15 Best Golf YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

15 Best Golf YouTube Channels You Didn’t Know You Needed

Picture the worst golf swing you’ve ever seen. That’s the “before”.

Now, think of the smoothest, most effortless swing. That’s the “after”.

Want to go from the former to the latter?

Watching the right videos will help you get there.

In this article, I share the best golf YouTube channels to explore.

With a YouTube channel having 190K+ subscribers, I understand what makes a great YouTube channel – and that’s exactly what I’ll bring you today.

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What Are The Best Golf Youtube Channels?

Here are the best golf YouTube channels.



Meandmygolf is great for golfers who want to simplify their game and see consistent improvement.

With nearly a million subscribers and over 1,500 videos, this channel is packed with information.

The hosts, Andy and Piers, do an excellent job breaking down complex golf techniques into easy-to-understand lessons.

These lessons are the perfect resource for both beginners and seasoned players.

What sets Meandmygolf apart is its focus on actionable advice that delivers results.

Their content covers various topics – from driving and iron shots to chipping and bunker play.

Each video addresses specific aspects of the game, ensuring that viewers can find tailored advice to suit their individual needs.

Moreover, the channel’s consistency and depth of content make it a reliable go-to for golfers at any stage of their journey.

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels Golf

Rick Shiels Golf is another YouTube channel that captures the hearts of golfers worldwide.

With an impressive subscriber count of 2.81 million and a library of over 2,300 videos, Rick Shiels combines education and entertainment in a way that resonates with golf enthusiasts.

His videos are about hitting balls.

They’re about understanding the game, improving skills, and having fun on the course.

Rick’s content also spans a wide range of golf-related topics.

He uses a straightforward and relatable approach to teaching.

As a result, viewers get complex techniques that are made accessible to them.

Another standout feature?

The variety and creativity of the videos.

Whether attempting to break 75 on challenging courses, testing out unusual golf clubs, or engaging in epic matchups against other golfers, Rick ensures there’s never a dull moment.

My Golf Tutor

My Golf Tutor

My Golf Tutor is a growing YouTube channel dedicated to helping weekend golfers improve their game.

This channel offers a focused and practical approach to golf instruction.

It aims to help golfers hit the ball farther, make more putts, and lower their scores.

It’s a community-driven platform that resonates with those who play golf for fun but are serious about improving their skills.

Despite having fewer videos than bigger channels, each one is packed with valuable insights that address common issues amateur golfers face.

Whether it’s:

  • mastering the uphill lie
  • fixing a chicken wing
  • or preventing the dreaded shank

…My Golf Tutor offers straightforward solutions to enhance your game.

The videos are also concise.

They’re typically from one to five minutes, perfect for golfers who want quick tips without extensive time commitments.

No Laying Up

No Laying Up

No Laying Up offers a mix of instructional content, course reviews, and entertaining series that capture the essence of the game.

One of the standout series on the channel is “Tourist Sauce,” which takes viewers on a global journey to explore some of the most iconic and scenic golf courses around the world.

The latest season, “Tourist Sauce (Return to Australia),” features episodes from renowned courses like Kingston Heath and Royal Melbourne.

The channel also offers both stunning visuals and insightful commentary.

Its content is perfect for those who dream of playing these legendary courses or simply want to experience them from the comfort of their home.

In addition to the travel content, No Laying Up provides practical game improvement tips.

The content blends expert advice with real-world applications.

After watching its content, you can improve your skills while enjoying the journey.

Random Golf Club

Random Golf Club

Random Golf Club (led by Erik Anders Lang) has carved out a unique space in the golf community.

This channel is a vibrant hub for meetups, stories, and adventures.

Erik’s engaging personality and passion for the game shine through in every video.

It also makes the videos a must-watch for golf enthusiasts seeking entertainment and education.

For example, Erik’s “Adventures in Golf” series offers behind-the-scenes looks at his travels to unique golf destinations.

He also covers PGA Tour events and meetups with random golfers worldwide.

What truly sets Random Golf Club apart is its community-centric approach.

Erik frequently organizes meetups and plays with groups of strangers.

This is an excellent reminder of the inclusive spirit of golf.

Whether attempting to break course records at iconic locations or exploring the newest courses on top 100 lists, the channel’s adventures are always fresh and exciting.

Good Good

Good Good

Good Good is a golf channel combining competition, camaraderie, and creativity.

With 1.53 million subscribers and nearly 500 videos, Good Good has established itself as a destination for golf fans seeking laughs and lessons.

