Blog Income Report for February 2020: How I Earned $45,152 This Month

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While most blog income reports are from bloggers who started 5+ years ago, here’s one for my blog that launched 14 months ago in January 2019.

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Let’s dive into my blog income report.

1. Blog Income in February 2020: $45,152

My blog hit a few milestones in February.

I passed revenue milestones of both $40k and $45k for the first time and passed $25k in affiliate revenue for the first time. I also got paid over $500/month from 12 different companies’ affiliate programs for the first time.

Let’s look at my blog’s income streams. 

  • Affiliate Revenue: $25,584
    1. WebinarJam $5,174
    2. Buzzsprout $5,000
    3. Bluehost $2,575
    4. Thinkific $2,527
    5. PodBean $1,821
    6. Shipbob $1,020
    7. Teachable $881
    8. FlexJobs $675
    9. Learnworlds $660
    10. Transistor $644
    11. LearnDash $619
    12. Simplecast $500
    13. Kajabi $486
    14. Constant Contact $480
    15. Canva $363
    16. Mailjet $360
    17. Airbnb $220
    18. Wix $200
    19. Captivate $147
    20. Shopify $145
    21. Luminar $133
    22. Visme $98
    23. Adobe $97
    24. HostGator $90
    25. Hostinger $70
    26. GetResponse $46
    27. Amazon Associates $45
    28. Demio $44
    29. Skillshare $42
    30. BigCommerce $40
    31. Unbounce $40
    32. Podia $35
    33. LinkedIn Learning $35
    34. $35
    35. Corel $30
    36. Script Reader Pro $25
    37. Hibu $24
    38. Easy Webinar $23
    39. ClickMeeting $23
    40. Castos $19
    41. Creative Market $16
    42. Weebly $15
    43. Aweber $14
    44. Gist $14
    45. Leadpages $11
    46. LiquidWeb $10
    47. Smart Podcast Player $6
    48. Renderforest $3
    49. 3dcart $2
    50. Spocket $2
  • Digital Product Sales: $1,155
  • SEO and Link Consulting for 9 B2B Clients: $18,413

Expenses in February 2020: $2,998

  • Freelancer $1,200
  • Content $770
  • Book Consulting $300
  • WP Engine $290
  • CPA $245
  • Development $155
  • ConvertKit $149
  • Cloudflare $76
  • $59
  • Adobe CC $56
  • G Suite $38
  • Grammarly $19

Net Profit: $42,154 (93.4% Gross Profit Margin)

Now, onto some key takeaways, traffic stats, and a February recap.

2. February Takeaways:

1. Affiliate Programs.

In February, I made $25,584 from 50 affiliate programs.

My overall strategy is building authority in the marketing niche and eventually reviewing and compare every piece of marketing software in existence. If there’s software and it’s related to marketing or running an online business in any way, I’ll review it and try to get it to rank on Google.

Here’s an example of the ideal format I use for affiliate posts – best email marketing software.

You’ll notice I format this post for featured snippets (Google position zero) in three ways – with a bulleted list (that takes you down the list), with the numbered H3 rankings, and with a table at the bottom of the list.

Overall, I increased my affiliate income by 11% this month, from $22,952 to $25,584.

This proves to me that you can start to generate life-changing income in 14 months (or sooner) with the right growth strategies.

To make money blogging from affiliate programs, the first step before publishing an article is keyword research. I recommend using a tool like Ahrefs and looking for keywords with the term “best” at the beginning.

For example, in finance, it could be something like “best credit cards.” In tech, it might be “best laptops of 2020.” Or in fitness, it could be “best Peleton accessories.”

When you Google these terms and look at the top 10 results, you’ll see that typically 70% of the ranking sites are affiliates. These comparison shopping keywords signal that searchers are looking for reviews before making a purchase decision. They’d rather go to a review site and read about the product rather than going right to the brand website itself.

If you can dominate and overtake these keywords, you outrank the major brands and they pay you affiliate revenue.

Aim for these “best” keywords with a monthly search volume between 1,000 – 5,000 if you’re just starting out and between 5,000 – 10,000 (or higher) if your blog has some Domain Authority (DA).

For more affiliate marketing strategies, including over 171 high paying affiliate programs and 16 affiliate networks to join, you can check out my digital product Affiliate Advantage.

3. SEO Consulting.

I currently work with 9 clients and provide them with SEO consulting, link building, and brand mention services. My SEO and content marketing consulting revenue increased to $18.4k this month, compared to $11.3k in January.

This income is easy to generate because it is tied to my link building and guest blogging strategy. While I build links for my own site, I also help build them for other large SaaS brands and B2B websites.

