25+ YouTube Backdrop Ideas For Better Looking Videos

25+ YouTube Backdrop Ideas For Better Looking Videos

Using the wrong backdrop is a big turn-off for YouTube viewers. Whether using boring backdrops, distracting backgrounds, or even poorly lit ones, people will stop watching your videos.

The solution? Using the right YouTube backdrop ideas when starting a YouTube channel.

In the last couple of years, I grew my YouTube channel to more than 175,000 subscribers, and in the process, I’ve tried lots of different backdrops.

Now, I’m confident I have the perfect setup that adds to my YouTube video quality. If you want to be able to say the same thing, this article is for you.

What Are the Best YouTube Backdrop Ideas?

Here are the best YouTube backdrop ideas for a better-looking video.

1. Minimalist White Background

Sometimes, less is more. A minimalistic white background is ideal for those who want the audience to focus on the main subject – not what’s happening in the background.

This professional-looking backdrop works when you can contrast it with the subject in the video. Whether it’s through wearing colorful clothes, using specific props, or adding customized graphics, the sky’s the limit.

Who can use a white background? Anyone who doesn’t want any distractions in the background. Product reviewers, teachers, beauty bloggers, and anyone in between.

2. Bokeh Lights Backdrop

Those wanting a simple background that stands out can go for a bokeh light backdrop. Bokeh lights add a creative yet dreamy backdrop to any video.

They’re also great when adding a blur effect to your video, making the subject stand out even more.

3. Green Screen

Green Screen

A green screen gives unlimited possibilities when editing (or even live streaming) your videos.

The color green was chosen as it is one of the easiest to remove from your video in post-editing. The reason? It’s the color that matches any type of skin tone the least.

However, technically speaking, the color green can be replaced with any color that’s not visible on screen.

Why would you use a green screen?

If you rely on visuals to explain your video concepts or simply want to go wild with your background (think about all the Zoom backgrounds you couldn’t explain), a green screen is the way to go.

4. Textured Fabric YouTube Backdrops

A textured fabric backdrop can do the trick when looking for a sophisticated look. It also adds depth of view to any video, making the background and foreground contrast.

You could even add additional textures on top to add to the overall level of professionalism. Textures like muslin or velvet can help.

5. Brick Wall

Red and white bricks add a touch of realism for video content creators in the DIY, lifestyle, or even food industry.

A cozy, homely feeling in your video can make the setting much more realistic if that’s what you want.

Also, if you want to set up a brick wall background without making it permanent, it’s relatively easy to do through a fake wall.

Whether you buy stickers that look like bricks or create a temporary faux brick wall with foam panels, you can get the look you want without making any permanent changes.

6. Bookshelves


The classic “intellectual” bookshelf is always a background favorite. Add credibility and authority, feature your favorite books, and show off your nerdy side – without ever saying a word.

It’s pretty appealing for video content creators who want to add a touch of sophistication – without going overboard.

7. Plant Wall

A plant wall in your video background shows your connection with nature and adds a calming, refreshing effect to your videos.

If you’re not involved in action-packed video content creation, a plant wall goes well with any type of content creation – it’s not just for environment channels or wellness vloggers.

8. Geometric Patterns

If you want a background that grabs the viewer’s interest without overshadowing the video content, think geometric patterns.

From graphic design video content to tech reviews, this is an all-time favorite YouTube backdrop that’s relatively easy to set up and immediately adds value to your video setup.

9. Color Gradient Wall

In many industries, details matter. The colors you portray can set your video’s energy, tone, and mood. They also help add (or detract) to the overall video message.

You can use a color gradient wall:

  • in a channel featuring professionals
  • when creating beauty content
  • if you’re speaking about fashion and art vlogs
  • or even in cooking and home decor tutorials.

There are a lot of uses to this backdrop.

10. Industrial Look

If you’re showing content involving do-it-yourself topics, going for an industrial look might be something to consider.

Think mechanical videos, urban lifestyle, tech reviews, or even videos that dive into architecture.