Their unique approach to golf content makes the sport accessible and fun.

They also appeal to viewers ranging from casual fans to professional golfers.

But what about the content?

There’s everything from intense challenges to hilarious matchups and impressive golf feats.

They also bring in a mix of celebrity guests and pro golfers, adding an extra layer of excitement and variety.

These episodes are about the game.

They’re also about the stories and rivalries that develop among the players.

With high-energy commentary and a knack for capturing memorable moments, Good Good creates an inclusive viewing experience.

Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac

Paige Spiranac‘s YouTube channel is a must-follow for those wanting a blend of golf, fitness, and personal insights.

Paige offers a unique perspective on the sport, combining her professional golf experience with engaging, down-to-earth content.

Paige’s videos are addressed to golfers with different skills.

Her behind-the-scenes insights and candid discussions about her journey in golf also provide valuable lessons and inspiration for aspiring golfers.

What sets Paige’s channel apart is her ability to connect with her audience personally.

She shares glimpses into her life beyond golf and goes into her fitness routines and personal milestones.

Paige Spiranac’s channel is a well-rounded destination for anyone looking to dive deeper into golf – all while having fun and getting fit.

Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch Golf

Peter Finch Golf is a powerhouse in the golf YouTube community.

He’s known for offering free golf tips, drills, and advice.

Finch’s content is also educational and entertaining.

He does everything from reviews of the latest equipment to taking on pro golfers in head-to-head matches.

One of the highlights of Peter Finch Golf is his quest for excellence.

Viewers can see this in videos like “I FINALLY Win a Professional Golf Tournament!” and “Can Scratch Golfer Break 80 At The IMPOSSIBLE US OPEN Course? (Pinehurst No2).”



PGA Coach Chris Ryan uploads videos that go deep into golf swing mechanics, practice techniques, and golfing tips.

His approachable teaching style and detailed explanations make complex concepts easy to grasp.

One of the standout features of ChrisRyanGolf is the emphasis on quick and practical improvements.

His videos perfectly show how Chris breaks down the game into manageable steps.

Whether you’re struggling with your driver or looking to refine your iron play, Chris’s instructional style is motivating and informative.

Golfing World

Golfing World

Golfing World is dedicated to bringing stories and features from all walks of golfing life.

Golfing World covers everything from player interviews and tournament highlights to behind-the-scenes tours and unique golf challenges.

The channel also features in-depth interviews with golf legends and PGA golf professionals, including Viktor Hovland and Gary Player.

These interviews offer fans an inside look at the lives and careers of their favorite golfers.

All this adds a personal touch to the technical and strategic aspects of the game.

With its blend of educational content, player interviews, and captivating features, this channel is a valuable resource for golf fans worldwide.

Golf with Aimee

Golf with Aimee

Whether you’re a beginner looking for the basics or an experienced player seeking advanced techniques, Golf with Aimee has something for you.

Aimee’s videos include:

  • a beginner’s guide to golfing
  • on-course pro coaching sessions and
  • insights into improving specific aspects of the game like driving and putting.

For example, in her video “A Beginner’s Guide from Check-In to Play,” she walks newcomers through getting started with golf.

Her “Boost Your Game with On-Course Pro Coaching” series takes viewers on a golf trip to Mexico and offers professional coaching tips.

Aimee also provides detailed breakdowns of professional golfers’ techniques, such as analyzing Scottie Scheffler’s footwork and addressing his putting struggles.

In addition to technique-focused videos, Aimee offers guidance on golf equipment, course management, and even budget-friendly gift ideas for golfers.

Her “What’s In My Bag?” series and various product reviews help golfers make informed decisions about their gear.

With a mix of English and Korean content, Aimee ensures that her tips and lessons are accessible to a broad audience.

Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield

Mark Crossfield is another well-known golf coach and content creator on YouTube.

His approach is straightforward to follow, which makes his instructional content highly effective.

He covers topics including swing tips, drills, and on-course strategies.

One of his channel’s hallmarks is the live lessons he conducts.

Here, viewers can experience real-time coaching and understand how to apply the techniques he discusses.

These sessions are particularly beneficial as they offer practical examples of improving various aspects of the golf swing.

Mark is also known for his honest and detailed assessments of golf clubs, balls, and accessories.

Overall, Mark Crossfield’s channel is a comprehensive golfing resource.