Here’s a screenshot of my February invoices. Note: three clients pay via PayPal and are not included here:

February Consulting Revenue

When it comes down to it, guest blogging and link building can be tough for new bloggers and large brands alike.

The process includes list building, email outreach, topic pitches, following editorial guidelines, and dealing with annoying or unresponsive content managers – not to mention actually writing the article and getting it published.

The way that my blog’s traffic scaled so quickly was by scaling systems and using strategies I learned from tech startups. By hiring and outsourcing both the outreach and content creation for my guest posts and link building, I build DA on autopilot and have more time to focus on the quality of my content and writing posts like this one.

For guest posts, you can find a number of good ghostwriters on sites like ProBlogger, Fiverr, and Textbroker. This part can take a lot of time as you need to vet writers to find one that matches your style and can finish content quickly.

I recommend you find a ghostwriter for your guest post first drafts. You simply create an outline for them and they write the first draft. Then you edit the Google Doc, add in 2-3 links to your blog, and submit it to get published.

You’ll see below that I published nine guest posts this month with this strategy.

Second, with Google claiming to crack down on guest post links over the last 5-6 years, I compliment my guest posting with link building outreach and networking.

You can’t fake authority in your niche.

By building real relationships and getting links from major sites within their existing articles, you shield yourself from the dangers of only guest blogging and diversify your link portfolio.

Remember, the first step is to provide value.

The more authority and links you can provide other blogs, the more you’ll get in return.

For a full guest blogging and link building toolkit, including outreach templates and 4,057 target websites, check out my digital product Backlink Blueprint

3. Traffic for February 2020:  231,524 Sessions (-6.98%)

My blog’s traffic saw its first month-over-month decrease since I launched in January 2019 (although there were two fewer days in the month).

However, I’m not concerned as traffic is up 8,815% year-over-year compared to February 2019 (2,579 sessions).

In fact, traffic increased so much year-over-year that last year’s traffic is basically just a non-existent orange line:

February 2020 vs February 2019 Traffic

Here are my monthly visitor metrics so far:


  • January: 1,147
  • February: 2,055
  • March: 7,672
  • April: 16,920
  • May: 34,261
  • June: 46,355
  • July: 76,926
  • August: 105,056
  • September: 133,391
  • October: 141,348
  • November: 143,705
  • December: 178,021


  • January: 248,910
  • February: 231,524

This 6.98% drop in sessions, but 11% increase in affiliate revenue shows me that the amount of traffic is not as important as the valuable affiliate keywords you rank for.

Research the average cost-per-click metric for every keyword you target in Ahrefs to see the value someone would spend pay-per-click (PPC) dollars on.

For my blog, if I had to pay for all of the keywords I get free traffic for via PPC advertising (ads at the top of Google), I would have to spend $330k/month.

But it’s 100% free – that’s the power of SEO.

4. Email Subscribers for February 2020: +1,865

I currently make 2% of my revenue from my email list. As I’ve scaled up my blog’s traffic, I’ve been focused on increasing affiliate revenue – it’s more passive and easier to manage than digital product sales or courses to an email list.

Not that I don’t love everyone on my email list – I do. It just takes more time to manage and answer my flooding inbox, and time freedom was the reason I started this blog in the first place.

However, this is an untapped area for my site I plan to work on more over the following months.

I use ConvertKit for my email marketing and added 1,865 new email subscribers in February and increased my list size to 15,044.

5. Tasks Completed in February:

  • I was interviewed by Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income and we discussed how to diversify blog income in 2020. You can listen to the podcast here.
  • I was featured in the most recent OptinMonster case study. I use them for my email opt-in forms and they showcased my blog and email metrics from 2019. You can read the case study here.
  • I published 7 articles on my blog totaling 30,684 words.
  • I published 9 new guest posts for:
  • Link building: I received 536 new backlinks from 129 new referring domains; 24 domains with a Domain Rating (DR) > 60.
  • My Alexa Rank improved from 23,658 to 20,479.
  • Launched a new finance blog with my friend Jeremy Moser, co-founder of uSERP, at We published our first five articles and the goal is to expand my affiliate revenue into the more lucrative finance and investing niche.
  • Negotiated with three affiliate programs for higher commission rates.

That’s it for my blog’s income report for February 2020.

The purpose of these new blog income reports is to showcase that with the right strategies, you can make significant income quickly. 

Thank you so much for reading – I’m very grateful you found your way here.

If you’re looking to launch a blog and follow my strategies, you can check out my full guide on how to start a blog and launch your blog with Bluehost for just $2.95/month.

