25 Best AI Business Ideas for 2024 (From Startup to 7-Figures)

25 Best AI Business Ideas for 2024 (From Startup to 7-Figures)

Thinking about starting your own business? An AI business is a great way to get ahead.

But with so many possibilities, which one is best for you?

The right decision will make your entrepreneurial dream come true (and possibly set you up for life). The wrong one will cause you to crash and burn.

In this article, I’ll give you the scoop on the best AI business ideas to start this year.

I’ll also share my best insights based on my experience creating multiple successful businesses over the last few years.

What Are the Best AI Business Ideas?

Here are the best AI business ideas to start this year.

1. AI Writing Business

One of the best AI businesses you can start revolves around AI writing services.

People require content creation for their blogs, websites, and other channels.

Providing AI writing tools means you eliminate their need to hire expensive writers or spend hours writing themselves.

Writing tools also help business owners save time by needing to do less manual research.

Even better? Create AI tools that use proven SEO strategies to create ready-to-publish articles.

It’s essential to understand SEO fundamentals if you want to make this work.

Overall, starting an AI writing tools business will help business owners:

  • reduce their reliance on content writers
  • streamline their workflows and
  • generate more content for their business.

2. AI SEO Services

SEO services don’t just have to be an add-on to writing tools.

They can be their own 7 figure business.

Creating an SEO tool that provides AI-driven analysis helps business owners improve their website rankings.

And with more rankings, they’ll get more traffic and sales of their products and services.

The right AI SEO service will be able to create in-depth analysis and produce easy-to-understand reports.

These reports can recommend on-page optimization strategies to improve website content.

AI’s ability to understand sentiment, tone, and context can even suggest improvements for overall content strategy.

The right tools can review competitors’ benchmarks, suggest areas for improvement, and provide actionable recommendations.

Finally, AI SEO service tools can give their input on SEO backlink strategies for even more growth.

3. AI Freelancer Helper

AI Freelancer Helper

If you’ve ever done freelance work, you know there are a lot of repetitive tasks.

These tasks are crucial yet time-consuming.

Spending hours handling these tasks yourself means you have less mental capacity to focus on the aspects that move a business forward.

What if you created an AI tool targeted to helping freelancers get rid of all the manual work?

The tool could help with:

  • automating invoices
  • creating client proposals
  • managing project timelines and reminders
  • combining with other AI tools to provide personalized content

The more repetitive work your tool takes away, the better it will do.

You could even help freelancers expand into new niches by scaling their work.

Even better, what if your tool could create freelance portfolios that target these new niches?

Freelancers would have more opportunities to showcase their skills and attract new clients – all without doing additional work.

4. AI Detection Services

Many people are fans of AI. Others, not so much.

In fact, the latter are so opposed to it that they want to know whether content is human or AI-based.

There could be many reasons for this.

For one, institutions like schools and universities must ensure authentic content written by students.

For others, having human-written content is what builds trust with their readers.

Whatever the reason, this presents a great business opportunity: starting an AI detection service.

After all, the best way to catch someone using AI is to use tools that understand “AI-patterns”.

The expression, “it takes a thief to catch a thief” comes to mind.

The right AI detection service can also protect against plagiarism.

If you’re going for this AI business, why not integrate your tool with content management systems? This helps business owners streamline the whole content creation process.

With real-time analysis, your system can help users check their content before publishing.

5. AI Voice Overs

Gone are the days when AI voiceovers could be spotted from a mile away.

Nowadays some tools are even better than actual human voice actors. With AI’s ability to mimic pauses, tonality, and even emotions, there are lots of possibilities.

Moreover, AI voiceover tools can “speak” in multiple languages. This ability helps businesses cater to an international audience.

The right AI voiceover business will reduce production time and expenses.

Any business having a “spokesperson” can test multiple voices and languages at the click of a button.

As the person running this type of AI business, your primary focus is ensuring high-quality voice overs.

6. AI eCommerce Store

AI eCommerce Store

Say a business owner wants to start selling online.

However, they lack technical knowledge in setting up the needed infrastructure.

Through your AI technology, they can describe in plain English what they want.

