15 Best Cooking YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Best Cooking YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you love cooking delicious meals AND don’t follow the best YouTube cooking channels, you’re missing out!

These channels are ideal whether you’re just starting your cooking journey or want to improve your skills.

They’ll cover everything from the day-to-day to the fancy dishes that will impress your friends and family.

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What Are the Best YouTube Cooking Channels?

Here are the best cooking channels on YouTube.


Hosted by Chef John, foodwishes is a popular YouTube cooking channel with over 4.5 million subscribers.

The channel features fun, easy-to-follow recipes to improve your cooking skills.

Recent content includes recipe videos for:

  • Peanut Butter Banana Muffins
  • Chicken Saltimbocca, and
  • an impressive 50-recipe Mediterranean compilation.

Chef John walks through complex recipes step-by-step in an engaging, conversational style.


ByronTalbott shares creative recipes and food adventures with his 1.4 million subscribers.

Describing this channel is best done through a story – imagine biting into juicy Roasted Chicken or savoring each spoonful of rich Truffle Risotto.

Now add some Miso Cod that falls apart at the fork.

That’s what Byron’s cooking videos bring to your screen.

If you’re ready to take your taste buds on a journey of reimagined yet familiar foods, this is the channel for you.


Forget what you know about cooking.

The antichef is here.

This channel challenges norms and turns his messes into an art form.

The antichef channel is for learning beginner cooking skills (or for helping those who are a bit clumsy in the kitchen).


You Suck At Cooking is all about no-nonsense cooking – with a side of humor.

This show transforms complicated recipes into something simple and enjoyable.

The best part? Anyone can tackle these recipes.

With catchy episode titles like “Crack Slaw” and “STFU Sandwich,” you know you’re in for a good time.


Tasty is a hugely popular channel for creative (and delicious) recipes and cooking challenges.

Watching their content is like taking a visual tour.

The artwork is immense, and every frame serves up beautifully captured meals.

Sometimes Tasty features celebrity guests or takes on unique challenges.

For example, one video that stands out is them recreating a dish after it’s been translated 100 times.

Definitely a great cooking channel to watch.


Dive into cooking made easy with ProHomeCooks.

This channel is all about giving you the skills to make great food in your own kitchen.

The goal? Convincing you that whipping up tasty and easy meals can fit into anyone’s hectic schedule.

You just need the right recipes and some handy tips.

With ProHomeCooks, you know exactly what you’re going to get.


Jamie Oliver‘s channel is hosted by the famous British chef himself.

His love for simple, hearty dishes comes alive through all his videos.

Seeing how he adds that special touch to his food preparation is great.

From tried-and-true classics to inventive surprises, making meals becomes an effortless delight for anyone.


Claire Saffitz takes an academic approach to recreating beloved snacks.

Watching her blend:

  • using scientific methods
  • with patience and
  • a touch of dry wit

…is super engaging.

Also, watching her bake is like taking a crash course in culinary arts.

The videos are informative at every step.


Ready to dive into recipes like never before?

Adam Ragusea creates a dance between kitchen science and crafty techniques.

While he has fast-paced intellectual breakdowns, he can sometimes get pretty technical.

Some level of cooking is needed to keep up.

However, it all comes from a good place as he aims to increase his followers’ cooking knowledge and skills.


Bringing your favorite screen meals to life?

Babish masterfully recreates renowned TV and film recipes.

His pop-culture-focused recipes are creative and fun.

There’s so much content to consume – from McDonald’s Mulan Szechuan sauce to pasta aglio e olio à la Harriet the Spy.

And his friendly character is just the cherry on top of the cake.


Joshua Weissman is in his element on his YouTube channel.

He skillfully creates elaborate tiered cakes that would make an average person’s head spin.

He’s also a master of the crisp, layered pastries you dream about at night.

However, there’s also great news.

Though his bakes are complex, he explains techniques clearly so viewers can follow along.

If you’re really into baking, this is the channel for you.


