107 BEST Instagram Notes Ideas to Get You Noticed (2024)

107 BEST Instagram Notes Ideas to Get You Noticed (2024)

Standing out on Instagram is tough: endless photos, videos, captions and hashtags all compete for people’s attention.

In a world where everyone’s shouting, a whisper is sometimes all you need.

Instagram Notes aren’t a bombastic feature of the platform. In fact, I bet some people don’t even know about them. Notes are:

  • simple
  • very limited in length
  • and aim to create a connection with your audience.

In this post, I share the 107+ best Instagram notes to get you noticed. I even divide these ideas into broad categories to help you find the right ones.

I’ve built my Instagram profile to over 100,000 followers in the last 2 years. Using my experience, I want to help you avoid as much trial and error to hit success as quickly as possible.

What Are The Best Instagram Notes Ideas?

Here are the best Instagram Notes ideas to use today. Just find the category that most applies to you and choose the ones you like most.

Inspirational Quotes

Need an Instagram note to inspire yourself and others? Whether you’re a motivational speaker, life coach, or just want to spread positivity, here are the notes to make it happen:

  • Dream big, work hard. 💪
  • Embrace the journey. 🌈
  • Rise above the storm. 🌤️
  • Be your own hero. 🦸
  • Change the world by being you. 🌍
  • Keep moving forward. 🚶‍♂️
  • Shine bright like a diamond. 💎
  • Create your own sunshine. ☀️
  • Stay wild, moon child. 🌙
  • Believe in the impossible. 🌟
  • Spread kindness like confetti. 🎉
  • Be the change. 🦋
  • Live, love, laugh. ❤️
  • Dare to be different. 🐾
  • Find beauty in the chaos. 🌪️
  • Own your story. 📖
  • Rise, grind, repeat. ☕
  • Stay humble, hustle hard. 🐝
  • Chase dreams, not people. 👟
  • Less fear, more love. 💖
  • Gratitude changes everything. 🙏
  • Grow through what you go through. 🌱
  • Make today amazing. 🌟
  • Silence the doubt. 🤫
  • Your only limit is you. 🚀

Daily Affirmations

Daily affirmations make for great Instagram note ideas. These short, positive statements you repeat to yourself boost how you see yourself.

You spread good vibes and positivity when you share them with your audience.

Here are some of the best ones to use:

  • I am enough. 💖
  • I choose positivity. ☀️
  • I embrace change. 🍂
  • I am fearless. 🦁
  • I attract success. 🌈
  • Today will be great. 🌟
  • I am my best source of motivation. 🔥
  • I deserve happiness. 😊
  • I am strong and resilient. 🌱
  • I welcome abundance. 💸
  • I create my own path. 🛤️
  • I am worthy of my dreams. 🎈
  • I trust the process. 🔄
  • I radiate confidence. 💪
  • I cherish each moment. ⏳
  • I am open to love. ❤️
  • I let go of worries. 🎐
  • I am in charge of my life. 👑
  • I believe in my abilities. 🌈
  • I lead with kindness. 🕊️
  • I am a work in progress. 🚧
  • I prioritize my wellbeing. 🧘
  • I am grateful for today. 🙏
  • I am a magnet for miracles. 🦄
  • I am the architect of my life. 🏗️

Humor and Jokes

Humor and Jokes notes

Want to share your funny side with your Instagram followers? Here are some of the best cool Instagram notes ideas to use on your profile:

  • Adulting is soup, I’m a fork. 🍴
  • I’m not lazy, I’m energy efficient. 💤
  • Why don’t we ever trust stairs? They’re always up to something. 🤔
  • Life is short. Smile while you still have teeth. 😁
  • I need a six-month holiday, twice a year. 🏖️
  • Can February March? No, but April May! 📆
  • Sarcasm, a free service I offer. 🤷
  • I’m on a seafood diet. I see food, and I eat it. 🍔
  • Running late is my cardio. 🏃‍♂️
  • Don’t follow me, I’m lost too. 🧭
  • I’m not arguing, I’m just explaining why I’m right. 🎓
  • I put the ‘pro’ in procrastinate. 🛌
  • I whisper to my WiFi, ‘Be strong.’ 📶
  • Trying to be an adult is the dumbest thing I’ve ever done. 🤦
  • I’m not weird, I’m limited edition. 🌟
  • Error 404: Motivation not found. 🔍
  • Life is brewtiful. ☕
  • Relationship status: Netflix and ice cream. 🍦
  • Out of my mind, back in five minutes. 🚀
  • I’m reading a book on anti-gravity. It’s impossible to put down. 📚

Personal Milestones

Using the Instagram app notes to share personal milestones is great. These notes can add even more fuel to the inspirational fire.