After a few seconds, they’ll have the foundation for an ecommerce store built and ready to publish.

Building an AI eCommerce store makes it easy for business owners to analyze what’s working in their market. Even more, they can model their store on it.

It also allows business owners to make sales at any hour of the day and handle customer inquiries as they arise.

The tool might also prioritize in-demand products and help adjust prices based on market trends.

7. Business Name Generation

Choosing a name for their business trips up more people than you’d expect.

Going back and forth between different names (and calculating the odds of one’s favorite name being successful) isn’t fun.

What if you created a business that helped people develop business names for particular industries?

The user could input elements like:

  • brand values
  • themes
  • business names to model on
  • SEO keywords.

Your AI tool could then analyze all this data and suggest business names that are likely to be successful.

The tool could also offer insights into the target market’s pain points.

The tool would also collect data, data that could help businesses get up and running faster and more successfully.

Over time, this AI business would be more than a name generator. It could become an all-in-one AI business consultant.

8. Graphic Design Agency

Have you heard of text-to-image designs?

The user inserts a text representation of an image they’d like created. Then, the AI processes this and outputs an image.

Pretty cool concept.

What if you offered this as part of an AI business?

You could target business owners in specific niches and offer them custom graphics for their business.

Alternatively, you could give them access to the tool so they could generate the images themselves.

Offering one, the other, or both allows you to take on multiple clients without doing graphics the traditional way.

This approach allows for flexible design revisions and updates.

It’s also easy to scale into multiple niches if you want to.

9. AI Marketing Agency

One thing business owners (always) want are leads and clients.

However, they may not always be aware of how (or have the time) to find the right people.

What if you start an AI marketing agency that uses the power of artificial intelligence to:

  • find the right type of customers and
  • deliver them to business owners?

No matter which market or niche a business owner is targeting, AI technology can analyze consumer behavior and interests.

The tool can use this data to create suitable ads to attract the most relevant audience.

The result?

Business owners can say goodbye to wasted ad spend and get a better ROI on their marketing budget.

If you can incorporate a business’ brand voice into your marketing campaigns and generate ads, you’re on the right track.

10. AI-Driven Healthcare Diagnostic Tools

AI-Driven Healthcare Diagnostic Tools

The healthcare niche is another industry disrupted by AI.

Patients no longer go to the doctor’s office, standing in line for hours—only to get a few minutes with their doctor.

Instead, AI can analyze a patient’s symptoms and medical history. It then provides a diagnosis in a fraction of the time.

There was even a case where AI solved a patient’s problem when doctors couldn’t (for several years).

The right AI diagnostic tool can reduce healthcare professionals’ workload and prioritize cases based on their seriousness.

It can also provide people with routine tests and improve potential outcomes with early detection.

And the best part is that most of this can happen from the comfort of people’s homes.

If you want to start a business that uses AI to really help people, healthcare is a great industry.

11. AI-Optimized Supply Chain Management

Imagine creating a tool that can predict demand levels. Then, it automatically optimizes inventory levels to match that demand.

This is where AI-optimized supply chain management comes in.

This AI tool helps businesses automate logistics processes, saving time and resources.

It’s also a great tool to help minimize excess inventory.

This results in the right products being available as needed.

With more businesses relying on e-commerce and online sales, you won’t have any problems finding users for this tool.

And with artificial intelligence improving daily, this field is rapidly growing and evolving.

12. AI-Based Cybersecurity Solutions

People are becoming more aware that their online security isn’t something to take lightly.

From scams involving personal information to data breaches and cyber-attacks, businesses aren’t the only entities at risk.

Everyday users also realize the importance of protecting themselves online.

You will have a valuable product if you can create a system that utilizes AI to enhance cybersecurity measures.

The system provides a range of features, from basic to advanced, to accommodate internet users of all skill levels.

At the basic level, it can scan for viruses and malware, detect suspicious activity, and provide firewall protection.

It can also provide AI-based tips personalized to users’ browsing habits and online behaviors.

On the higher end, this AI platform can perform audits for compliance and offer advanced encryption services for sensitive data.