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Disclaimer: The two Bluehost links above are affiliate links which provide a small commission to me at no cost to you. These links track your purchase and credit it to this website. Affiliate links are a primary way that I make money from this blog and Bluehost is the best web hosting option for new bloggers. You can read full affiliate disclosure in my privacy policy.

Here are some other personal things I’m currently focused on outside of my blog if you’re interested:

  • I just started flight training to get my private pilot’s license. I’m going twice/week and will hopefully get my license in 6-7 months.
  • I’m starting to work with Michigan State University (my alma mater) to create a new scholarship for students who show innovations in digital entrepreneurship. It will hopefully be the second-ever scholarship for the Burgess Institute for Entrepreneurship & Innovation.
  • I’m working with a publishing consultant to write and publish an informational non-fiction book related to entrepreneurship in the digital age.
  • On the fun side, I’ve been watching and listening to a lot of Bill Burr comedy lately. Here’s a hilarious animated YouTube video taken from his standup (warning: NSFW).

Feel free to follow me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram so we can connect.

Finally, if you want to start treating your blog like a business and make life-changing money in months, not years, join my email list for a 10,000+ word, 7-day email course on how to do it.


  1. That’s awesome!
    Your blog is honestly one of the best resources other bloggers can look towards (and one of the few honest ones)

  2. Hi adam, I’m Vietnamese. I have learned a lot from your blog.
    After reading your earnings reports, give yourself a strong incentive to continue making money blogging.
    Thanks adam very much.
    I wrote to you with google translation so the grammar will not be accurate, please understand.

  3. Great post Adam! Thank you for sharing your income report. It painted a picture for me as a newcomer what is possible. And is amazing that you are so open about the individual details. Thanks very much!

  4. Dude, Is this for real? If so, please coach me. I’ve got some great ideas for blogging and have $$ to invest to get my digital marketing and Affiliate Marketing up and running.

    1. Hey Mark, thanks for the comment. I don’t currently offer coaching as I’m focused on growing the affiliate marketing side of my business. However, I’ll have an online course/video series coming out in the next few months on the exact steps to start a bog.

  5. Adam, you are the only person I came across that actually comes across as someone who helps other bloggers and not just trying to make money off of them.

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    Another great and inspires post. By looking at online income reports from blogger like you it actually inspires and encourages me to work harder even though it’s hard to rank number one in google search. I have not earn any money so far.

    I also know that it’s very difficult to get to page one of google search because competition is so high. But your page did it easily. If you have any suggestion or advise to me, do reply to my comment below.

  7. Hi Adam I noticed you purchased the guest blogging directory resource and was wondering if it is worth it I am considering buying it. Thanks!

    1. Hey Sara, it was a decent resource. A lot of the sites are irrelevant and you’ll need to filter it a lot, but there are a lot of sites. I have a full link building toolkit on my site for sales as well under products. 🙂

  8. Wow didn’t know that you can make so much money through your website! I really appreciate what you have share for us. Greatest website ever. Showing people how to get passive income.

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  10. Thanks a lot for sharing. I try to implement every month a little bit of what you do. As blogging is more of a hobby for me I just can’t to the “full program”.
    Keep on your work and sharing. Thanks!

    1. Hey Markus – implementing some strategies is still a great thing. Keep up the good work and thanks for the comment. 🙂

  11. Wow, this month is incredible once again. I’m picking every month some inputs from you and try to implement them. Thanks a lot for sharing with us!

  12. Hey Adam! Great post, curious as to why you don’t have an ad network (google, media vine etc.) as an additional income source!

    1. Hey Moni, good question. I thought about adding one of those ad networks to my site. I might place ads on a few of my posts that I get a lot of traffic from, but don’t really monetize – like my post on leadership qualities or motivational quotes. I’m just am not a huge fan of ads and think they take away from the user experience. I’d rather provide quality content and not distract users with ads who may make an affiliate purchase instead.

  13. Wow. This is so incredible Sir that I can only imagine the work you’ve put in here. To be frank, if you do not have money for freelancers, you will have to spend weeks if not months to get to your level. Thank you once more as you’re a great influence and motivation. I will be happy to send you my success – first $2,000+ report a month when I hit it. Thanks.

    1. Hey, thanks for the nice comment. Definitely keep me posted on your progress and send me that report when you hit it. Best of luck!

  14. Well done and I know how much work this has taken, BUT… it seems the only bloggers who can achieve this kind of success are those to teach others to teach others to teach others how to make money blogging…

    The day someone comes up with robust strategies on making money with blogs that are about OTHER topics, I’ll be paying very close attention!