Minimalistic yet modern, this backdrop resonates well with a young and urban audience.

11. Vintage Wallpaper

Some people have a fascination for vintage stuff. Vintage typewriters, cars, and clothes are some of the top things that come to mind.

If your video content revolves around things from the past, having vintage wallpaper as a video backdrop adds to the overall experience.

If you’re going for a retro atmosphere, you can’t go wrong with this type of backdrop.

12. Neon Signs

For those after a flashy nightlife vibe, neon signs are great. You can customize the neon signs to match your slogan, motto, or your YouTube channel’s name.

This customization helps make your video backdrop unique to you, adding to the branding element of your channel.

13. LED Light Panels

I’ve seen gamers go overboard with LED light panels.

In these cases, the video is pretty much just light. Not a good look. However, LED light panels add a lovely touch to videos when set up right, matching the video’s mood.

Most LED light panels can also change color at the click of a button.

14. Floating Shelves

Floating Shelves

Whether you use floating shelves by themselves or combine them with other ideas from this list, they can add a touch of class to any video.

They’re great for product reviews, allowing you to grab the product you’re about to speak about and place it back when you’re done.

You can also use these shelves to organize things the way you want. At the same time, floating shelves help you share your interests without getting into the details.

15. Map Wall

A friend of mine has a massive map on his kitchen wall. When he visits a new country, he turns on his video camera, takes a pin, and adds it to the location he’s just been to.

This action has become one he’s known for. For travel video creators, this can be a great idea.

The map wall also creates a fantastic video backdrop and gets people to open up and share their experiences.

This conversation is great for those discussing world travel and global cultures.

16. Chalkboard Wall

If you teach stuff on video, why not use a chalkboard wall that doubles as a video backdrop?

Two birds, one stone.

Whether you:

  • explain complex processes
  • write keywords on your board
  • or even draw your ideas as you describe them

…you can reuse a chalkboard wall multiple times while creating a unique video backdrop.

For those wanting a touch of sophistication, a curated wall of photographs or art can be a great video background.

Just having these photographs on your wall adds a touch of class. All you need to do to set this backdrop up is decide which pictures should go and where. Once you set it up, you don’t have to change much in future videos.

18. Curtains or Drapes

Adding some softness to your video backgrounds has a big positive impact on the final video output.

After all, no one wants to see hard lights as they focus on what you’re saying.

Curtains are also relatively cheap to set up and can be easily removed if needed.

19. Abstract Art Backdrop

For creative video creators, abstract art adds a touch of class that inspires people to take action.

The most obvious content creators would be those dealing with inspirational content, art vloggers, or even modern YouTube channel hosts.

However, adding an artistic touch can also work with any other topic.

20. DIY Pallet Wall

DIY Pallet Wall

If you want a background that promotes sustainable living, there aren’t many better things than this DIY YouTube backdrop.

It’s cheap to set up and creates a unique background that catches the viewers’ eyes.

Who can use this type of backdrop? Anyone from home decor DIYers to cooking channels will benefit from it.

21. Mirrored Wall

Have you ever been inside a dance studio? You generally have three walls covered in ceiling-high mirrors, reflecting dancers’ actions.

While you don’t need to go to that extreme, you can model your YouTube backdrop based on this concept.

If you share fitness tips, fashion advice, or even dance tutorials, a mirror wall can better capture all the action.

22. Sequined Background

Those wanting their backdrop to become the “life of the party” should consider a sequined background.

It’s both eye-catching and sparkly. Entertainment channels, beauty and makeup lovers, or even space enthusiasts can benefit from this backdrop.

Consider that you can quickly go overboard if you’re not careful, However, if you can make this backdrop work (without it taking over too much attention), your viewers will be in for a treat.

23. Nautical Theme

When the focus of your videos is maritime history, sea adventures, or even beach holidays, a nautical theme helps transport viewers to the right scene.

Overall, this is a backdrop for videos aimed at people looking for adventures by the seaside.