With the ability to use machine learning algorithms to get better, it can constantly monitor for security threats based on new information.

13. Personalized Online Education Platforms

Personalized Online Education Platforms

Online learning is a big industry. However, most courses are pretty generic.

Everyone has different needs, learning methods, and abilities in today’s world.

An AI online education platform can cater to everyone’s individuality and create online courses based on this.

A beginner interested in learning specific items (without going through unnecessary lessons) can have AI pick the best lessons for their needs.

This works by having the AI online education platform ask questions to adapt its teachings.

Additionally, it enables personalized learning by pairing students with tutors who align with their individual learning styles.

I’m not even considering interactive and multimedia elements that could take learning to the next level.

Becoming the creator of such a system means you’ll have unlimited educational possibilities to offer customers.

14. AI-Enhanced Customer Service Chatbots

Customer service – the area most business owners dread.

What if you could offer a 24/7 customer support AI chatbot? Think of a bot that manages responses instantly and directs people to the right resource – and never gets tired.

Even better, it can communicate in multiple languages and resolve most people’s queries in a few short interactions.

Having an AI-enhanced customer service chatbot is a great way to personalize the responses people get when they interact with any business.

Business owners get to spend less time and resources on customer service and more time focusing on other aspects of their business.

Business owners can also use this AI system to set reminders to contact people at a specific date and time.

Even better, your AI system can reach out to the right customers at the right time.

This functionality adds even more time-saving features for business owners.

A chatbot can also help improve overall business by tracking customer feedback. Business owners can then use this feedback to improve their products and services.

And this all gets done without paying a human customer service representative.

15. Predictive Analytics for Retail

Another in this list of profitable AI business ideas involves a bot responsible for predictive analytics.

Using AI algorithms, this tool can analyze past results to consider future trends.

With its ability to forecast sales and manage inventory, it can optimize stock levels and reduce the risk of overstocking or understocking.

An AI market research tool can also be incorporated within this platform.

This tool can analyze customer preferences and behavior, providing insights for targeted marketing strategies.

These AI-powered systems can also integrate with AI writing tools to craft customized email marketing campaigns.

Business owners end up with an all-in-one machine that helps them sell more and waste less.

At the same time, this AI-powered platform helps keep their finger on trends and get ahead of them before they happen.

Quite an appealing proposition when selling this tool to business owners.

16. Real-Time AI-Language Translation Services

Real-Time AI-Language Translation Services

What if you created an AI business that broke language barriers and eased global communication?

Consider a translation tool that uses AI’s quick response time to support multi-language conversations.

In business (and even in personal situations), getting one’s message across in a different language can be challenging.

With instant translation (which can happen for text, speeches, or even in-person conversations), your AI business idea can bridge better communication.

By leveraging this business model, you use natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning algorithms. These help deliver precise, real-time translations.

You can even have mobile app solutions for international travelers.

If you want to take this AI business idea even further, you could integrate your solution with a marketing platform also run by AI.

This combination would create a more personalized and effective marketing strategy for globally expanding businesses.

17. AI-Driven Content Creation Tools

You might think this is the same as an AI writing tool. However, it’s not quite.

Writing is one aspect of content creation.

However, there are also other aspects involved. Think image generation, video creation, social media posts and more.

Creating a tool that serves as the central hub for all things content-related is useful for business owners.

First, they won’t have to shift from one interface to another to complete the job – everything happens within a central dashboard.

Moreover, this type of tool can provide inspiration and assistance for other creators.

Building a community of content creators that can collaborate and support each other will significantly benefit businesses looking to expand.

Content also involves having the same voice and style across different channels.

If you take the time to build a platform that uses AI to produce writing in the same “business voice” (without having to tweak the output multiple times), businesses are more likely to use it.

As business owners, we don’t want content written in one style on one channel and a completely different style on another.

This will only result in a confused audience. And that’s never a good thing.

18. AI Smart Home Automation Solutions

Isn’t home automation already a thing?

Kind of… however, in most cases, it’s not fully backed up by the power of AI.

The right AI-powered systems can learn user preferences for lighting, temperature, media, and other home aspects. Then, it can take things to the next level.