After you’ve hit specific milestones, sharing them as notes is also a great way to stay focused on what comes next.

Here are the best personal milestone notes to consider:

  • New job, who dis? 👔
  • Just married my best friend! 💍
  • Officially a graduate! 🎓
  • Bought my first house! 🏡
  • I said ‘Yes’! 💖
  • Welcome to the world, little one. 👶
  • I started my own business! 🚀
  • Crossed another country off my bucket list. 🗺️
  • Survived another year around the sun. 🎂
  • Ran my first marathon. 🏃‍♀️
  • Finally debt-free! 💸
  • Got my dream job! 🌈
  • I’m officially a homeowner! 🔑
  • Engaged to my soulmate. 💑
  • Master’s degree completed! 📘
  • Launched my first app. 📱
  • My art exhibition debut. 🎨
  • Celebrating 1 year of fitness. 💪
  • Published my first book! 📖
  • First solo trip accomplished. ✈️
  • I’m now a certified yoga instructor. 🧘‍♀️
  • Completed my 100th volunteer hour. 🤝
  • First investment made. 📈
  • Celebrating 5 years of blogging. 💻
  • Achieved my dream body transformation. 🏋️‍♂️

Tips and Tricks

The Instagram notes feature is great for sharing a quick tip to help others.

Anything from:

  • morning rituals (to boost your daily productivity)
  • meal prep and workout routines (for a healthy lifestyle)
  • financial advice (to stay on top of your budget and savings)

…can be shared as a note.

Here are some great tips people will appreciate through your Instagram notes:

  • Maximize your morning routine! 🌅
  • Secret to a flawless selfie. 📸
  • Life hacks for better sleep. 🌜
  • DIY storage solutions. 📦
  • Boost productivity with this trick! ⏳
  • Eco-friendly cleaning hacks. 🌱
  • Simplify your skincare routine. 💆‍♀️
  • Meal prep like a pro. 🍱
  • Organize your workspace for success. 🖥️
  • Travel lighter with these tips. ✈️
  • Improve your reading habits. 📚
  • Smart budgeting for beginners. 💰
  • Effortless entertaining ideas. 🎉
  • Quick fixes for everyday problems. 🔧
  • Enhance your workout effectively. 🏋️‍♂️
  • Master the art of meditation. 🧘‍♂️
  • Upgrade your coffee game. ☕
  • Streamline your digital life. 📲
  • Creative gift wrapping techniques. 🎁
  • Gardening tips for beginners. 🌻
  • Make your groceries last longer. 🍎
  • Declutter your home effortlessly. 🏠
  • Boost your immune system naturally. 🍊
  • Smart packing hacks for travelers. 🛄
  • Achieve a minimalist lifestyle. 🌼

Book and Movie Recommendations

Book and Movie Recommendations

Do you love reading or watching movies? Sharing short Instagram notes ideas based on the latest book or movie is a great way to share your recommendations:

  • Must-read book of the month! 📖
  • This film will change your life. 🎬
  • Hidden gem on Netflix. 💎
  • Classic novel everyone should read. 📚
  • A documentary that blew my mind. 🤯
  • Binge-worthy series alert! 📺
  • Book that made me cry. 😭
  • Movie with the best soundtrack. 🎶
  • Underrated book recommendation. 🕮
  • A film that inspires travel. ✈️
  • Page-turner you can’t put down. 📕
  • Comedy movie for a good laugh. 😄
  • A thriller that keeps you on edge. 🔪
  • Biography that motivates. 🌟
  • A sci-fi movie that’s out of this world. 🌌
  • Romantic reading for the soul. ❤️
  • A horror film that’ll keep you up. 👻
  • Fantasy book with incredible world-building. 🧝‍♀️
  • Action movie with non-stop excitement. 🎆
  • Historical novel that transports you. ⏳
  • Feel-good movie to lift spirits. ☀️
  • A book that sparks creativity. 💡
  • Documentary on groundbreaking discoveries. 🔍
  • Series with the best plot twists. 🌀
  • A memoir that’s deeply moving. 💭

Fitness and Health Tips

If fitness and health are important, you probably have go-to things you often do.