For those who really live to eat, Serious Eats is one of the best YouTube food channels.

The channel offers lots of recipes, video guides, and discussions.

Their strategy is to stir up interest with energetic chats while serving their food.

No matter what combo platter is featured, it’s all about celebrating the joy of food.


EthanChlebowski‘s channel is one of the best cooking channels for the “why” behind cooking.

Do you know why salt plays a critical role in flavor enhancement?

Want to explore how gluten shapes our loaves?

Or even why smashed patties beat grilled ones in a flavor showdown?

Ethan covers it all.


With SipandFeast‘s (simple yet savory) recipes and handy cooking tips, even beginner cooking enthusiasts can find success.

You should also dive into this channel if you love exploring different cuisines.

There’s plenty here for both novices and seasoned chefs.

Village Cooking Channel

The Village Cooking Channel is all about celebrating local traditions.

The story? A village grandpa cooks traditional meals for the whole village.

He also shares his knowledge with the world through YouTube.

And in my book, that’s as wholesome as it gets.

Finding Cooking Channels That Meet Your Needs

Consider your skill level and culinary interests when discovering the perfect cooking YouTube channel.

Just starting in the kitchen? Are you on the hunt for recipes that are easy to tackle?

There are specific cooking channels to watch.

Alternatively, are you an explorer at heart? Do you want to taste global tastes and treats?

Again, there are particular channels to consider.

Don’t forget about those with dietary restrictions — many channels cater to vegan, gluten-free, or low-carb lifestyles (just to name a few).

And let’s not overlook the baking enthusiasts.

There are several popular channels dedicated to sweet treats and pastries.

What Makes A Channel Worth Watching?

As you hop from one channel to another to find the perfect one, look for channels that offer clear visuals and close-up techniques.

Imagine peeling back the layers of a complex dish.

You’ll want to walk through simple steps guided by professional chefs, right?

This experience would make it a truly enlightening one for any cook.

Some channels go the extra mile by explaining essential cooking techniques.

Think knife skills, perfectly searing a steak, or mastering the art of creating the best-tasting sauces.

This focus on details sets the best channels apart from the rest.

Going For Budget-Friendly Cooking

Also, consider the cost of preparing your meals.

After all, cooking delicious meals doesn’t have to break the bank.

Many YouTube channels dish out recipes that aren’t expensive to prepare.

These channels focus on simple ingredients and smart swaps to keep costs down.

Some even provide weekly meal plans to help you save money and reduce food waste.

I think this is a win-win situation for your wallet and the environment.

Going Beyond the Recipes

Choosing a cooking YouTube channel is not just about the recipes.

The host’s personality and the overall viewing experience play a huge role.

This factor is what keeps you engaged and coming back for more.

They say food is the way to the heart, and finding enthusiastic people about preparing just adds to that.

A welcoming character can make you feel like you’re cooking alongside a friend – even if they’re on the other side of the screen.

My advice is to find people with whom you resonate.

Another point is never to look past the power of top-notch production quality.

Channels with well-lit, carefully framed shots and enticing close-ups of prepared dishes can make your viewing experience so much better.

This makes the recipes look even more appealing (and inspires you to get cooking).

And finally, consider live-streaming shows.

Here, you can:

  • ask questions in real-time
  • share your cooking wins (or hilarious fails) and
  • feel like part of a larger culinary community.

Using YouTube Search Correctly

One final piece of advice.

Take advantage of YouTube’s search filters to find exactly what you want.

YouTube allows you to narrow down results by ingredients, cuisines, or difficulty levels.

You can quickly find recipes that suit your needs (and your pantry).

This way, you can create a personalized library of recipes and cooking tips.

These tips will be ready whenever inspiration strikes.


The above cooking channels are some of the best ones to follow.

Each brings something unique to the table, providing you anything from simple meal-prepping tips to gourmet culinary techniques.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced cook looking to spice up your kitchen, these channels have something for everyone.

Happy cooking!

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