24. Sports Memorabilia

Sports Memorabilia

YouTube channels that are sports/fitness related can do with a sports memorabilia backdrop. If you’re a fitness trainer, having trophies from the days you competed adds to your expertise.

Another example – if you’re a sports analysis content creator, having souvenirs from your favorite teams in the background gives you more credibility.

This memorabilia is also great for proving your expertise without having to say it outright. And in a world where everyone is trying to shout louder, “showing” rather than “telling” is powerful.

25. Music Studio Look

If your content involves music production, having items like microphones, stands, and instruments in the background adds a lot to the aesthetic and credibility of your backdrop.

It’s also a handy backdrop when you need to pick up an instrument or a piece of equipment and use it in your video.

26. Graffiti Wall

Want a vibrant backdrop that reflects urban beauty and creative outlets? A graffiti wall might be an interesting backdrop to go for.

You can buy plenty of stickers online and stick them right on your wall for a quick solution.

When you don’t want these stickers anymore, just remove them. No one will know what was there before.

27. Seasonal Decor

Do you want to add a touch of Christmas cheer around the end of the year? Or some spooky Halloween vibes in October?

This type of decor works great for keeping visual interest and shows that your content is fresh and relevant to the time of the year.

28. Animated Digital Backdrops

An animated digital backdrop works for any type of YouTube industry channel.

You can customize the backdrop based on the specific video you’re creating. This creates stimulating visual content that resonates perfectly with the video topic.

Speaking about fish? Have an animated aquarium showing on your digital display.

Have a video dealing with the latest laptop? Showcase different laptop models and their features to add to the video’s mood.

29. Inspirational Quotes Wall

Inspirational Quotes

Everyone loves an inspirational quote that fires them up. Having a wall of inspirational quotes behind you as you shoot your videos works wonders if you’re into personal development, motivation, or simply love to get people to take action.

You could even turn your camera equipment around after every few videos to capture a new quote as your backdrop.

Choosing the Best Idea for Your YouTube Backdrop

There are a lot of ideas in the above list. And sometimes, too many ideas are as bad as having none.

Here are the factors to consider when shortlisting your ideas and then deciding on the best one.

Understanding User Needs

Consider the persona that watches your video.

Is it a:

  • Gamer
  • Beauty enthusiast
  • DIY person
  • Art curator?

These people have very different interests in their lives. And that’s what is essential. THEIR interest – not yours.

While you might be passionate about many topics, your backdrop should add to the content you create for your target audience.

Setting Up the Backdrop

You have two main options when setting up the backdrop:

  • Do it yourself
  • Buy it ready-made

In some cases, the ready-made option is better. For example, creating an LED light panel or a neon sign is tough – unless you have prior experience.

With backdrops like pallet walls, sports memorabilia, or even inspirational quotes, taking the time to set up the backdrop exactly the way you want makes sense.

With backdrops like bookshelves, it’s typically a mix between the two. You won’t necessarily create the bookshelf yourself. However, you have lots of freedom when arranging the books (or other items) to show off your unique style.

Lighting Considerations

Lighting plays a big role in your video output as it interacts differently with the items in your backdrop. Even changing the angle at which light shines on objects can make a difference.

There are also hard lights and soft lights. Your choice should depend on the type of content you’re creating and the mood you want to give off.

Backdrop Maintenance

Generally, your backdrop won’t need much maintenance. However, with some kinds of backdrops, you must consider the resources required to keep your backdrop looking sharp.

For example, if you’re using stickers to create a fake brick wall, a low-quality sticker will start coming off after some time. If you’re using mirrored walls, you need to clean the mirrors every so often to keep them shiny and polished.

Little details matter.

Make sure you consider them before settling on one type of backdrop.


There you have it – my list of favorite YouTube video backdrop ideas.

Remember that you can combine backdrop ideas to create something unique and show off your personality.

Also, if you choose a backdrop and, after a few YouTube videos, realize it’s not working for you, nothing would stop you from changing it.

There’s nothing permanent about a YouTube backdrop you don’t like.

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