Whether it’s about nutrition, training, or self-care, chances are you have something valuable to share with others. Here are the best fitness attitude Instagram notes ideas:

  • Start your day with a stretch. 🧘‍♂️
  • Hydration is key! 💧
  • Quick home workout routine. 🏋️
  • Healthy snack ideas. 🍏
  • Benefits of morning runs. 🌅
  • Yoga poses for stress relief. 🙏
  • Boost your metabolism tips. 🔥
  • Post-workout recovery essentials. 🛁
  • Vitamins for a healthy glow. 💊
  • Track your progress effectively. 📈
  • Plant-based diet basics. 🌱
  • Strength training for beginners. 💪
  • Mindful eating habits. 🍴
  • Improve your sleep cycle. 🌜
  • Stay motivated with fitness goals. 🎯
  • Outdoor exercise benefits. 🌳
  • Desk exercises for office workers. 💼
  • Healthy heart tips. ❤️
  • Build a better breakfast. 🥣
  • Cycling routes for beginners. 🚴
  • Effective hydration hacks. 🥤
  • Ergonomic setups for home offices. 🖥️
  • Pre-run stretches and tips. 🏃
  • Quick meditation techniques. 🧘
  • Creating a balanced workout plan. 📋

Fashion and Beauty Insights

Bringing out the fashionista and beauty guru in you? Here are the best types of notes to consider:

  • This season’s must-have accessory. 👒
  • DIY beauty treatments. 🍯
  • Sustainable fashion choices. ♻️
  • Perfecting the no-makeup look. 💄
  • Wardrobe decluttering tips. 🚪
  • Finding your personal style. 👗
  • Hair Care secrets for shine. 💇‍♀️
  • Makeup hacks you need to know. 🖌️
  • Building a capsule wardrobe. 🧳
  • Skincare routine for glowing skin. 🧴
  • The art of layering clothes. 🧥
  • Eco-friendly beauty swaps. 🌍
  • Accessorizing like a pro. 💍
  • Trending nail art designs. 💅
  • Fashion tips for every body type. 👖
  • The ultimate guide to thrift shopping. 🛍️
  • Maintaining healthy hair. 🧼
  • Day-to-night outfit transitions. 🌞🌜
  • Beauty gadgets worth trying. 🔋
  • The best sunscreen for your skin type. ☀️
  • Eyebrow shaping techniques. ✏️
  • Footwear trends this season. 👠
  • Choosing the right perfume. 🌸
  • Tips for a flawless foundation. 🪞
  • Styling tips for men. 🕴️

Travel and Adventure Stories

Travel and Adventure Stories

When you create Instagram notes based around travel and adventure stories, you show you’re a multi-dimensional person.

From city trips to countryside getaways, adventure travel takes many forms. Here are the best ideas to share as notes when you’re off on an adventure:

  • City lights and memorable nights. 🌃
  • Hidden gems discovered. 🗺️
  • Sunset views worth the hike. 🌄
  • Road trip essentials. 🚗
  • Backpacking through paradise. 🎒
  • Lost in the beauty of nature. 🌲
  • Finding peace by the sea. 🌊
  • Camping under the stars. ⛺
  • Exploring ancient ruins. 🏛️
  • “Island hopping adventures. 🏝️
  • Safari experience of a lifetime. 🦁
  • Chasing waterfalls. 🌊
  • Cultural festivals around the world. 🎉
  • Mountain peaks conquered. ⛰️
  • Diving into the deep blue. 🐠
  • Gastronomy tours for foodies. 🍲
  • Hot air balloon sunrises. 🎈
  • Snowy escapades in winter wonderlands. ❄️
  • Solo travel reflections. 🧍
  • Historic landmarks visited. 🏰
  • Thrilling bungee jumps. 🪂
  • Luxury stays and spa days. 🛁
  • Eco-friendly travel tips. 🌱
  • Train journeys across continents. 🚂
  • Photography tips for travelers. 📸

Food and Recipe Shares

Sharing what you’re cooking (and eating) is a great way to connect with others sharing your interests. While providing all the details as an Instagram note is tough, you can give your audience just enough to make them want more.