For example, AI can not only turn on the lights at 7 PM like a traditional home automation system.

It can also adjust the lighting based on the weather outside and your past preferences.

You could also set up your AI smart home automation business to learn from a user’s actions – without the user having to think about it.

It can combine with home security systems to provide a more robust and comprehensive protection system.

Through automated routines and machine learning algorithms, AI can detect activity patterns.

It can also identify any unusual activity, such as a break-in or unexpected presence in the home.

Then, it can use its logic to decide on the best action.

However, it’s not only about adding convenience and safety to one’s home.

The proper system can also help users save energy and reduce their carbon footprint. From using natural light to regulating temperature, AI can optimize a home’s energy usage.

The system can also integrate with wearables that make a person’s home stay connected to them, no matter where they are.

Want to take this AI business idea to the next level?

Have it integrated with grocery shopping and ordering household items as needed.

Leveraging AI can free up time and energy for homeowners, allowing them to do more meaningful activities.

19. Autonomous Vehicle Fleet Services

Some companies are already using autonomous vehicle fleets to deliver items. Some also transport people from location A to Z without a “human driver”.

I’ll be honest – I think I’ll still find it weird if I ordered a taxi and it arrived without a person driving it.

However, the world is moving toward these types of autonomous solutions.

Why not take advantage of this and start an AI business revolving around autonomous vehicles?

With the right technology, you can accomplish multiple tasks simultaneously.

These include:

  • enhanced safety
  • better logistics
  • reduced human error
  • better fuel efficiency.

You’ll also be able to cater to people requiring specific vehicle types.

With the ability to integrate with urban mobility solutions, getting around congested traffic areas can become a reality using AI-powered solutions.

20. AI-Powered Financial Advisory Services

AI-Powered Financial Advisory Services

Another one on the list of artificial intelligence business ideas is a financial advisor.

This AI business will offer personalized investment and saving advice.

If you can train this robot to have a high degree of confidence, people can use its expertise to make better decisions.

It could also use AI-powered chatbots to provide advice through regular conversations.

How would this type of AI system work?

It would monitor what’s happening in real-time to make decisions.

From retirement planning to savings strategies, it could predict specific market movements.

It could also track performance and develop strategies to help people grow their investments.

As with tools that help people make money, this AI business idea could be sold for quite a lot (or set up to charge a monthly recurring fee).

21. AI-Enhanced Agricultural Management

Maybe you haven’t yet made a connection between agriculture and AI.

However, artificial intelligence business ideas are plentiful in this arena.

Farmers must follow many practices to ensure their produce meets the needed standards.

Taking the time to implement these practices through AI means more accuracy and efficiency.

An AI-enhanced agriculture management tool can help with:

  • crop yields at the end of the season
  • predicting weather patterns and potential crop damage
  • managing irrigation and water usage
  • pest control strategies

AI can also guide sustainable crop rotation for the best soil health.

Farmers won’t need to use unnecessary chemicals to protect their produce. Instead, they’ll know exactly the right amount.

Moreover, the AI systems will deliver this in a controlled fashion. This delivery prevents any environmental harm. Two birds, one stone.

22. AI-Based Talent Acquisition Platforms

AI-Based Talent Acquisition Platforms

Acquiring (high-quality) talent is hard, but using artificial intelligence platforms makes the job easier.

First, this AI business platform would match the suitable candidates with the job listing.

As a result, this would eliminate those unfit for the job.

The system can then analyze each candidate and sort them according to their qualifications, skills, and experience.

Even in the initial stages, recruiters will significantly reduce the time and effort required. There’s no more going through hundreds of applications.

The AI talent acquisition platform can decide what to do with each candidate.

In some situations, it might send the candidates a trial test. It can then analyze the test results to determine which candidates should move forward.

In other situations, it can set up a time and date to have a call with the human recruiter.

On the other hand, an AI-based talent acquisition system can also offer candidates plenty of help.

Charging for services like job recommendations, ways to better their interview skills and even offering resume critiques are all valuable services.

The system can also automate onboarding once someone is brought onto the team.