    1. Hey Leyla, that’s a great point. It seems that the blogs that make the most money are in the marketing or finance niches. The key is recommending software products that a lot of people are searching for.

  15. I think it’s high time I followed your footsteps. It’s not gonna be easy, but I can surely get there. This is inspiring. I just have a hard time concentrating. Do you have a blog post on profitable niches for blogs 2020 trend or something? I would like to read it.

    1. Hey Amos, thanks for the comment! I don’t have a post on that topic, but it sounds like a good one to write. If I were to start a new blog today, it would either be in marketing, finance/investing, or AI/smart home/technology. I’d look at Google Trends to see what topics people are searching for and match that with product and software recommendations.

  16. Hi Adam,

    I just got your newsletter and came to read this blog post. It’s so inspiring. Keep up good work, man.

  17. Hi Adam, I have been following you for a while and your income reports are inspirational indeed. Wishing you all the luck for wealthrebels, finance looks a really tough niche, but i guess the guest posts relations you have already established would help you gain backlinks authority once the content is done. I want to request you to write a guide on guest posting on how you achieve a high number of contextual backlinks.
    Sidd from BloggingVine

    1. Hey Sidd, thanks for the kind words. And yeah finance is a tough niche – it’ll probably take a year or two to compete, so I’m in it for the long haul. I do have a post on guest blogging on my site here if you want to check it out.

  18. What I’ve done so far in blogging, did very little though, it’s mainly because of your motivation and free excellent content you share.

    We’ve been in touch on your facebook group 🙂

    Thanks for bumping us up!

    1. Hey Faisal – it’s great to hear from you. Thanks for the great comment and I’m very happy you find my content motivating. Keep up the awesome work.

  19. Hi Adam, I have been a great fan of this blog right from time. Congratulations on your huge success this month, though it is still very unbelievable how you attain this success in a very short time.

    Please can you guide us things to consider while choosing a freelance writer.

  20. Hi Adam,

    Like some others here, I’ve been following your amazing progress and I must say it’s an inspiration!

    A lot of your content has been very useful and I’ve been able to apply it to my own blog, Why Websites Work.

    I hope I can manage a fraction of your growth trajectory!

    Keep up the good work!


    1. Thanks so much, Wim. 🙂

      Best of luck to you with your blog and I’m glad my content has been useful. Please keep me posted on your progress and feel free to connect with me on FB, Twitter, Instagram, etc.

  21. Been following you and your blog for 9 months now…IMPRESSIVE ADVANCEMENT in affiliate commissions.
    I am trying my BEST to emulate your strategy Adam…and it’s working!

    I will be here when you hit $100K a month, It won’t be long from now.



    Basement Finishing Man (YouTube)

  22. Hi Adam just wanna congratulate you on your blog. It started following you a few weeks ago. I started a blog in the past but your story led me to create a new blog that aligns with what I am currently studying in college here in Austin. I have see other people say that it takes years to build a success blog but your outlook about building like a startup and outsourcing has allowed me to scale content creation on my new blog. BTW the two course that you have out now has been very helpful to me. I look forward to working with you some day.

    1. Hey Marlisa,

      Thanks for the nice comment.

      I’m glad that I was able to give you a different perspective on growing your blog faster. That’s the entire reason I created this blog so that makes me pretty happy. 🙂

      And that’s awesome the two products were helpful – good luck with all you’re doing and keep me posted on your progress. Feel free to connect with me on FB, LI, or Twitter.

  23. Amazing, you are an inspiration though I still don’t get how you did all this by yourself. I thought I could do what you did, as I have another job in sales account marketing, but I was never able to sustain the momentum while being a writer for my blog and learning all this stuff about affiliate marketing, backlinks, etc (plus I have another blog to write for).
    I always burn out, plus there is so much to learn. I’ve learned 2 things: it’s important to ask for help and build relationships in your niche by gues-posting. Also, never to start 2 blogs at the same time as a writer 🙂

    Very useful podcast, btw

    1. Hey Alek, it’s good to hear from you and thanks man – I appreciate your comment. And I don’t do it all myself, I have an awesome freelance assistant and writers who help tremendously. The momentum at first is hard to sustain for sure. It took about six months of doing my full-time job 50 hours/week and this blog by myself another 40 hours/week until I left my job. So I had no life for about 6 months but it was worth it in the end.

      Great points on the things you mentioned about guest posting – you’re right you really can’t fake relationships and the more you can help other sites, the easier it gets. Glad you enjoyed the podcast too.



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