Here are some of the best food and recipe based ideas:

  • Breakfast bowls to start your day. 🍳
  • Vegan eats that delight. 🥗
  • Quick and easy meal preps. 🍱
  • Decadent desserts you deserve. 🍰
  • Comfort food favorites. 🍔
  • Healthy smoothies for energy. 🍹
  • Street food finds. 🌮
  • Baking bread from scratch. 🍞
  • Seasonal dishes to try. 🍂
  • Cooking with superfoods. 🥑
  • Global cuisine at home. 🌍
  • Perfect pasta every time. 🍝
  • BBQ tips and tricks. 🍖
  • Homemade pizza night. 🍕
  • Refreshing summer salads. 🥒
  • Warming winter soups. 🍲
  • Cocktail creations for happy hour. 🍸
  • Food plating techniques. 🍽️
  • Sustainable eating habits. 🌿
  • Chocolate indulgences. 🍫
  • Spice up your dishes. 🌶️
  • Tea and coffee pairings. ☕
  • Homemade ice cream treats. 🍨
  • Guide to fermenting foods. 🥬
  • Festive holiday recipes. 🎄

Art and Creative Projects

For the more creative among us, there’s so much to share using Instagram notes. Doing a home DIY renovation project? Creating digital art using the latest digital technology? The possibilities are endless. Here is a non-exhaustive list to consider:

  • Painting my mood in colors. 🎨
  • DIY home decor ideas. 🏡
  • Crafting with recycled materials. ♻️
  • Sketching the world around me. ✏️
  • Pottery: shaping my thoughts. 🏺
  • Photography: capturing moments. 📷
  • Handmade jewelry crafting. 💍
  • Knitting cozy winter vibes. 🧶
  • Creative writing prompts. 🖋️
  • Scrapbooking memories. 📔
  • Digital art experiments. 🖥️
  • Upcycling fashion projects. 👚
  • Gardening as art. 🌸
  • Cooking as a creative outlet. 🍳
  • Filmmaking on a budget. 🎬
  • Street art explorations. 🏙️
  • Creating with clay. 🌍
  • Watercolor techniques for beginners. 🖌️
  • Origami folding fun. 🐦
  • DIY candle making. 🕯️
  • Homebrewing craft beer. 🍺
  • Building miniature models. 🏰
  • Leatherworking crafts. 📿
  • Baking as an art form. 🍰
  • Eco-friendly art projects. 🌿

Technology and Gadgets

Technology and Gadgets

Sharing both Instagram stories and notes can help you build a community of like-minded people. How? Instagram notes can bring people into your world. Then, you go into more detail using Instagram stories.

Here are some ideas that work well with both of these Instagram features:

  • Latest smartphone hacks. 📱
  • Eco-tech for a greener future. 🔋
  • Gadgets that simplify life. 🛠️
  • Virtual reality: the new frontier. 🕶️
  • Wearable tech trends. ⌚
  • Smart home devices for convenience. 🏠
  • Gaming gear for the ultimate setup. 🎮
  • Photography drones for epic shots. 🚁
  • Tech gadgets for fitness buffs. 🏋️
  • Coding for beginners. 💻
  • Apps that boost productivity. 📊
  • The future of transportation. 🚀
  • 3D printing projects. 🖨️
  • Tech for sustainable living. 🌍
  • Robotics projects for hobbyists. 🤖
  • Augmented reality experiences. 🌐
  • Gadget maintenance tips. 🔧
  • Tech trends shaping our future. 📈
  • Smart watches and health monitoring. ❤️
  • Building a PC from scratch. 🖥️
  • Home theater setup for movie nights. 🎥
  • The best tech for travel. ✈️
  • Innovations in energy storage. 🔋
  • Tech gifts for every age. 🎁
  • Cybersecurity basics to keep safe. 🔒

What Are Instagram Notes?