For HR personnel, such a system can save so much time and money.

It can also make the whole process much more streamlined.

23. Personalized AI eCommerce Recommendations

Personal shoppers used to be all the rage.

People would come to them for advice on what to wear, how to decorate their homes and even what gifts to give their loved ones.

What if you could allow people the same experience for a fraction of the cost and from the comfort of their home?

A personalized ecommerce recommendation platform (powered by AI) can do all that.

It can categorize customers according to their preferences and tailor advice specifically to their interests.

It can also deliver personalized ads from the companies people love to buy from.

As the person running this business, you’ll be the middleman optimizing the experience for both buyer and seller.

You’ll be able to improve businesses’ customer retention while ensuring customers get the best shopping experience possible.

This platform eliminates the need for endless hours spent searching through various websites and stores to discover the ideal outfit or the perfect piece of home decor.

Also, businesses won’t have to struggle to target the right audience.

AI can do all the heavy lifting so businesses can spend time creating high-quality products.

24. AI-Enhanced Event Planning

Event planning is not easy. Sorting out all the logistics takes a lot of time, effort, and attention to detail.

However, an AI app can take care of multiple crucial decisions.

Letting AI make these decisions (if properly trained) reduces the chance of errors. It also allows more customization based on specific preferences.

Creating custom itineraries for individual attendees based on their interests and preferences is also possible with AI.

Finding the best:

  • venues
  • activities
  • accommodations
  • transportation options

…are now all possible without much effort.

You can also use AI to analyze completed events and learn from them when hosting future ones.

25. AI-Based Skin and Hair Analysis Tool

AI-Based Skin and Hair Analysis Tool

The last item in this list of artificial business ideas is quite niched.

However, millions of potential customers could benefit from it.

An AI-based skin and hair analysis tool can help its users with personalized beauty and health recommendations.

Users won’t have to find what works for them through trial and error. Instead, they can get the right advice and track changes over time.

This AI tool can also use data to support dermatological and cosmetic research.

With enhanced understanding of new beauty and health products, companies can create more effective and targeted products for their customers.

With time, this tool is capable of identifying early signs of cancer, prompting users to seek medical advice – a measure that could potentially save lives.

It’s a case of getting customers in by giving them what they want and then offering them what they need once they’re in.

Using AI in Business

Artificial intelligence has been around for many years.

However, it recently became much more accessible for individuals and companies to use.

The costs of running an AI-based business have decreased while the technology has improved.

Fundamental concepts such as machine learning, natural language processing, computer vision, and deep learning have gained widespread popularity.

What does this mean for you?

There’s never been a better time to pursue the AI business idea you resonate with most.

Even if you’re not operating a fully-fledged AI-based business, you can still use many of these artificial intelligence business ideas to help with certain aspects of your business.

For example:

  • customer service
  • operations and logistics
  • product development
  • marketing and sales
  • finance and risk management.

All these areas could use A.I. input to do the tasks humans can do… but better.

Consider These Factors Before Starting An AI Business

You might think starting an AI business is easy. There are both pros and cons.

Some things are easier to get done without lifting a finger. However, iIf you want to maximize success, you still need to consider and overcome many challenges.

Here are the main considerations.


There is a cost involved in training a specific AI model to do things your way.

This cost factors in both when training and when maintaining data. You’ll have to think about where the data comes from and ensure its high quality and long-term sustainability.


Hiring AI experts comes at a cost.

These experts can save you money in the long term, but an investment is needed in the early stages.


Your competitors aren’t sitting on their hands doing nothing.

They’re also investing in AI technology.

Depending on your industry, you might want to consider their actions and how much they use AI in their daily business lives.

Then, you can decide what types of AI technology will be most beneficial for your company.

Data Security

Anything involving data requires deep thoughts about security.

In business (where confidentiality is a big issue), data security takes on an even bigger importance.


I hope the above AI business ideas have inspired you.

Now, diving headfirst into any business is always scary. However, taking advantage of AI in this relatively early stage means you’ll come out ahead of the game.

It’s time to take artificial intelligence seriously and make it a part of your business.

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