow. This combination produces cool YouTube banners.

The fonts (and any optional icons you use) are very bold.

Also, consider using (real or imaginary) grids in this type of banner to make every lineup.

Retro 80s Neon

5. High-Tech Futuristic

This one states “welcome to the future”.

Ideal for tech channels where the industry evolves at a quick page.

Use modern, sans-serif fonts to bring out the futuristic aspect. You can also use sci-fi based images to make the banner more effective.

High-Tech Futuristic

6. Travel Montage

Want to share your adventures with the world? A travel YouTube channel is great for this – and deserves a noteworthy banner.

You can put a collage of your travel pictures. This collage forms a postcard type of banner.

You could also use cultural symbols or icons to share your sense of adventure.

This banner should scream “adventure” at first sight.

Travel Montage

7. Urban Street Art

Graffiti and urban landscapes go hand in hand.

Use bold, stencil-style fonts and vibrant, eye-catching colors for this banner.

Make people feel they’re walking down a colorful street as soon as they see this banner.

Urban Street Art

8. Gamer’s Haven

Have a YouTube channel based around gaming?

Pixel art and custom game fonts should be the main focus of your banner.

Using a digital, techy font puts people straight into gameplay mode. It also lets them feel like they are part of a gaming community.

9. Fitness Motivation

This type of channel focuses on inspiring people to be their best fitness selves.

Use action shots of workouts or sports events in your banner. These shots bring out the passion athletes go through.

You can also use bold, motivational quotes to add to the banner’s effect.

Fitness Motivation

10. Cute and Whimsical

Take a pastel color palette and add a touch of cartoonish illustrations to create this type of banner.

Include a few fantasy elements or even animals to add some variety.

Top it off with rounded fonts and you end up with a cute, whimsical YouTube banner.

Cute and Whimsical

11. Elegant Floral Patterns

When you want to show a touch of elegance, detailed floral banners will do the trick.

Make sure to use script fonts to bring out the effect.

You should also use soft color backgrounds to enhance this type of banner’s effect.

Elegant Floral Patterns

12. Food Lover’s Dream

If you have a food-based YouTube channel, you deserve a banner complimenting your content.

There’s one key here. Use high quality images of the ingredients or completed dishes.

Anything else will take away from the banner’s effect.

Also, casual fonts work best in this situation.

Food Lover’s Dream

13. Music Vibes

Images of vinyl records, instruments, or sound waves work well with this banner.

Musical notes, concert crowds, and album covers can also add to this banner’s effectiveness.

Finally, consider expressive fonts that use bold and dynamic letters.

Music Vibes

14. Underwater Serenity

Underwater beauty can be challenging to capture in a banner. However, using blue and green color tones goes a long way.

You can include images of marine life to add to the overall effect.

Ensure any text you add is clear and legible. You don’t want people to strain when reading the text against a busy background.

Underwater Serenity

15. Astrophotography

Inspired by the stars, planets, and galaxies around us?

Use a background that shows the deep space and modern fonts to bring out the beauty of astrophotography.


16. Vintage Film Look

A classic vintage YouTube channel deserves a high-quality banner that sets the tone.

I’d include film reels and camera icons as part of the banner.

I would also use vintage-style fonts to make the banner feel more authentic.

Vintage Film Look

17. Animal Kingdom

A channel that dives deep into the animal kingdom should indeed have photos of exotic animals.

Showing these animals in their natural habits will add to the educational aspect of the channel.

Use bold, clear fonts in this type of channel banner to make it clear what your content is about.

Animal Kingdom

18. Abstract Geometric

How do you create a banner for a YouTube channel dealing with the abstract?

Use overlapping shapes and lines to come up with a unique design. Also, don’t be afraid to use bright contrasting colors. If you’re using fonts, go with a minimalist style.

Abstract Geometric

19. Seasonal Themes

From snowflakes to leaves, a channel based on seasons deserves a fresh-looking banner.

You could combine different color schemes to suit the different seasons or update your banner based on the season you are in.

In terms of fonts, there’s a lot you can do. Consider festive fonts and colors for the winter. Then use brighter, more playful fonts for the summer.

Seasonal Themes

20. Fashion Forward

For a channel based on fashion-forward news, trendy outfits and accessories must be part of the banner.

Use a clean stylish backdrop to bring out the image subjects.

Go for big, bold, fashionable fonts to help share your channel’s name.

Fashion Forward

21. DIY and Crafting

What better way to share your DIY crafting channel than showing images of the appropriate tools?

No matter if you’re into:

  • sewing
  • knitting or
  • painting

…showing your workbench and your tools will clarify what your video content is about.