Buzza Golf

Buzza Golf

If you’re passionate about improving your golf game, enjoying course vlogs, and participating in fun challenges, Buzza Golf has a lot to offer.

The golf instruction videos explore everything from takeaway techniques to driver swing lessons.

They also offer viewers actionable tips to enhance their performance on the course.

Beyond tutorials, Buzza Golf features engaging course vlogs and entertaining challenges.

Steve (the host) often shares his on-course experiences, giving viewers a front-row seat to his matches and golf adventures.

These vlogs are fun to watch and can help you understand the nuances of playing different courses.

One of the unique aspects of Buzza Golf is Steve’s candid discussions about various golf topics.

The result?

Videos that are always informative and thought-provoking.

For instance, his “Buzz About Golf” series explores different aspects of the game, providing a deeper look into what makes golf a compelling sport.

Steve’s passion for the sport shines through in every video, making his channel a must-visit for golf enthusiasts.

Miracle Swing Experience

Miracle Swing Experience

The Miracle Swing Experience is a YouTube channel run by Christo.

He shares his journey of overcoming frustration and discovering joy in golf.

So, if you’re in this same position, this channel might resonate well.

Whether you’re trying to understand compression, control ball flight, or master the art of hitting draws and fades, you’ll find detailed explanations and demonstrations.

His “Over the Top” series is particularly popular.

It debunks myths and showcases how his techniques can be effectively used in various swing scenarios.

Christo also delves into the secrets of legendary golfers.

He covers pros like Ben Hogan and Sam Snead, revealing tips and drills that have stood the test.

These historical insights provide practical value for modern golfers who want to improve their game.

Danny Maude

Danny Maude

Danny Maude‘s YouTube channel is a haven for golfers.

Danny covers all aspects of the game with a clear, engaging teaching style.

If you’re struggling with your driver, his video on why you can’t hit it straight might be the necessary eye-opener.

For those looking to add distance, he offers easy fixes and swing techniques that could transform your game.

His content also explores the nuances of short-game versus long-game swings.

Danny also collaborates with top coaches and shares lightbulb moments.

These moments have helped him and his students achieve significant improvements.

His focus on technical aspects and mental strategies ensures a comprehensive approach to golf instruction.

Finding the Perfect YouTube Channel

The perfect YouTube channel is the one that matches your current skill level to the right content.

Irrespective of your skill level, plenty of golf YouTube channels are tailored just for you.

For those just starting, it’s essential to focus on the fundamentals.

These channels often upload free golf tips that are easy to follow and help you get a solid start on your golfing journey.

Intermediate players who grasp the basics can benefit from going deeper into swing mechanics and course strategy.

These videos focus on more intricate aspects, such as chipping, putting, and bunker play.

For advanced players with a solid foundation, refining technique and exploring advanced concepts becomes crucial.

The right channels dive into the mental game and equipment intricacies.

They also offer world-class golf instructions to help you elevate your play.

You can even find channels focusing on the finer details of playing on various golf courses.

These channels will give you insights beyond just hitting the golf ball.

Whether you’re seeking fundamental tips or nuanced strategies, a wealth of content is available to help you improve your game.

Different Instructional Content Options

For those keen on in-depth swing tips, some channels offer detailed breakdowns using slow-motion footage, drills, and voiceovers.

These allow viewers to analyze their technique and make necessary adjustments.

These channels often feature charismatic instructors who can simplify complex concepts, keeping you motivated and engaged.

Course management strategies are another critical component of golfing expertise.

Learning to make intelligent decisions on the golf course can significantly lower your scores.

Many top instructional accounts provide segments to help golfers navigate challenging course layouts.

These segments include tips on playing some of the best golf courses worldwide.

Improvement drills cater to specific aspects of the game, such as chipping, putting, and driving accuracy.

These are often segmented by skill level.

This is a great idea to ensure both beginners and seasoned players can find suitable practice routines.

Whether it’s trick shots, vlogs, or instructional tips, such YouTube golf videos promise an engaging viewing experience.

Lastly, the personalities behind these channels play a crucial role in their popularity.

Entertaining golfers (professional and everyday enthusiasts) create content combining humor, challenges, and skill.

Regular segments featuring “average golfer” scenarios resonate well with many viewers.

When people can resonate with the person behind the video, the tips seem attainable for all skill levels.


The above golf YouTube channels have it all.

Watching these creators can make a huge difference – whether you want to fix your swing or master tricky shots.

With so many resources, you can practice and learn anytime, anywhere.

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