Meta (the company behind Instagram) created Notes as a way for its users to leave short notes in their Instagram inbox. These notes (which can be up to 60 characters) are visible for 24 hours.

This selection encourages users to post their thoughts during the day.

Instagram notes allow for text and emojis. This combined way of creating them helps you personalize your message as you see fit.

What Instagram notes look like

Source: about.fb.com

I remember the first time I came across Instagram notes, I thought: MSN Messenger status updates.

Source: digitalspy.com

The young folks probably won’t remember this. However, if you used MSN Messenger when you were young, you might be familiar with the above image.

MSN Messenger updates were a way to show others what you were thinking about (back in the day). I remember all the cool kids using them – yeah, I used them myself 🙂

Going back to Instagram notes, there’s only one downside right now. It seems not all users have this feature enabled.

To check whether you can use notes, head to your Instagram inbox. If enabled, you’ll have the option to add a note.

Here’s a video showing the process:

When it comes to sharing your note, there are two possible audiences:

  1. Followers your follow back
  2. A list of close friends.
who you can share notes with

Source: hootsuite.com

Benefits of Using Instagram Notes

You might think, “who needs another way to share information?”

However, consider that Instagram notes help you share a “different kind” of information. They’re not the same as a long caption under your post. They’re not a reel you create using images and videos.

They’re short and to the point. The 60-character limit forces you to really consider what you’re sharing.

And in a world where everyone has lots to say (and often not much of value), this is NOT a bad thing.

When you use Instagram notes correctly, you can:

  • Increase engagement and interaction: sharing a quick note others read and resonate with is the perfect 2-step recipe for engagement.
  • Share quick thoughts: Have a quick idea as you do other things during your day? Sharing it with others in an Insta note means you won’t have to overthink the whole process. Say goodbye to hundreds of filters and a long captions selection.
  • Building a more personal connection: People must directly message you to share their “thoughts replies”. This can be great for building close connections.

Tips for Writing Effective Instagram Notes

Here are the best ways to write practical Instagram notes.

Keep It Concise

Asking someone to write concisely is hard. However, that’s the whole point of Instagram notes.

When writing notes, consider this process:

  1. Know what you’re going to say
  2. Consider how to say it best (using the least amount of words possible)
  3. Write it out
  4. Read it out loud
  5. See if it “hits” and/or if you can make it shorter
  6. Post it.

That’s the 6-step formula I recommend.

Use Emojis To Enhance The Message

Emojis can make a big difference when used well. For one, they can turn a dry note into an emotional one.

They can also help to convey tone and personality in a short message.

Whether posting funny Instagram notes ideas or more serious ones, don’t go overboard with your emojis. Think of them as the cherry on the cake, not the cake itself.

The best way to do it is to pick one (or two emojis) that best capture your note’s emotions. Then use those when you post.

Ask Questions

It’s helpful to phrase your thoughts as questions. It’s easier for people to respond when you do so (rather than making statements).

Think about it – when someone asks you a question, your default instinct is to answer back.

On the other hand, when someone makes a statement, you might (or not) get back to them. It all depends on your level of interest in the topic.

The same applies to your audience. If you want to stand the best chance of getting replies, pose your thoughts as questions.

For example, instead of saying:

“Pineapples and pizza are the perfect combination 🍕🍍”

you could ask:

“Is there anything better than the sweet and savory combination of pineapples and pizza? 🍕🍍”

Only Post Relevant Notes

If you have a fashion brand, your notes should be about fashion. They shouldn’t be about topics your audience isn’t interested in.

Remember: notes are just a way to connect with your followers.

While it’s good to post things you’re passionate about, the ultimate aim is to move relationships further. Posting about irrelevant stuff is the best way not to do this.

Consider your brand’s message and stick to the main themes when posting notes.


Instagram notes are great to build engagement with your audience.

They also make it easier for your followers to connect with you and start a personal conversation.

All of this helps you cut through the noise by leveraging the power of simplicity.

And in a world where everyone is trying to shout louder to get noticed, less is often more. And that is where the power of Instagram Notes comes into play.

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