DIY and Crafting

22. Beauty and Glam

Sharing glamorous makeup and skincare products? Teaching others how to achieve the perfect makeup look?

Use stylish and decorative fonts to showcase your beauty channel.

You can also include sparkling backgrounds that add a touch of glamor.

Beauty and Glam

23. Sports Arena

A sports arena type of banner brings dynamic action to its viewers’ screen.

You can include various sports images as part of your banner.

Then, use bold athletics fonts to capture your audience’s attention. Also, include high-quality images or videos of athletes in action.

Sports Arena

24. Professional Corporate

The aim of this banner is to show a corporate logo and branding. You should include high-resolution photos of your target audience.

Alternatively, you could go for cityscape backgrounds with a modern and professional look.

Going for professional clean fonts adds to the effectiveness of this banner.

Professional Corporate

25. Cultural Tribute

Whether it’s about traditional patterns, art, or clothing, this banner symbolizes the cultural heritage of your chosen topic.

Some cultures also have their ways of writing.

Some use intricate calligraphy while others have a unique alphabet.

You should include these in your banner if applicable.

Cultural Tribute

26. Nature Lover’s Escape

Want to help people escape the daily chaos of their lives?

Use scenic natural environments as part of your banner to bring out inner (and outer) peace.

From wildlife to organic, your banner will set the tone for the rest of your channel content.

Nature Lover’s Escape

27. Book Lover’s Nook

I recently heard of a “silent reading party”. It sounded interesting so I decided to go.

It was two hours of people reading together in silence. If people wanted to order a drink, they wrote a note and passed it to the waiter – all without making a noise.

Pretty interesting concept.

Which brings me to this type of banner. Use images of bookshelves or reading nooks in your design.

Then using classic readable fonts, you’ll be able to share the right emotions with your viewers.

Book Lover’s Nook

28. Photography Showcase

Camera equipment, reviews, tools, photo editing tools. The list goes on.

All of this can be used within your banner. You can take a more generalized approach, like the example below.

Alternatively, you can go deeper into a specific photography-style banner.

There is no right or wrong way to approach this banner as long as it’s congruent with your video content.

Photography Showcase

29. Personal Branding


  • a portrait of the person
  • their logo and
  • their signature.

These elements are important when building a personal branding channel.

Also, consider brand colors and a style that’s consistent with any other marketing materials you might.

All these elements come together to create a great banner for a personal brand.

Personal Branding

30. Interactive Style

This type of banner focuses on the openness of the YouTube channel towards user input.

Being an interactive channel, use bright, inviting colors on your banner.

Also, go for clear and super legible fonts in your banner design.

Interactive Style

Creating the Perfect YouTube Banner

Having the best banner ideas is great. Putting them into practice is what matters.

Before starting the creation process, let’s discuss what makes the perfect YouTube banner.

Technical Specifications

In terms of dimensions, the YouTube banner size recommendation is 2560 x 1440 pixels.

Sticking to this YouTube banner dimension results in a great banner on all devices.

You should also use high-resolution images in your banners.

The sharper the images, the better the result.

Be Consistent

Your banner is one thing in a list of brand identity features.

Ensure it follows the same color scheme as other brand assets you have.

It should instantly be recognizable as part of your brand.

The same colors should be in all your videos, thumbnails, intros, and outros.

Other brand assets on your website, marketing materials, etc, should all follow the same guidelines.

This logic also applies to your font choices.

Don’t choose a specific font for your banner and a completely different one for your marketing material.

Finally, if you have a logo (check out this article on the good and bad of AI logos), place it on your banner.

Readable Text

Going for text on your YouTube banner image? Keep it short and sweet.

Make sure people can read the text on any device without zooming in or looking twice.

Your text should also contrast with your background to ensure it’s easily readable.

Call to Action (CTA)

Can you provide a call to action in your banner?

Tell your viewers what you want them to do. How can they find out more about your business?

YouTube banners are an excellent opportunity to advertise the “next step” people should take.

This is an example from my YouTube banner.

adamenfroy youtube channel banner

Here, I ask people to check out my free blogging masterclass.

Updating Your Banner

It might make sense to update your banner when special events are coming up.

Say you reached a special milestone (for example, 100,000 subscribers) or have a launch in the next few weeks.

Your YouTube banner can provide your customers with additional business context.

Having YouTube banner templates, you can easily update is important. You don’t want to start from scratch each time.

Also, your channel will always be fresh and relevant with a good YouTube banner template.


Designing the right banner isn’t just about being an artist.

It’s about grabbing your audience’s attention and keeping people coming back for more.

Use the above ideas and banner designs to inspire you and make your channel stand out.

Spending some time to see what works for you will pay off in the long run.

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